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From my height, I could not see out the windows of the car to know if we were at school. Instead, I knew when my mother proudly mentioned, “We’re here, sweetie.” The car came to a halt and she leaned over to open my door. Her arm was just above my body, reaching for handle. She opened the door and unbuckled myself. “Ok, Antonino. I hope you a great day,” she said. I stood up with my bookbag on my back. Before I left the car, she told me to wait. “Sweetie, you tell that Miss April to keep her hands off you. Remember, you're always mommy’s little boy, got it?” I sensed a hint of anger behind her tone, but replied, “Yes.” However, that didn’t suffice for her.

“Yes, what?” she questioned. I didn’t know what she was on about, but realized what it was. I was embarrassed and felt weak as I said it. “Yes mommy,” I sighed.

“Good. See you after school!”

I got myself out of the car and onto the sidewalk, turning around to see my mother wave goodbye. I waved as well, watching her close the door and leave. Now to survive school.

I pulled my backpack up and stood with my shoulders out. School couldn’t be worse than the first day, could it? After all, I was now Miss April’s teachers pet. Now I suspected that every time would be me catering to her needs, even pleasuring her. However, I didn’t mind the sound of that.

No homework or classwork, and best of all, no tests! I don’t know if I’ll be seen as an outcast though, or have guys jealous of my position. But I knew one person who would be jealous. And that would be my mother. If she found out I was a teacher’s pet, possibly bound to another woman forever, she would protest it. I know my mother well and she is a very jealous woman.

Quickly I entered the doors of the school, watching the chaos erupt in front of my eyes. The Amazons made their way through the halls mostly in groups as guys watched not to bump into them or be kicked around. The tall girls were only between 8 and 13 feet, nowhere near average female adults, but were still something to be careful around.

I made my way, dodging the packs, towards the men’s hallway. A bit of a safe haven due to the small ceiling. I unpacked my books and my even my bag, as it would serve no purpose anymore. I watched as the guys all around talked, and spotted a familiar face come walking towards me. Wayne.

“Holy crap, what happened?” he asked. I didn’t know what was wrong with me.


“You’re the same size as me!” Then it hit me. I didn’t regrow back to my original size. Damn it, mom.

“I’m still taller though,” I joked. I started to make my way to homeroom, hoping Wayne would follow.

“Did some chick try to shrink you or something?”

“No, no,” I lied, “I think you’re just seeing things Wayne. I’m taller than you, but I’m not that tall. How tall did you think I was?”

“A few inches? Hey, speaking of height, did you hear Jeremy shrunk to a foot? His girlfriend tricked him and now he’s her little pet. I just saw him not too long ago. Wait, there he is!”

In the main entrance, Wayne pointed towards Marybeth, the clumsy amazon. Standing at 11 feet, she was massive. However I didn’t see any signs of Jeremy. Until I glanced at her cleavage. Jeremy was sticking out of her cleavage, squeezed tight by her breast. He was an actual foot small, and seemed to be shown off as a joke to Marybeth’s friends. “Oh my god, you’re crazy Mary! He’s so cute!” They said.

“Boy, I feel bad for him. Luckily I don’t have a girlfriend. If that's even a good thing..” Wayne mentioned.

We walked into the halls and before we parted ways, I told him about April. “So, is it a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked.

Surprised, he answered, “Good! Man, you are one lucky guy. She’s smoking hot and has a well-paying job.”

“What does her job have to do with..”

“-Alright, see ya man!” he interrupted.

Wayne ran away to the next hall on the left and I watched as he talked with Irene, my only female friend in this school. I guess he’s better friends with her than me. Or likes her..

Soon I was in homeroom and out of it, making my way to Miss April’s class. I reached her classroom door, which was slightly opened, and my way in. It was empty, except for Miss April herself. She was sitting in her chair writing something. She wore a white, buttoned-up, long-sleeved blouse and a black formal skirt with heels. “Miss April,” I called out, “I’m here.”

April turned her attention to me. She smiled, pleased I was in her presence. “Antonino! I thought you wouldn’t come!” Her chair was pushed out, but she remained seated. I slowly made my way towards her, “Why’s that?” I asked. She got up from her seat, and soon tremendous feet shook the ground. “Your mother called me and demanded that I never see you again. But I see you can’t control yourself, can you?” She laughed. “You must find me more attractive than your mother, I suppose. Well, that's good.”

She bent down and grabbed me by the waist, bringing me closer to her. “Now, before we begin for the day, and everyday, you’ll have to shrink.” She placed me on her desk and seated herself down. She grabbed a glass, meant for the size of me, fizzing and bubbling, and placed near me. “Unless you prefer to remain shorter forever and just skip the daily routine. It's your choice.”

I felt conflicted and asked, “Why do I need to shrink?” I knew why, but wanted her to confirm it. “You won’t fit anywhere I’m afraid. Unless I grow, which is impossible without taking a pill and possibly getting caught for it.” I knew I was just going to be a mere toy for her, but the idea was starting to sound good. I made my mind up and didn’t want to be short forever. Only during school. “Shrink and grow back.”

“You got it. Drink up.”

She slid the glass with her fingers. I bent down and grabbed it. The glass was somewhat big, sort of like a massive jug. I started to gulp the whole thing down and finished in seconds. The effects were quick, my stomach rumbled in seconds and soon I was burried in my own clothes. I pushed them off of me and stood up, nude, with my private hanging freely. I took no shame in how I looked, and started to get excited for what was to come.

She peered down at me, looking over her voluptuous bosom. The woman was breathtakingly beautiful from this angle. “Oh my, Antonino. You really did shrink! You must be at least three, no- two feet short! It worked!” She was pleased, clapping to show her excitement. “Oh good, good, good! This day cannot be any better. Never have I had such a dedicated little man such as you. You’re perfect!”

I started to blush from the compliments and started to feel comfortable around her. I noticed her size was even greater, and I must admit, did scare me a little. I was the size of her finger, for crying out loud.

“Now, here is our routine: After homeroom you come to me and I’ll shrink you. The first three periods you will massage my feet. Then my breasts for two periods. My bra puts a lot of stress and squeezes my breast harshly. After that I have lunch and you will join me, and for the final periods, well, we’ll see if I’m kinky enough. Then I’ll give you a growth mixture and you’ll be on your way. Sound good?”

“Definitely!” I said. “I’ll please you like never before.”

“Good. Now, I need to finished my assignment for the class. You massage my feet. Here.”

Her fingers grabbed me by the stomach and placed me on the floor. She scooted herself in and kicked off her heels. She began playing with me.

Her massive foot came to me and knocked me off my feet. Sitting on the cold floor, her foot almost completely covered my body with her soft sole. The titanic teacher then scrunched her toes against my head and rocked her foot back and forth, playing with my body. Carefully she rolled me under her feet, plastering my face against the base of her toes, grinding my lower body with her heel. Just to be able to touch her, even her feet, was something of a dream come true. I was quickly becoming enamored with her- every part of her. The fact that she was humongous somehow added to the effect.  

As her lovely toes passed over me, I eagerly rubbed my face in between them, feeling the soft skin flow over my face. I was surprised that her feet didn’t even stink, and in fact they had a pleasant berry scent to them. Large feminine toes scrunched hard, clamping down powerfully, and my face was comfortably wedged between them.  Miss April played with me like that for a few minutes before releasing me. Another clatter, as her other shoe came off. My enormous teacher transferred feet, lifting one off of me and replacing it with the other, toying with my body for her own amusement as she worked.

She played with me like that until the bell rang for the next period. Soon students filled her classroom as she greeted them. She quickly released me, lifting her gargantuan foot off of my minuscule body. Strangely, I felt almost sad when it ended.

Lying on my back, I watched as she stood, propelled upwards by powerful womanly leg muscles. She started to quickly slid her heel back on and began to walk around the room, talking. I was filled with lust to even listen to what she was saying. A minute passed as I laid on the cold floor until I saw her feet once more come into my view.

Her foot pressed down on me once more, as I stroked the toes of my new “owner” and felt a warm feeling in my stomach as she relaxed. Her face beamed with a pleasant glow, her eyes went half lidded, and she let out a deep sigh as all the stress melted out of her being. It felt great to have that effect on her. I put more effort into my massage, more eager than ever to please this goddess of mine, this woman to which I was enamored.

The two periods flew by as the students left and the room was empty once more. She bent down and slid her heels back on and grabbed me from the cold ground. She placed me on her desk and looked extremely happy. “You truly know how to pleasure a woman, don’t you?” Miss April glanced at me and noticed something. “Oh, and I see you are enjoying it.” Her fingers brushed my erect penis, moving around it. I frozen in place, enjoying her fingers move about the shaft.

My dick is easily pressed into the give of her finger flesh, and she pushes down enough to move it downward, but not enough to cause pain.  Then she kneads at it, and rhythmically, her finger glides back and forth across my dick, the rest of her hand unmoving. Instinctively, my dick reacts ever so slightly to the fact that something so smooth and soft is being brushed over it.  My cock continued growing under the continuous, gentle, soothing pattern of my teacher’s supple fingertip flesh. With a final, slow stroke over my dick, I felt as if I was to explode, but quickly her fingers retreated. My body tingled from deprivation, screaming in an animal frenzy that she did not continue. She smiled.

“Keep up the great work, and you’ll get your reward..” I fell on my butt, shocked at how she just treated me. I felt a bit angry, but knew she was just toying with me. “Now, for my breast. Usually I’m supposed to wear bras, but if only the students know about me being braless and not anyone else, I’m fine.”

She began to expose her chest, unbuttoning her blouse. Soon she stripped herself of her white blouse and placed it near me. Her gigantic breasts seemed to be small, held tight by her tan bra. Miss April moved her hands back as I braced myself for the reveal. I heard a snap and watched as her bra fell and her enormous breast fly out. I was in awe, staring at them. Just the overwhelming size made me stand frozen. They must of been double the size of me and probably the biggest breast I ever saw.

Her hand scooped me up and quickly placed me on her right breast. The soft and fat surface made me fall in love. “Okay, massage around, especially near my cleavage. There is where the most stress is. And listen: do not suckle or kiss my nipple. You can only massage it with your hands. You’ll make me horny, and we both want me to be horny around the last two periods. Got it?”

“Yes April. No sucking or kissing."

"Great. You will try your best to pleasure your goddess.”

“Of course. Anything for you." She blushed. "I thought you would be your mother's little toy. But I see your mine.. Now, I can’t leave my chest open to the public. I have to wear my blouse, but listen. I’ll leave the top buttons undone to let some air in. Hopefully no one spots something moving around on my breast.”

As I sat on the fat flesh, I watched as she discarded her bra to a drawer in her desk and quickly start to clothe herself. Her white blouse was soon buttoned and I noticed the shirt was tight around her breast, as her chest is now bigger without her bra to hold her breast at bay. When she was done, I heard students enter the door and quickly class began. She remained seated, telling her students to read a chapter and complete a worksheet as she graded the other periods work.

I decided to play it safe and take what I had in front of me. Her vast cleavage. Looking deep inside from my perspective, it seemed to go on forever. I walked closer and stood at the base of her breast and looked up to the top. it was so high up, I expected to see clouds surround the topmost altitude of her giant boob. Just seeing those enormous perfect pillows was enough to drive me crazy. My lust took over and I scurried up and then leapt onto the very top of her right breast and started squeezing and licking it all over. This lasted about 5 seconds before my better judgement kicked back in again and I stopped.  I looked up at her face in fear that my lustful actions had displeased her. They had. Her eyes peered down into her cleavage at me, whispering, “Play around, move your hands through them. Don't make this giantess upset.”

I pressed my whole body into her right breast and started to move about it as my body melted in with ease. I started to move my hands around, massaging the soft skin. Minutes past and started to work on the other breast. Over the next 20 minutes I walked all over around her lady lumps prodding, poking, pushing, grabbing, clutching, squeezing, kissing, a little humping, rubbing my body against it and crawling all over. The period was over before I knew it, and the next class entered.

I decided to spice things up, as my lust once again took control. I moved down her breast and that's when I saw her nipple. Her teat was more glorious than I could have imagined. Her areolas and nipples were like giant pink pancakes with a pointy pink thimble protruding from the center of each. The base of her areola was so smooth and her nipples were perfectly erect, probably because of the constant treatment I gave her. I went against her word and was now hovering over her nipple.

As I massaged and licked her,  I could feel it grow harder and even larger in response. A pleasured moan came from her closed lips and it startled me so much that I almost toppled down her mammoth mammary gland. However, I didn't want her to join in and and start rubbing or squeezing her own nipples with me in between her fingers and teat. Or worse, make her annoyed at I disobeyed her. Quickly I stopped and slid down to the base of her mountainous mammary, pressed heavily against her breast.

I slid down and laid underneath that breast for almost 15 minutes, enjoying it's light weight on top of me, the smooth touch of her skin and her shallow breaths that calmly rose her chest up and then gently sank back down. Her rhythmic breathing was enough to put me to sleep. And sleep I did.



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