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A Charmed Life


Coal White

Eric knew he was a lecher. He admitted freely when confronted about it. But he would also make the excuse that he never set after women with anything but the purest of intentions. Like now, he had followed the giant woman to the clearing where she was cleaning her leg. His intention had been to thank her for scaring off his father's men and leave quickly. He knew the reputation the giants had for eating his people. But, just as he was about to come out of the scrub, she sat down, extended her leg and unwittingly gave the little human in the bush a clear view up her short shorts. So he had stayed hidden, hoping to see if she did anything else to his lecherous delight.

He almost sighed in disappointment when she stood once more and hobbled to the tree where the horse was tied. It wasn't too far from where he was hidden. His eyebrows rose in surprise when she dug out a bottle of some cream from the saddlebag, dropped her shorts and began rubbing the cream into the rash she had gained from riding so hard. Holy Mother… he thought in amazement. He couldn’t believe his luck. It usually took a lot more effort on his part to con women into stripping to their undergarments. As she kept rubbing in the ointment, Eric felt a tightening in his pants. He choked audibly when she turned slightly and ran her hand up under the elastic of the black panties, flashing just a bit of her nethers to him.

Eric nearly had a heart attack when the giantess’ head whipped around to his direction. He nearly pissed his pants when she scowled and walked directly towards him, stopping just before the brush line.

"Alright," she called as she yanked up her shorts, "come on out. I see you. There's no use hiding from me." Her scowl deepened before she sighed and forced herself to relax her face. "Look, if you come out now, I'll take it easy on you."

Eric quietly contemplated his options, which he realized were very limited in number. Truth be told, he only had one viable option: to come out of hiding. She could have just as easily reached in a squashed him, scooped him up or any of the other things giants do. So, slowly, reluctantly, he came out of the scrub, hands held up in surrender.

Tor watched the little human come out of the woods. When he was out in the open, she arched a brow and rocked back to her heels. "Interesting," she mused quietly. "You're hardly more than a snack. What where you doing in the bushes?"

It took Eric a moment to work up the nerve to speak to the imposing giantess. "My lady, please forgive my intrusion of your privacy. I came to thank you for saving me but when you began treating your legs, I became distracted."

She smirked. "Oh? Is that so?" Studying him closer, she came to an amusing conclusion. "You're just a boy! What are you doing out here?" She glanced around the area. "Alone. That's a dangerous thing to be in the land of giants." She smirked dangerously.

Eric flushed with anger. "I am no boy!" he bit out. "I am a man."

Tor cocked an eyebrow. "Really?" she drawled. "And why should I believe you? You certainly don't look like a man. You look like a boy."

The young human drew himself up at this. "I can ride, shoot and hunt as well as any man. I have bested many of the best knights at jousting and swordplay and ridden many wild horse into obedience. Again, Lady, I am no boy."

Still smirking, the giantess bent double at the waist, bringing her massive face closer to his tiny one. Eric cowered at the intrusion of his personal space. Her face dominated his field of vision. "So you think that just because you can shoot, ride and play with your little sword that makes you a man?"

Smarting from the insult to his manhood, Eric found the courage within himself to stand straight once again. With a taught, haughty tone, he replied, "Lady, I do not think, I know."

Darkness was the next thing he knew. A case of vertigo threatened to set in as gravity pressed him into the soft flesh surrounding him. Then, it was light and he was standing in the center of the giantess' palm. He staggered for a moment, trying to regain his balance as she finished standing. The wince of pain was obvious from his new vantage point.

"So we have a smart mouth, do we? Well, let's just see if we can cure it." She grabbed him by the back of his cloak and lifted him even higher. Tilting her head back, she opened her massive jaws and slowly began to lower him towards her gaping maw. Three...two...one. Right on cue, the little human in her fingers began to kick, scream and plead for his life.

"Please, My Lady, please do not eat me! I beg of you!"

A draft of hot air blew past him as she moved her lips to speak. "Oh? Why, should I let you go? You could become such a tasty little morsel." She licked her lips to prove a point.

He thrashed in his cloak, hands clawing at his neck to keep from choking. "Because I would not even be a meal for you! Hardly more than a snack! And if you ate me, it would only trigger your desire for more and then you would be mad at yourself for eating me!" He hoped to God above that she would listen.

Tor paused for a moment, thinking. What the human said was true. She was mildly impressed by his quick thinking in the face of imminent death. She pulled him away from her face, looking at him intently. After seeing him struggle to keep the cloak from choking him, she leaned her hand back, giving him a level place to stand. She released his cloak and watched as he fell to his knees, gasping for the air his starved lungs craved. He was on his hand and knees, head down as he breathed heavily. She felt no guilt for the human's state.

Eric thought over the young woman's actions for a moment. They confused him. "Your actions...are contra...dictory," he wheezed out.

Tor tilted her head to the side, slightly amused. "How so?" She kept her intense gaze on her would-be snack.

He regained his breath and sat back in the palm of her hand, looking up at her. "Well, when I first saw you, you where atop that stallion over there and headed straight for me. When you spotted us, you yelled for us to move. And, when the others stayed put, you pulled on the horse's reins and threw him off balance in order to prevent their deaths. Yet, now, you act as if you would eat me for simply seeing you put on some ointment." He felt her body shake beneath him and was forced to cover his ears when her laughter blasted the air.

"Ha!" she snorted. "You have it all so very, very wrong. I didn't spare your lives out of mercy. If Idiot had stomped on you, one of you tiny sack of bones may have become lodged in his frog, seriously injuring him."

Eric slowly sat up and rubbed his aching ears. "So you spared our lives for the horse's sake?" he asked. At her affirmative noise, he lay back in her hand and thought it over. A minute later, he spoke up. "I still believe you have mercy in your heart, though. If not, you would not have spared my life. Whether or not you did it to satisfy your own urges is beyond the point. You simply could have dropped me, stomped on me or some other source of ending my life. Yet, you chose to set me back in your hand and not harm me."

Tor smirked, flipping her occupied hand to where she now held the man between her thumb and forefinger. Slowly, she brought him up to her lips, placing him right in front of them before speaking in a low voice.

"Oh? Is that so?" She pressed him close to her mouth and held him there for a moment. Her tongue slithered from her lips, dragging the tip up the side of his face. She smirked at his repulsed shudders and attempts at pushing away. Satisfied, she before pulled away and set him back in her palm. "I may not have eaten a human in a while, but I am not against it in the slightest."

Eric wasn't sure if she really would eat him, especially after being licked. He used the hem of his cloak to scrub the salive from his face. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a faint shout. Crawling over to the edge of her palm, he looked down to see the group of his father's hired men staring back at him. Crap! he thought as he flung himself back into her hand. How did they find me?

Tor watched his reactions with a little interest. "Don't you want to be reunited with your friends?" She began lowering her hand to the ground.

"No! I do not wished to be reunited with them! And they aren't my friends! They will take me back to my father and he will either chain me up or force me to marry an idiot girl of his choosing. But only after he has me punished for my 'disobedience'!" He paled and began to shake as her hand came closer to the ground.

"I don’t see why I should care."

He frantically searched for another idea. "I promise to pay you well!" he blurted.

Tor's hand stopped in mid-descent. "Why would I need your money? I'm wealthy in my own right."

"Then I promise to remain with you until the end of my days! I will be yours to do with as you please, so long as you do not unduly torture me or kill me." He begged for her mercy, hoping that she would accept his deal.

"You wouldn't mind being the pet of a so-called-giant until the day you die?" she asked, true confusion coloring her voice. This was a new one on her. "You would rather be my pet then go back and face a punishment? You wouldn't care that your life would be constantly threatened?"

"You don't know my father. Or his punishments. I trust your temper more than his, My Lady. I'm hoping that if I give my freedom to you, you would not abuse it," Eric said, completely serious. He crossed his fingers behind his back and sent a quick prayer to his Creator.

After a moment of studying the human in her hand, Tor shrugged her shoulders. "If that's what you really want, I will take you on as a pet. And," she sighed, "since it seems that my new pet is scared, I should probably deal with the problem shouldn’t I?"

The young man smiled brilliantly in relief. Giving a low bow to his new "owner," he spoke in a grateful voice. "My Lady, you are truly a good person."

The giantess scowled at her new pet. "Cut it with the 'My Lady' crap. You're making me feel old. My name is Tor," she said as she began to close her hand over him.

Eric glanced at her hands nervously before crouching to avoid the imposing fingers. "My name is Eric. But, am I to understand that you wish for me to call you by your given name even though I am your 'pet'?" he asked.

"I'm not one to stand on formalities. As long as it's not an insulting term, I don't really care what you call me. Now, be still and be quiet."

"Yes, My--Tor." He watched in awe as her hand finished closing over him. He was now securely pinned against her palm, although not uncomfortably so.

Tor leaned down, wincing again at the pull of her injured skin. She rested her free hand on the ground to balance herself as she hovered her face over the group of humans calling insults at the one hidden within her hand. She smirked as she watched the men scatter in fear of her before slowly regrouping. Humans, she thought with a roll of her eyes. They're so much like sheep. Dumb, dimwitted, flighty and panicy. "Now then," she said as she looked upon the three men. "What business do you have with my pet?"

The three men looked between each other, each hoping another would speak. Finally, the captain of the watch stepped forward. He took his hat off his head in a gesture of respect. "Lady Giantess, we are not seeking a fight with you. We simply wish to return the young man in your hand to his father. You see, his father has a lot of respect in our world and would gain even more if his son were to wed a certain young woman. However, the boy blatantly refuses to do so. He has even run away. We were instructed by him to track Eric down and return him." The group waited for a moment, judging the giantess' reaction.

"And what if I refuse to hand him over?" she asked nonchalantly, looking at her fisted hand as she felt some movement in it. Idly, she squeezed slightly, just enough to warn the boy within to stay still. He instantly obeyed.

"Then we will have no choice but to take him by force," the man said, twisting his hat in his hands. He and the others quickly became terrified at the scowl that formed on the giantess' face.

"Oh really? Well then, I'll deal with you 'with force.'" With that, she straightened up and drew in a huge breath of air. She leaned down again, further this time. Her forearm rested on the ground and she brought her face level with the humans a few feet in front of her. She released the air in a maelstrom of gusting winds and spittle, sending the offending group flying back into the woods, as well as uprooting a few of the human trees.

She stood up and opened her hand, allowing its occupant to look around. "Is it safe?" he asked.

"I wouldn't have opened my hand if it weren't," Tor growled. Her leg was throbbing from the stretched position she had held to blow away the humans.

"Forgive me, Tor," Eric quickly apologized. He tacked on a bow for good measure. "I simply do not know you very well yet. Trust will come as I get to know you better."

"Whatever. So, you realize that your life is completely mine?" the auburn haired giantess asked, reminding him of their deal.

"How could I forget? My life is in your hands; I just ask that it not end up in your stomach," he said. He adjusted his cloak around his shoulders and waited for whatever came next.

Tor smirked at him. Grinning so that she showed off her teeth, she asked in a too-innocent tone of voice, "Now what makes you think I would ever do such a thing?"

Eric eyed the young woman warily. "I probably shouldn't respond to that, should I?"

The giantess chuckled darkly. "You're a quick learner, little man."

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