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Story Notes:

I've been updating this story very slowly, I know.  I want to finish it soon, but I don't want the writing quality to go down, so it's taking a little while.  Probably there will be a few more chapters, then I will work on a new idea I've been stewing on, so stay tuned. :)

Audrey breathed heavily as she clambered up a steep outcropping of bare, worn boulders. She paused a moment with her thick pale legs spread wide to balance herself as she adjusted her large backpack, lifting it awkwardly while pulling on the nylon straps. They stretched snugly across her ample, voluptuous cleavage. Audrey's heavy, cream-colored breasts pushed right back, straining deliciously against her tight, low-cut top and the straps of her hiking pack. She was not wearing a bra today and she enjoyed the sensation in her large, sensitive nipples rubbing back and forth along the soft fabric, nearly as much as she enjoyed the sensation when she doffed the bulky backpack altogether, allowing her big lovely breasts to sway about freely and unhindered. She reached back and grabbed her water, pushing the bottle up to her plump, full lips for a deep, satisfying swig. She was sweating pretty heavily and could use the refreshment. Not that she minded- Audrey loved the feeling of full-body exertion and here in the open wilderness she felt as though she had all the inspiration and privacy she could ever want to let herself go and get a little rough and rude.


Well, maybe almost all the privacy she could ever want. She could hear a ways back up the trail a faint high-pitched giggle on the wind. It was her older sister Sarah who was her companion for this weekend trip. She was almost certainly being towed behind a some unlucky tree by her boyfriend Matt- the sole other member of their little group. Audrey imagined he was probably grabbing at her sister's tight little ass with his big hands, trying to force his tongue into Sarah's mouth. Their relationship was really new, and they had been taking advantage of every conceivable opportunity to pursue the other... rolling around in this field of wildflowers, laughing and splashing each other in that stream, fucking loudly in their tent a minute after they set it up... It was cute at first, but it was starting to get to Audrey a little bit. After all, this was supposed to be their weekend. The two sisters had booked off the time and planned their trip months in advance, as they did every year. Matt had only been in the picture a couple of weeks, and when Sarah had gone ahead and invited him along, well... Audrey couldn't exactly tell her no without seeming petty.


Besides, in a way Audrey liked that Matt had tagged along. He was lovely to look at and sure, he was a bit of a basic bro, but despite the potential awkwardness of her third-wheel status, Matt had made a commendable effort to be nice to Audrey. He helped de-escalate the sisters' occasional arguments, even took Audrey's side from time to time. She thought it was endearing, even a little cute. Deep down, Audrey wondered if Matt might even have a crush on her. A few times she noticed him sneaking covert glances at her. She might be stooping low to enter her tent or fiddling with the straps across her busty chest. Well, she had to admit that she might be laying it on a little thick just to entice him. Not on purpose of course… well… not always. A little smile crossed Audrey's face as she poured a good measure of water down on her forehead. It spread out and down, flowing through her straight, beautiful red hair and splashing down her freckled face and exposed breasts before soaking into her straining yellow top. Who was she kidding? She couldn't help herself. She loved to be looked at, loved to tease her sister's handsome, simplistic hunk of a boyfriend.


Looking back, Audrey spied the couple about about fifty yards back. True to her expectations, Sarah had her long legs spread wide, clasping Matt around his waist as he propped her up against a tree which only partially concealed the two lovers at best. Matt had one hand braced against the tree above her head while the other one supported the slender woman's pelvis from below, fondling her ass and crotch through a tight-fitting pair of yoga pants. Matt had his muscly bare chest pressed in close while he made out with Audrey's older sister, holding Sarah up off the ground and causing her to giggle sensually between kisses while she clung to him with her suspended legs.


Good grief, thought Audrey. She watched for a moment, simultaneously annoyed and intrigued at being made a one-person audience to their amorous display. Sarah's sexy little ass cheeks were clenching as she squeezed her legs together and lifted her body to meet that of her boyfriend. She was a bombshell, always had been. Sarah was lean, tall, and athletic. She had a finely toned body with smooth, beautiful curves in all the right places. Her dark chestnut hair fell around her angular, feminine shoulders, neck, and upper back in a straight, beautiful wave. In the front it usually collected at the top of her small, but beautifully pert and tanned breasts. She could easily be a dancer or a cheerleader, and she had been before going to college to pursue a degree in chemistry.


That's where she had met Matt, the tall, handsome piece of meat who gently dry-humped Sarah, grinning doltishly as he kissed her in long, deep passes. He was a varsity football player with a typical all-American, hyper-masculine swagger in everything he did. He got away with it because he stood a good half-foot taller even than Sarah, clocking in at about 6'5 and well above 200lbs of thick, rippling musculature. Audrey knew what she saw in him and respected her enough for getting out there and scoring some hot tail… hell, she was even impressed, but why Sarah insisted on attempting to build a meaningful relationship with this guy she could not begin to comprehend. Surely the sex was going to get disappointing sooner or later and Audrey simply couldn't imagine much of a hook in the beefy varsity player beyond his tight, sexy body. That lovely, powerful, manly body…


Audrey felt a twinge of arousal in her loins. She stood there mesmerized, watching the two of them grind and play. Her hand went absentmindedly seeking out her large, moist breast where her fat, protrusive nipple was hardening lazily. Audrey had just turned 20, and she was just starting to really identify with the woman she was becoming physically and sexually. She had spent most of her life living in the shadow of her big sister Sarah who was taller, slimmer, more athletic, more social, and more popular. This had contributed to Audrey growing up with a significant lack of confidence and troubles with her body-image. She had been short and stocky with wide, pendulous hips, thick, toneless arms, and a noticeable gut. However, shortly after she had turned 18, her breasts had grown quickly from a B to a D cup while her ass had begun to take a turn from saggy towards sexy. Since then, Audrey had committed to taking care of her body and toning out. She jogged and went to the gym regularly, working mostly on her legs and core. She hadn't really lost any weight but the exercise had definitely made a difference in her appearance. Particularly in the last six months the changes had become more and more noticeable. Her abdomen had toned out. Thick and powerful, it formed a lovely mound of creamy, feminine flesh with tasty muscular accents jutting from within. Her calves and thighs were big and curvy, soft-looking but firm and strong to the touch. Her hips had toned out, inflating powerfully further up towards her big, pear-shaped ass. That voluptuous, robust booty had become Audrey's favorite new characteristic of hers. It would splay out ponderously when she sat down, tantalizing the men around her with creamy, fleshy margins spilling sensually out of the top and bottom of the small denim cutoffs she loved to wear. Today she was wearing one of her smallest, most tight-fitting pairs, a hot busty redhead at about 5'5, clothes clinging to and scantily covering her 180-odd pounds of thick, cream-colored woman.


Audrey stood in silent, guilt-tinged approval as she felt her big, cushy pussy, already moist from hours of walking in the sun, begin to dampen further with a different kind of heat. She had always looked up to her sister Sarah, and since she had turned 18, they had become much closer, finding kinship in their budding sexuality. Audrey had started turning down guys for the first time in her life as they began to take notice of her increasingly voluptuous body, but Sarah had supported her by offering guidance and approval. Audrey had went to Sarah for advice and later gossiped about her first time having sex, her first full-on boyfriend, first breakup, and other delicate crossroads as she came into her own as a woman. And Sarah had shared back, telling Audrey about different boys she had seen, what they looked like naked, how their pricks felt when they slid into her… It was exciting, scary, and occult. It drew the two together, and though it was a little awkward to be so close to her big sister's latest sexual adventure of being in the seclusion of the backwoods with a smoking hot guy, Audrey's deepest impulse was not to close her ears, look away, or put distance between herself and their rollicks in the hay. Actually, she was kind of fascinated by being a sort of captive audience to the two of them, all forced to share such close space together in their situation. What made Audrey feel awkward at all was how much it aroused her. She had spent the first night in her tent, quiet and turbulent as Sarah and Matt grunted and moaned a few yards away in theirs. The next night however, Audrey had been expecting it, and for whatever reason, moments after the two lovers had gotten at it again, Audrey wasted no time in cramming her hand between her thick sweaty thighs, rubbing and playing with herself while trying not to moan…


Audrey woke up from her heated ruminations with a start. She realized that she had been staring for a few moments and the last thing she wanted was to be caught gawking. She capped her water bottle, deposited it behind her on the side of her pack, and turned around to face forward along the trail. Dusk was setting in and it was starting to become more urgent that they reach a suitable site to make camp for the night. Audrey leaned forward, using all four limbs to climb up the small hill of boulders she was perched on, ass waggling deliciously up in the air with her tits spilling out of their straining wet top. As Audrey crested the rocky bluff her legs buckled and she gasped out in surprise. What the fuck??? She slipped a couple of feet back, badly skinning her knee on the rough terrain. She barely even noticed. What she had seen defied reason, made her feel light-headed. She called out to Sarah and Matt with dazed urgency, not really conscious of what she was doing. Without waiting for a reply, Audrey crept back up the embankment, staying low to the ground and peered tremulously down into the gulch below.


About a hundred yards in front of her was a scene straight from a sci-fi film. There was a huge, perfectly rounded hole in the earth, at least a hundred feet in diameter extending straight down. The round edges of the hole were cut with razor-like precision. Audrey could see a perfect cross section of the soil and various root systems from nearby plants and shrubs, like some preposterously-scaled exhibit at a science fair. Darkness yawned upwards from the huge chasm with no bottom to be seen. A number of smaller, more erratically-shaped craters speckled the landscape as well. Spidery cracks ran outwards from the holes across carpets of pine needles, cones, leaves, and other deadfall, giving Audrey the immediate impression that there had previously been trees here.


But most incredible was the huge object in the center of it all. It was as big as a building, consisting of several stacked sub-shapes, all flattened, rounded discs of varying diameters and angles of slope. It had no apparent lights of its own, but the dying sunlight cast a deep red gleam over the west-most section. Each different shape within the object seemed to shine hard and metallic with its individualized reflection of the sun. Otherwise, there were no real distinguishing characteristics on the exterior of the object, just sheer metal slopes and faces. An imperceptible humming seemed to emanate from the object. It wasn't something Audrey could exactly hear, more something she felt, like a blank TV screen idling away in a quiet room.


All these things together would have been surprising to anyone happening to stumble into view, but the thing that really defied logic and caused Audrey's head to swim with shock and disbelief was that this giant, metallic-looking object was floating. It hovered about ten yards in the air, totally silent and placid. Holy shit, thought Audrey, It's a fucking UFO.


As though on cue, a small metal projection simply appeared on the near edge of the object, moving quickly towards Audrey. She had only a split second to see it and was too stunned to effectively react. The projection also gleamed with a metallic quality, appearing to be composed of the exact same material as the rest of the huge object. It pushed swiftly out from UFO towards Audrey like a spindly, perfectly straight metal rod. It extended about twenty feet in little more than a second before the end lit up with an intense blue-looking light. Audrey yelped briefly in surprise as the light focused into a diffuse blue sheet and swept across her prone form, left to right, then up and down. She pushed up with her hands and made a motion to bolt. It would be the last thing she remembered before falling unconscious.

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