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Audrey, Sarah, and Matt walked along the side of the creek, following it through a consistently featureless landscape of rolling grassy hills, punctuated by the odd tree and speckled with lovely flowers. They had been walking for what felt like an hour. The sound of the stream was lovely and soothing, but Sarah continued to treat everything with a sort of skeptical concern.


“Audrey, how is your skin?” she asked her huge sister. “We need to find you some shade before you get a sunburn on your tits.” She glanced at the open, cloudless blue sky.


Audrey cupped each of her pumpkin-sized tits with her large hands. She gave them a thoughtful squeeze and a little waggle. “I don't know, sis… I think I'm going to be just fine.” She remarked unconcernedly. “I don't feel warm, or flushed, or really uncomfortable at all. Do you?”


“You know… I don't either. It feels almost like… I don't know, like the sun feels different. Like the color is off or something. Not a cloud in the sky, but it doesn't feel harsh.” Sarah furrowed her brow as though as though trying to picture something.


Audrey picked up on her thoughts and pondered aloud, “It's like a terrarium, isn't it? Everything seems like it's been set up… like it's not even real. Maybe the sun isn't real either?”


Sarah paused for a moment and let her younger sister's words sink in as she glanced in every direction, upwards at the empty sky, and downwards at the grass, soft and green like an enormous, flowery golf course. She spoke slowly, “I think your right, Audrey. What is this place? Why would...” Sarah trailed off, looking forwards along the stream with sudden interest. “What's that? I see something… Do you see the glint?” She pointed in the same direction. Sure enough, a few hundred yards ahead there was something shining in the distance, reflecting the light of the sun. Audrey and Matt spotted it quickly as well, and the three of them hurried over to investigate it.


As they approached, the trio slowed their pace, taking in the sight with bewilderment. There was a sheer metallic box that lay partially buried in the ground. It had to be ten meters long and about half as wide, though there was no telling how tall or rather how deep it went. On the near side, there was what appeared to be a culvert into which the stream poured, disappearing into the darkness within.


Audrey was the first to speak. “It's like the spaceship! Same kind of metal I think.” The surface was bright and smooth, with perfect 90 degree corners at each vertex. Audrey walked right up to it, though Sarah and Matt lagged behind somewhat cautiously. The redheaded amazon reached out tentatively, despite a small cry of alarm on the part of her much smaller sister. Audrey touched the surface of the object, then ran her fingers along it. It was so smooth, and despite the fact it was exposed to the sun, it felt cool to the touch.


“It's fine,” reported Audrey, “definitely just like the spaceship...” she let her hand play across the smooth top surface of the object, which came up to the huge woman's waist. Audrey dragged her hand lightly along as she strode around to the far side. “Oh, Sarah… Yep… I think I know what this is. Check it out.”


Sarah bit her lip, walking from one side to the other, already guessing what Audrey had just discovered. On the near side of the object, the water entering the culvert was cloudy with the soil it had picked up over the last couple of miles. As she joined her sister, she saw there was an identical culvert on the other side, gurgling with pure, crystal-clear stream water. She shook her head in amazement. “I can't believe it. It's a filter. We're on an artificial world.


Even Matt couldn't scoff at this most recent deduction. He stared wide-eyed at the metallic box, his disbelief gradually being replaced by a sinking, grudging acceptance. The three of them continued walking. After a few minutes, they spotted a large group of trees on their side of the stream a good ways off. A distant shimmering near the horizon indicated that it might be a lake. What was strange was how familiar it looked… Sarah ran forward, shouting something back at the group. Matt called out to her before giving chase, shooting a bit of an odd look at the amazon as he ran past. Audrey watched the two run ahead with amusement. She was really enjoying basking in the constant sight of her lovely older sister. Her long legs carried that beautiful body swiftly up a green hill and down the other side nimbly and confidently. Her ass had such a sweet little set of curves, almost… tasty. And Matt's body… well he was just so juicy. His muscly frame was so formidably masculine...


Ahh… sighed the huge woman. Audrey had been finding herself in a nearly continuous stream of arousal ever since they had arrived in this place. It was starting to get to her that Sarah persisted in being so fucking concerned about their situation. It was distracting. It was taking away from the space Audrey needed to feel incredible… to feel… horny. Audrey began to trot after the two of them. Her large feet padded heavily on the perfect carpet of grass beneath her. Her crotch burned with the heat of her erotic thoughts, and she sensed she was blushing. Fine then- she didn't care. She actually found herself excited by the notion of outing her level of arousal at having become such a sexy, towering amazon. She wanted to explore her new found sexual power, wanted to share it with her companions if they were willing. Fuck, she thought… they had better be…


Something was happening to Audrey's thoughts, and she either didn't care or she straight up liked it. She began huffing lustily, face flush with uncontained, mounting passion. Her strides began to falter slightly. She was having difficulty running in a straight line, feeling faint from the heat of her arousal. Fuck, what is happening to me… she wondered before another bloom of sweet carnal need surged through her large, wet pussy and derailed her rational mind.


Audrey's huge sexy frame came into view as Sarah and Matt stood arguing by the side of the stream. The redhead was huffing noisily and blushing as she approached. Matt noticed that she was sweating and shaking slightly as well, but he didn't have the chance to mention it, since Sarah was in the middle of berating him with an angry monologue. “I told you, we've got to treat this seriously!” She fumed, gesturing aggressively to a pair of large muddy knee prints in the river bed as she continued. “We've been here already! We've literally walked around the world! We're trapped in pretty green cage like a bunch of animals on display! Audrey! Look at… Audrey???


Audrey staggered to her sister's side, moaning loudly. She had one hand gripped around her huge tit and another shoved firmly between her trembling, creamy thighs. She felt light-headed and she couldn't stand any her arousal any longer, literally. Her crotch and her breasts were on fire! She cried out in incoherent sexual hunger as she fell heavily to her knees. Through a hot horny haze she could make out her own large footprints leading up to the stream, the depression her legs had made in the bank as she drank an hour ago, and the tracks that led away, marching along the stream… taking her back here. What little remaining mental faculties she had left were astounded. They really had walked in a straight line and doubled up on themselves…


Sarah rushed to Audrey's side, eyes filled with panic. Audrey's whole body was shaking and her face had turned crimson. Her heavy breasts jerked up and down with each throaty moan and shallow, irregularly huffed breath. Sarah wrapped her arms around Audrey's neck, holding her tightly and screaming, “What's happening to you???” Tears streaked down Sarah's face as she held her trembling, amazonian sister as she moaned and spasmed like she was in pain. Sarah caught sight of an intense blue light. The chip! The outline of a small rectangular object near the base of Audrey's neck was lit up in a solid, bright blue. The light was so intense it penetrated her flesh and illuminated blood vessels, vertebrae and other subcutaneous features. Horror played over Sarah's face as she recoiled, taking a step away from the heaving, hulking form of her sister.


Audrey felt her body writhe with inexplicable pleasure. Her nipples inflated hugely, swelling up to the size of tangerines while her pussy shook with erotic intensity. She felt a strange sort of disconnect though. On the one hand, she felt sort of drunk, almost like she was not really in control of herself. On the other hand, she felt incredible, like she was fully present in the most intense orgasm of her life. In fact, she realized with a loud gasp that she was orgasming! The burning pleasure in her large throbbing cunt blossomed as she let out a long, horny moan. Her whole body was on fire! She had never felt this good. She needed more… she craved more…


Sarah took another step back as Audrey began moaning even louder than before. What the fuck? She was stunned. Audrey wasn't in pain… she was… coming! Swollen nipples, flushed face, carnal moans, and she was beginning even to smell her younger sister's big, swollen pussy as the ground between her legs began darkening with feminine fluids. Before she could react or even think, Audrey's large arm shot out and looped around Sarah's body. Sarah let out a little yelp of surprise as the amazon pulled her inwards and lifted her. Audrey placed Sarah roughly between her huge legs, pulling her inwards and mashing her older sister's naked, sexy body against her huge tits, muscly abs, and hot, squirming pussy. Sarah struggled in her sister's much stronger grip, but Audrey was not having it. She easily wrapped Sarah in a big, naked hug, and at the same time, leaned back to lay fully prone.


Audrey was in heaven. Her pussy continued to bloom with wave after wave of beautiful, mind-bending orgasms. She was barely conscious of her rough handling of Sarah until the smaller woman was already crammed between her heavy, white breasts and against her swollen, throbbing pussy. But when she realized what was happening… fuck… it just felt so good. Sarah's little body was like a gorgeous little plaything to her. She wanted her sister to feel her hot, horny body, wanted her to experience this feeling as a participant. Audrey continued moaning and shuddering, writhing on the ground like an animal in heat…


Matt stared at the scene in utter bewilderment. He noticed the blue light emanating from the back of Audrey's neck, and then suddenly she was acting crazy! She had just started moaning, then huffing, then acting… horny… like a big lusty whore! She grabbed Sarah and pulled his poor girlfriend on top of her huge sexy body, hugging her tightly and rocking on her back. That was when he realized something was wrong. Audrey was… she was… growing… the big sexy girl was getting bigger. Matt's eyes widened and his cock sprung up in salute as he stood glued before the erotic scene.


Tears still rolling down her cheeks, Sarah whimpered, “Please Audrey… please, sis… what's happening to you? What's happening...” Meanwhile, she could feel the huge globes of flesh that were Audrey's heavy, creamy tits rub along her sides, sensually squeezing her body as the amazon burgeoned with growth underneath her. Sarah held on to Audrey's ripped torso for all she was worth. To her utter shock she realized that it was really happening… Her little sister was getting much bigger.

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