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Audrey held Sarah close to her face and regarded her with horny intensity for a good few moments, letting her words sink in. They found their mark, and Sarah simply trembled and sobbed, keeping her eyes down as her body convulsed slightly out of a combination of fear and pleasure at the stimulation she had just received. At length Audrey grunted in satisfaction. She lifted her head away from her older sister, giving her beautiful red hair a gratifying toss. She smiled ruefully as she reached with her off hand into the ample valley of her humungous tits and plucked out Matt's gorgeous, naked body from her cleavage. Audrey curled up her knees, and then raised her two diminutive companions to rest against her knees, letting them sway playfully from side to side as she held them in her gentle, but powerful grasp. God… they're so small… Audrey thought to herself. To her they seemed to be maybe a little more than a foot tall, and neither weighed enough to register against the giant amazonian beauty's strength. They were cute, sexy playthings at this scale… Sexy little dolls next to her gargantuan body and needs

Audrey felt her enormous pussy convulse with at the thought of her dominance. She was feeling horny again. She wanted more, and she needed to get rid of Matt and Sarah before they ended up being a part of what was about to happen. Audrey grunted again, this time with all the carnal need of an animal in heat. She grit her teeth slightly and a tremble wracked her colossal, body. Fuck… I'm so fucking horny…

Alright you two...” Audrey huffed through the mounting haze of her titanic arousal, “Run along. I'm going to spend some time getting acquainted with my huge fucking body. You don't want to be near my giant cunt when that happens. Go ahead and explore my new world. I'll be busy for quite a while, but I should be easy to find...” Audrey gave each of her two small captives a gentle, tantalizing pinch around their asses and crotches. Winking through a drunken, horny grin she finally lowered them to the ground and delicately released them between her legs, a few meters in front of her immense, drooling pussy. Then without waiting for a reply, Audrey lowered her massive upper body to the ground and immediately got to work. One gigantic hand, still wet from using Sarah's body as a sex toy went plunging straight into the yawning, pulsating folds of Audrey's cave-like womanhood. Moaning unashamedly, the giant redhead convulsed dramatically, slapping her thick, titanic thighs together in untamed arousal at the stimulation her gargantuan cunt was receiving. Audrey gasped and giggled erotically as her colossal pussy responded with greedy convulsions. Already she was well on the way to her next humungous orgasm. Her other hand clapped down powerfully on one of her obscenely swollen nipples and roughly began kneading and pulling. The huge, horny giantess moaned raggedly with renewed euphoria and began involuntarily grinding her titanic ass and backside into the grass, flattening out an enormous impression that began quickly filling with a steady flow of feminine juices.

Matt stood slack-jawed and uncomprehending as Audrey ground out her gigantic, carnal display of total sexual dominance. Unbeknownst to the sisters, he had already splooged a second load of spunk into the glorious canyon of flesh in which he had been held captive. The sensation of Audrey's humungous boobs squeezing and mashing his body had been simply too erotic and stimulating for him to offer any resistance, even if he had wanted. Despite this, his big veiny dick was rising yet again, eager to be thrust into the giant horny redhead's pussy. However that urge was held tenuously in check by Audrey's warning, and standing uncertainly between her massive feet, watching the huge horny amazon pawing and rubbing insanely at her colossal throbbing cunt, Matt felt more than a little fearful for his safety. Ignoring his large, pendulous erection he grabbed Sarah by the hand, pulling her back, away from the ravenous giantess' crotch.

“Let's go, Sarah,” Matt pleaded. Sarah howevver was frozen in place, staring wide-eyed at her younger sister's immense, pulsing fuck cave, just as the first jets of cum came spraying out past the massive, frantic hand. Audrey screamed in ecstasy as she orgasmed, cutting loose any remaining inhibitions she might have had. One of her titanic, creamy thighs came crashing down as she shot her foot outwards in frenzied sexual release. The impact knocked Matt and Sarah sideways. Sarah sprawled in the other direction, and screamed as she saw the other thigh coming down directly overhead. It was lowered much more slowly however, as Audrey was twisting her powerful hips to the side in ecstasy. Sarah flopped to the ground just as the enormous creamy thigh came down on her, roughly trapping her lower body against the grass. Panic gripped Sarah's mind as she lay on her stomach, pinned beneath her sister's mighty leg. It trembled and shifted above her, rolling inwards and threatening to smother her completely. Matt yelled something which was drowned out entirely by the giantess' heated moans. He jumped to Sarah's aid, grabbing her hands and pulling desperately against the weight of thousands of pounds of sexy, pale flesh. Audrey's orgasm continued to soar, and her huge, pulsing cunt distended hungrily, spewing thick jets of womanly cum as she moaned and came enormously. The huge horny redhead began bucking at the hips, and the increased movement, combined with the steadily pulsing spray of feminine lube provided Sarah with a lucky break. She slipped right out from under the giantess' thigh as her monstrous climax built. Matt went tumbling backwards, but the varsity athlete deftly pushed off against the opposite tower of huge creamy thigh, quickly regaining his balance, and vaulted over to help Sarah up. She was already there, taking the initiative of the moment to sprint out of the deadly, heaving triangle of womanhood formed by Audrey's gargantuan legs and crotch.

Sarah and Matt sprinted a good fifty or so meters away from the horny, squirming mountain of woman before slowing down. Sarah cast a wide-eyed gaze back at her humungous sister, but Matt grabbed her by the hand again and continued leading her away from the erotic scene. When they had put a couple hundred meters distance between them and the giantess it was almost possible to speak at a normal volume without being drowned out by Audrey's sexually charged moans and grunts.

“Are you okay?” asked Matt shakily.

“No I'm not fucking okay,” came Sarah's sharp reply. She opened her mouth to continue, but was forced to wait a few seconds while Audrey unleashed a huge, guttural cry which ended in loud, heated cluster of moans. Sarah cast her eyes furiously backwards for a moment before sputtering, “That fucking... bitch! What the hell has gotten into her? Fucking slut...” Sarah stumbled in her outrage, falling down and remaining prone while she sobbed, “I can't believe she did that to me! To us...” The beautiful brunette slammed her hand against the ground, tears flowing freely.

Matt put a hand on her shoulder, allowing his girlfriend a few seconds to cry through the worst of it. Audrey continued to moan like an animal. She slapped her other hand down hard on her titanic crotch, and the sound boomed around the sunny green landscape, startling Matt and causing him to snap his head backwards at the gigantic carnal display. His mouth grew dry as a fresh chorus of aroused thoughts floated through his mind, but he swallowed and forced himself to tend to Sarah who clearly needed consolation. “It's okay Sarah… It'll be alright...” he patted her hair and put his arms around her comfortingly. “What you said back there… I know I didn't believe you but you're right. Something is controlling this place, maybe controlling Audrey... Maybe it's aliens… I dunno… but Audrey's neck… thing… it was glowing bright blue the whole time while she… while she… grew...” He swallowed again, treading carefully with his words around the subject of Sarah's distress.

Sarah beat her hand against the ground again, sobbing dejectedly amidst the smatterings of moans and grunts coming from the direction of gigantic, horny redhead. Sarah drew in a few long breaths wracked with anger and outrage, but when she spoke again it was quiet and measured. “Yeah, I know.” She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, gave one last angry sob, and continued, “Audrey's sick or something and it's not all her fault. We've got to figure out what's going on here and escape before she does something… something… worse… or before she grows again.”

Matt's semi-inflated cock jumped subtly at the suggestion, and he blushed furiously as he fought off the sudden urge to look back at Audrey, to see her pummel that gargantuan cunt and fill it with massive, earth-shaking orgasms. He tried his best to distract Sarah, blurting out, “Yeah… W-we can't let that happen…” He stammered and looked away but kept talking. “Sarah, we need to get out of here.” Audrey said… well… I don't want to stick around just in case. Maybe we should try exploring a bit… We might find a way out. I'm… I'm actually getting hungry too...”

Sarah glanced vacantly over the landscape as Audrey continued to howl euphorically. “Yeah, you're right...” she bit her lip while she thought, not noticing her boyfriend's arousal. “Let's head towards the lake. I need to wash off… fuckin'… I need to wash. Then we need to find food, yes. I have no idea what there could be for us, but there are more trees that way and… well we can't eat grass...

Matt looked at her, trying his best to think critically about this overwhelming situation. Uncertainly he chirped up, “Yeah, but Audrey said… well… maybe we don't need to worry about it? Like… maybe we'll be taken care of by… well… in this place?”

Sarah grabbed him by the hand and began marching towards the lake just as Audrey began screaming in the throes of a new plateau of mind-shattering orgasmic pleasure. Sarah muttered impossibly beneath the horny outburst, “Yeah, I prefer not to find out...”

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