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Audrey gave one last piercing cry, grinding shoulders back into the soil to push her humungous ass and cunt off the ground. She held the pose like a champion, gritting her teeth and trembling with exhaustion. Her huge, ravenous cunt lips surged around her hand as her massive clit wobbled tremulously, pinned under the heel of her other hand. A thick tide of hot, fragrant cum oozed out from her throbbing womanly cave, and the gigantic, horny redhead simply whimpered with lusty desperation, riding out the last of her orgasms as far as she could take them. After a minute or so, her colossal writhing pussy grew slack around her wrist. The mighty flow of her womanly juices abated, and slowed to a thick, drooling trail that fell a few feet to the ground in thick, erotic gobs. Audrey's knees wobbled ponderously as her immense muscular core and lower body reached the end of their strength. With a sigh, the gorgeous mountain of woman came crashing fully to the ground. Several tons of sweaty, rippling flesh impacted an already-massive crater with a deep, booming slap. Audrey reached one arm around her glistening, gargantuan breasts, and snaked the other between her legs to fondle her titanic vulva as the aftershocks of her mind-shattering orgasms ran their course. She lay their cradling her enormous, powerful body for a solid few minutes. Audrey's lovely, full lips parted, and she sighed deeply in pleasure, gaping dumbly into space. She couldn't think, couldn't do anything but let her mind and body wind down from the experience she had just endured.


Audrey finally removed her hand from her slimy, hot crotch and rolled on her side. How long had she been fucking herself? Hours? Fuck she was insatiable! The feeling of being gigantic, being this huge… this… powerful… it was so fucking hot! She couldn't help herself until she had literally fucked herself into a stupor. “AAAaaaaahhhhh...” Audrey sighed tremendously, letting her voice boom across the empty landscape… but then again, it wasn't so empty after all. The busty, horny giantess suddenly sat up, glancing this way and that as though she was forgetting something.


Matt and Sarah… Where were those two sexy little playthings? A new feeling was brewing deep within Audrey's mighty chest. It wasn't entirely unpleasant, but she somehow felt anxious to find her companions. The feeling was instinctive, like a protective urge to keep tabs on them… to keep them safe. Audrey felt the stimulation of her desire take root in her gut and in her humungous loins. It was a sexual feeling… a possessive feeling...


Audrey stood slowly, lifting her colossal goddess-like body into the sky exultantly. Fuck... even just moving around felt fantastic. She was so strong… so sexy… The lusty giantess inhaled mightily and stretched her arms skyward. She exhaled in a huge lazy yawn, muscles rippling and flexing confidently. As her gargantuan tits pushed out defiantly into the sky in front of her, Audrey felt a pang deep within her titanic, womanly bosom. Her giant, red nipples had swollen considerably with her last growth, but Audrey sensed that since then they had ballooned even larger, hardening to painfully erect barrel-sized monsters. A hot, womanly fire was smoldering in her crotch and flaring up her spine. It spread tantalizingly through those huge throbbing knobs, filling her womanly parts with a powerful, aching need…


“Ooooohhh…” moaned Audrey as her large feminine hands groped upwards reflexively. They slapped down hard into her immense, throbbing aureoles. Audrey pulled and kneaded them viciously and quickly found herself doubled over in exquisite pain. It was maddening, like an itch, and scratching it was only making it worse. “Uuuunnnggghh…. FUCK...” she boomed heatedly. “Sarah? Matt? Oooohh… Where are you?” Audrey called out sharply. “Unngh… Where are you? I need you NOW...




Sarah pulled Matt's arm around her, shivering slightly from the chill of her wet hair and body. She had been out of the lake for only a minute and already she was partially regretting having gone for a swim. What started as a bid to clean herself up after being thrust against her younger sister's giant sex had quickly become a sobering realization that they were stranded in a strange place with no survival provisions whatsoever- not even clothes.


“Whoa babe, you're cold!” protested Matt. He gripped her tightly as the two of them spooned on a grassy slope near the bank of the beautiful, clear lake. Sarah's body was trembling and cool to the touch, and he tried his best to share in his own body heat.


“Ugh, sorry babe, I need you to warm me up!” Sarah's teeth chattered together as she inhaled quick shallow breaths. “God, it's getting so cold since the sun started going down. We're going to need to find some kind of shelter really soon.”


Matt's stomach growled, and they both heard it clearly. “Yeah… and some food, babe...” Matt looked warily in the direction they had walked from well over an hour ago. The sun, or whatever you could call it, was low in the sky in that direction. And somewhere out there… Audrey was probably pounding her huge meat or growing even more gigantic or something. Matt gulped at the thought, half in terror, half in sexual excitement. Every time he thought of Sarah's humungous slut of a sister he couldn't help but feel aroused. Even now, hugging his girlfriend for warmth he felt his mind wandering to the titanic, horny redhead and felt his considerably-sized manhood swell with anticipation…


Sarah's body stiffened feeling her boyfriend's hog rise and push up against her ass. “Matt... what are you doing?” she demanded slowly. She turned her head slightly to measure his response out of the corner of her eye.


“Babe… I'm… I want to warm you up...” The muscly jock gave her thigh a little squeeze before moving his hand into her crotch. “You were looking real good swimming through that clear water.” Matt did his best to be convincing. He wasn't lying after all.


Sarah cracked a slow grin, the first one in hours. “Hah, damn right. Show me you mean it, big guy.” She shivered one last time, then placed her hand on top of Matt's larger one and pushed it against her beautiful, exposed pussy. Sarah's sexy, lithe body ground into Matt's muscular frame and instantly he became fully erect. She sighed in between a few shallow inhalations. Matt was so easy sometimes. Whatever… I could use a win right now…


Matt slowly, but forcefully probed his girlfriend's pussy, slipping in a finger past her labia to test the waters. Sarah was wet and cold, but her crotch was clearly heating up. Matt quickly obliged, grabbing her womanhood more aggressively in his fist. This was how she liked it, and even though Matt was thinking of Audrey, he felt compelled to give Sarah what she needed as well. Sarah cried out slightly and squirmed, but she pressed Matt's hand even deeper into her pussy and squeezed his meaty arm with her strong legs. He replied by shifting his fingers to he clit and rubbing them roughly up and down.


“Ah! Too much!” Sarah protested, She pulled Matt's hand back down to her labia, but otherwise continued to squeeze and hump at his sexy arm and hand. “Oh yes… Honey that's good, just like that… Fuck, that feels good. God, I feel so warm now...” Sarah's whole body tingled in response to the heat she felt. It was like suddenly the burden of hopelessness had lifted somewhat, and she was back in control of her own body, and if felt good for a change. “Ahhh, yesss… Oh Matty, come on! Get inside me!”


Matt's face was turning red from the heat of their passion, and he too seemed to be getting carried away with this sudden shift of mood. He wiped his brow, then pulled away from Sarah with a grunt, flipped her fully on her back and split her legs to make room for his big, thick cock. “Unnhhh, yeah...” he muttered absently. In his mind, Matt imagined standing once again between the thick fleshy towers of Audrey's inner thighs as they trembled and bucked around him. With a sweet sound of wet friction he imagined penetrating the cave-like opening of womanhood before him with his magnificent dick. In and out he plowed, whipping himself into a sexual frenzy, doing his very best to please the goddess before him. Back in a small corner of his mind, Matt suddenly thought, “Gee, I'm burning up here! That sun's coming back up already?” His stomach audibly growled again. Fuck… I'm so hungry…


Sarah's pleasurable sighs were cut short by the force of the fuck she was receiving. “Hey,” she quipped, “it's not a race here, Matty.” He simply stared ahead, jaw clenched backwards and slightly ajar, like he hadn't even heard her. “Hey!” Sarah cried, now getting annoyed. “Tone it down, you're hurting me!” Matt's large, strong hand snaked under her shoulders and suddenly he pulled Sarah's body against his. Before Sarah could react, she heard, or rather felt a loud growl gurgle up from Matt's stomach.


“So… hungry...” muttered Matt. Then he came. His meaty, throbbing prick swelled up even more massive, pushing out against Sarah's inner labia. He continued his thrusting as he pumped up thick wads of cum into his girlfriend's pussy.


Sarah let her body go limp, rolling her eyes while her boyfriend rocked her body up and down against the warm grass. Fucking men… Matt grunted and pounded her until his gyrations began to slow. Without letting him fully finish, Sarah pushed the varsity athlete off of her and rolled him onto his side. She then slapped him hard on the chest as he tumbled onto his back. “Asshole! You couldn't last more than two minutes without coming or complaining about food? Useless… I should just finish-” Sarah paused and suddenly turned around. She put her hand above her brow and lifted her head up to the sky.


The sun was much higher. And it was rising. In fact, the ground and the air around the two naked lovers had warmed considerably. What was going on? Sarah went silent to ponder this just as her stomach growled loudly as well. Shit, she needed something to eat badly. Where were they going to get any food?


Matt turned on his side and came back to the present all at once. “Oh shit… I'm sorry babe, I'm so sorry. I-”


“Shh… shut up for a second, Matt,” whispered Sarah. “Do you hear that?” Sarah's hand pointed out away from the lake, in the direction of the horizon under the rising sun.


As Matt quietened down, the two felt something. The ground beneath them was vibrating slightly. It pulsed rhythmically, thrumming once or twice a second. Then they heard it. A distant, but powerful set of booms could be heard. It was getting louder. Quickly. Sarah stood up and grabbed Matt's arm. “Oh no… It's… it's…”


Audrey...” finished Matt.


He stood frozen while Sarah pulled on his arm absently, keeping her terrified eyes fixed on the horizon as Audrey's head rose up above the hills and the trees. Her face was flushed and her expression was a mix of pain and… something else. And she was looking right at them. Audrey huffed audibly from over a mile away and bellowed, “SARAH… MATT...” her powerful voice boomed across the landscape. It sounded extra low because of the distance and the reverberation, not to mention the asynchronization of the sight of her lips moving followed by the sound of her voice a moment later. “COME HERE. I NEED YOU.” The gargantuan woman suddenly doubled over and staggered into full view. Her immense, fully engorged nipples pointed straight forward. Flatteringly, maddeningly they twitched and swelled up even more hugely. The giantess clutched at her enormous breasts, kneading and pulling at them like a giant horny monster. Her colossal cunt pushed out downwards, squeezing sluttily between her insanely thick and muscular thighs as she practically stumbled into a gigantic, terrifying trot.




The now-irregular and deafening twin booms of Audrey's mighty legs carried the giant redhead forwards with earth-shaking intensity. Sarah jerked Matt towards her and locked eyes with him. With terror and adrenaline gripping her she simply shouted, “Run!!!”

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