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“What the fuck happened to you?” demanded Matt. Audrey broke off her moment with Sarah and glanced his way. He was about fifteen feet back, standing hesitantly with his legs spread somewhat apart and his hands querulously outreached.


Audrey stifled her indignation at Matt's bluntness, clearing her throat and replying, “I don't know. I just woke up a minute ago in this… place. I don't know how I got here. I… I don't know how I got so… huge.” She glanced at her powerful, amazonian body as it rippled confidently with new-found muscles and mass. She had been heavy for her height when she was 5'5. At this size she figured she might weigh in a five or six hundred pounds, maybe more. She was easily larger than both of her companions combined and as she rose ponderously to her feet she could see why he looked so intimidated. Matt was about eye level with the top of her heavy, plump breasts. Each of them dwarfed his head and she realized that he was staring, ogling her huge, gorgeous tits. It aroused Audrey to think that this big, strong jock was suddenly looking way up to her, even scared by her. A strange tickling feeling of satisfaction spread through her as she realized she was now the big, strong woman. She could easily take control of this situation and it was making her, well… kind of horny.


Sarah cut into the unsettling silence with a stammer, “W-well, are you alright? Do you feel okay?”


Audrey smiled broadly at her diminutive sister and piped, “Yeah, sis. Great actually! I feel like a hundred bucks.” She planted her feet a little wider and stretched her large muscular arms outwards and upwards, stretching theatrically. She breathed in deeply, raising her big jiggling tits above their heads before sighing emphatically and letting them fall back in place. Matt's jaw dropped a little and Sarah's eyes widened. Fuck, thought Audrey, this feels good!


Sarah blushed slightly and continued, “Well we just woke up out here as well. I can't explain it. The last thing I remember was hearing you shout at us from further up the path. We ran up, and I saw you just laying there, and...” her voice cracked. Clearly she was upset by the recollection and had been rightly worried about her younger sister. Audrey drew up a little closer and put a large hand on her sister's shoulder. Sarah wiped her eyes and continued, “That's it. I think there was a light or something, like a flash, but I don't know where it came from.” Sarah grasped Audrey by the hand and squeezed it.


Audrey gave her beautifully sculpted shoulder a caring squeeze, then slowly backed up and sat down cross-legged. She felt a little embarrassed at feeling so giddy and pleased with her new size while her sister was so clearly troubled. She took a deep breath and began to tell her own story. Audrey described to Sarah the floating metal object, the strangely excavated landscape, and the small, but powerful blue light that had passed over her body. Matt was shaking his head incredulously, but Sarah listened intently. A couple of times she raised a quizzical eyebrow, but otherwise waited patiently for Audrey to finish.


Sarah took a moment to process Audrey's tale before replying slowly, “That's… incredible, I mean… Audrey, it sounds like, I don't know, like you saw an alien spaceship or something.”


Hearing this, Matt broke in almost angrily, “Babe, come on. You think Audrey saw aliens? That's crazy. You've been in the woods too long.”


“It's not crazy, Matt,” Sarah shot back. "How do three people get amnesia all at the same time? How did Audrey get so huge?” She gestured at her sister's seated, hulking form, briefly making eye contact before continuing, “And I've been through those woods before, and trust me, we are somewhere else.” She paused her heated rant as she looked at her surroundings, glancing around in every direction as though seized by a sudden thought. “And yet… I feel like this is familiar.”


Audrey picked up on her sister's thinking almost immediately. “It's the plants,” she piped. “They're all species found in the back woods.”


Sarah breathed deep with nervous excitement. “Yeah,” she agreed, “grass, two types of flowers, two, no… three types of trees.”


“And us,” remarked Matt sullenly. He seemed to be quite upset. It struck Audrey as a little immature that he was being so negative. Was it possible that he was bent out of shape by the fact that she now towered over him?


“And us,” echoed Sarah thoughtfully. She looked over to Audrey and said, “Hey Audrey, think you can give your big sis a boost? I want to get a better look at what's out there.”


Audrey nodded enthusiastically her consent, standing up obediently to oblige her older sister. She bent at her knees and gently wrapped her hands around Sarah's waist. Sarah seemed momentarily surprised, as though she had imagined something else, but she gave Audrey a faint little smile and clasped her own arms safely around the amazon's powerful hands. Audrey flexed from her huge, thick hips and glutes and easily lifted the slender brunette off the ground. Audrey giggled in amusement while Sarah, though a bit intimidated by her own seeming insignificance gave a little laugh of her own at the sight of her younger sister lifting a full grown woman several feet into the air. Audrey straightened her legs and brought Sarah's feet into her wide, muscly belly and braced the small woman against her trunk-like torso. Sarah instinctively pressed off against her younger sister's hard, fleshy core while Audrey inverted her grip and turned Sarah's body to face the opposite direction.


“Up you go, sis,” chirped Audrey with a broad grin. She lifted Sarah up from her belly, moving slowly. Audrey felt the center of gravity in Sarah's little body shift as she attempted to balance herself, bending and squirming at the core. The amazon giggled again. Sarah was in great shape and she was fun to handle this way. She felt the hard little muscles in Sarah's core flex against the inertia of her movements, felt her tremble slightly in fear at being lifted so high, or perhaps, at being controlled like a toy… Audrey was really starting to get a notion of how powerful she had become. She was so big… so strong… and it made her feel hot. She raised Sarah over her head, getting a great view of her sister's beautifully-sculpted ass as she did so. Audrey's loins gave a twitch and started to burn a slow, hot fire of secret arousal. She lifted Sarah higher and backwards, flexing the muscles between her shoulder blades gorgeously. Sarah spread her legs obediently as Audrey lowered her to the thick, wide platform created by her shoulders and neck.


Sarah straddled her little sister's neck awkwardly, suddenly very aware of her nakedness. Audrey felt her hesitation and quickly removed her hands from around Sarah's waist. She slid her hands forward and carefully grabbed each of Sarah's thighs, stroking her lightly with her thumbs for reassurance, and pulled down gently to help secure her older sister on her shoulders like a little kid at a fair. Feeling her huge sister handle her with such tenderness and love caused Sarah to feel a little ashamed of her hesitance. She reached around Audrey's forehead to give her a cute little hug from behind, squeezing her meanwhile with her strong but delicate, little thighs. Sarah giggled faintly, kicking playfully at the sexy tangle of red hair draped about her feet and over the top of Audrey's massive, heaving bosom.


Audrey playfully nuzzled her head backwards into Sarah's delicate little waist and small, pert breasts. She glanced down at Matt with a languid, sexy grin. He was watching the two sisters exploration of Audrey's new size with saucer-like eyes. When he realized that Audrey was looking at him, he quickly looked away, turning red and shifting awkwardly to hiding his semi-erect prick. Audrey blushed too, but she was practically purring with elation. Matt was just so easy to tease, especially now! She felt her sister's pussy nuzzled comfortably into the nape of her broad neck. It made her horny to think of how easily she was controlling this situation.


Audrey attempted to subdue her arousal for the moment. She broke the erotic silence of the moment, quipping, “Okay sis, what do you see? Where to?”


Sarah laughed at the strangeness of the situation. She replied, “Okay, I see a stream a ways off there.”


“I saw it earlier, yeah,” Audrey confirmed.


“Let's follow the water. We won't get lost that way. I don't see any beaches, so… I don't know, let's see where it goes, I guess.”


Audrey nodded her head emphatically, brushing Sarah's body with her beautiful, smooth red heir. “Okay, sis. Sounds good to me. Do you want to go down?”


Audrey felt Sarah stiffen for a split second, then she dug her thighs in and chirped, “No way, get moving little sis!”


“Alrighty, hang on!” Audrey smiled. It gave her a deep satisfaction to have gotten Sarah's approval to continue to handle her like this. She was enjoying this way more than she wanted to let on. Still, she couldn't resist, “Come on, Matt, try and keep up!”


The varsity player shook his head, trying to clear away his emotional confusion over what was happening, what he was feeling. He picked up his feet and started trotting after Audrey as the sexy, towering amazon marched briskly past him, carrying away his girlfriend as she went.

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