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Story Notes:

I thought i would dust off the proverbial pen one last time. Reviews and Critques positive or negative appreciated as long as they are constructive. I plan to update regularly but i can't commit to a schedule. I'm shooting for an update or two a month. 

Step Monster



© GiantessWorld 2017


                  “Peyton, you were supposed to mow the lawn today. I have been asking you all week to do this and you are always busy. Monday, it was the movies; Tuesday it was homework which I never saw you do. The list of excuses goes on and on. Now it’s Saturday and we have a rain forest growing in the backyard.” Nancy, Peyton’s step mother exclaimed.

                  “I swear I really will do it tomorrow. Jamie Grace’s pool party is the social event of the year. If I don’t make an appearance, it will be like I’m snubbing her.” Peyton whined.

                  “Well you should have thought of that earlier in the week. Now give me your phone. Now young lady.” Nancy said as she extended her hand out to her step daughter.

                  “You can do this. Arrggh, you are such a step monster” Peyton huffed as she threw her phone into Nancy’s hand before leaving the kitchen. Nancy listened to the stomps of her step daughter storming up the stairs. Then waited until she heard the door to Peyton's room slam shut. "If you're going to be like that clean that pig sty you call a bedroom while you pout" Nancy added

                  “And another thing, I told you not to call me that, and don’t you even dream of coming out of that room unless it’s to mow the yard.” Nancy bellowed before walking further into the kitchen. She rustled through several cabinets and drawers as she looked for some Tylenol. 

                  "Drat, I forgot to pick up some up when I was out yesterday. Well, I guess I could take some of Peyton's migraine medication. This is her old stuff but, it should be good enough for a headache. One of these should really knock this headache for a loop. I need to stop letting her get to me." Nancy thought to herself while she tossed the pill into her mouth while she opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine.

                  Nancy poured herself a small glass while swallowed the pill whole.  She took a sip of wine and, a few deep breaths. She started to feel better and, headed upstairs to her room. She dropped Peyton’s phone into her nightstand drawer making sure to lock it.  She slid the key into her pocket and, took a step back before a wave of uneasiness fell over her.  The room started to spin while her head pounded harder and harder. The door looked to be getting further and further away as she felt her stomach clench. She tightly closed her eyes as a strong sense of motion sickness washed over her like a wave over a sandy beach. A strong sense of nausea filled Nancy's stomach before she finally collapsed onto the floor.

                  Nancy awoke covered by a large heavy tarp. She lifted up on the tarp but, whatever it is made out of is quite heavy. Her arms struggled to hold the weight as she looked about in total darkness. The material felt coarse and foreign to her as her hand swept over it. Her muscles soon became over burdened by the immense weight which meant she was forced to slither along the ground like a snake. Nancy crawled and pulled her way forward doing military crawl. Making matters worse, her movements were aimless as she had no bearing or direction to head. So the distance she had to travel was several times longer than it needed to be.

                  As she made her way out from beneath the tarp; she looked about in amazement as if her eyes were somehow deceiving her.  Surrounding her is her bedroom but, it is absolutely massive in scale.  The dresser next to her rises so high she can't even see the top.  While her bed stretches on and on as if it were a mountain range. The tarp she crawled out from beneath was no tarp at all. It was her own clothing only looked as if it could be used to cover several baseball diamonds.

                  She stood for several minutes just trying to take in the reality of it all. As the shock and awe begun to wear off the frightening reality started to creep into the crevices of her mind.  As she looked down at the high plush carpet she loved so much which now rose up and passed her knees. It nearly reached her waist.

                  All the sudden her arm brushes up against herself. This causes her to look down at herself revealing the fact she is completely nude. Instinctively she covers her breasts and privates as best she can with her arms and hands. 

                  “This…this can’t be happening” Nancy muttered as she took her first steps. She struggled to move with any sort of ease through the high carpet.  She knew she had to get off the floor. Visions of a rodents or bugs kept flashing into her mind. She would be completely defenseless against them. However, what terrified her most was the thought of Peyton’s cat Simba. Rodents and bugs could be pushed from her mind by the thought that she keeps a clean house. However, ending up in the clutches of that cat seem like a real possibility

                  “I need to get off the floor, to some higher ground somehow.” Nancy thought to herself. Knowing it would be her best chance for survival.

                  “NANCY” The voice boomed causing her to stop in her tracks as her palms begun to sweat. She looked towards the door with her heart racing. She could feel it beating against her chest. As her legs locked into place and no longer responded to her commands.

                  A tremendous thud reached her ears as she could feel the floor shake slightly at first. A second loud crash, then a third. The floor shook more and more vigorously. Dust and dirt shot up into the air causing her double over and cough. Her legs wobbled as if she were walking on a trampoline.  Nancy struggled to maintain her balance as she stammered left and right from the shockwaves reverberating across the floor.  It wasn't long before she found herself unable to maintain her balance and she tumbled to the floor as her legs gave out from the powerful tremors.

                  “Nnnno it ca-ca-can’t buh buh be” Nancy stuttered and stammered at Peyton’s now colossal five-foot form. Armed with the knowledge that she only stood exactly five feet tall made her size much more impressive. However, she couldn't help but notice the wildly inappropriate outfit. Peyton’s fashionably ripped jean shorts that hugged her legs. Nancy had told her to get rid of those jeans as they were so short that the pockets hung below the denim. Matched with a top that ended much too far above the navel for any self-respecting person.

                  “NANCY” Peyton called out again. The power of her voice forced Nancy to cover her ears. As the carpeting now rose up around her shielding much of her body from view.

                  “Where is the step monster? Well there’s her clothes. She must be taking a bath” Peyton said to herself as she eyed the bathroom door tightly shut with the lights visible from beneath the frame.

                  “Perfect” Peyton said as her eyes scanned the floor. Nancy’s eyes lit up as butterflies filled her stomach.

"She is looking for me. She could see me." Nancy thought while Peyton’s eyes ran across the floor finally falling on her.

                  A smile spreads across her face as she pushed her summer blonde hair with butter highlights from her face revealing pink earbuds. As she started crouching down, a massive shadow loomed over Nancy; Who was nervous and excited about the thought of being found so soon.  Peyton’s knees hit the floor with a final thud as she stretched her thin arm outward allowing her bracelets and charms jingle from her wrist

                  The realization hit Nancy as Peyton picked up the shirt that she had been trapped underneath earlier and absentmindedly tossed it to the side that she hadn't been found at all. Peyton then grabbed the jeans Nancy had on taking the key out of the pocket before dropping the pants onto the floor. 

That simple action alone was enough to cause a massive blast of wind which stormed across the floor. Once unnoticeable traces of dirt and debris battered her body as the deafening sound of her step daughter rustling through her pants boomed overheard before dropping them onto the floor was enough to beat her into submission.

                  Nancy knew this could be her only chance for discovery though. She mustered all the courage she had left and yelled as loud as she could. She silently prayed Peyton would hear her now meager voice.  However, with the ear buds pressed tightly into Peyton’s ears she was prevented her from hearing her now diminutive parent plea for help. 

Spotting the ear buds before the opportunity was completely wasted. Nancy begun to wave her arms wildly hoping to draw some attention to herself. She knew that from Peyton's perspective it would be as if she was a single person in a massive ocean, and Peyton is looking down from a helicopter trying to find that person. Even if you know where to look you can completely miss that person.  Nancy remembered new stories over the years where the distressed victims would recant their tales saying how the rescuers had passed by several times before finding them. The idea that this macro issue was now playing itself out on a micro level in her room home with her as the star was sickening.

                  “No, No No” Nancy screamed as the floor continued shake violently forcing her to fall flat on her face once again. As Peyton stood back up. A second scream erupted as the stocking clad foot whooshed over her head. Dirt and debris that the sock and picked up rained down on her like a summer rain shower before plummeting back into the carpet a few yards away.

                  A sense of awe washed over her as she stared at the former resting place of Peyton’s foot. The carpet was still compressed down even after a few seconds had elapsed since her foot had rested there. The carpet struggling to regain is former form leaving a godzilla-esque footprint for Nancy to marvel over. The thought of being caught underneath all that weight and power sent chills down her spine.

                  Nancy was helpless as she looked on at her step daughter who casually strolled towards the nightstand drawer which contained the cell phone she had taken away earlier. Peyton brazenly shoved the key into the drawer opening it up pulling out her precious phone before relocking drawer.

"Don't you dare. You put that phone back this instant. Do you hear me!! I will stand for this." Nancy spewed instinctively as the parent in her bubbled out in anger over the disregard of her authority displayed by Peyton.  Who walked back over towards Nancy’s strewn clothes. However, as Peyton attempts to move her phone from her right to her left hand so that she could return the key to Nancy’s pocket. She fumbles the handoff which sent her phone crashing to the floor with a mighty thud.

                  The impact shook everything around Nancy as the massive object seemed to crater the carpet around it. Nancy looked at the immense object unable to believe how large the phone is. Just earlier today she took it away with such ease, and now she had no hope of even moving the phone the slightest of millimeters let alone picking it back up.

                  The recognition of the reality that had befallen her took the wind form her sails. The idea that this could be her only chance for discovery welled inside of her. She could make no guarantees that anyone else would notice her. This notion gave her the courage she needed to run as quickly as she could towards the phone stumbling to the ground a few times in her hurry to reach the phone.

                  As Nancy reached the phone she pulled herself onto the phone. She then positioned herself so that she is in the center of the phone. She knew once Peyton returned the key to her pocket. She would surely see her on the phone. This phone is her life. Since Nancy had met her she could nary think of a day or moment it hadn't been glued to her.

                  Peyton slid the key back into the pocket of Nancy’s clothes and spun around to grab her phone. As she reached towards the phone she noticed the small figure sitting atop her phone jumping and waving its arms. Peyton couldn't believe what she seeing. A being that looked so human only on a smaller scale was literally before her. Almost like a living Barbie Doll.

                  When she was a child she could remember dreaming of what it would be like if her Barbie Dolls were real, and could move and think on their own. However, this is reality not the dreams of some wide-eyed child.

                  Peyton pulled her left earbud out from her ear with one hand while brushing her hair out from the front of her face by pulling her hair back into a ponytail to get a clear view. She crouched down in front of the tiny person standing on her phone and stared at the small being.

                  A sense of relief washed across Nancy as Peyton stared directly at her, however as she got closer and closer the sheer difference in size begins to overwhelm her. A sense of panic washed over Nancy as she could see Peyton trying to make sense of what she was seeing. She could hardly blame her. If a miniature size person had jumped out at her this morning she pictured herself reacting much less calm.

                  “Peyton, Peyton honey. It’s me Nancy. I’m not sure how all this happened.” She screamed so loud she could feel her voice breaking.

                  “Holy fuck, like oh my god. You…you are real.” Peyton stammered in a surprised tone as she reached out towards the miniature person. As she continued to lean in the look of astonished surprise turned to glee.

                  “Is that really you? I mean, it has to be, but how? This is incredible” Peyton Exclaimed as Nancy took a few steps back as Peyton’s hand got closer and closer. Before long the outstretched palm of Peyton was directly in front of her.  She looked up at her with a bit of trepidation before climbing onto her hand.

                  “You weigh nothing at all. So cool.” Peyton said as she grabbed her phone with her other hand before standing up. The upwards movement forced Nancy against the palm of Peyton’s hand.  As she peeked over the edge and almost instantly regretted it as she looked down at what now appeared to be a fatal drop to the floor. It looked hundreds or thousands of feet down to the frightened step parent.

                  “Call your father quick, then we need to get me to the hospital. If we hurry maybe there is some way to reverse this voodoo.” Nancy said more frantically then she had hoped as she noticed Peyton wasn't moving at all.

                  “What? I can barely hear you.” Peyton said as she leaned in and held her hand up closer to her ear.

                  “I had said we need to call your father quick. Then get me to the hospital. As if we hurry we can maybe reverse this.” Nancy yelled.

                  “And if I don’t? What are you gonna do about it Step Monster? You’ve been a pain in my ass since day one. This is karmic justice the way I look at it. So why don’t you just chill for a bit.” Peyton said with a smile as she lowered her hand towards her waist.  The sounds of Nancy’s voice faded from intelligent banter to unintelligible speak the further she lowered her.

                  Nancy looked up at her step daughter with fear in her eyes as she saw her slide her phone into her back pocket before pulling her front pocket out from her side. The momentary confusion faded as the full picture of what Peyton has in store for her becomes apparent.

                  The palm of Peyton’s hand tilted as Nancy grasped against the oily skin in vein as she slid down off the palm freefalling for a period of time before smashing against the denim wall of Peyton’s jeans before sliding into the bottom of pocket landing on some change and next to a giant tube of Chapstick.

                  “No, no, no. PEYTON!!!” Nancy screamed as she beat against the pocket furiously. Any semblance of rationale that she had went out the window as she found herself caged like a rat. The jeans were skin tight leaving no opportunity to climb out. Punch after punch landed against the wall of the pocket without mercy. She spat hateful words towards her step daughter out of anger and fear. The idea of being locked way and helpless frightened Nancy in a way she never thought possible.

                  “This is hell. This has to be some form of Hell.” Nancy continued to say to herself as she peeked out at the world from the bottom of Peyton’s pocket; as she tried to calm herself down. Since the pocket extended out below the bottom of the jean shorts Nancy found herself able to see through the thin fabric which makes up pocket lining.

                  As Peyton walked further into her parent’s room Nancy found herself continually being bounced against the wall of the pocket and slammed into the tube of Chapstick and loose change as Peyton’s legs churned her body forward. While Nancy struggled just to keep herself upright as gravity treated her with the same dignity as the rest of the stuff in Peyton's pocket which was none at all.

Everything came to a halt after a few moments, however those brief few steps felt like an eternity to the diminutive authoritarian. Nancy picked herself up and peered back through the thin fabric wall. She sees Peyton opening her purse and pulling out her wallet.

                  “What do you think you’re doing? Put that down this instant do you hear me? Well of course she doesn’t hear me. When I get back to normal she is going straight to boarding school or maybe a military academy.” Nancy fumes. As she watches her step daughter paw through her wallet.

                  “What do we have here? 100, 200, 300, 400 and 67 dollars. Nice, and it looks like someone has a few of their own credit cards. Thanks MOM.” Peyton said sarcastically while shoving cash and credit cards into her other pocket.

                  In one motion Peyton dropped the wallet back into the purse before tucking Nancy’s purse underneath her arm. She then took a few steps back over to the pile of clothes and picked them up and buried them deep into the hamper. Then, with a skip in her step she headed out of the room making sure to re-close the door before heading downstairs.

                  Nancy thought she was going to die as Peyton bounded down the stairs and headed into the mud room where her rollerblades lay discarded on the floor from earlier in the week. Peyton patted the pocket Nancy was in gently. The small fleshy mound in her pocket only made her smile grow bigger as she sat down pulling the right skate on.

                  Peyton was just about to grab the left skate when she paused. She could feel her step mother pounding against her leg. She imagined she was doing this with every ounce of strength she could muster.

                  Nancy was in fact doing just that. She was pounding so hard against Peyton’s leg she could feel some blood drip from her knuckles as she shouted about how she will punish her. The shouting was somehow therapeutic for her. As it was something her brain could rationalize and understand. Being trapped in your teenage daughter’s pocket? Now that was something a bit harder to grasp.

                  The pocket began to expand causing Nancy to look up for the first time. She cringed, as the massive digits of her step daughter approached her. She felt like a stuffed animal in claw machine. Almost as if on cue she her fingers expanded a bit to account her for size and circled around her. 

                  Nancy pounded against the fingers as they curled around her and pulled her from the pocket. She took a deep breath of fresh air which was a welcome change from the musty air of the pocket. A small piece of her wondered if maybe Peyton had changed her mind and if she was going to help her.  Those inspirational thoughts were quickly pushed from her mind when she felt herself descend downward.

                  “What’s going on?” Questioned Nancy as she looked down, she quickly put the pieces together. She found herself being lowered towards the mouth of Peyton’s left rollerblade. This caused her to start to squirm and kick her legs in hopes of freeing herself from Peyton’s grip. The closer she got the larger and larger the mouth of the skate seems. The more futile it all seems. Then all at once she feels Peyton release her grip on her and she tumbled the rest of the way down into the rollerblade.

                  “I want you to go all the way in. You should see a footprint in there. Lay down just in front of those toe prints. NOW STEP BITCH” Peyton ordered.  Nancy picked herself up off the insole of the rollerblade. The mouth of the skate seemed inescapably far away.

                  “PEYTON” Nancy managed to yell out before she saw the stocking clad foot approach her. Not having any other choice, she made her way towards the toe end of the rollerblade. The air reeked of stale sweat. Nancy could feel where Peyton’s foot normally rested as the insole was now incapable of raising itself up to the same level of the parts where her foot never sat on.

                  As she reached the toe end of the rollerblade she saw the point Peyton was talking about. Knowing that she will surely be crushed to death if she doesn't lay down in the raised gap just behind the toes she begrudgingly complies.

                  All at once the bit of light that was entering the rollerblade was eradicated as Peyton’s foot enters the skate. Nancy screamed as if she is being buried alive as the massive foot passed over her before touching down in its normal resting place. This left Nancy completely cocooned beneath what felt like tons of stocking clad foot flesh.

                  “You need just a little help for the perfect fit.” Peyton said as she stomped her left foot at few times. Nancy felt her body press up into the cotton sock forcing itself against Peyton’s foot. Peyton for her part curled her toes around Nancy’s body making sure she was stuck in deep into crevice underneath toes.

                  “Perfect” Peyton said proudly as Nancy screamed at the top of her lungs. Unfortunately, her loudest cries were inaudible to all the world.

                  “This can’t get any worse.” Nancy thought as Peyton stepped out of the house and jumped off the steps onto the sidewalk. As her weight shifts to her left foot Nancy felt the full weight of Peyton shift down onto her. 

                  As soon as Peyton was outside Nancy felt the heat level increase.  They were in the middle of the dog days of summer. She had lost count of how many days it had been over 90 with nearly 100% humidity. It made the air feel thick and the heat index go off the charts. Often times just a walk to the car left Nancy hot and sweaty.

                  Several minutes of this hell had gone by and Nancy had yet to get use to the rhythm as Peyton shifted her weight from left to right. Sweat was already forming on Peyton’s foot and started to soak into the sock. Tears slide down Nancy’s face as the damp putrid cotton rubbed itself across her body pulling off layers of skin which left her entire body a dark reddish color. While the sweat mixed with the sock fuzz and grime from the sock along with the bottom of Peyton’s foot that all continued to soak into her skin.

                  The minutes tick by like days. As Nancy opened her mouth in an attempt to breathe she cried out in absolute horror as a ball of sock fuzz dislodged itself landing in her mouth. Desperately Nancy tried to move it however, she didn't have any way to move. So, when Peyton shifted her weight back onto her left foot this forced the large ball of sock fuzz into her mouth as if it were a gag.

                  “Nancy frantically tried to scream. But her voice was engulfed by the ball of sock fuzz. As Peyton’s weight continued to press down on her left side the salty sweat of her teenage stepdaughter now freely ran down her throat encasing her mouth in the rancid substance. Nancy forced herself not to gag or spit it up in fear of drowning. Visions of choking or drowning in sweat seem like such a pathetic way to go.

                  Thirty minutes later Peyton had reached the gas station near her house. She skated over to the ATM at the gas station. She inserted the first of several cards into the machine. She looked around nervous at first until she remembered that she isn't doing anything wrong. Using an ATM is not illegal nor is getting cash from one. No one knew she had a person underneath her foot.

                  “Thanks for writing the pin number on your card. You really are stupid; however, it makes this so much easier to max out all your cards. You always brag about your 800-credit score. It will probably be 100 when I’m done with you. Maxing out all your cards and then, not paying them. That can ruin a person, or so I hear.” Peyton said as she maxed out card after card.

                  “Between all these cards, with your limits. I stopped counting at 100,000.” Peyton said shoving the cash into her bag while skating behind the gas station. Peyton tossed Nancy’s purse into the dumpster before skating back off towards the house.

                  Nancy was beside herself at this point. Her entire world was crumbling around her. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Any further thoughts on the subject were pressed from her mind as the full weight of Peyton landed on her once again.




Nancy felt sick as the damp cotton curled around her body. She desperately wanted to scratch her body, but found herself unable to move. As the cotton sock of her step daughters foot cocoons around her she screamed at the top of her lungs while attempting to flail her limbs. The anger and frustration growing in her as the temperature continued to climb.

Peyton, on the other hand was relishing every minute of this. A since of power she had never felt before pulsed through her. The idea of being in complete control over another life was exhilarating. She didn't just have control like the way a parent can control a child. She had someone who is a slave to her whims. Who is at her every beck and call.

The idea of taunting Nancy as she skated down the road was thrilling, but she found that she needed to fight the urge. There are people doing yard work, grilling, sunbathing, playing around outside. She didn't want to risk the thought of someone hearing her or thinking that she was crazy. Instead, she merely squeezed Nancy with her toes which brought a smile to her face over the thought of being free from her reign of terror.

Peyton skated towards Jamie Grace's house. However, by the time she gets their she could see everyone had already left.  She sighed as she looked at the setting sun and decided to head back home.

Nancy had hoped that eventually she would get use to the crushing sensation of Peyton's foot pressing down on her. However, each time it felt worse than the last time. She knew from experience that it only took about fifteen minutes for Peyton to skate down to that ATM. That short amount of time had felt like several hours. This felt like days had gone by. She had no idea where they even are at this point.

"Dad, what are you doing home?" The shrill voice of Peyton cut through the air breaking Nancy from her thoughts.

"Have you seen your mother?" Her dad asks as Peyton skated up to the driveway. She neared her father and noticed a police officer standing to next to him. A sense of dread and worry formed at the pit of her stomach. She knew that they must have found out somehow. She desperately started searching for some kind of way to explain this way.

"She's not my mother." Peyton said pointedly.

"We've been over this, but now is not the time. I got word of unusual activity on your moth...Nancy's credit cards. So, I called the authorities about the suspicious activity and, because no one can seem to reach her."

As horrible as Nancy had felt just moments earlier, she felt like a million bucks upon hearing these words spoken by her husband. Peyton wasn't going to weasel out of this and, now she could be facing trouble with the law. Nancy thought as she waited for her freedom.

"I haven't seen her in a while dad. I was just coming home to mow the lawn like she asked." Peyton said trying to play up her good daughter act to her father.

"It looks like all the charges originated from a nearby atm. We went to get the footage from the camera" the officer says before Peyton cut him off. 

"An ATM has camera's?" Peyton declared nervously while Nancy gloated, busted, in her head.

"Yeah, pretty much all modern ATM's do. Unfortunately, the camera was malfunctioning on this one. So, there's no footage from it for the past few weeks.  We tried to see if there were any security camera's or anything nearby that would have an angle but, none of the surrounding buildings had any exterior security cameras in the general direction." The officer said.


"No, no, this isn't happening. She can't get away this." Nancy thought as she felt Peyton's toes wrap back around her body as if her foot was giving her a hug.  Nancy almost threw up at this point as she sobbed. Unable to believe that Peyton could actually get away this.

"You don't think she could be kidnapped or raped, do you?" Peyton said as tears welled in her eyes. "I always blamed her for mom and you breaking up. I wished bad things upon her Dad, but I never.." Peyton said as she started to cry.

"Sweetheart, I know that and so does Nancy. I'm sure she's fine. Why don't you run along inside. You can mow the lawn tomorrow. I'll finish up her with the officer." Peyton's father said as he gave her a gentle push as she skates by.

Nancy couldn't believe her ears. She was livid. Shouting as loud as she could for her husband not fall for that performance. If she had any hope of getting out of this situation so bizarre it could only be derived from some poorly written fiction, it was now. However, in her heart of hearts she already knew that this round had gone to Peyton.

As Peyton skated into the house. She sats on the bench in the mudroom pulling off her right skate first. The loud thump of the skate hitting the hardwood floors sent a chill down Nancy's spine. She felt Peyton's toes once again wrap around her body only this time they started to drag her down the length of the insole.

"Stop, stop, stop." Nancy tried to call out but, the damp cotton sock was so plastered to her mouth and tongue she couldn't even hear her own voice yet alone expect for Peyton to hear it.

As her skin slid against the insole of the rollerblade she could feel bits of dirt and grime press and stick against her skin in some places while roughly rubbing against, and ripping off of a layer of skin in other places. By the time she reached the end of the insole and felt her body ascend upward; she noticed her skin was red in some places and, deeply bruised in other places.

The ascent was so sharp Nancy found her stomach was still on the floor by the time she found herself no longer rising. A moment later she felt herself free falling. Fresh air was racing by her so quickly it never had time to hit her lungs before she impacted against the soft oily skin of her step daughter.

"You really look like a monster, step monster." Peyton said as she looked down at the minute authoritarian.

"You deserve an academy award for that performance out there you brat. You won't get away with this! I don't know how, but you will be found out!" Nancy screamed as she pounded her fists against the palm of Peyton's hand. Tears flowed freely from her eyes while her skin stung from being rubbed raw.

"Thank you, thank you. I would like to first thank the Academy and then my mom and dad for always supporting me in everything I do. Lastly, I would like to thank my step monster for getting what was coming to her. As without karmic justice none of this would be possible." Peyton gloated as she grabbed her skates and bookbag with her free hand before heading up the stairs toward her bedroom.

As the door shut Nancy heard the thud from all of Peyton's things hitting the floor. The parent in her wants to say something, but she thought better of it. Peyton always had a way of pushing her buttons. Nancy liked things neat, organized, labeled and put away. However, this was in stark contrast to Peyton who lived more of a sloven lifestyle.

Peyton tilted her hand unceremoniously dumping Nancy onto her desk not even bothering to move any of the clothes or junk out of the way. She watched her step mother tumble end over end finally landing partly on some discarded yoga pants and partly on some loose papers. As she pulled her desk chair out her father shouted for her to come downstairs.

"Ugh, see what he wants. You can chill out here. I wouldn't get any delusions of grandeur. If you get lost in here you'll never be found. You'd probably end up stuck somewhere and starve to death, if Simba doesn't find you first." Peyton said as she walked passed her bed petting her kitten a few times before walking out the door shutting it firmly behind her.

As Nancy looked about the room she couldn't help but feel disgusted. She had harped and harped on Peyton to clean her room. It had gotten to the point where she was planning on doing it herself, and just throwing out what she thought was garbage. She just could never bring herself to stay in here long enough without leaving in disgust.

It felt surreal as Nancy looked out across the messy landscape. Clothes and shoes strewn about everywhere. Sporting equipment from Soccer, basketball, volleyball and softball could be found in nearly all corners. It was as if her closet was a person and vomited its contents across the room

Nancy spotted Peyton's cat lying lazily on the bed. As she looked out across the room she knew Peyton was right. Any attempt at freedom from here would be fruitless. She could never hope to navigate this sea of filth and, if she could she doubted she could go unnoticed from the cat.

The sheer thought of being noticed by Simba was already causing Nancy's heart rate to sky rocket. Any time she contemplated moving she thought better of it out of fear of making too much noise or drawing attention her way.

When Peyton came back the day has shifted from late afternoon to evening. Her room was dark when she walked in. Simba scampered out of the door as soon as it is opened. Nancy saw her step daughter holding a bag from McDonalds and munching on some fries as she walked in and used her foot to close the door while texting with her one free hand.

She set the bag down on her desk next to Nancy. She knew it had to be on purpose. The smell made her stomach growl while her mouth watered. She moved about freely now not having to worry about the cat. However, she found that the sweat which covered her body had dried leaving herself feeling stiff. As Nancy ran her hand over her body she could feel the dried sweat and grim flake off of her body as if it was its own layer of skin.

Peyton plopped down in her desk chair grabbing her bag of food. She leaned back in her chair propping her feet up on the desk as she continued to text her friends and, munch on her French fries. Nancy could see the filth and dirt which clung to the white sock turning the bottoms a dingy grey color.

"Peyton!" Nancy shouted! Unsure what the girls plan was, but she wasn't about to just sit here and watch her text and eat. However, Peyton completely ignored the minute woman as she continued to eat and play on her phone for 30 minutes before looking up from the screen.

"I don't think you understand step monster. I won. The police don’t suspect me of anything. Dad is calling all your friend and family seeing if they know anything. No one suspects me of anything." Peyton said

"Why are you doing this? Just get me help! Please! I'll forgive everything." Nancy pleaded as tears rolled down her face as she continued to stare at the giant. Hoping that somehow these words won't fall on deaf ears this time.

"Really, you forgive me? For everything I've done to you?" Peyton inquired curiously as she paused from eating and turned her attention from her phone to the diminutive authority figure.

"Y-yes. Please, I just want help, and I want to return to normal." Nancy cried out happily unable to contain her emotions.

"I guess you're a much bigger person then I am. I can't forgive you for worming your way into our life. I have a mother and I don't need a second. I know you could never make my dad as happy as my mother could. You just took advantage of him and forced yourself into a happy marriage." Peyton spouted down at her step mother as she glared at her with an anger that had been held in for too long.

"I..I never knew you felt that way. I'm so sorry. It didn't happen that way. Your father and I never imagined..." Nancy started to say before Peyton cut her off.

"My father had no part in your games. He's a good man. We go to church every Sunday or Saturday. Don't you dare bring him into this." Peyton yelled angrily as she took her foot and jabbed it against Nancy sending her tumbling across the desk. She landed against the side of a laptop.

"I wasn't... I was just trying to explain." Nancy started to say while wincing in pain before being cut off again.

"No one wants to hear you spew your lies. You're my property now! The days of me having to listen to anything you say are over. You listen to me. Every waking moment of your life you should be thinking about how can I make this up to Peyton. What can I try to do to make her happy? You will be spending your remaining days repenting to me for what you did. I'm your god now you sniveling little cunt. You exist for as long as I allow it." Peyton bellowed from on high.

Nancy was in a state of shellshock at the livid teenager who was spouting her demands, and forcing the miniature woman to do nothing but acquiesce to her demands. Desperately she wanted to try to explain herself. She needed to understand the truth but, each time she opened her mouth she found herself in a deeper hole.

"I'm person. I have freedoms and rights. Please Peyton, just get me help and I will disappear from your life." Nancy pleaded as she tried to stand up still reeling from being knocked across the desk.

"You do have freedoms and rights. You are free to do exactly what I say. That’s your new bill of rights. You should think of yourself not as an American but as Peytonian. The money you paid to me is your tax and since I took everything you had when your taxes are due next month you will just go in debt to me. I will pay you minimum wage for your service, but garnish your wages for fees owed to me. As that’s my right as the ruler of the government you serve and the God, you now worship." Peyton decreed to her tiny subject.

"Everything alright in there?" Peyton's father asked as he knocked on the door startling her.

"Yeah, just great dad. Just great. All this stress about Nancy. I think I'm going to turn in early."

"Okay sweet dreams Munchkin." Peyton's father said affectionately before heading towards his own room.

Peyton looked down Nancy briefly before grabbing her over turned pencil holder on the desk. She shoved a bunch of clothes onto the floor clearing off part of the desk so that the decorative ceramic pencil holder would remain flat and upright. She grabbed Nancy roughly with one hand while reaching down onto the floor grabbing a discarded sock with the other. She set the sock into the bottom of the pencil holder before dropping Nancy in.

Peyton than got up and headed over to her bed and pressed her ear buds into her ears before going back to texting with her friends. As Nancy looked up at the smooth pink ceramic walls of the pencil holder sobbing to herself knowing there was no way out. The walls stand so far beyond her own height. They leave no means for escape.


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