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Author's Chapter Notes:

This was the other chapter i did that had extensive edits. Mainly because of how the last chapter ended up going with the edits and rewrites. As originally this chapter was focued on Avery however, i felt with how the last chapter ended it no longer worked to shift focus to her. It felt jarring. 

This chapter is also longer than intended. However i didn't think the two parts worked as well as two seperate chapters as they do together as one. 

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for enjoying the last chapter so much. It eased my mind to see that you all enjoyed it so much. 

Lastly, it requested that i do a render of last chapter with twerp in new fur. This turned out more difficult than I expected however, i hope you all enjoy the results its as close to my vision as my rendering and 3d skills allow: http://fav.me/dbo0but

Step Monster CH12




            The soft sound of Peyton snoring enveloped the bedroom. Twerp cried softly to herself as Peyton slept comfortably in her bed. The snoring would be gentle and innocent sounding to almost any normal sized person. However, she found herself no longer normal sized, for all intents and purposes she was barely considered a person to those around her.

            As Twerp looked down at her body for hundredth if not thousandth time over the course of the night as it stretched into morning. She struggled to recognize herself. Her soft smooth skin she had spent hours upon hours over the years rubbing lotions and creams into were gone. All the time she spent tanning in salons meticulously cultivating the perfect tan had vanished. Her long flowing beautiful brown hair had disappeared.

            When she looked at herself now she no longer saw the Nancy List she had known. She struggled to see the person she was. She realized how vein it made her seem. However, she was like so many Americans and people in general in this world, looks matter. She could remember growing up there was a boy in her school. He had crooked teeth. It wasn’t his fault. He didn’t do anything wrong. He just had bad teeth. She remembered teasing him as a child. She could see the hurt and pain in his eyes as she thought back on it now.

            Growing up, she wasn’t a bad child. She wasn’t mean. Nancy was just like everyone else. You have those people who get picked on. Who stick out. Now as she looked down at herself. She could hardly believe what she saw. Well that wasn’t true. It was more she didn’t want to believe. She had spent her life being the prettiest person in the room, or if not the prettiest one of them. She took her fashion and looks as a sense of pride. Now as she rubbed her hand over her face she no longer felt the silky smooth skin her husband loved to run his hands over.

            She felt the grimy cotton of her step daughters athletic sock. She felt the dirt and sweat pounded into it over the course of a practices and games. she could feel the strain of some of the cotton fibers from being put through Peyton’s punishing athletic schedule. As she touched the top of her head she could only slightly feel a few strands of her once long hair brown hair poke through. As it had been replaced with a butchered hack job of a hair cut.

            Twerps entire identity had been melted away by her stepdaughter. As vain laden as it sounded. Peyton took her entire identity, and wiped it away. As she thought back on it. She realized that it happened almost right away. She ruined her financial worth out of malice. However, Twerp couldn’t be mad about that. Knowing the pain and anger Peyton felt for what she did. A part of her knew she deserved it.

            She deserved it, because she knew the first time she saw Douglas, Peyton’s father. She saw that ring on his finger. She saw that he was married, and saw the pictures of his loving family and she didn’t care.  She saw an attractive man and she flirted with him. He didn’t return the flirt at first, but as she continued on he did. It was a game to her, but then she fell in love. Her heart twisted and torn. They had talked so often. They had numerous lunches together.  Because they were co-workers. So it wasn’t cheating right. It wasn’t a date because they were just sharing lunch.

            When Douglas said he loved her. She was on cloud nine. She knew she should have put an end to it then. A small part of her wanted too. However, her heart said he was the one, and let everyone else be damned. She went for the kill because she wanted her own happiness. She wanted her own happy marriage, and blissful family.

            When Douglas said he was leaving his wife so they could be together. She couldn’t believe it. She looked at it as the ultimate sign of love. They were happy. So happy until news came that his now ex-wife had cancer. Then Peyton was moving back home with him. As it was closer to school, and neither of them wanted her to have to see that. They didn’t want her to be around through the chemotherapy. They didn’t want her to see Sandra grow weaker and weaker. Neither wanted her to see her at the end of it all.

            As mean as it sounded. A part of her was thrilled. Not for Sandra’s disease as that was horrible. She was thrilled because now she could be a mother. Now she could do the only thing she couldn’t do. God had heard her wishes, and given her a daughter. As she wasn’t able to have her own kids. This was the closest she would come.

            She made sure to be there for every game, every school event. She harped on her to do her chores and show responsibility. She wanted her to be successful. As while she could never be her biological child. She thought she could be in the picture she saw on Douglas’s desk that first day. She could be a part of that loving family. However, now as she runs her hand down her body she can’t see that person.

            As she lifts her hand up and wiggles her fingers all she can see is hellish prison her stepdaughter had trapped her in. She could see her humanity flowing out of her. As tears rolled down her face before soaking into her skin. How could she ever get turned back to normal now? How could she ever be human again? Her self-identity was gone. No one would ever recognize her. How could she prove she was anything more than what Peyton said she was.

            It was at that moment she heard the bed springs squeak and decompress. She heard the thuds of her stepdaughters footfalls across her bedroom floor. The caster wheels wheezed as she pulled her desk chair back and sat down. The face of her step daughter appeared above her. As Twerp looked up at her now she felt for the first time inferior.

            “It doesn’t come off. It doesn’t come off. That cream, burned away my skin. My skin’s been replaced with this, with this sock you trapped me in!” Twerp shouted in a sadness filled rage.

            Peyton reached her hands out towards her stepmother. She ran her hand over her Stepmothers body. She could hardly believe what she felt. The cotton sock was tight against her skin. She could feel her body heat radiating from the sock. As she ran her hand over her stepmother’s body she could see her reacting to her sense of touch. She could feel her through the cotton. She knew she was telling the truth. That cream and glue had mixed together and burned away her skin.

            Peyton couldn’t believe this. A smile crept across her face as she looked down upon her stepmother now forever trapped beneath her socks. Most of all not just any sock but the socks she practiced and played in. The socks she sweated in. Those athletic socks were now forever a part of her. She had sealed her beneath the very socks Twerp hated to wash. She hated to touch. Now they would live as part of her. Her stepmothers body would maintain her sock as it was now her stepmothers skin.

            Twerp hated this. She hated how she was trapped underneath this horrid layer of cotton. However, she hated most of all that it was doing everything Peyton said it would. The coldness she was always felt. The ease at which she could freeze to death. All those issues were now no longer a fear. She could comfortably be inside the house at room temperature and maintain her appropriate body temperature. As much as she hated it, she truly did need this to survive and this fact killed her.

            She wanted to be furious and upset. She wanted to yell and scream. However, a part of her couldn’t. How could she be mad at something that was now keeping her alive. The feeling of not being cold. It was wondrous. Twerp didn’t miss her teeth chattering together. She didn’t miss the constant shivering. She hated throwing herself at Sabrina’s feet a few days ago just to stay alive outside. As she looked at her new cotton fur. A part of her relished it. A part of her loved the freedom it provided her.

            “This is amazing. Just look at you. I never imagined this. This is so much better than I could have hoped for.” Peyton said as she looked down at her stepmother. As her phone rang.

            “Hey slut. No, I wasn’t sleeping. I miss you too. No, you can’t come over. Because you can’t. You know I want you too. My dad is home. If he woke up and you were here he would be pissed. Yeah, you can come over tomorrow. Come over after class you have a free day from practice. Bye, Kisses” Peyton said as she continued to look at Twerp, and run her hands over Twerp’s new skin.

            “Sorry about that. You know how it is when your dating.” Peyton said as she scratched the back of Twerps head with her finger.

            Twerp was hurt, and furious as she looked up at her stepdaughter. She knew as she looked at herself that any hope of returning to her old life was gone. Even if she could re-enlarge herself, her body has melded with a sock somehow. However, as she looked at herself the reality of it all hit her. She couldn’t fool herself anymore. Just the act of this happening is so farfetched. How can she bring back the matter in her body that dissipated and seemingly poofed away.

            “That feels so good.” Twerp said to herself as Peyton continued to scratch the back of her head. She started to kick her leg slightly as Peyton continued to gently stroke the back of her head. She had just the right amount of pressure. She could scratch herself with enough force in a way Twerp no longer could. It was more than just scratching though. It felt amazing. Almost euphoric as her body released its stress. She could feel her anger dissipating as Peyton continued to scratch the back of her head down to her back.

            “You like that don’t you Twerp.  Yeah you do.. you can’t lie to me. Your head is shaking no, but your body is saying yes. Simba and Max love this too.” Peyton says warmly as she continued to stroke and scratch at Twerp.

            “I’m not an animal. You can’t do this.” Twerp said halfheartedly as she drank in blissful feeling that encompassed her body.

            “Being my pet doesn’t have to be bad. You can be a good girl and get rewarded. You want to make your owner and master happy don’t you?” Peyton asked as she continued to scratch and stroke Twerp.

            As she looked back up at Peyton. She didn’t want to answer. She hated that she was enjoying this. She hated that she wanted this continue. She had seen her do this to Simba and Max countless times. Now she found herself falling into Peyton’s trap. However, this feeling is a like a drug. She can’t let it go.

            “Please continue Goddess Peyton.” Twerp finally said as Peyton stopped and pulled her hand away.

            “Then I need you to say it and mean it. I need you to say that you want to be my pet.” Peyton said as she drummed her fingers against the desk. As Twerp felt the euphoric bliss drain out of her. She could feel her body desire more. She couldn’t believe she was craving Peyton’s touch and attention.

            “I can’t be her pet. I can’t. I’m a person.” Twerp thinks to herself.  As she looks down at herself the idea of being nothing more than a Pet. Some dog waiting for her master to come home. She couldn’t wrap her head around that. She wasn’t ready to give up her freedom. The idea of truly giving up her humanity was too much. She doubted she could ever truly be a person again. However, to admit that. To say it out loud, to say then say she’d willingly be her stepdaughters pet. She couldn’t do it.

            “No, you have taken my dignity. My life, everything from me. I can’t give up my humanity. It’s all I have left.” Twerp said. As she soon as she said she saw Peyton’s hand move away. Her body language changed.

            “You’re not a person though. You’re my pet.” Peyton said as she grabbed Twerp. She threw on a hoodie and sweatpants before walking down the hall. She quietly tiptoed passed her father’s room and downstairs. She slunk out the back-patio door and walked to the edge of the yard. As she reached the corner of the yard she wiggled a board in the privacy fence and it came loose. She then set Twerp down in the yard.

            “If you want to leave, I won’t stop you. You can walk through the fence and be a person. However, you know that you can’t be. At best you would be rummaging through garbage and living off scraps that real people left behind. You would be living in the shadows of man. You would have to struggle to survive at the bottom of the food chain. If that’s what you really want. I will give it to you. Because, I’m a kind and generous person.” Peyton said as she knocked Twerp towards the opening in the fence with her foot.

            Twerp couldn’t believe it. She looked out at the giant free world beyond the fence. The idea of being free was enchanting. She then heard the singing of a songbird in the tree above. Images of the giant songbird she tried to escape when she was with Sabrina flashed through her mind. She gulped as she remembered the fear she felt.

            She knew she wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for Sabrina. How would she ever fight off such a beast without the help of Peyton. How could she ever convince someone she was ever a person. The only people who could vouch for her true identity are all tied to Peyton. Her stomach rumbled as she looked out at the massive yard.  She tried to take a step forward. A step towards being free from Peyton, however she found herself stepping backwards towards her stepdaughter.

            Peyton smiled to herself as she saw her stepmother back away from the freedom she desired for so long. As she backpedaled from the chance to live freely as a person. She knew for hall her bold claims that she was owned her. She was dependent on her now. Peyton never expected to feel as happy as she did seeing this.

            “What’s wrong? I thought you didn’t want to be my pet? I thought you were a person.” Peyton said questioningly down to her stepmother. She waited for a response but none came. “I guess this is you saying you want to live in my home isn’t it? Your saying you want to be my pet.” Peyton said gleefully.

            “I just can’t survive out there. I need your help.” Twerp said as Peyton released the board in the fence and it snapped back in place. She wondered how many times Peyton used that board to sneak out of the house? How often she avoided curfew by that little trick?

            “It sounds like to me your saying that your dependent on me. You need me to manage your life. So then its settled. You can stay here and live in my house, as my pet. You will follow my rules now since you live under my roof. That seems only fair. As I can remember my step mother  Nancy saying to me. As long as you live under my roof you will follow my rules.”

            “That’s not fair. That’s still my house. You can’t do that!” Twerp said unable to believe the audacity of Peyton. Trying to use her words against her. She wanted to cut her with her own rules. However, she wouldn’t let her. As that was still her home. She paid the mortgage. She decorated it with Douglas.

            “But, this isn’t your home.  The people who live in this house are Avery, my father, myself and my Step Monster Nancy. My parents divorced, and my stepmother, well that’s just tragic.” Peyton said as she held her phone up so that Twerp could see the screen.

            “The police have uncovered the body of local woman Nancy List along with the bodies of missing persons Amy Lee, Denise Fuller, and Jane Grayson last night after an abandoned warehouse started on fire. All the bodies were burned beyond recognition. They were able to be identified using a combination of forensics and ID’s pulled from the bodies remains. The police believe that the four women had been abducted. They were most likely being held against their will and ended up caught in the fire. How the fire started is unknown at this time.” The news reporter said before Peyton closed the video.

            “Dad’s taking it pretty rough. The whole family is really. But, I’m willing to open up my home to you. If you’re willing to follow the rules.” Twerp could hear the sheer enjoyment  and condescending tone in her voice as she spoke the words. She couldn’t believe that this was happening.

            “I’m Nancy List. You know this.” Twerp shouted

            “Don’t poke fun at the dead Twerp. It’s very unbecoming. The wound is still fresh. We haven’t even held the funeral yet. Just the thought of my poor stepmother dying like that.” Peyton said as fake tears fell down her face with ease from years of practice.

            “This isn’t happening.” Twerp said wataching Peyton’s Academy Award performance over her death. She found herself unable to comprehend how they could possibly think she was dead. She then remembered Peyton tossing her purse into the garbage behind the convenience store. Quite often bums would rummage through there for old food the store throws out. They must have taken her purse and then got caught up in the fire. Twerp shuddered realizing the position this now puts her in. She feels the ground start to shudder as Peyton kneels down and lowers her face so that her face is just inches from her. She can smell her morning breath wash over her.

            “Face it Twerp. I own you now. You’re going to live as my pet forever. Those dumb police closed your case. No one is looking for you. Dad is planning your funeral. Even if someone does see you. Look at yourself now? Who is ever going to believe you’re anything more than I say you are? You had your chance to go, and now you’re going to live as my pet.” Peyton said taunted coldly

            Twerp could feel more of her self-worth drain out of her as Peyton’s words sunk  in. The idea of having to live as that brats pet. Having to follow her rules just to have a place to stay. A place to live. She couldn’t believe she had truly done it. She had taken her home from her. She was going to live as a pet to her stepdaughter in her own home.         

            “Come.” Peyton commanded. Twerp wanted to fight it. She wanted to give Peyton a piece of her mind. However, she felt the once small foreign presence in her mind growing. She felt it rivaling herself for control. She could hear it whispering to her body to obey. She could her the voice telling herself to obey her master. Obey to survive as this rebellion taking place in her mind fights to seize control of her.

Twerp found herself moving towards Peyton. She screamed to stop. She told her body that this was not what she wanted. However, her body ignored her wishes as took more steps towards Peyton.  

            “Good girl, Now Sit.” Peyton commanded. Twerp felt her body lower towards the ground. She was using all her strength to will herself back to her feet. She felt sick as she watched Peyton get taller and taller as Twerp lowered herself to the ground and sat like a dog.

            “See Twerp. This is what you are now. I’m glad you understand your rightful place in the families hierarchy. You obey the commands of your owner. Like a good pet. Once your fully domesticated perhaps we can look into giving you a few privileges for obedience and good behavior. 

            “Now, if we are going to get fully past this little incident and You know fully embrace this new Owner and pet dynamic. I need you to tell me what happened to my stepmother. What happened to Nancy List.” Peyton asked as she stared down at Twerp.

            “She-she died.” Twerp said painfully.  As the words left her mouth she felt smaller than she ever had before. As the words left her mouth she kept hoping the voice wasn’t hers. She looked from left to right hoping there was some other shrunken person who had answered. That it wasn’t herself. She didn’t just admit that she had died. She hadn’t just told her stepdaughter that she embraced this existence she had wrote her into.

            “I want you to remember that. I want you to remember this moment. You could have left. I set you free. But you choose to live your life as my pet now because you want it. Because you recognize that’s all you are. That’s all you will ever be. Isn’t that right Twerp?” 

            “Y-yes Goddess Peyton.” Twerp meekly said. As the thought of Peyton not allowing her back inside the house was fresh in her mind. She didn’t think she would actually do it. However, she couldn’t take that chance.

            “That’s a good girl” Peyton said with a smile as she bent down and petted Twerp.

            “Do you have to potty?” Peyton asked as she lowered her hand down. Twerp shook her head no as she climbed onto Peyton’s hand. She couldn’t believe the nerve of her asking her if she had to use the bathroom like some child incapable of deciding for herself when and if she needed to use the bathroom. As the glass door opened and closed. Twerp started to feel a pressure on her bladder. She could feel her face turning read as her cheeks blushed. Twerp looked to the side and could see the downstairs bathroom.  She realized just how badly she had to go. She hadn’t thought about it before with everything else going on. She looked up at Peyton and knew she was going to have to demoralize herself further. She was going to have to admit that she had to go to the bathroom after she had just been asked.   

            “Goddess Peyton. I guess I do have to use bathroom.” Twerp said as she pointed towards the bathroom. As she asked she felt her cheeks turn an even brighter shade of red as a wave of embarrassment hit her. She couldn’t believe she was having to ask her stepdaughter just to use bathroom in her own home. She refused to call it Peyton’s home.

            “Ugh, fine. I just asked you. I bet max has to as well. Max! MAX COME!!” Peyton bellowed. Twerp watched in awe as the giant golden retriever ran up to her. Peyton opened the sliding glass door and the dog ran out into the fenced in yard. Closing the glass door Peyton walked to edge of the brick patio deck and set Twerp down in the grass.

            Twerp looked at the grass confused before looking back up at Peyton. She wasn’t sure why she was set down while they waited for Max to use the bathroom. She was also a bit upset that Max had bathroom priority over her. However, she decided to wait patiently. Not wanting to press her luck.

            As she waited she could feel herself have to go more and more. She started to dance in place a bit wondering how much longer they were going to be out here. She thought her bladder was going to explode if Peyton didn’t call Max back soon.

            “Well are you going to go or what? I don’t want to be out here all night.” Peyton said impatiently as she looked down at Twerp.

            “What do you mean?” Twerp asked with a confused look on her face. While Max ran about the yard.

            “You said you had to go to the bathroom. So go.” Peyton said

            “wait you mean out here?” Twerp asked confused

            “Where else would go? Oh” Peyton said with a laugh. “Did you think you were going to use the bathroom? That’s adorable Twerp. That’s for people, not pets. When you need to go potty this is where you go. Go on, pop a squat.” Peyton said she motioned her out to the yard.

            “This is ludicrous. You can’t expect me to use the same facilities as Max.” Twerp argued.

            “What do you mean? Of course I do. I don’t see a difference between you two. You’re both my pets. You both rely on me for everything. This is where your kind goes. You’re aren’t human. The bathroom is for people. You go outside. You can’t possibly work a toilet anyway. It’s too big for you. How would you lift the lid? Reach the toilet paper? How would you flush? How would you sit on the seat? Those are all things you can’t do. This is where you go.” Peyton said as she looked down at Twerp.

            Twerp couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t believe she was being denied the bathroom in her own house. She couldn’t believe she had the audacity to suggest that she would just go in the yard. Like some kind of uncivilized beast. However she felt bladder groan in pain. She begun to dance back and forth rapidly before pacing about.

            “This isn’t happening. This isn’t happening.” Twerp said as she continued to pace about. It was then she couldn’t take it any longer. She ran back off the brick patio and into the grass. As soon as she hit the grass she begun to pee.

            Twerps felt ashamed and looked down at the ground. She could feel Peyton’s eyes on her, but all she felt was embarrassment and shame. She couldn’t believe she had been relegated to this. She was peeing in public. She was going to the bathroom outside. It felt so wrong, and so uncivilized.

“To think you were saying that you were my stepmother, Nancy List. She was a dignified woman. She would never be caught dead urinating in public. She’s a woman who would rush to the bathroom. What is little Twerp doing though? Maybe my view is just clouded by the grass but it looks like she’s peeing in the yard like an animal.”

“I-I” Twerp got out before being cut off.

“Didn’t know what else to do? I understand. You see us using the bathroom and think it’s something you can do. But, your tiny animal mind can’t quite grasp something so advanced like that. This is what is natural to you. This is what you can understand. Just let it all out.” Peyton exuding a cocky yet sweet sounding tone as she smiled down at Twerp.

Twerp wanted to hide. She wanted to bury herself. She wanted to stop. She wanted more than anything to prove Peyton wrong. She was not animal. She was not a pet. She picked out the tiling in that bathroom. However, her bladder was having none of it. She was past the point of no return. She looked up at Peyton demoralized as she continued to go in the yard.

            “Can I at least get a little privacy?” Twerp said angrily as Peyton continued to look down at her.

            “Privacy? That’s a human right that’s gifted to people as they mature and demonstrate a capability to care for themselves. When a person thinks a baby, or young child has peed they just check their diaper. They don’t give that baby privacy or ask if it’s okay. The baby doesn’t have the right to privacy it’s in the care of someone responsible for its needs. So, they pull away the diaper and check and then they pop it back on if its clean and go about the day. When max poo’d in the yard no one looked away concerned with his privacy. That’s you now. You need that person watching over you to make sure you go. Plus, your so small and helpless. What if a bird or squirrel came after you? This is for your own good.” Peyton said casually while Twerp continued to pee. She wanted to refute her stepdaughter however she made a valid point which made her more upset. If she was left alone or not being watched she could be attacked before Peyton could get to her.

“If anything that’s more of a reason to go inside. But she knew Peyton had made her mind up, and she no longer had the clout or authority to change her mind. As she finished peeing Twerp took a few steps into the yard realizing there was more she had to do.

            Partially shielded by the grass she could hear Peyton giggle as Twerp pooped in the yard. Instinctively she reached over for toilet paper for a moment before realizing that she was now denied that privilege as well. Tearing up she broke off some of the grassy underbrush of the lawn and used that to wipe herself.

             “Yours is too small to pooper scoop. Bury it. Dig with your hands and bury your business girl” Peyton ordered. Twerp was thankful that Peyton was standing up as she didn’t have to see the proud look on her face. She didn’t have to see the look superiority exuding from Peyton as she looked down at Twerp. The woman who had been her stepmother now was nothing more than a house pet before her. She always had her fingers in everything, and liked to control everyone. Now being relegated to using the bathroom in the yard like a common domesticated animal.

            Twerp looked up at Peyton through the blades grass unable to even see her face. She felt so small compared to the girl. As she stood at her full height she felt compelled to obey the girls wishes. She looked down at the ground while crouched down dug her hands into the dirt. She cleared the brush to the side before digging down into the dirt. She then pushed her feces into the hole before burying it back in dirt, pushing the brush back over it.

            “That’s a good girl. Now clean your paws. Lick them clean.” Peyton said as she crouched down so that Twerp could see her and made a licking like motion.

            Twerp looked at her cotton covered hand which covered in dirt from her digging. She looked repulsed at the notion of cleaning her hand with her tongue. She was above such actions. She was a dignified woman regardless of what her step daughter, and her friends said. As she said this she realized she was licking her hands free of the dirt. She looked horrified as she stopped herself. She felt that familiar strange presence in her head that she pushed back down.

            “I’m not an animal. I’m not an animal” Twerp told herself as she looked away from Peyton ashamed by her actions.

            “That’s a good girl.” Peyton said as she gently petted her affectionately as she lowered her hand down. As she stepped into Peyton’s hand Twerp hated how the praise Peyton heaped upon her filled her with pride once again. She couldn’t understand why the words of praise made her feel this way. She didn’t desire such encouragement. Peyton and her friends were but children to her. She was raising Peyton. She felt disheartened by this sense. She looked up at Peyton, fearful for what was going to become of her. She knew if she was going to survive in this new world she needed to make her own way. She knew the ship of changing back into a person had sailed. However, living as Peyton’s pet was going to be harder than she could ever imagine.

            “Come on Twerp. I’m tired” Peyton said as she lowered her hand to the ground. Twerp climbed in ready for this horrible experience to be over. She hoped things would be somehow better when Peyton awoke.

            “Being my pet, has perks. You get your own little bed instead of pencil cup. I don’t have a pet bed for you yet though. Ummm here.” Peyton said looking around before grabbing a sweater off the floor. She bunched the sweater up on her nightstand before setting Twerp on it.

            “You can sleep there for now.” Peyton said as she undressed throwing her clothes on the floor. Twerp had to fight every urge to say something. She shouldn’t have to stand here as she undresses. She knew Peyton was raised better than this. Twerp said turning around.

“What?” Peyton asked sensing something wrong.

“You’re practically naked.” Twerp said looking away.

“I always sleep in my underwear. Its comfy. Besides nobody is in here to see me.” Peyton said confused as to what the problem was as she sat down in bed.

“I’m here.” Twerp said to herself as she looked down at Peyton’s discarded clothes. She knew that was how Peyton lived, and she was no longer in a position to say anything about it. She heard the bed springs squeak a few times as Peyton climbed in. Looking back over her  at her she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t bothered at all changing in front of  her.

Looking down at the sweater. She felt the soft knit fabric of the sweater. She couldn’t believe how luxurious it felt. As she ran her cotton covered hand over the material it still amazed her that she could feel. That her body had absorbed the cotton of Peyton’s sock into her. As she wrapped the sweater around her body. She found herself jealous. It made her sick that she was lying here wishing this sweater could have been her fur instead of Peyton’s rancid sock.

            Twerp didn’t remember falling asleep. She only remembered thinking about how upset she was that Peyton would undress in front of her. She never considered that too Peyton it was no different than changing in front of any other pet. She had fully accepted Twerp as a pet in her mind.  Twerp only remembered waking up staring at Peyton’s massive body. She looked over at the clock. As she did so the numbers were jumbled. They looked foreign to her. As she closed her eyes and blinked a few times they once again merged from gibberish into numbers. Shaking it off as just the grogginess of sleep. Twerp knew Peyton would sleep the day away if someone didn’t wake her up.

            Twerp looked at the massive body of the slumbering giant which was Peyton. She couldn’t believe that such ruthlessness, and terror could reside in such a small five-foot frame. As she walked up the length of Peyton’s body she wondered how exactly she could wake up Peyton. It was a bear at her old size. Now she’s just an insignificant creature in comparison to Peyton. Twerp gulped as she approached Peyton’s face.

            “Goddess Peyton” Twerp sputtered out as she touched the cheek of her step daughter. As soon as she spoke, and touched her cheek Twerp took several steps back. However, she noticed Peyton didn’t even flinch.

            “This is ridiculous. I’m not going to live in fear of my own step daughter.” Twerp said speaking the words with a conviction she didn’t feel. She could feel the anger radiating from her humanity. The humiliation she had suffered last night Being basically shoved out of her own home. Being sheathed in this cotton prison. Forced to pee in the yard. It was all too much.

            “Peyton, you wake up this instant young lady. You aren’t going to sleep the morning away. Do you hear me?” Twerp shouted in full parenting tone. As she spoke the words she felt an ease wash over her. She felt a calmness fill her. A certain rightness in what she was saying. This was the natural order of things. She’s the adult around here. However, As the words settled Twerp felt a relief that her Master had not heard them.

            “Wait Master?” She thought to herself “As good as that felt. Thank god she didn’t hear that.” Twerp said as she started walking back towards her step daughter’s massive face when her eyes flicked open and focused on her. Twerp stopped dead in her tracks. A level of fear and panic resonated in her as she back pedaled.

            Stepping backwards she tumbled over a fold in the blanket falling to the ground. While her eyes remained locked onto Peyton’s face, Peyton’s eyes followed her tumble to the ground. Twerp’s heart continued to race in a way she hated to admit was fear. Peyton had gotten into her head.

            She had no idea till that moment to what level her step daughter had won the mental battle. She could vaguely remember a time when Peyton would fear her gaze. When she could just flash a look, and Peyton would stop her argument and sulk off knowing it was meaningless to continue to belabor her point. That time, felt so foreign and distant in this moment.

            Twerp knew that Peyton now had a power over her she never wanted her to have. She felt compelled to follow Peyton’s rules and mandates. She now felt fear over the consequences for her disobedience. As she looked at her step daughter turned enforcer she could feel the total reversal of their fates.

            “I-I just meant if you’d like, and felt like it. It would be wonderful if you would consider waking up.” Twerp stammered out as the conviction she felt just moments earlier was already groveling before her step daughter. Lapping up the obedience which exuded outward by Peyton’s will alone which now dominated everything in the room including her.

            “I swear I heard a much different tone before?” Peyton said sitting up, and stretching while yawning. As Peyton spoke her morning breath washed over her. The smell was horrid, but she was too afraid to do anything, but sit in the aroma it left behind out of fear of making the situation worse.

            “I’m sorry.” Twerp said falling apart before her step daughters gaze. A knowing smile crept across Peyton’s face as she looked at the woman who use to have full control over her life now a blubbering mess before her. She could see the fear in her. She knew that she owned her now, and forever. No matter what happened she knew that she would never truly disobey her. She had broken the woman. She now fed on her praise and approval as the force which drove her to exist. Seeking her approval was now the ultimate desire for the woman who use to lord over her.

            “I hear all, and I know all. I don’t think you fully understand by that little outburst you just had. That the days of you ordering me awake are over. Your place is to sit, and wait until I’m ready. In fact in the future I expect you on your knees with your head down in that muslim prayer position you see them do on Television. I’m sure you know the one. I want you in that pose until I wake up, and allow you to move.”

            “Yes of course. Goddess Peyton. I believe you are referring to the sujud.” Twerp said as she assumed the position before her step daughter as her tears dripped from her eyes onto the sheet of her bed. Twerp could feel a battle raging inside of her as she submitted to Peyton’s will. It felt as if two sides were squaring off for control. She could feel a part of her that was accepting Peyton’s logic that was battling against herself for control of her will.

            “Since you have illustrated that you seem to work better with examples. I think it’s time we illustrate your new position in this household to you.” Peyton said as she yawned once again before rolling over onto her stomach. Peyton grabbed her phone from her nightstand, and then picked up Twerp.

            Twerp saw everything shift from light to dark as she was shoved underneath the blankets of Peyton’s bed. She then felt herself drop onto Peyton’s body. She could feel the heat radiating off of her. As she looked around the darkened haze beneath the blankets, it still surprised her that she could see. She hadn’t gotten use to how her eyes now work in her shrunken form.

            As she looked down she saw that she was sitting atop Peyton’s butt. She was wearing what looked like some skimpy panties. She knew she didn’t authorize a purchase of this kind of underwear. She wondered how, and when she snuck a purchase of these. As she knew Peyton didn’t work or make her own money.

            “I’ve wanted to say this you so many times Twerp. You have no idea how often I bit my tongue over the years as you ranted and raved at me. Kiss my Ass!” Peyton said gleefully as pulled up YouTube on her phone.            

            Twerp couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She wanted this to be a mistake. As she looked down at Peyton’s butt cheeks and then she looked away all too soon. Not wanting the idea to even marinade in her mind. This was simply out of the question. Everyone has their limits. Everyone has a point where they will simply not allow their pride to be downtrodden any longer. This was it for Twerp. She was drawing her line in sand here.

            “Come on now, KISS KISS” Peyton said as she pulled up a video on her phone. Twerp shook her head no. However, she could feel the authority and power of Peyton’s voice resonate in her head. As she placed her hands down on her butt she could feel her head begin to lower on its own once again.

            “No, no stop. I’m in charge. I said the line was drawn. Peyton is not in charge around here.” Twerp screamed in her mind. However, her brain ignored her wishes. She felt the foreign power exude its control over her humanity. As her head lowered down she felt he lips press against Peyton’s warm skin. Tears ran from Twerps eyes as if she were child who had just gotten spanked by their parents. The water works flowed out of her eyes.

            Peyton could feel the tears drip down onto her along with the lips of her step mother. A  large grin crossed her face as she felt the tiny woman submit further to her commands. She felt the final holds in the crevice of her own mind that still thought of her step mother as a parental figure to be respected and obeyed vanish.

            “This is the new natural order in this household Twerp so get used to it. You do what I say, and this proves it. The days of you running things are officially over.” Peyton gloated as Twerp finally managed to pull her lips off of Peyton. She felt humiliated as she reflected on what she had done.

            “I’m sorry, did you hear an order to stop? You have a lot of ass kissing to do if you want to get in my good graces.”

            “Yes of course. I’m sorry goddess Peyton” Twerp said as she felt the fight and resolve she once had vanish. As she pressed her lips back against Peyton’s backside she wanted to die. All the things that had been done to her felt like nothing in comparison to this. She couldn’t comprehend why she should have to be subjected to this. This felt so wrong on every level.

            “In fact between kisses I want to hear I’m sorry goddess Peyton. Those should be only four words I hear you speak until I tell you to stop.”

            “I’m sorry Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said before bowing back down. Peyton’s couldn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t believe she actually had gotten her step mother to do this. She could hear the futility in Twerps voice, and she loved it. The pangs of defeat in Twerps voice, sounded like victory to her. When she saw the submissive way she now held her body it felt more empowering than ever.

            She noticed even around Avery and Sabrina Twerp didn’t hold herself in such a way. She responded to them differently. She acted differently with them then her. She knew it was because she had broken her. She knew that her step mother was starting to buy into her retelling of her life. If she kept this up she knew there would be a day when every word she spoke would be ring as truth to that former evil bitch. That the reign of her step monster had truly ended. As her mind, body and soul was slowly submitting to this reality. Even against the wishes of her Step Monster herself.

            “Tell me again who is in charge around here?” Peyton asked wanting to hear her step mother have to say it again.

            “You are Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said between sobs.

            “Good, you may resume your previous task until I feel like getting up.” Peyton said as she returned to YouTube. Hardly giving her step mother a thought. She no longer concerned herself with the shrunken woman. As she was her pet, and she was through with her for now.

            Peyton then yawned again, and set her phone back down on her nightstand. She decided to go back to sleep. she slunk back underneath her covers. As she drifted off to sleep she could feel Twerp degrading herself. She decided to test how defeated Twerp was. She briefly wondered if she would awake to Twerp still kissing her butt, before drifting back off to sleep.

            A couple hours had passed by when Pig rolled over onto the mostly hard floor. He could feel a thin layer of padding on his back, but it wasn't nearly as comfortable as his bed. He struggled to recall where he fell asleep last night or even what day it was, as he rolled over onto his stomach he could feel the effects of the hangover weighing on him. His body was cold. He found himself visibly shaking in the cool air, while his teeth chattered. He curled his arms together in a vain attempt to maintain warmth.

Finally opening his eyes, he came face to face with gigantic number 6 imprinted on the carpeting. He shockingly found himself to be completely nude. A feint odor of feet, and sweat hung in the air causing him to scrunch his nose. Standing up he spun around seeing a large room with walls extending up several feet above him creating an open roof skylight overhead.

The room extended further down, but he could see the ceiling slope, and get lower and lower until he couldn't see anything but black.  He looked about for a light switch of some kind but could see nothing lining the walls.

Pig jumped hearing what sounded like a loud snort. It sounded encompassing, and coming from directly below him. Confusingly he started to head towards the darkness of the room he was in hoping to find some kind of way out. He needed to get home.

As he walked towards the end of the room. The ceiling continued to get lower and lower. He felt the need to crouch by the time he got to the end of the room which seemed to curve around, and send him back towards the way he just came on the opposite wall. Pig still struggled to recall the events of last night as he finally found himself back at the giant number 6 printed on the floor.

"Peyton!" Pig heard a loud voice callout. He had no idea it was the voice of his own daughter. Avery’s voice boomed across his ear drums sending him to his knees. He looked up towards the skylight hoping to see what was going on or how someone's voice could be so loud. However, all he could see was white ceiling.

"Wait, did that voice say Peyton." Pig's face turns ghost white as he collapsed to the ground. A broken series of images flow through his mind culminating in the gigantic face of his daughter's best friend staring down at him.

"G-g-goddess Peyton" Pig whispered. "No, it was a dream. It was just a dream." He said calming himself. He then heard a heavy thud which were Avery’s footfalls, but Pig didn't realize that yet. A loud squeak which sounded like bed springs, but magnified, rang in his ears.

"Hey! Someone out there?" Pig shouted still not understanding fully what had befallen him. He had no idea he had slept through an entire day.  Everything around him shook as the room felt as if it was being lifted, and carried. He fell to the ground desperately looking for something to hold onto. The lack of hand grips caused him to slide from left to right as Peyton grasped the sneaker containing the tiny man from its perch on her headboard.

As Peyton lowered the sneaker so it was on her pillow he couldn't believe what he was seeing.  As he stared through the skylight, he could see a monstrously large version of his daughter's best friend Peyton.  As he stared up at her, memories of the other day flooded into his head. He could see himself yelling at his daughter to get him a beer. He watched the bottle leave his hand, and then he hit Avery.  His eyes watered as he relieved the events in his head unable to believe the actions taken were his own. 

Peyton's eyes then lowered down onto the pig. As their eyes met the trials, and tribulations from last night came bubbling to surface as if they were happening again. He tried to scream, but he couldn't find the vocal capacity to do so. He silently yelled in his mind. As his lips trembled the only words he could utter was Goddess Peyton.

"Thanks, for everything Peyton. I'm sorry I didn't come to you sooner. I should have said something when my mom left. I knew she wasn’t coming back. I just didn't want to burden you." Avery choked back as she sat on the corner of Peyton's bed.

"Avery, you're never a burden. I consider you my sister, and love you just as I would if you really were. Nothing, you ever have to tell me is a burden." Peyton said as crawled over towards Avery and gave her friend a hug. While Twerp fell from Peyton’s bottom, and found herself lost in the sea of blankets on Peyton’s bed

"Thanks, Pey." Avery said leaning her head onto Peyton's shoulder.

"I do have something for you." Peyton handing Avery her shoe.

"One shoe? A shoe you've worn before even. Thank you?" Avery said sarcastically.

"You're such a goober sometimes. In the shoe." Peyton exclaimed.

Pig could hardly believe what he was seeing. His world was seemingly up ended. The entire room was moving up, and down, left to right. He was starting to feel sick when he saw Peyton disappear from the skylight only to be replaced by his daughter Avery who looked equally huge.

It was surreal listening to the girls share a private moment. As he heard them speak he realized he was in a shoe. As he looked back down at the floor, it made so much sense. The number stamped into the floor. The carpeting wasn't carpeting at all but an insole. The smells that were inundating his senses.

"Dad...Daddy?" Avery said as she looked down the small man inside her best friends shoe. She could hardly believe what she was seeing.

"Wha-what have you done Peyton? How? I mean, this isn't possible. "Avery said staring down at the man she knew to be her father. A man who she feared for so much of her life. Fearing she would say the wrong thing too, or do the wrong thing. She spent years of her life walking on egg shells, not wanting to be cause of another fight between her parents. Not wanting to force her mom to leave, or run off and sleep with another man again. Not wanting to make her father grab another drink.

"He's been judged. He can't hurt you anymore. He can never hurt you. I made sure of it." Peyton said looking back down at the miniscule man.

"I just can't believe that’s really him. I've spent so long being afraid of him. To see him like this is just surreal." Avery said looking down at her father.

Pig was visibly shaking as he eyed his daughter. If he could have, he would have dug a hole and buried himself alive. A wave of helplessness lapped over him like a wave on a sandy beach shore.  As her eyes lowered  and focused on the miniature man inside of the shoe, he could feel his body go limp. As she spoke his name Pig averted his eyes not wanting to look her in the eyes.

"Avery, honey listen. Let's talk about this. I..I never meant to hurt you." Pig called out.

"You don't have the right to use her name. You can call her Master from now on Pig." Peyton interjected angrily.

"You have no idea what you have done to me. How much you've hurt me. You've made my life hell for so long. I've spent nights wondering why I even want to exist. Do you know what that’s like? I'm sure you don't because you always run to that damn bottle. You've been a better father to the bottle then you have been to me. Do you even know my birthday? Do you even know where I was last night, or where I slept most of last week? You didn't even care did you?"


"No, don't Avery me. I don't need to listen to you anymore. You've tried to take everything from me. Do you know how many times I've filled our bathtub, and just laid there relaxing in the water crying. How many times I've submerged my head, and thought what if I just don’t just come back up? But I did every time, not because of you, but for her. You didn’t even know that I use to cut myself. I only stopped because Peyton saw my wrists one day. Now if I hide them she demands I show them to her. You had no idea.  You're a sorry excuse for a parent. I don't know what she did to you, or how she did it, but I don't care. You're a horrible person, and you deserve everything she's going to do to you." Avery shouted not even realizing that she was.  Pig looked up at his daughters hurt eyes unable to say anything.

"Please, I can change. I can be better. Just change me back. This can be fixed."

"Daddy" Avery said with a long pause. "Goodbye."

"No, no. Avery honey. Please. You don't mean that." Pig shouted as loud as he could.

"Peyton, I'm not strong enough. I need you to do it. I need you to do what I can't. I'm sorry I have to ask you to do this. I'm sorry, but he's still my dad. I can’t just can’t bear to do it. I will only let him hurt me again and again. "

"Aves" Peyton said wiping the tears from Avery's eyes as she continued to look down at Avery’s father. " I know, you're free now. You're safe. You're going to live with me, and you don't ever have to feel that way again." Peyton said giving Avery hug. As she hugged her she took a deep breath.

The idea of doing what Avery wanted. What Avery needed weighed on her. She knew it was different. She knew what was about to happen wasn’t like with Twerp. She cleared her head and allowed the actions of Mr. Jennings to fill her mind. The words Avery spoke to him hurt her. The idea that the only person she could ever think of as a sister could be so hurt. So damaged by one person made her blood boil. She buried her emotions and feelings.

"But your dad...he's not going to want me."

"For starters. He loves you. Secondly, he does what I say. I'm his Munchkin. I packed up your stuff. I’m pretty sure I got everything you'd want to go back for. If I forgot anything let me know. You don't need to go back, just forward. Now go downstairs, get something to eat. I'm sure dads making waffles, and bacon because you're here. Lastly, stop bringing it up. I’m not going to let you leave." Avery tried to smile as she passed Peyton the shoe, and headed downstairs rubbing her stomach a bit realizing how hungry she was.

Peyton took a deep breath and let the shoe drop from her hands. As the shoe hit the floor it rolled end over end a few times as she watched Pig fall from the mouth of the shoe and get flung forward. He tumbled a few more feet before coming to a rest on one of Peyton’s shirts strewn on the floor. He looked back behind him to see the shoe lumbering towards him. He ducked his head as the shoe rolled over him coming to a rest just near him.

As Peyton stood up she found herself noticing how small he now looked. She had spent so much of her life looking up at him. It felt odd to see him in this helpless, and fragile state. He was now no different than Twerp. They were more like bugs or mice as they scurried across the floor. They cowered before her, and looked up at her with an awe. As she spoke they quivered. She then looked over at Twerp who had managed to crawl out from underneath her comforter. She grabbed her from the bed, and let her dangle before her face.  

Twerp felt sick as Peyton's morning breath washed over her once again. She wanted to vomit as the raunchy breath enveloped all the air she could breath. Sweat dripped from her entire body as visions of the horror filled night she had spent a day go fighting for survival in her step daughters mouth came back to her as looked into her cavernous mouth.

As Peyton yawned, and Twerp looked in her mouth. she could remember the tongue piercing, and chains that were much too strong for her to break. She could pull, push, kick, and the chains would not give or budge. Twerp had never felt so hopeless before. She vividly remembered the nights prior events. As she was forced to watch from Peyton's mouth as she tortured, and played with Avery's father.

As hard as it was to watch she couldn't help but feel deep down it was justified. She struggled to feel that what her step daughter was doing wasn't just on some level. It pained her to admit that. That maybe she wasn't so different from Peyton, and that's why they never got along. That if roles were reverse would she do the same things?

As Peyton spoke her voice rolled over her, booming in her ears. She found even covering her ears left her unable to shut out Peyton's voice. She was literally everywhere. The sheer reality of it all began to come into view. As she stared into her step daughters mouth she could see herself back in there. She could see the light that was coming in get shut out from Peyton's mouth. As she found herself helplessly chained to a piercing in her step daughters mouth. She shook her head forcing that trauma from her mind. As she opened her eyes, she could see later that night when Peyton stuck her tongue out, and she saw the look Sabrina's face. She felt somehow lower than she had earlier. She wanted to just jump down Peyton's throat, and give in. Let her win, however the chains that bound her prevented her from death. They stole away any salvation she could have.

When Peyton went to bed she thought surely, she would be free. Surely, she would have to release her from that horrible prison, but she kept her chained to her tongue as if she were a dog chained in a yard. As Peyton’s head turned from left to right her entire world would adjust with her. The soft snoring of the giant, inaudible to her at her previous size was deafening as she laid across Peyton’s massive damp tongue. The entire night was a fight for survival in the new world of her step daughters mouth.

Now in the present She looked back at Peyton’s mouth hoping to never be a resident again. As she gripped her cotton body in fear, even she knew that was but a hopeful wish that could never come true. As Peyton dumped her onto the ground she found herself staring at Avery’s father. The man her step daughter had dubbed Pig. She felt little remorse for the man as his actions that led him to this were his own doing. However, the irony on her perspective was not lost on her. As her eyes averted from the man to the commanded presence of her step daughter. She could feel her heart begin to race.

“Twerp, I want you to watch. You are not allowed to look away. You are forbidden from closing your eyes. You will witness every moment of Pigs punishment. I want you to know if you ever cross me. You even think of about trying to garner help from someone, or do anything other than accept your fate. This will be you, without mercy, and without prejudice. You are only alive now because of me, and because I will it.

“Yes, Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said with a gulp. The words still painful as they rolled off her tongue. She desperately tried to think of some way to change her lot, or adjust her fate. However, as stared up at her step daughter so large she cannot even see her waist. She wondered how she could hope to oppose such power. She knew she couldn’t. She knew deep down inside of herself. That this was her reality, and life now. She served her step daughter now, and forever.

“You can begin showing your appreciation at any time.” Peyton said lifting her left foot in the air and stomping it onto the floor. Joy spread across her face as watched how just a slight stomp of her foot on her part could illicit such a response from her subjects.

Not wanting to upset her step daughter, Twerp ran towards Peyton’s bare foot. She could see that the blue nail polish on Peyton’s foot had begun to chip away. She briefly recalled how much Peyton despised doing her nails. For the longest time, she thought she just wasn’t that type of girl. However, it was only later she realized that it was the act of doing it that Peyton didn’t like. She found it tedious, and her impatience often got the better of her. So, she preferred having others do it for her. Before she put a stop to it Peyton would go up town, and have it professionally done. However, when she married Douglas, Peyton’s father. She put an end to that as it was much too expensive.

Twerp shook off the now seemingly distant memories, and fell onto Peyton’s left foot. The drumming of her right foot a constant reminder of her new place in the world. As she fell she could see her new cotton skin. She hated that it had become a part of her. She hated how the dingy grime Peyton had embedded into it with natural use was now fused into her being. Every time she saw part of her body now she was reminded of her place in this world, and who had put her here. Her new skin served as a constant reminder that she lived in service to her step daughter. Even in her own mind she was having trouble trying to keep idea of her own humanity alive.

As her hands rested on Peyton’s first and third largest toes the enormity of her power started to weigh on Twerp. As she lowered her head she kissed Peyton’s toe. She extended her tongue, and ran it along Peyton’s unwashed skin of her second toe. She could taste the dried sweat and filth that collected on her skin fall into her mouth. She desperately wanted to spit it out. She wanted to vomit, and gargle with a gallon of mouthwash. However, none of those were now options.

The tapping of Peyton’s foot drumming against the floor like that of a slave drum. She pictured a scene depicted in the books of history a thousand times. A man beating a drum as hundreds of peopled rowed a mighty vessel across the open waters. The drum keeping their strokes in time. Only now it was Peyton’s foot.

“That’s right, this is all you are. Show your devotion, and appreciation to me Twerp. Ironic, isn’t it? The one-time ruler of the house. Who ran things with an iron fist now broken and groveling at my feet. Begging for my scraps, drinking my spit just to survive. Serving my every whim. Remind me again Twerp who is in charge?”

“You Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said stopping momentarily to wipe the tears from her eyes before returning her tongue to her step daughters foot. She continued for a few more licks before Peyton scrunched her toes. Twerp tried to move away, but before she could react Peyton’s toes sent her flying for what appeared to be several feet to her.

“You can now get in between my toes.” Peyton said with a smirk, and stomp of her foot once again. She watched as her step mother rushed back towards her toes pushed her head between them, and started to lick.

“That’s a good girl. You see pig, she respects her master’s authority. As any good pet should.”

“Wha-what have you done to her? She doesn’t even look human? I-If you think I’m going to lap at your feet like a beaten dog. Y-you have another thing coming.” Pig shouted up to the giant girl as he eyed Twerp fearfully, not quite believing his own words. As he looked at her he shuddered over the thought of himself in such a state.

As he ran to distance himself from the shoe, he scurried over a fallen sweatshirt finding a spot hard wood floor not covered by an example of Peyton’s laziness. He slowly looked about taking in what appeared to be a wasteland of her stuff strewn about the room.

“Pig, I told you before. You have been judged. You hurt Avery. More than I realized, and that’s on me for not doing something sooner. Not realizing what you were doing to her.” Peyton said as he lifted her right foot up. Twerp turned around with her jaw agape in awe as she saw her step daughters foot rise out of her line of sight.

In an instant, it came hurdling back towards her. The force of all her weight, power and strength behind it. She watched the ball of her foot slam down on the left arm of Pig. Shock and horror filled Twerps face as she watched Peyton twist her foot on his tiny arm as if it were a cigarette butt. The man howled and screamed in pain. Twerp had never witnessed anything like it.

A look indescribable by human words spread across his face as pig backed away from the foot. It took a full minute for him to realize his arm was gone. Still beneath Peyton’s monumental foot. Blood from where his left arm use to be poured out. He grabbed where his arm formerly connected to his shoulder, and screamed.

Twerp couldn’t find the words to say anything. She just looked on at the tiny man, and fearfully up at her step daughter. Unable to believe what she was seeing herself. This was a person after all. Despite his faults, he was still a human being. She fought not to look away. Yet, She watched as Peyton ordered.

Pig looked over at Twerp and mouthed help me. Twerp continued to look taking a step back. She looked up at Peyton and over at man on the floor. His eyes were pleading with her to help. He wanted her to step in, to stop her colossal stepdaughter. She heard what he did. She saw the blood running down Avery’s face that day. She was old enough to know how things worked. He would get away with it. She couldn’t bring herself to help him. She didn’t want too. She wanted him to suffer. She felt ashamed of herself for that. However, that was her humanity still inside of her. If that made her a bad person. So be it. She thought in that moment.

“No.” Twerp spoke. Shaking her head as she took another step back.

“Do you want to throw another beer bottle at your daughter? Maybe you want to scream at her to get you a beer, you drunken slob.” Peyton said as she spat down on the Tiny man. Pig tried to run, but the ball of phlegm was too large, and exploded on him sending him tumbling to the ground. As it covered his body he tried open his mouth scream, but Peyton’s Saliva oozed in. He took his only arm now, and tried to wipe the warm saliva from his face when he saw the giant teen crouch down.

As her giant hand lowered towards him. She extended her pinky finger and held him down with ease. He punched against her finger as he screamed any and all expletives he could think of. As he continued to scream his tirade at the teen, she just stared at him.

“You’re not a person any longer Pig. If you want me to feel sympathy for you, think again. Do you feel sympathy for the ant you crush walking to your car to buy a beer? Do you feel sorry for the cow that was killed so you could eat your hamburger? Do you wonder if that pig your bacon came from had a family with two piglets? You don’t do you. I don’t blame you. I don’t either. So, what makes you think I’d feel anything for you. You’re not a person, and You’re not my pet like Twerp. You may have passed the trial last night so that you can be allowed to come before me. So that you can serve me. However, I don’t allow it. I don’t allow you to be reborn as Pig. Mr. Jennings, I deny you the right to be pig. To have the honor of being reborn as one of my loyal subjects as Twerp was before graduating to become my Pet..”

Peyton took her other hand, and grasped his right arm with her left pinky finger still holding him down. With the greatest of ease, she pulled his arm from its socket separating it from his shoulder. She slapped him across the face with his own arm before dropping it on top of him, and standing back up to her full height.

Mr. Jennings screamed uncontrollably as he looked at the entirety of his arm laying on chest. He started to crawl away. He found himself unable to pick himself back up from the ground without arms. He pushed his body with his legs inching backwards like some kind of deformed snake.

“You bitch. You fucking bitch.” He cursed at the giant teen.

“Twerp, this is the other side. This is what happens to those who flee. To those who try to escape.  You squandered your life as a person. You broke up a marriage, you forced a good man to commit adultery. Now you will serve. You have given yourself to serve me for all eternity. In this life, and the next. You will spend all your days at my feet begging and worshipping me. Thanking me for saving you from this. Thanking me for forgiving you, Thanking me from elevating you from bug status and allowing you to serve me as my Pet.” Peyton said as her gaze shifted to her diminutive step mother who was shaking in fear.

“Thank you, Thank you Goddess Peyton. It is an honor to be elevated from a bug to your pet. The highest of honors,” She cried as she fell upon Peyton’s foot lavishing it in kisses and adoration. She could feel her pulse racing as her heart nearly beat out of her chest.  Looking up at her stepdaughter now, she could see now that there certainly is no escape. The power Peyton wields over her is unparalleled. She looks over at Avery’s father, and feels a sense of relief over being Peyton’s pet that she hadn’t before. She looked down at her cotton fur thankful to be here, and not where he was.

“Avery is much too sweet to give you what you deserve. Even now she loves you. You do understand that don’t you? You fucking beat her like a government mule, and she still loves you. You drove her to contemplate killing herself. She cut herself repeatedly over you, and still on some level she loves you. She may be able to forgive you in time. However, I will not and, your soul will never know pleasure of forgiveness.”

“Please, don’t do this. Please, I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I will do anything. I will serve. I will serve you.” Mr. Jennings pleaded as his own blood spilled from his body.

“I believe in god Mr. Jennings. I am raised catholic. I believe Jesus Christ died for our sins. You’ve been judged Mr. Jennings. You’re actions have made it so I doubt you will go before him, and enter the gates of heaven as I know you aren’t sorry. You’re sorry you got caught. You’re just sorry about the situation. You weren’t sorry when you bullied your daughter into nearly committing suicide. However, it is man who judges you on earth, and I send you into the pits of hell that await you to be judged there.” Peyton said as she lifted her foot back up into air.

Twerp started to look away until she remembered Peyton’s words, and turned her head back towards Mr. Jennings. Twerp could only watch as Peyton’s foot stomped down with the full force and power she has in her being. As her foot landed atop the man She could hear his bones breaking. The sickening thud of her foot expelling the contents of his body across her foot, and the floor underneath her foot. The squelch like noise his body made before he just imploded from the pressure.

“Ewww, I fucking hate bugs.” Peyton said as she hopped on one foot then leaned over onto her desk grasping a Kleenex she lifted her leg up and twisted it so that it was parallel to the floor. She then ran the Kleenex over the underside of her foot wiping the bloody remains of his body from the underside of her foot before tossing the tissue down onto the floor letting it land near her foot.

“Fucking clean that mess up Twerp. I don’t want that on my floor.”

“Of course, Goddess Peyton.” Twerp said jumping into action. She grasped the discarded Kleenex, and began pushing it over the bloody mess on the floor.

“That’s a good girl. Do good and you may get a prize.”

“I will, I will goddess Peyton.” Twerp shouted towards the titanic teen, not wanting to upset her.

“You will find that it doesn’t have to be all bad living underneath my rule. Especially for you Twerp. You’re my pet, and you see how happy Simba and Max are? That can be a life you can have too. You just have to accept this new life.” Peyton said as she reached towards her Twerp ran her fingers over her. The cotton of her skin felt soft, and smooth. As she tugged at the cotton she noticed Twerp wince in pain.

Twerp looked up at Peyton unable to deny her words. She didn’t feel like much a person anymore. As she looked at her white and grey patterned skin She knew that she would never truly be a person ever again. She would look like some kind of side show. She didn’t even know  if such a thing could be possible. How could she make mass she no longer has. Her former mass was expelled out into the world as she shrank.

“Don’t look so glum. Once you prove that you’ve been house trained. I will give you a nice tide bath in the sink, and then once you dry I will even Febreeze you. I love Max and I love Simba. I hated my Step Monster. But, I could maybe love Twerp.  Your life doesn’t have to be horrible. So buck up.” Peyton said  before rubbing her stomach. “Man, all that made me hungry. I didn’t eat last night though. I better get some before Avery destroys that pile of waffles.” Peyton said as she smiled down at Twerp before skipping out the door.

Twerp was at a loss. In an instant, she seemingly went back to the same girl she had always known. The idea that Peyton’s word hung true had not yet formulated in her head. The idea that she could no longer be viewed as a person wrestled about in her mind. That to Peyton she wasn’t interacting with a shrunken person. She was truly interacting with a lesser species like how a person views grasshopper or spider. Those who prove their worth to her are viewed as something more along the lines of a cat or a dog. Either option being a lesser species that had sworn fealty to her. A species that obeys her whims in exchange for being cared for.

“I’m going to be serving her forever. How could this happen to me?” Twerp cried as she continued to scrub the remains of Avery’s father from Peyton’s floor. It was surreal to think that this was a person. Who had a life, thoughts, dreams, and now everything that they are, is being soaked into a Kleenex. 

Twerp got down on her knees pressed hard into the Kleenex as the blood-soaked in. The two-ply tissue however was more than absorbent enough to wipe away the remains. It was a matter of minutes, and Twerp looked back to see the floor perfectly clean. Peyton's word weighed heavily on her. If this is all that he is, maybe he wasn't a person any longer. Was this really an act of murder, or was this just a girl killing a bug? It pained Twerp to have to think about Avery's father in this way as she knew the same could be said for her.

At what point is a person no longer a person. The idea that she could be on the same level as a bug or animal felt unreal, and unfair. As while her size had changed her mind, her thoughts, her ideals had not. Twerp felt as if she was the same person she had always been. As she looks at the bloodied Kleenex it looked horrific to her. When she saw the remains of Avery's father on the floor it looked like something out of a CSI crime scene.  It was gruesome and made her stomach churn.

However, looking at it from Peyton's point of view she wondered if she would feel the same way? When a person loses their size, and stature are they afforded the same rights? Are they really still considered human? She seemed to have some different properties about her than what she would have when she was larger. When she was in Peyton's skate, and shoe her weight should have crushed her to death but, she was able to survive. Does this make her a new kind of species? Is Peyton right? She could tell a growing part of her thought she was. A growing side of her mind sided with Peyton’s ideals, and truths.

She continued to contemplate on her place in the world until she finished cleaning up the horrifying remains. As she finished, she started looking about the room, and noticed Peyton had left slightly ajar. A part of her still wanted a chance at freedom. However, freedom now seemed like a privilege beyond her station in life. The idea that she could end up like Avery's father was an image she couldn't get out of her head. For the first time since this ordeal took place. Twerp had no desire to run or flee. She decided if this was going to be her life. She might as well explore a bit. Peyton’s room was now in essence her room. As she looked about, it disgusted her to say that. She halfway wished she could be Avery’s pet. Avery was much a cleaner person then her owner. Twerp thought to herself. Not even detecting that she had just thought of Peyton as her owner.

Peyton walked out of her bedroom and leaned up against the wall outside of her door. She exhaled deeply. She let her body sag as tears fell from her eyes onto the floor the below. She looked down the hall glad to be alone. She didn’t want anyone around. She couldn’t be seen like this.

“This was for Avery. It had to be done. Forgive me god for I have sinned.” Peyton said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Behold me at your feet, O Jesus of Nazareth, behold the most wretched of creatures , who comes into your presence humbled and penitent! Have mercy on me, O lord, according to your great mercy! I have sinned and my sins are always before you. Yet my soul belongs to you, for you have created it, and redeemed it with your precious blood. Grant that your redeeming work not be in vain. Have pity on me; give me tears of true repentance; pardon the penitent thief; I ask for your blood to cover my sins and make me white as snow. I receive you into my heart lord Jesus Christ to be my lord, my savior and master from this day forth. Look upon me from your throne in heaven and give me your blessing. I believe in god…Amen” Peyton said before making the sign of the cross. She then took a deep breath, smiled and headed toward towards the stairs. 


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