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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay with editing this chapter. Got sick over the weekend but its out now.  Just as a heads up. I'm moving on Friday. So I will try to get another chapter edited this weekend to post next week. However, it may be late next week or worse case the following week as my PC access will be limited because of the move. 


Step Monster CH13 



Twerp started walking about the room. She took in how Peyton’s bed seemingly hung in the air. She could so easily see beneath the bed at her current height. In fact, it was easier to see what was underneath it than the top of the bed. Her pink and purple comforter hung down from the bed draping down onto the wood floor below.  

As she looked beneath the bed she could see the clothes that had worked their way underneath. Massive shopping bags and over turned shoeboxes cluttered the underside of her bed. Twerp shuddered at the thought of the ecosystem that exists underneath it. She knew if she were to wander underneath she could easily become lost. The notion of living beneath Peyton’s bed sounded terrifying.  

Moving about the room which she knew was fast becoming her world. She found it odd to be able to explore it so freely. As she ran her arms over her new fur a part of her was thankful. She relished not freezing to near death. However, the fact that it was Peyton’s athletic socks still weighed heavily on her. As she brought her arm up to her nose she could smell herself. Her fur was still covered in Peyton’s dry sweat.  

The fact she was going to have to beg and follow her stepdaughter's commands like some kind of infidel in order to be bathed and cleaned was sickening. She knew she could only get such an act of mercy by obeying her stepdaughter which angered her. She had found yet another way to force behavior and compliance from her.  

She looked back at the door which was slightly ajar and wondered if it were a test. She was curious if Peyton was doing this on purpose to see if she would leave. Eying the door she found she didn’t have the courage to step outside Peyton’s room. As she thought about leaving she could feel her body become wrought with fear. It made her sick to think Peyton had done this to her.  She had truly started to become domesticated by Peyton and it scared her. 

Twerps thoughts were interrupted when she felt the floor shimmy and shake. Twerp halted all progress immediately as she stood firm on a discarded sweatshirt on Peyton's floor.  A perfume radiated up from the material telling her that it had been worn somewhat recent, but she had no clue when. The shaking of the floor continued to get worse and worse. It wasn't long before Peyton strode into the room. Twerp looked on with awe as she picked up the Kleenex and walked into her bathroom. Twerp heard the toilet flush before she walked back out of the bathroom and stopped in front of her.  

"Grab onto my foot. Dad left, so you're coming down stairs." Peyton ordered as she tapped her foot. "I meant now." Peyton added impatiently as Twerp scampered onto the top of her barefoot.  

"I have nothing to hold onto. I will never make it wherever we are going." Twerp shouted as loudly as she could. However, since she couldn't see anything over Peyton's knee from her foot she couldn't tell if she had heard her at first.  

"Ugh, you're so pathetic." Peyton chided as she walked over to her vanity table and grabbed an anklet Sabrina and Avery had gotten her for her birthday. It was covered in tiny charms representing her interests and spelled out her name in cute lettering.  

"Grab onto this anklet then. I guess I will have to start wearing anklets more." Peyton said to herself tapping her foot. 

"I'm not walking back over to you. Come here and climb up." Peyton commanded stomping her foot clearly annoyed as she waited for twerp to cover the distance she effortlessly cleared. 

As Twerp clambered onto her foot she noticed how soft the top of Peyton's foot was. Her body sunk in a bit as she climbed onto her foot and pulled herself up and underneath the anklet which then allowed the anklet itself to rest underneath her armpits.  She looked back up at Peyton who didn't wait any longer before starting to walk.  

The anklet, and her by extension flapped slightly as it draped over the top of her foot. Each step Peyton took, Twerp was fearful she would fall off. The hallway sped by as Peyton walked as if she wasn’t there. As she bounded down the stairs Twerp grabbed the anklet tightly. As falling off now would most certainly result in injury.  

As they reached the Kitchen Peyton shook her foot knocking Twerp to the floor before sitting back down at the table. The kitchen smelled of Waffles and eggs. The fresh maple syrup smell still hung in the air. As she looked upward Twerp felt humbled over the fact she wasn't able to see the top of table or counters.  

The tile of the kitchen floor dwarfed Twerp in size.  As clean as she kept the kitchen she found that she could still see crumbs on the floor around the baseboards and underneath the table and chairs. The scraping of the silver against the plates made Twerp realize how hungry she was. It had been a long time since Avery had fed her during lunch the other day.  

"Oh yeah, since dad called in saying we weren't going to be at school with everything that happened. He said we had to clean up around here. So that obviously means you need to clean up around here. You should see some scraps from a rag I ripped up for you and I put with some cleaning liquid in a small dish. You need to wash kitchen baseboards." 

"It would take me hours. You can't be serious." Twerp shouted hoping the girls could hear her. 

"NOW." Peyton said stomping her foot once on the floor. Twerp had already learned that the stomp meant that the discussion was over.  

"Could I at least have some food? Please?" Twerp begged.  

"You are worse than Simba and Max." Peyton said getting up from the table and heading over to the counter. “Could I get some food please” Peyton parroted back in a way a younger sibling would do to an older one. Twerp could hear the rustling of a large piece of Tupperware. A moment later a single piece of dry dog food dropped onto the floor.  

"We should get it a little food dish that says Twerp. You could line it up next to Max and Simba's food dish. All the pets could then eat together" Avery added. 

"That’s a great idea. Let me text Sabrina. She was talking about getting a few things. I will have her get a food bowl. You can use the same water dish as them Twerp."  Peyton said walking back towards the table. 

"She looked down at the dog food appalled by the notion of having to eat the same food as Peyton's other Pets. Eating something like this seemed so uncouth. It felt like an insult. The idea of eating dog food made her stomach cry out in disgust. She was a person. She wanted some of that waffle. The fluffy waffles drowning in maple syrup. She could practically taste it already. As she opened her eyes looking down at the dog food her stepdaughter had tossed down, her heart sank. The feeling of hunger wasn't going away. She knew that she needed to eat when she could as it could be another day before she was fed again. Peyton wasn’t exactly the most responsible person when it came to things like these.  

Crouching over the morsel of dog food Twerp already knew what was about to happen, but she had to try. She bit into the dog food and, as she suspected it was too hard for her jaw. Like with the candy bar in Peyton's locker it just glided along the top of it without any piece breaking off. She suspected if the piece of dog food was smaller, or if she was bigger and it could fit her mouth she wouldn't have this problem. However, her jaw can’t seem to penetrate the tough exterior of the dry dog food. 

"Oh yeah, Sabrina told me about your food dilemma. People food is difficult for you so I figured puppy chow would be better. Here let your owner help." Peyton smugly said walking back over to piece of dog food she had dropped onto the floor. She watched her stepmother scurry away like a mouse as she approached. It made her smile seeing her so helplessly tiny. Running from her approach like a bug. Already learning what her new place on the food chain entailed. A fact all animals learn is that when a predator approaches the smaller and weaker creatures scatter.  

Twerp eyed Peyton as she sat down on the floor leaning up against the kitchen cabinets as she sat down. She grabbed the small piece of dog food. She found it surreal that this one piece of food would probably fill up her stepmother. It was nothing at all to her.  

“Come here Twerp.” Peyton said sweetly patting the top of her thigh as if she was calling a dog to come. Even seated on the floor Twerp found herself still unable to believe how large Peyton and her friends were.  

As Twerp approached, she nervously eyed Peyton unsure what her game plan was. She knew she surely must have an angle. She must be trying to gain something from her. As she nervously approached the side of her stepdaughter’s leg. Peyton reached down grabbed the small woman. Peyton watched Twerp adjust herself having gotten to use to her grip.  

Twerp sat her down in her lap and looked up at Peyton who was staring down at her. She could see what was going to be her breakfast in her hand. Peyton ran the piece of dogfood between her fingers.  

“Did you mean that stuff you said about me in mom's apartment?” Peyton said as she stroked Twerp gently behind her head. She watched her body go limp in her lap as she scratched her. She liked seeing how easily she could bring about pleasure to her stepmother.  

“You mean that I love you? Yeah, I meant that. You are the only daughter I’m ever going to have. Why do you think I made a point to be at all your games no matter when or where they were at?” 

“So, you probably hate me now. I didn’t really help you.  I just really hated how you mothered me so much.” Peyton said sincerely as she stroked Twerp.  Who was dumbfounded as she sighed blissfully by Peyton’s gentle scratches and touch.  

“Things can be different now that you’re my pet. I’m willing to put all that behind us. We can start fresh, and build a new relationship.” Twerp found herself torn. She liked that she had seemingly made a breakthrough in her relationship with Peyton. However, the idea that in order to do so she'll have to be her stepdaughters pet made her sick. She shuddered at the thought of following Peyton around like a puppy dog.  

"Maybe we could start this new relationship off with some real food?" Twerp asked hoping to parlay Peyton's goodwill into something more than dog food.  

"Funny, not quite funny ha-ha. But still funny Twerp. You know you can't possibly eat waffles with bacon and eggs like Avery and I. You aren't a person. You eating something like that can’t possibly be good for you It’s the very reason pet food exists.  

“Since you’re hungry. Let me crush this up for you Peyton said setting the food down on the floor a few feet from where she set Twerp down. She patted Twerp’s head a couple of times before standing up. Peyton then lifted her barefoot up and smashed the dry dog food with her heel. She grinded her heel into the cold tile floor several times before walking back over to the table and sitting down at the table with her foot resting on her Achilles tendon.  

"There, you can pick the bits of food my heel. Bon Appetit.” Peyton said. 

Twerp couldn’t believe her. As she looked up at Peyton she couldn’t believe she just shared what is probably there first warm and tender moment. Then she just set her down. Smash a piece of pet food into her heel and expects her to eat it off of her foot. As if that’s just some normal thing.  

“Well go on. Eat up. Munch, Munch” Peyton said playfully while motioning Twerp towards her foot before her focus shifted away from her step mother altogether.  

"Remember Twerp. Clean Plate club." Avery ordered as she eyed the small woman for a bit before losing interest. 

As Twerp approached Peyton's foot she could see the crumbs mashed into her heel. She actually tasted the vomit come up and hitting the back of her throat before she forced it back down. She meekly reached her wavering hand out towards Peyton’s foot. She brushed a single crumb off her foot letting it tumble onto her other palm. As she eyed the fallen morsel, she squeezed it a bit with her hand. It was now weak enough for her to eat it. She felt humiliated as the piece of dog food crumbled a bit more in her hand. She needed Peyton to survive. She felt Peyton’s grip on her tighten as the symbolic chains tightened their hold on her. The idea of only being able to eat when Peyton deemed it and with her assistance only made her feel like Peyton’s view of her was accurate. She didn’t like the idea of being her stepdaughters pet.  

She lifted the grungy piece of dog food up to her mouth and pushed the dog food threw her lips. As soon as she did so her body started gagging trying to expel the food. She closed her mouth tightly and chewed the dog food up to mush before finally swallowing it. As soon as the food hit her stomach her body seemed quite accepting of the food. Twerp had expected her stomach to throw it back up or get queasy. It was almost as if her stomach was pleased with the food. However, as she looked back at the crumbs stuck to her stepdaughters disgusting foot her stomach growled loudly.  

As she repeated the process she had hoped it would get easier, but she felt it getting worse. She could taste the lotion Peyton had rubbed into her feet mix with the natural oils of her body along with the dirt and dust she had collected from walking around barefoot all morning. All the tastes were getting pulled into the bits of dog food clinging to her foot. So, as she pulled each one off and shoved it into her mouth it tasted a bit different than the last and, never in a way that was remotely pleasant.  

"I can't believe she's really eating it Peyton." Avery said. Her eyes having wandered back towards Twerp.  

"Why wouldn't she? This is how I plan to feed her each morning. If she doesn’t like it she can go hungry. She's not a person anymore the days of her eating people food are done. Pets eat pet food." Peyton boldly stated.  

“No, no, no, please. I beg of you.” Twerp cried out but her plea’s fell on deaf ears as the girl’s own voices from their conversations easily overpowered her own voice. She felt like a child before her teenage stepdaughter as her eating arrangements were discussed before her in committee without any input or thought on what she may want.  

"Maybe, a can of dog food would be better for it though. We could get a Tupperware dish and pour a can into it. Then just dump a bit into her food bowl each day. I bet a single can would last awhile." Avery added. 

"That sounds like a lot of work. I could see getting a can and using it as a reward for good behavior. If the dry food doesn’t work out. I mean I guess we could go to canned food. It’s important she stays healthy. I doubt her body could process the foods we eat now on a regular basis anyway."  

 “Do my ears deceive me or is that actual care I hear in your voice.” Avery teased. 

“I-it is not. I just want her healthy. She can’t do my bidding and entertain me if she’s sick. And now that she my pet she’s my responsibility.” Peyton refuted back defensively.  

“sure, sure. Of course. It’s not because you care at all. Just your own selfish desires and uses you have for her which are prodding your concerns. Avery said 

“Right, as long as you understand my point of view.” Peyton said. As Avery smiled knowingly. “She will have to learn that her body has different needs now.” 

This infuriated Twerp to no end. Reward for good behavior? Then Peyton acting like feeding her this pet food was what was best for her. She could certainly handle some of that waffle just fine. This was truly something she couldn’t have ever hoped to have dreamed up. Even if she was trying to come up with some horrible torture test. She couldn’t have come up with something like this. Being rewarded with a meal of canned dog food for good behavior was too much. Peyton was taking this pet thing to far.  

Twerp shuddered as she pictured each and every morning eating pet food. The only improvement coming if Peyton does get her a food dish. However, she viewed the likelihood of that slim. Peyton hasn’t shown a penitent for follow through if it’s not something that benefits her in some way.  

“No, she would just make me eat it like this every morning because it’s easier for her.” Twerp said as tears dripped down which she wiped away while she bit into another piece of dog food. As chewed on this she noticed a small piece of waffle had fallen near her. She looked up at Peyton and over at Avery noticing that neither girl seemed to notice.  

Twerp smiled as she inched over to the small crumb. She could feel how soft it was so she knew that she would have no trouble eating it. As she put it in her mouth. Her tastes buds exploded. She couldn’t believe how amazing it tasted. She couldn’t remember a waffle ever tasting so good before.  

As she swallowed the waffle she found herself wishing she had more. Than a moment later her stomach started churning. Twerp doubled over knowing what was coming. She tried to hold it down however she threw up the waffle she just ate.  

Peyton looked down hearing the commotion and spotted her stepmother throwing up. She pushed her chair back a bit and leaned over. She could see her puking on the floor. As she was finished the spot was barely noticeable. She smirked at how pitiful it looked. She bent down with her napkin in hand and swiped it away. As she looked at the napkin she could see bits of waffle. 

“Twerp! I told you not to eat people food. This just proves it. Your body can’t process this stuff anymore.” 

“This isn’t happening. That can’t be true. It must have been the dog food. I’m sure of it.” Twerp said. 

“Then eat another piece. If you throw up I will never make you eat pet food again. If you don’t then you can never eat human food again.” Peyton said as she looked down. She watched Twerp nod in compliance.  

Twerp knew it wasn’t the waffle she that made her sick. So she had no issue making the agreement with her stepdaughter. She knew better than her stepdaughter what was appropriate to eat and not eat. As she walked over to Peyton foot. She paused as Peyton lifted her foot. Twerp walked beneath it grabbing a piece of the dog food from her heel. She then plunged the piece of food into her mouth.  

The taste was horrible. Her tongue tried to expel the food. As she chewed it she hoped it would somehow get better. However, that was a wish she knew would never come true. As she swallowed it. She shuddered as the revolting pet food slid down her throat. As it reached her stomach she waited for the sick feeling to overcome her.  

“She’s not getting sick Avery. I knew it. I knew it was the people food.” Peyton happily said as she looked down at her stepmother who now had a panicked look on her face.  

“No, no. Let me try again. It took a bit of time before. Twerp said pulling another piece of pet food from Peyton’s heel. She promptly tossed it in her mouth and chewed it as quickly as possible. She tried to ignore the horrible taste but even swallowing it almost immediately left a bad taste in her mouth. As Twerp swallowed, she waited to get sick. She expected it to come spewing out at any minute. However, nothing came. Her stomach felt fine. In fact, if anything the dog food seemed to be calming her upset stomach.  

“Face it Twerp. I know whats best for you. This just proves it. Pet food is what your body needs to survive. People food just makes you sick. So, you best get used to this. As this is your new breakfast and dinner.” Peyton said with glee as she looked down at her stepmother who was beside herself.  

“This isn’t happening. I’m a person. I can’t be expected to eat pet food. I want some waffles. I want some bacon. Please, that sickness was just me getting used to pet food. I swear.” Twerp pleaded as Peyton merely looked away, and went back to her conversation with Avery.  

“The days of Twerp thinking of herself as a person are over with. This little test only proves it. Getting her on this pet food will only help her training really. It’s confusing for her little brain if she is treated like something she’s not. She is nothing more than an animal that shares some similarities with a person. Like an Ape.” 

“Well, that does make sense Pey. I mean society dictates right and wrong. Just like they have dictated what quantifies a human and not human. There is no specific law that says you need this to be human. It is society which has decided what is given and not given human rights. So, Twerp, falling outside of the bounds of society is now judged according to the guidelines of the society she used to be a part of.” Avery said as she took a bite of bacon. 

“Exactly, I should really write a paper on this.” Peyton exclaimed as she took a drink of orange juice. When she knocked a piece of bacon off her plate. She tried to grab it but it tumbled to the floor landing just a few inches from Twerp.  

Twerp struggled to swallow the last bit of food from Peyton’s heel. The fact it was actually filling her up made her feel even worse. While the aftertaste from the disgusting dog food resided in her mouth for quite some time. She actually found that she had more energy. Which bothered her profusely. Peyton couldn’t surely have been right. Twerp thought when she heard a piece of bacon hit the floor, her body swung around towards the strip of bacon larger than her. Her eyes locked onto the piece of bacon as if she had radar. She felt her back arch as she lowered her body a bit to reduce drag. She would prove that she could eat normal food.  

In an instant, she felt herself moving. She didn’t even realize she was running at first. Then she felt the wind billowing through her cotton fur as the bacon neared. Then all at once the entire ground shook as if it were going to implode upon itself suddenly. Twerp had no chance of remaining upright as she tumbled the floor falling painfully on her still injured shoulder from a few days prior. She yelped grabbing her shoulder in a bit of pain.  

“NO” Peyton’s voice rumbled with a power and veracity she hadn’t ever heard before. As Twerp looked up she hadn’t even seen Peyton stand up, but while she couldn’t see her face or anything much past her knees she knew that her eyes boring down on her. She could feel it.  

The simple one-word command struck a fear in Twerp that she didn’t know existed. Her body instinctively cowered away from the food like a beaten dog. She dared not even eye the food as she hung her head in shame. She found that her eyes locked onto the tile floor and remained there. She tried to raise her head or look elsewhere, but it was as if her body was awaiting a command. She felt fearful to oppose her master in this moment. 

“That is people food. You are not to eat it. Do you understand? It will make you sick.” Peyton said placing her hands on her hips and taking a step forward. Her bare foot hammered down onto the tile floor just above where Twerp resided. Even staring at the floor, she couldn’t help but see a portion of Peyton’s foot now.  

“You will never eat people food again. You don’t see Simba or Max running in here. They know better. They got a whipping when they tried it. That’s only way to train animals like you. You need to impose your will upon them. You need to teach them what is right and wrong.” Peyton said as she crouched down onto the floor. Even bending over Twerp couldn’t see Peyton’s face as she momentarily found the strength to avert her eyes upwards.  

Pain then ripped through her body. It was a savage brutal pain that pulsated from her ribs and soon encompassed her entire being. Tears flooded from her eyes in a way she hadn’t felt since she was a young girl. She grabbed her chest in pain as she rolled over onto her back.  

“NO” Peyton said pointing at bacon grabbing it in her other hand before standing back up. Twerp watched as Peyton walked across the kitchen and dropped the bacon into the garbage can.  

“What did you do wrong?” Peyton said as she stood back over Twerp drumming her feet on the ground. While Twerp struggled to stand she searched to find the strength to answer Peyton as she looked up still fearful. However, more than fearful she felt ashamed. She felt ashamed that she had upset her master. It was at that moment Twerp stopped cold.  

She couldn’t believe what she just thought. Peyton is not her master. She is her step daughter. She did nothing wrong. She tried to eat forbidden food. No not forbidden food, real food. As Twerp looked up at Peyton now she found herself struggling to combat the mental power of her immense step daughter.  

“I-I’m sorry. I tried to eat the food. It won’t happen again.” Twerp struggled to say as she felt shame radiate from her body. As her body still shook in fear before the two teens. 

“Good, people food will never grace your lips again Twerp. You will live off pet food designed for pets. As that’s what you are now. You don’t get things like pizza, chicken or hamburger. Those are reserved for your betters. They are reserved the for the ruling class. As you need to learn there is a degree of separation between us and you. The food designed for people isn’t healthy for you. Your body has different needs to survive in this world. You will do better with the food your given.” Peyton said with a smile as she looked down at her stepmother. Knowing how much she hated the pet food taste was a bonus. Now she had real evidence to enforce her rules. Her stepmother couldn’t deny the facts.  She got sick eating the pet food. A part of Peyton wondered if it was the pet food she had eaten prior that got her sick, or if it was actually, the waffle. However, she wouldn't give Twerp a chance to find out.  

Peyton knew she couldn't let the opportunity pass her by. She could wield the evidence she had like a sword. She would banish normal food from her step mothers diet completely. She would force to eat like the animal she now was. Peyton relished being able to lord real food over her stepmother. The small woman begging and pleading for even the scraps she was going to throw into the garbage can. Even those being denied from piercing her lips. Such an honor would be reserved for the ultimate reward. The rarest of occasions.  

“Y-yes, my master. I’m sorry.” Twerp said unable to believe the words coming out of her own mouth. She wanted to stop feeling this way. She wanted to stop feeling bad. She didn’t want to feel like she had done something wrong. She didn’t want to accept the logic Peyton was putting forth, but she found her brain starting to accept these words as some kind of law and fact. These principles being spoken to her were somehow entering into a prime directive that her species must follow.  

“N-no that’s not right.” Twerp thought as she tried to push Peyton’s teachings from her mind. As she tried to eradicate her thoughts and logic form her brain, but as she looked up at her step daughter she felt fear inside of her. However, behind that fear, was a small beacon of respect. A small beacon of desire to please Peyton. Twerp knew now she needed to get away. She needed to find a way to return to her normal self soon. As Peyton was forcing her will upon her. Her body was buying more and more into Peyton’s teachings. If she can’t find a way back to normal soon, she may not be able too.  

“That was amazing Peyton. You will have it trained in no time at all. It’s only been a few days too. Imagine what it will be like by next week.” Avery said astonished by Twerps response and actions to Peyton’s authority. 

Twerp rubbed her full belly. Knowing just a few feet up above her was a plate filled with fluffy waffles dripping in syrup and greasy bacon. She desperately wanted the forbidden foods, however in her mind she struggled to find the courage to even fathom trying to eat any again without permission. Still, the idea that all she would be getting from now was pet food made her weak in knees.  

Making matters worse her life, treatment and care were being discussed above her without her being able to have any input or thoughts on the matter. She felt like an invalid as the girls discussed her. She wanted to snap. She wanted to grab Peyton by the ear and give her the tongue lashing of a lifetime. She wanted to ground her into the next millennium. However, she was powerless to oppose her step daughter. She now found herself under the care of her step daughter. She had been demoted to a pet. She’s only in the house now because she’s Peyton’s pet.  

Further muddying things was that Peyton was actually showing her real care. Peyton had opened up to her in this pet form in a way she never did or would before. She couldn’t believe the relationship she wanted with her stepdaughter could maybe be possible in this pet body of hers that Peyton has called Twerp. However, to achieve it she would have to live as a pet to her stepdaughter.  

Twerp sighed as she looked over Peyton's foot making sure it was free from any dog food. Not so much out of hunger but out of fear of her wrath. Seeing it was clear and her belly feeling full Twerp looked across the kitchen seeing the smaller saucer which looked like a plastic lid from a container along with several bits and pieces of washcloth ripped up.  

The thought of doing Peyton's chores just infuriated her.  By the time she made it across the kitchen she felt as if her feet were going to fall off. The tile of the kitchen floor held a much cooler temperature. So, she found herself actually feeling a little chilly even with her cotton fur. She then grabbed a rag and dipped into the cleaning solution. Twerp then started to wash along the wall underneath the counter. She dared not look back at the two titans who sat at the table behind her.  She still struggled to push the idea of shame and disgrace from her mind over her actions. She needed to remember she was a person too. She couldn’t let Peyton’s mind games grip her. However, the longer she remained like this. She wondered how long it would be till she broke. How long till Peyton’s words were an unbreakable law to her. As if it were a commandment from god itself. She shuddered at the thought of living a life under Peyton’s rule.  

However, as she cleaned away she had no idea how difficult it would be for her to hold onto her humanity. Her reduced size had also reduced her brain. Her brain has been trying to reprocess everything and make sense of what has happened. Her brain is searching for answers and her step daughter is muddying the process by giving her brain another option. Making matters worse her brain shedding things it feels it no longer needs to survive and learning new traits to adapt to survive this new way of life. Twerp found herself not only in a battle for freedom from her step daughter but, also a battle to retain her humanity.  


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