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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay. I've been moving. However, chapter updates should return to normal soon. I had to speed edit this so I apologize in advance.  

Step Monster CH14 




Twerp had been toiling away washing the baseboards for quite some time, or so, it seemed. She had made a decent amount of progress but, not anything like she was hoping for. Avery and Peyton had left the kitchen some time ago, and were in another part of the house entirely. Just a few feet from her stood a giant baby monitor resting up against the baseboard. Twerp grumbled silently unsure if Peyton was listening.  

As she scrubbed along the baseboards of the kitchen she could see how dirty they truly were. Because of her size Twerp found that she was able to get into the corners she normally struggled with quite easily. She found herself wishing that there was a way she could shrink down like this to clean those hard to reach area's then grow back to her previous size.  

Having finished three quarters of the kitchen's baseboards Twerp tossed the rag down into the cleaning solution as she had decided to take a break. Looking out at the massive Kitchen was still a bit surreal to her. As she strolled along the Kitchen she peeked out into her living room. It was huge at her current size.  The sofa and chairs towered above her. She cringed as she suspected that she could comfortably walk underneath the furniture without having to duck.  

"Twerp, I can see you're not in kitchen." Peyton's voice crackled as it came through the baby monitor.  Twerp spun around looking to see where Peyton was. She couldn't believe that she was able to sneak up on her without hearing the footfalls.  

"Where are you?" Twerp asked spinning around confused as to where Peyton was seeing her from.  

"I chipped you remember. I can see you moving around in the app. You should be cleaning, not on some sightseeing tour." Peyton chided as her voice cut through the otherwise silent room.  

"I'm a prisoner in my home." Twerp mumbled to herself as she walked back towards the baseboards when she heard someone come down the stairs. She had braced herself for Peyton. However, when she saw Avery walk into kitchen. she was a bit surprised.  She looked up nervously as her bare feet slapped against the tiled floor stopping just in front of her.  

Twerp looked at the deep dark red nail polish perfectly painted on each nail. She could smell the lotion radiating from Avery's feet as she looked up at the young fashionista. Twerp took a couple of steps backwards as Avery looked down at her friend's former stepmother.  

"You should be done by now. I need you to pick up those crumbs underneath the table. The baseboards should have been done long ago." 

"I'm working as fast as I can. I'm just so small." Twerp shouted trying to explain herself to Avery. 

"You were given chores. I can remember you telling Peyton that there are no good excuses. So, maybe you should remember your own teachings." Avery said snidely as she watched the diminutive woman start to pick up the crumbs off the floor.  

Twerp couldn't believe she was being ordered around like this in her own home. It's bad enough that Peyton does it.  She certainly couldn't stand for having Avery do it. This was just too much.  

"I don't need you to remind me of what I lectured about. If you would just listen to me." Twerp managed to get out before Avery interrupted.  

"No, I'm done listening. I don't need to listen to you. I've listened and I've been pushed around by people enough. You aren't in charge around here anymore. Infact, this is now more my home then it is yours. I have a room, I live here. You're just here as Peyton's pet." Avery said pointedly  

"I'm on the deed of this house. I'm sick of this. You know that I'm Nancy List. Please, you of all people Avery." Twerp pleaded as Avery walked over to the baby monitor and turned it off.  

"That's silly, you are nothing more than the family pet. Ironically, since I live here now. That makes you my pet as well. Besides, no one is ever going to believe you're Nancy List. You live as Twerp now" 

"You don't understand --." Twerp argued before getting cut off. 

"I do understand. I understand that this family is now Mr. List, Peyton, and myself. You're just here as one of Peyton's pets. You are a part of this family the same way Simba and Max are." 

"No, no." Twerp shouted.  

"Don't believe me?" Avery said in a questioning tone as she walked over the kitchen cabinet. She pulled down a box of doughnuts. She broke off a small piece of the doughnut and bent down staring at the small woman.  

"I know you want this. You want this food to prove that you're a person. Now sit." Avery commanded in a tone Twerp didn't know she had. She looked up at the small meager piece of doughnut that looked massive to her but was dwarfed in Avery’s grip. Twerp knew she was going to have to comply. She reluctantly sat down.  

"That’s right." Avery said tossing the morsel of doughnut down to the small woman. Avery watched her devour the doughnut crumbs she tossed towards her.  

As Twerp swallowed the doughnut bits she half expected to throw up. She thought she was going to get sick like earlier. However, she felt fine. She knew she had just gotten sick off the dog food.  

"Thank god. this proves it was the dog food that got me sick earlier. When Peyton hears this, I can get back on real food." Twerp said happily.  

"Twerp, roll over." Avery said.  

"No, I complied before because I needed the doughnut. Now I don't. I'm a person. I can eat people food." Twerp said proudly.  

"What doughnut?" Avery said with a smile.  

"What do you mean what doughnut? You gave me some for sitting earlier." 

"that’s the thing. Only I saw it. Peyton can't hear anything right now. That little baby monitor is turned off. She's never going to let you have people food again."  

Twerp couldn't believe this was happening. She was being blackmailed by little Avery Jennings. She could feel her blood boiling, she couldn't do anything about this. Avery was right. She was the only person who witnessed the act.  

"Roll over" Avery said. Twerp dropped onto the floor and did a somersault. She felt like a child. She hadn't done a somersault in probably thirty years.  

"Good, now beg." Twerp rose up to her hands and knees and made a begging motion. She felt ill as she complied to Avery wishes. 

"This is how things will work from now on. You are going to do what I say without question from now on. We will trial this for let's say two months. If after two months you have never questioned any order I give you. I will consider telling Peyton about your little ability to eat real food. If you disobey me, or hesitate even once. That timer resets." 

"Two months? But, but, that means in the interim... I have to eat dog food?"  

"Nothing but, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, I want you to lap water out of the water bowl when you get thirsty. Go over and show me how you're going to drink from now on. Mrs. List." Twerp knew she added on her name as an insult. She used it as a weapon to further cut her down. As she looked over at the water bowl she couldn't believe this was happening.  

Twerp walked over to the large dish. She had seen Simba and Max drink out of this many times. She never had given it much thought. However. Now as she pulled herself up the side of the bowl. She felt humiliated. She could see crumbs floating in water. Debris from she didn't even want to know what from. She couldn't possibly lower head into water. As she looked back at Avery standing just behind her she felt sick.  

She pushed her head so it was just above the water line. She stuck her tongue out and started lapping up water like a dog. She could taste bits of dog and cat food in the water as she continued to lap it up.  

"That’s right Mrs. List drink up. This is how you will be drinking from now on. If I ever see, or hear of you drinking otherwise the deals off."  

"Yes, Master Avery." Twerp said as pulled her head away from the water and slid down the water dish towards the floor. She felt humiliated as she stood before Avery. She as going to have drink water like animal or risk never getting real food.  

"Then later today, you can come upstairs and do my nails. I have a feeling you will be doing those from now on. You know how meticulous I am about my nails. So be prepared to learn how I like them done. I don't care how long it takes you. I remember you talking about minoring in art. I could get you a little paint set and you could do tiny murals on each nail. Get back to cleaning. I'm done with you worm." Avery said as she bent down and turned back on the baby monitor. Just then there was a knock at the door. The slapping of bare feet against the floor told her that Peyton was going to the door. Twerp looked over at the cleaning supplies, however her curiosity got the better of her. She dashed back through the kitchen following a good distance behind Avery who met Peyton at the bottom of the stairs before the two girls headed towards the doorway. 

 She could hear the loud voices of Peyton and a person talking the doorway. The closer she got the sooner she realized Peyton was talking to some police officer.  Twerp wondered what the police could possibly want with Peyton. They closed the case, or so she thought.  

"I have just uncovered some additional evidence that raises a few questions." Twerp heard the officer say. As she looked at the entry way, she wanted to get a better vantage point on what was going on. She crept out of the kitchen and back into the living room. She found herself thankful for once in her life that Peyton lived slovenly. She noticed a stray pair of shoes lying on their side in the entryway. Twerp carefully made her way across the living room and crawled into the overturned sneaker concealing herself. As she looked up from the sneaker she could see Peyton and the police officer talking while Avery listened in.  

"What kind of evidence are you talking about? You just told us that my stepmother had died. Now you're saying she's alive? You can't do this to me and my family." Peyton said somberly as she forced herself to fake cry convincingly.  

"The brat was always good as crying. Sickeningly good." Twerp said to herself as she watched her stepdaughter work her magic of the officer.  

"Nothing like that, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong idea." The officer delicately said. 

"Why don't you come in so we can talk about this." Peyton said motioning the officer inside. Twerp looked up fearfully as the giant beings stepped over her with oblivious ease as they sat down on the sofa.  

"Would you like a drink Officer Daniels, right?" Peyton asked inquisitively.   

"Yes, that’s correct mam. Sure, some water would be fine." Officer Daniels said as Peyton walked into the kitchen. She looked down at her phone and sighed seeing Twerp was somewhere in the living room. She grabbed a juice glass from the cupboard and turned on the water waiting for it to chill.  

"So, what's this you wanted to speak out? We are all really just trying to move on at this point." Peyton said somberly as she filled the glass up with cold water.  

"Well I found a hidden camera taping that shows a girl about your age. Blonde hair, at an ATM down the road here. The camera never catches her face. I was just curious if you happen to know anything about that, or someone fitting that description." The officer said while looking over at family photo with Peyton in it.  

Peyton nervously looked down at the water. Setting the glass down on the counter she reached into her pocket and nervously pulled out the bottle pills. She looked at the bottle for several long seconds before starting to put it back in her pocket when she stopped and opened the bottle allowing two pills to fall into the water glass. She watched the pills dissolve before grabbing the glass and heading into the living room.  

"No, I can't think of anyone." Peyton said setting the glass of water down on the table next to the officer before sitting down on the sofa.   

Twerp took a couple steps out of Peyton's discarded sneaker. She inched along the perimeter of the room taking the long way to the couch. She could see the backs of Peyton's bare feet. She walked underneath the sofa nearing stepdaughter.  

"Are you sure, there's not something you might want to tell me or share with me. As once I get to the station and enter this tape into evidence my hands are tied on what I can do." Officer Daniels coyly said as he played with the mini dv tape in his hands. 

"what are you trying to say? You think it's me on there?" Peyton said annoyed   

"No, I didn't say anything like that." The officer said as he took a drink of water. 

"I'm not stupid Officer Daniels. You didn't need to say it but you sure hinted towards it." 

"If it was you on the tape. It would behoove you to come forward now. As the materials this person has, are the same materials we recovered in the fire. I'm not saying the person on this tape killed Nancy List. However, without hearing the other side of it from the person on tape. I could certainly see how that line of thinking could occur.  

“That doesn’t prove anything. All it shows is me at an atm. I was using her purse because she asked me to run and grab her some cash. She's my stepmother, I don't question what she's asks of me. I wasn't raised that way.” Peyton said.  

"So, you admit that’s it's you on the tape then." The officer says as Peyton realizes her mistake.   You're a bright girl. I can see that. With the same purse recovered in the fire now shown in your possession just before your stepmother's disappearance. The same fire that we found your stepmother burned to death in. This will definitely bring up questions when I get back to the station with this. So, we can handle this in one of two ways. You can let me search your house. Or, I can call down to the station and with the evidence. I have enough to get a warrant. Which I will then come back and the warrant will allow me to search your house anyway.” The officer said while taking another drink. 

“Y-yeah sure. You can search the house. I have nothing to hide at all.” Peyton said nervously. The officer took a final drink of water before standing up and heading towards the kitchen.  

"Officer Daniels, this is just a misunderstanding. We can surely talk about this. I may have taken my stepmother's purse. But, I was just mad at her and threw it in the garbage after i grabbed a couple bucks. I just wanted to get back her okay. I had nothing to do with anything else."   

Twerp followed behind as they entered the kitchen. Everything in Twerps mind was screaming this is it. This is it. You can get noticed and found. You can get the help you deserve. As Twerp thought this, she took several steps. She soon realized she wasn't moving at all. In fact, she had moved backwards, and placed her back in Peyton's shoe.  As she looked towards the kitchen in her mind she could see the disapproval of Peyton.  

"This is ludicrous. I'm a grown woman. Not the pet or slave to my step daughter." Twerp said as she attempted to convince herself otherwise. However, her body shook in fear. 

As she found the courage to take a few steps forwards and peek out of the shoe. She looked on fearfully as she saw the officer and Peyton in the kitchen. Her body told her to hide. Her body was trying to convince her that hiding away and concealing herself would get her in the good graces of her stepdaughter.  As badly as she wanted to get his attention, the words of Peyton prevented her from doing so. Every movement she took to make progress towards her him, she was betrayed by herself. She felt disgraced that she had already been re-educated to this point already. She needed to get his attention. This could be her only chance. 

Twerp looked up at the police officer tearfully and headed towards the two giants. She couldn't find the strength to do what she needed to do. She couldn't find the courage to disobey her stepdaughter. All her words, all her bravado she has had since this horrid accident occurred. It was all talk, she realized now, as she found herself unable to find the strength to disobey the teenage tyrant who now ran her life. The person who just treated like a dumb animal. The person who thinks of her as not even human and as she looks up at the officer now she finds herself wondering to herself if she is. If maybe Peyton was right?  

She struggled to comprehend how this could be happening. How her own body could betray her. It was then she realized the stepdaughter she always chided for poor grades. The girl she always said took the easy way out of everything and, was never willing to put in the work unless she got something out of it, was smarter than she gave her credit for. She had been manipulating her since the beginning. She had been retraining her for this moment. This time when she had a chance at freedom. A chance to turn to the tables on her step daughter, but now can no longer find the strength in herself to disobey her master. 

"No, she's not my master. She's not my owner. I'm a person. I cannot be owned." Twerp said to herself aloud. As she watched the police officer begin to search the room looking through various drawers. 

Twerp slunk into the kitchen scurrying along the baseboards she had just cleaned before dashing over to the table. She hid herself behind the table leg looking up at the officer.  As she looked up at Peyton she sighed. She knew this was it. This would be her last shot. If she doesn’t get that officers attention she will truly be Peyton’s pet. This will be her life.  

“This is for us Douglas” Twerp said as she dashed away from the table shouting as loud as she could, waving her arms as she watched the now titanic sized police officer head out of the kitchen.  

Twerps eyes lit up as she saw Officer Daniels look down at her. She watched confusion spread across the officer's face as she looked upon her cotton clad body.  As the confusion spread throughout his body elation spread across Twerps body. The idea that someone who could actually help her had seen her gave her a renewed energy and confidence.  

"What is that?" Officer Daniels asked looking at Peyton and Avery as he pointed down at Twerp.  

"That's just my pet. You don't need to concern yourself with it." Peyton said as she started to step between Twerp and the officer. However, he had already started to reach out to Twerp. As Peyton moved to step between them his hands grabbed the humanoid figure of Twerp.  

As he grabbed her he could feel the warmth radiating from the cotton as if the cotton cloth she was covered in was a part of her.  He continued to look at the humanoid figure with a shocked expression. As he pressed down on her he heard her cry out.  

"This...this is a person? What's the meaning of this?" Officer Daniels questioned as he stared down in amazement.  

"That’s my pet. I told you already." Peyton said as she glanced over at Avery who shrugged her shoulders. As Officer Daniels squeezed on Twerp she yelped slightly from his rough treatment.  

"Wait this thing speaks? What have you done?"  

"TWERP!" Peyton said angrily as she looked down at her step mother.  

"Just who are you?" The officer asked unable to believe what he was seeing.  Unfortunately, he started to feel the effects of the pills Peyton had put in his water. He felt horrible, as if he were having a heart attack. It seemed like his heart was going to beat out of his chest. Then, as if he were in free fall just dropping from the sky. As he looked forward the walls appeared to be warping upwards while the colors blurred and elongated as he grabbed his chest.  

"I think he's having a heart attack." Twerp yelled, she looked towards Avery who looked indifferent and Peyton who was watching with a smile. Neither one seemed concerned for his safety.  

The officer groaned in pain as he felt his clothes loosen and start to feel heavy. As he reached his hand out he saw that it disappeared in his sleeve. Let out a terrified scream as the world around him seemed to be growing.  

"Oh my god. Peyton! What have you done?" Twerp shouted as he saw the officer shrinking before her eyes.  

 The officer tried to push himself off the floor, but his body felt heavy and weak. He looked up at Peyton and Avery who now looked more like older siblings in comparison to him now. He felt his body start to convulse and a crushing pressure as his cells compacted. 

Soon the officer was shrouded in a darkness, as a tremendous amount of weight fell upon him. He continued to writhe in pain, while his body convulsed for what felt like hours; Before finally his mind began to clear, and he felt relatively normal again outside of a bitter coldness over his body. He felt around in the darkness moving forward, towards a small beam of light. As he stepped through the light he thought surely, he was dead for a moment. His eyes blinked several times as they adjusted to the bright light.  

As his vision returned he couldn't believe what he saw. Standing before him was a foot, only it was beyond what he could ever imagine in size and scale. He could see the blue nail polish that had started to chip away. As he followed the massively sized foot upwards before it was shrouded beneath a thick grey structure. It had the appearance of fabric but looked much too thick, and strong to be any kind of fabric known to man. The grey material seemed to extend up as far as the eye could see. 

"Officer, are you okay?" Twerp shouted as she ran over to the officer, and helped him to his feet.  

"Who or what are you? And why do you smell so bad?" The officer questioned.  

“My name is Twerp. Formerly, Nancy List. I-I I don't know how to tell you this..." Twerp said, wondering how to break the news to the officer that he had shrunk. 

"Don't worry, I can." Peyton said  

The officer grabbed his ears covering them as the powerful voice of Peyton boomed around him on a scale that seemed penetrate his very being. As he looked over at Twerp and then back at the grey material, and the feet before him. His eyes started to panic. As he looked behind the small woman he could see another set of bare feet. Only these were perfectly pedicured blood red in color. Beside him lay a pair of handcuffs that just clattered to the ground. He recognized them as his own, only on a monstrous scale.  

"I believe you've met Twerp, Officer." Peyton said as she stared down like a kid in a candy store.  

"P-Peyton, what have you done?" The officer said as he craned his neck upwards unable to comprehend how he couldn't even see either of the girl's faces. His body shook in terror while his eyes were as wide as a kid at Disney World. He struggled to take everything in. The everyday objects of the kitchen now dominated the landscape. The tables and chairs that were nearby now looked distant and extended up into what appeared to the heavens. The counter tops were simply beyond his realm of view. His brain and eyes were struggling to keep everything in check as he took in this now surreal landscape 

"You shrunk. You should have left the case alone Daniels. No one likes a nosey cop. " Peyton said nonchalantly. 

"Who the hell is Twerp. What did you do?” The officer said still confused. His mind struggling to comprehend the life altering events that had befallen him. The officer yelled as he placed his hands-on hips. His years of training allowed to respond much calmer than he truly was.  

"Twerp is that little thing over here." Avery clarified as she bent down and pointed at the small woman.  

"Wha-whats the meaning of this. This isn't funny. You two change us back this instant. Do you hear me Young Ladies. You're in a lot of trouble" The officer said looking as sternly as he could. 

"It's sorta a one-way trip down." Avery exclaimed as she eyed the officer.  

"You are in big trouble do you hear me. You are in so much trouble. We are talking about attacking an officer, assault, and I don't even know what call shrinking an officer. Evading arrest maybe?" The officer shouted angrily  

"Calm down." Twerp said hoping to settle him down before Peyton got upset.  

"Silence" Peyton bellowed as the officer fell to the ground taking Twerp with him. He watched Peyton's barefoot extend what must have been hundreds of feet into the air. He could barely see it for a moment before he saw it thrust downward exploding against the tile the floor with a force that knocked him back what looked like several feet to him. The floor quivered like Jello all around him as a simply massive cat dashed into the room in the background to see what the fuss is about. 

"Officer, it’s a whole new world for you. As Twerp has been finding out."  

"A whole new world, A fantastic point of view, No one to tell us no, or Where to go, or say were only dreaming." Avery sung and danced. 

"Avery!" Peyton said...before giving in and singing and dancing with her friend. "A whole new world, A dazzling place I never knew, but when I'm way up here, Its crystal clear, That I'm in a whole new world with you." The girls finished both laughing. "You really are in a whole new world, Officer. I think you may want to reconsider that tone." 

"I know your upset officer. Believe me, I know. Things are different now." Twerp said trying to calm him down. 

"Listen to Twerp. Things are different. We're in charge around here. I don't have to do anything you say. In fact, you'll be doing what we say from now on." Peyton said with a smirk. I kind of like the idea of having a police officer to do my bidding.  

“No one is above the law. You won’t get away with this.” The officer said while shaking his fist at the giant girl.  

“You said yourself that the mini-dv you got from the store across the street was the only camera that saw me at the ATM taking out the money. It was partially hidden which is why you didn’t see it right away. You told me that you had then dashed over here immediately as your little pea brain put together the pieces.” Peyton said with a smile as Avery rustled through the officer’s pants pocket pulling out the mini dv.  

“I believe this is called checkmate.” Avery said walking over to the sink and, dropping the mini dv into the garbage disposal before turning it on.  

“That’s destroying evidence. This makes you an accomplice. I need you both to turn around put your hands in the air. 

“For what crime? All they will be able to find of you is an empty police car outside of the house. No one is going to be able to vouch for you being here. As Peyton and I are going to say we never saw a thing. We noticed the police car, but that was it. No one’s looking for a thing like you. They would be looking for a person.” Avery said 

The officer looked between the two now giant girls with a look of panic in his eyes. As he looked at Twerp's face he could clearly see the dirt and grime all over her cotton body. She held her body in a defeated posture. He could see the look of sadness in her eyes. Officer Daniels noticed swelling around her right shoulder. He wondered if it was or had been separated? A part of him theorized it could be a byproduct of whatever they did to her to cover her body in cotton.  Whatever it was, it was clear that she hadn't had it easy. He wondered what had been done to her, but was afraid to ask.  

"Watch and learn officer. Twerp, lick Avery's toe." Peyton said with a stomp of her foot. Which knocked both officer and Twerp back to the ground. Twerp looked over at Avery, she felt a fear she hoped she'd never have to relive course through her. Her body begun moving towards Avery on its own. She looked over at Peyton fearful as she approached Avery's foot, and dropped to her knees.  In her mind, she was fighting to stop herself. The part of her brain that was still her old self was screaming stop, stop. But the logical part of her brain that has been processing all the data of this horrific transformation that she had gone under had already accepted all Peyton's logic as truth. That she is sub species who serves her human masters.  

As her lips pressed against Avery's foot she felt herself pulled back. She saw the officer pull her from Avery's foot. She never had time to react when she saw Avery's other foot knock him over sending him skidding across the floor crashing into Peyton's bare foot.  

Twerp looked up at Avery, and now felt more fear than ever before. She never would have imagined that Peyton would have shrunk a police officer. She felt any hope that she ever had of returning to normal fizzle out of her as she dropped back to her knees and pressed her lips against Avery's toe. She felt dumb forever thinking if even for a moment that the officer would be able to help her. 

Tears dripped down Twerps face as she realized this was going to be her life now. She was going to be serving her step daughter, and her friends forever. The idea of getting help from someone else, seemed cruel. Peyton would surely shrink anyone who discovered her. 

"I should have just done as I was told.” Twerp sobbed as she thought more about how this guy was never going to see his family again. This officer now had the same fate as Twerp. The idea of putting someone else through this just seemed wrong on every level to Twerp.  

"See officer, Twerp understands. You've been turned into a new species I have coined Peytonians. For the record, I never wanted this to have to happen. You forced my hand, and then, you were so insistent on searching the house. You were trying to arrest me. You don’t understand that she’s not a person. You can’t rob yourself. She’s my property, you didn’t let me explain that. You just jumped to conclusions. You left us no choice in the matter.” 

"Girls let’s talk about this. Maybe I misread the situation.” 

"No, your time is done. Now you listen to us. I didn't want to take your humanity. You just left me no choice. I promise though. You will want for nothing, and I will train you to be an obedient little pet." 

"T-train? What are you talking about?" The officer said confusingly as he looked over at who they were calling Twerp. 

"You aren't human. You're not like Avery and I anymore." 

"What kind of nonsense are you talking about. Of course, I'm still a person. 

"She's trying say you're sub human now Officer." Avery said snidely.  

"That’s a great word for it. Thanks Avery. I will train you just like Twerp. You will learn to serve your human masters. It's important you understand. This all for your own good. You just need to pledge yourself to me, as your goddess. Then you can serve Me, Avery and Sabrina." Peyton said sweetly  

"Are you fucking high? What kind of drugs are you on? You seriously need help!" The officer said as he stared up at Peyton’s knees while backing away.  

"That is not, the right answer." Peyton said as she shed her sweet, kind voice she had been using, and went to a much sterner voice. "I think, I will take a page out of your book, and I believe it’s you who is looking at some time in prison. You can come out, when you accept me as your god, and pledge your life to me."  

"That's crazy, stop with that girl’s foot, and tell your daughter she is fucking crazy." The officer shouted losing his cool. He then, felt the warm strong hands of Peyton wrap around him. He pushed against her fingers unable to budge them. As he felt himself rise up higher, and higher he soon felt his ears pop, as he continued his ascent until he was looking squarely at Peyton’s face; Which is now so large he struggled to comprehend it. He watched Peyton extend her tongue, and saw a large metal piercing with chains in her tongue. 

"What is that? Is that a tongue piercing?” The officer shouted shocked by the size of the piercing in comparison to him. However, he only saw himself getting closer, and closer. His nose twitched in disgust as her warm morning breathe washed over him. He gulped as he looked into the cold penetrating eyes of the now gigantic teenager. He couldn’t comprehend her scale as he looked down towards the floor. It was then he realized he was so far up he could no longer see the floor.  

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me. I don’t want to die.” The officer pleaded. His police training unable to prepare him for such a situation. As he looked into the girls mammoth sized mouth her teeth hung down like menacing daggers which glistened from her saliva in the light. Her large pink tongue quaked and quivered as it rolled out of her mouth.  

"Stop, stop." The officer screamed as he felt Peyton's grip on him release as he dropped onto her tongue. A massive silver ball jutted out of Peyton's tongue. Douglas gulped as her tongue spreads out expansively. He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that piercing was real and was stuck out of this girl’s tongue like a building unto itself.  He looks on helplessly as she gripped the chains coming from her piercing and expertly in a single swift motion slap the chains onto his limbs.  

"This isn't happening. Someone help!!" The officer screamed as he ran towards her mouth hoping for freedom forgetting his chains in the panic. As he neared the edge of Peyton's tongue the chains reached full tension, and he was knocked onto his back. He then saw the final chain clasped around his neck. He looks over at Avery's who waved at him as he looked out of Peyton’s mouth. The hot breath of this young girl was sweltering. He could feel the beads of sweat from along his brow as the rank air from her mouth caused him to cough. while her un-brushed teeth looked ominously back at him just a few feet from him.  

"This isn’t happening, Peyton stop! Stop this right now young lady. I'm an officer of the law and I command you to let me out." However, his shouts fell on deaf ears as he watched helplessly as her tongue retreated back into her mouth. He ducked down covering his head in fear as he passed underneath her sharp teeth. Seconds later as her tongue settled back down in her mouth he watched in horror as her mouth closed sealing him in her mouth. Chained to her tongue piercing like a dog in a yard.  


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