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Author's Chapter Notes:

Not many chapters left. We are closing in on the conclusion of this tale. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented and enjoyed the story up until now. 

Step Monster CH15




Officer Daniels was humbled by the dark moist mouth that now encased his body. He still couldn’t comprehend how this had all happened. He kept running through the events in his head trying to figure out where he went wrong. What led him to this scenario where he was chained to the tongue piercing of a minor.

The powerful voice of his captor rang in his head. It was so loud he couldn’t understand much of what was being said. As she spoke her tongue would curl, other times it would move forward to the front of her mouth. While another time it would be along the side or back. He never realized how much a person moved their tongue when they spoke. Desperately he tried to scream for help. He tried pleading with his captor, however she seemed to pay him no attention or she couldn’t hear him.

As she spoke shards of light would shine into her mouth allowing him to see his horrifying surroundings. He wasn’t sure if that was good or bad. As he enjoyed not being encased in complete darkness. However, having light just reminded him how screwed he was.

Peyton begun speaking again, however her words were nothing more than a jumble of noises. As he looked out from her mouth while she spoke to Avery. Officer Daniels could see her gathering up his uniform. As she bundled it up he realized that was the only piece of evidence that would tie him to this his house.

He kicked himself for being so stupid. His pride had gotten the better of him. He should have called in, and informed the station of the evidence he found or his whereabouts. If he had, they would have known he was here, and why he was here. Now, they will just find his car, and as the girls said that does nothing to lead anyone to suspect anything

Officer Daniels lurched forward falling towards the front of Peyton’s mouth as she stood up. He skids several feet before the chain became taut and he came to a crashing halt. He rolled from side to side banging into her teeth. He wondered how much more of this he could possibly take. He was unsure of how much time he had been in here but, it felt like hours already.

He covered his ears once again as Peyton spoke. As he looked out of her mouth he could see into her refrigerator. It was humbling for Officer Daniels to see the large food and drink items in the fridge. It also made him realize how hungry and thirsty he was. He debated briefly calling out to Peyton, however his previous attempts went unanswered, and he couldn’t see why this would be any different.

“Hey! Even prisoners get food and water!” Officer Daniels shouted knowing he wouldn’t get a response. However, for the first time he noticed her lips curl upwards. From inside the mouth he had no idea Peyton was smirking. As she could hear his every word. She had just been choosing to ignore him.

Peyton grabbed two bottles of Coke from the fridge before closing it, and handed one to Avery. She watched Twerp looking longingly at the carbonated beverage. She could see in her eyes that she already knew better than to ask or beg for any. Peyton felt glee over the fact she was already successfully training her former step mother.

Officer Daniels ears perked up as he heard the hiss of the bottle opening. He sat in the darkness waiting for her to take him out. He couldn’t wait for the metal chains around his limbs and neck to be removed as they were digging deeply into his skin. However, as Peyton opened her mouth his eyes lit up as unbridled terror spread across his face. He could see nothing, but the opened top of the Coke bottle hurdling towards her mouth.

He remembered Peyton saying this would be his world until he submitted. He had no idea the reality until now. As rim of the bottle rested of her soft lips. Officer Daniels eyed from left to right. He desperately searched for somewhere to go. However, a torrent of Coke flooded her mouth. The power and force of the coke knocked Officer Daniels backwards with his back slamming against the metal tongue piercing.

“Stop!” He tried to scream, but this only allowed the coke to careen down his throat. As the Coke flooded her mouth he poked his head up above the torrent sputtering out coke. As he looked down he could see the levels rising her and higher. He took a deep breath just seconds before the entirety of her mouth was filled with coke.

Thoughts of drowning to death filled his mind. The Coke burned his eyes as it pressed against him. The worst of it was the Coke that was getting forced up his nose. It stung and gave him a drowning sensation. He tried to blow the Coke from his nose, but it was futile. However, just as quickly as the coke entered, and filled her mouth. He saw the levels dissipate until there was nothing left. He took several deep breaths of air as he watched the rim of the bottle move away from her mouth, and retreat back to the table.

Officer Daniels figured this was another way for her torment him. He expected another swig of Coke to come any second now. That wasn’t the reality of situation. As the reality of it all was that Peyton hadn’t given him much of a thought at all. Her only thought was I am thirsty. She soon went back to cutting up his police uniform. The idea of her world not revolving around his torment and punishment seemed so foreign to him.

As from his perspective he had been attacked. He was being held against his will. Now he was imprisoned inside a girl a mouth for amusement. From his perspective, she is spending all of her energy making his life hell. But, in actuality Peyton is ignoring him for the most part just living her life.

Twerp, found herself lost in the task at hand. As Avery and Peyton cut up the police uniform into scraps she would pull the scraps away put them in piles. She felt like an accessory to their crimes, but knew she had no choice. She tried to avoid looking at Peyton, however her eyes kept wandering towards her.

As she eyed her step daughter she couldn’t help but feel as if something is out of place, or wrong. She couldn’t put her finger on it though. As she continued to clear away the fabric they had cut. It wasn’t until she grabbed a piece of fabric with a label on it that the source of the bad feeling became apparent.

Looking down at the Fabric as she pulled it away she could see writing on the label. As she looked closer at the label she noticed the writing on it seemed to be in a foreign language. It was all a jumbled mess of nonsense to her. As Peyton reached her arm over her she found her eyes drift over to her shirt. She could see the same nonsensical words spread written on her shirt. They were different, but appeared to be of the same language.

“Umm Master, what is written on your shirt? I don’t recognize it, but it appears to be the same language as this label.” Twerp asked. As soon as she finished asking she watched the eyes of Peyton and Avery meet. They shared a knowing smile before erupting in laughter.

“English, duh” Avery said between fits of laughter. Twerp looked back over at Peyton’s shirt. She knew surely that this must have been some new form of torment. She couldn’t quite figure out what the end game was to this one though.

Once Peyton’s laughter subsided she noticed the furrowed brow of her step mother. She could tell she was thinking deeply. As normally she saw that face when she was trying to figure something out. Peyton cocked her eyebrow as a thought popped into her head.

“Twerp, what letter is this?” Peyton asked pointing at her shirt. She watched Twerp’s eyes focus on her shirt for a couple minutes.

“Well? It’s not that hard of a question miss college grad. Did you not need to know the alphabet to get high honors at your school?” Peyton teased while tapping her foot impatiently.

“I-I don’t know. It looks foreign.” Twerp responded deciding to answer honestly as clearly they were trying some kind of scheme. She just wasn’t sure what. She watched Avery and Peyton both exchange looks before staring down at her.

“I think she’s being honest Pey. I don’t think she can read your shirt. What does this bottle say?” Avery asked as she pointed at the word coke on the bottle. As Twerp turned her head her eyes bore into the bottle. She could see the curvature of the letters. She knew from her the red and white patterning was the coke logo. However, the word coke itself, she couldn’t read on the bottle. It might as well have been Arabic or Japanese.

“Oh god, I-I can’t read it. I can’t read it. What is going on? What have you girls done?” Twerp looked up fearfully as her eyes darted between the two titans.

“We did nothing, but this is absolutely rich. You can’t fuckin’ read.” Peyton gloated.

“Peyton! Language.” Twerp said instinctively falling into the parenting adult role she had been in for so long now. As soon as she said it the girls just looked down at her, and laughed harder.

“Someone’s a comedian today. She thinks she’s a person.” Peyton says laughing harder at the notion.

“That’s a good one twerp. You have no authority in this house.” Peyton says spitting down on the table.

“Grab some of that cloth and clean that up.” Peyton ordered. She saw only a moment of hesitation from her step mother before she ran over to the glob of spit dropping onto her hands and knees. Twerp began wiping up the spit with a scrap of Officer Daniels uniform.

“Hmph, that’s where you stand in this house. Get the picture.” Peyton gloated as she watched Twerp labor away struggling to clean up the small glob of spit.

“Really though, you not reading is to great. Looks like the days of you lording your education over everyone are through. You’re not even smarter than a first grader anymore. Twerps mind was reeling over this revelation. As she looked up at her step daughter she never felt smaller and more helpless than she did at this moment.

“Please, Masters. Seriously, you need to help me get back to normal. If I don’t get changed back soon who knows what else could happen.” Twerp pleaded frantically. Hoping the seriousness of this would end these games the girls were playing.

“Seriously Avery, did you hear her?” Peyton taunted.

“Seriously, Peyton you just have to help me get back to normal.” Avery taunted back in a high pitched babyish voice causing both girls to laugh.

“The thing, acts like it needs to read.” Avery said to Peyton ignoring Peyton’s step mother completely.

“Anything you need to know, is read to you. The way I see it. I hope you lose your ability to speak. I could just teach you commands. Like Twerp Foot massage. Twerp clean, and then point to what I want cleaned.”  Peyton said gleefully.

Twerp found herself horrified by the picture her step daughter painted. The idea of being reduced to such a state was sickening. Being unable to communicate with them, relying on Peyton to reteach and educate her. She visibly shuddered as she tried to push the thought of such a day out of her head.

In reality, Twerp had no idea the struggle her brain was under. Ever since she reduced in size it has struggled to make sense of everything. When a person is reduced their brain is also reduced. The reduction kicked an evolutionary process in her body. A very primal process that is hard coded into everyone’s DNA.

Twerps brain has been sifting through her knowledge trying to make sense of this reality and decide what skills she will need to survive in this new form.  While Peyton has called her not human, to be mean. In some ways, it’s closer to the truth than either realizes. Twerps brain has pushed the human knowledge of reading and writing from her brain. As the logical subhuman processes of Twerps brain are feeding off the knowledge that Peyton and her friends are providing as truths as it’s something that makes sense to her brain. Its logical to her subhuman brain which has assumed control of Twerps mind. The human side of her brain where Nancy List resides is getting pushed further and further to the back of her brain like a distant memory. Like when a person tries to recall a memory from when they are three or four. It's not normally a memory that's immediately accessible. 

Something in Twerps state cannot be human therefore it’s not is the directive her brain and body has been working under. Her brain has begun to push out the useless knowledge. While her body has also been adapting to its new size. As she shrunk instead of shedding cells her body held onto and merely split them making her denser. Thus, leading to her increased durability.

“You may become the ideal pet Twerp. Just think, you could be waiting for me to come home from school. As I walk in the door your face could light up just happy to be acknowledged by me. Wanting me to play with you. You begging me to feed and water you. Praying I part some of my knowledge and wisdom upon you. As Avery and I speak you can only look up at us in awe. Unable to comprehend the words we speak, except for the most basic of basic commands and words you have been taught. Your tiny little sub human brain unable to grasp the concepts of our advanced language. “ Peyton said enjoying the scared look on her face as her words sunk in.

Twerp desperately wanted to refute everything Peyton said. She wanted to say she would never live a life like that. However, if she could lose the ability to read and write. Losing concepts like mathematics. She knew the reality of the world Peyton painted was a possibility. She could feel her mind wanting to accept the lies she spews as reality and fact. Her mind, in her shrunken state seemed very impressionable. Like that of child or baby as it gains its knowledge from its parents.

“You might have to re-potty train her though” Avery said as she teased Peyton.

“I will not. I will get her a litter box or something.” Peyton said.

“Well you still have to teach her to use it. It’s not like she comes with the knowledge of domestication. She’s just a dumb animal now.” Avery said rather matter of factly. The words stung Twerp. Hearing the girl talk about her in such a way was bad enough. However, she seemed to be disregarding her all together. The way a person talks about a cat or a dog not worrying if they hear you as you know they can’t understand you.

“Hmm. Well I guess that’s a downside to this.” Peyton said in a way that made twerp wonder if she was considering how best to do this.

“I can potty on my own, thank you very much.” Twerp said feeling the need to assert she was still capable of such a feat on her own. However, neither girl seemed to acknowledge her statement.

“Now that you have a male. You could look into breeding.” Avery said dropping another pile of fabric in front of Twerp as she finished wiping up Peyton’s spit.

“I’m sure it will happen.” Peyton said in a way that concerned Twerp.

“Well that’s the last of it. Let’s start getting these piles in the garbage disposal.” Peyton said picking up a pile and walking over to the sink.

Officer Daniels could only look on from Peyton’s mouth as his uniform was shredded and any sign of his existence removed from premises. It made him sick that the girls had won. As he stared out of Peyton’s mouth he felt defeated. It was then the rim of the coke bottle rested on her lips. He looked on ominously once again as gallons upon gallons of coke surged into her mouth. He was blasted once again with coke as her mouth filled up.

He struggled for air for a few moments before the liquid drained down her throat. HE thought that was it until he saw her mouth re-open as part of a cookie was shoved into her mouth. Officer Daniels back pedaled to make room. While his stomach rumbled.  He bit down on the cookie and nearly cracked a tooth. He was learning the same lesson as Twerp. His jaw was not strong enough to penetrate most human foods without assistance of some outside force or it was broken down into small insignificant crumbs.

He could only look on with a terrified expression on his face as he watched her teeth crush with greatest of ease a cookie he could never hope to break. The crushing sound was horrific and sounded like bones being broken as her teeth mauled the cookie into a paste. The constant up and down crushing all around him was a warning of just how dangerous his current predicament was.

If an arm or leg would get caught underneath her teeth that would be it. He knew she would sever any limb instantly and may not even realize as he mixed in with the cookie.  He hungrily looked at the cookie continually getting crushed around him, spread about her mouth.

“If you are hungry eat” Peyton said with her mouth full of cookie. He looked on either side as she held her mouth open. He saw that the seemingly all-powerful cookie had been transformed to a disgusting paste.

“Until you submit to my will. You will eat and drink what I eat and drink. I know your mouth cannot breakup human food. So, you will wait till I chew the food to a mushy paste. Then you will grab pieces of the mushed-up food before I swallow. If you are thirsty you will have to steal gulps of the liquids I drink before I swallow them. That is your new reality until you pledge yourself to me. I will not acknowledge your existence again until I hear you submit to me. Until you agree that I am your goddess and you will serve me.” Peyton bellowed.

Officer Daniels had a mixture of terror and disgust on his face. As he saw her mouth gathering the mushed cookie in front of him. He felt himself start to throw up. The taste of vomit reached the back of his mouth before he forced it backed own. As he eyed the cookie paste before him he reached his shaking hand out to it pulling a wad of cookie mush from the pile. He gulped as he watched the mush of cookie slide across her tongue. He side-stepped as the cookie disappeared down her throat.

"Disgusting" Officer Daniels said tossing the wad of cookie mush onto her tongue. He watched it slide towards the rear of her mouth and disappear like the rest.  He shuddered again before sitting back down on her warm slick tongue. He was glad that was over, and knew if she thought he was going to eat food she had already chewed up as if he were some kind of baby bird she had another thing coming.

Light shone in once again in the form of just a couple beads of light. Then it all he could see was a cookie approach with a large bite mark in it. He cringed over the reality of situation. She was eating a cookie. No one takes just one bite and then tosses the remainder aside. The cookie slid across her tongue jabbing him in the stomach as he watched her teeth shred threw the cookie biting off a chunk seemingly larger than him.

The cookie this time pushed him with it towards the outer rim of her mouth. He could only look on helplessly as her teeth started to descend. Officer Daniels lifted his arms over his head as if he could somehow protect himself or ward off the strength of her teeth.

"I don't want to die!" Officer Daniels screamed as the cookie slid onto her teeth. Then at the last second the chains tightened and locked his limbs and body in place as the chain would allow him to go no further. He could only watch as her teeth crushed down on the cookie right before his eyes. He found himself mesmerized as she crushes the cookie to bits. His nose pressed against the backside of her teeth as he she chewed on the cookie.

Bits of cookie mush would spray up into the air and splatter against his face. More times than he cared to admit he found himself accidently swallowing pieces of the chewed cookie. As the cookie crumbs slowly became crushes up tiny bits then a fine cookie paste he found the cookie mush would flow from the right to left side of her mouth. He tried his best to avoid the paste but he found his body was becoming slowly covered in remnant cookie.

When he would try to wipe his body clean of the cookie bits he saw Peyton's mouth open back up. The already all too familiar cookie entered her mouth. This time he was saw the remainder of the cookie plopped into her mouth. The cookie landed onto the lower half of his body. As it tumbled over him he found his skin was soft enough where the cookie made tiny cuts as its now powerful sharp edges cut through his skin like a blade.

Officer Daniels found it humbling that a cookie, a girls simple snack could now cut him to pieces. As she crushed the cookie up like the previous attempts he was once again pelted with cookie crumbs and paste which stuck to his body. As Peyton went to swallow a wave of Saliva washed over her mouth. The warm wet Saliva oozed over his body further sticking the remains of her cookie to his body. He watched the cookie disappear down her throat relieved that her snack was over.

He wondered how long he could take this. He couldn't imagine a meal. What would a hot food be like. He looked down at the chains wondering if they could hold. His thoughts were interrupted as her mouth opened back up. He had expected it to be closed for awhile but, as she opened it up he saw a second whole cookie appear at the entrance.

"You gluttonous bitch!" Officer Daniels called out. He wanted to cry as he held onto her piercing as tightly as he could. He watched the cookie approach helpless to stop her. As she shoved the cookie into her mouth and took a bite he noticed more of the cookie was in her mouth then prior bites. He felt like this was on purpose. As if perhaps calling the person whose mouth your trapped in a gluttonous bitch isn't a good idea.

The cookie swarmed around him as he looked from left to right everyone he could see was cookie. Larger pieces of cookie stuck to him as Peyton chewed. This time once she crushed the cookie into a fine paste of cookie bits and mush she forced the cookie onto her tongue and tilted her tongue downwards sending Officer Daniels into the mush of Cookie. He felt his body smack the massive was of cookie with a squelch before it seemingly enveloped him.

Peyton then held him trapped in a mound of decomposed cookie for several seconds before she pushed him and the cookie to the roof her mouth and sucked on him. He could feel the bits of and pieces of cookie that were stuck to him being pulled off as she treated him like a lifesaver.

As the last bits of cookie were pulled off of him he saw her mouth open up and torrent of Coke washed over him. As her mouth filed with coke he found himself swimming briefly as the Coke rolled over her taste buds. Seconds later the coke drained down her throat. He then felt himself rise up as her tongue pressed him against the roof her mouth. She pressed him flat against the roof of her mouth and then lowered her tongue. The bits of cookie remaining on his body and the sticky coke allowed him to stick to the roof of her mouth. His chains dangled downward towards the piercing in which they attached too.

"Get me down from here you brat! I'm not some kind of toy to be used for your enjoyment" He screamed but was drowned out by the garbage disposal. Her tongue than slid between his legs. He tried to close them but the tongue felt like it was all muscle, and easily spread his legs apart. She felt the tip of her tongue brush up against his member. Visions of this woman raping him filled his mind. However, he felt her tongue lower and push forwards so that it was partly out of her mouth. She then shoved her tongue back upwards towards the roof of her mouth.

Excruciating pain pulsed through the body of Officer Daniels as her piercing dug into him as if field goal kicker had just tee'd him up and kicked him in the nuts. He groaned in pain as his body clung to the roof of Peyton's mouth. He was gasping for air as her tongue lowered back down to the bottom of her mouth. He thought it was over for but a moment before she rammed her tongue piercing into his midsection. This happened twice more until Officer Daniels was audibly sobbing from inside Peyton's mouth.

Peyton then pulled her tongue to the rear of her mouth and ran the metal ball stud of her piercing along the roof of her mouth twice this time allowing for her tongue to gain more speed as the piercing traveled between his legs before ramming into his midsection. The last hit unstuck him from the roof her mouth allowing him to mercifully drop onto her tongue. Where curled up into the fetal position, and groaned in pain.

Light began to trickle in before her mouth was wide open. Officer Daniels struggled to turn his head so that he was looking forward. Tears continued to drain from his eyes as he saw the rim of the coke bottle return. Defeat washed across his face as he cowered on her tongue.

"I give, I submit! I Submit!" Shouted Officer Daniels. He continued to yell in hopes of staving off another drink. However, he could only watch helplessly as Coke gushed out of the bottle and onto her tongue. He was helpless to resist in any meaningful way as the sticky cold coke washed over his body.


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