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Author's Chapter Notes:

Only one chapter left.  Its going to be a busy week at work so i thought I would post this chapter early. I will try to post and edit the final chapter later this week but it may be the weekend before that happens. 


Step Monster CH16




It was the middle of the afternoon, and Twerp was walking back down Peyton's stomach for the umpteenth time. Resting on her stomach was what looked to her a massive pile of grapes. It looked as if it could feed a third world country. As Twerp approached the pile she grasped the grape by the stem and pulled. It usually took several tugs for her to break it free.

In the background she could hear some teen drama that Peyton was binge watching on Netflix. As she pulled the grape free she knew Peyton was pushing her buttons. She was never allowed to eat in living room which she already was breaking that rule. She was also not allowed more than two hours of television a day. As she hated the idea of a child being in front of the television all day.

However, now as she pulled the grape free from the stem which held it, she found that she had little say so in the matter of stopping her step daughter from doing so, and it made her sick. As she pulled a second grape free from the stem she tucked both under her arms, and started heading back up Peyton's body.

She found the idea that all of her weight could so easily be supported by her step daughters body to be surreal. Peyton's shirt had gotten pushed up as she laid down on the sofa and stretched her legs out. This left what appeared to be several yards of bare flesh for Twerp to walk across, as she did so she noted the athletic tone to her abs. She wasn't ripped by any means, but as she walked across her abdomen there was a certain power housed within them that she knew she lacked in hers. Now, as her bare feet walked along her step daughter's abs, her feet didn't even sink in much at all. It was an odd feeling to walk across someone's muscle. To know that all of your being is so easily supported by an abdominal muscle was humbling.

As she reached the shirt, Peyton's body tilted up a little bit. The slope caused her to drop a grape onto her stomach. As she did so she looked back down her body and took in just how small it made her feel. Peyton, now in comparison to her body was hundreds of feet tall. Nearly every aspect of her body dwarfed her. As she looked down her frame she could see her wiggle her feet as she played with something. She bit her tongue as she noticed that her feet were resting on the sofa. If anything was to bug her more than eating in the living room or watching an inappropriately large amount of television, it would be feet on the sofa. More importantly her sofa.

Grabbing the grape angrily, she turned around hoping not having to look at Peyton's feet on her expensive Sofa would make it not bother her so much, but it still did. She didn't notice it somehow during any of her other seemingly hundred trips, but now that she noticed it she can't not think about it or see it.

As she reached Peyton's breasts she found herself relieved that she wasn't gifted with a massive a chest. She knew that she landed in the lower B-range from having done her laundry so often. However even now her smallish chest proved to be a bother as she made her way up.

Finally reaching the top she stood waiting for Peyton to want a grape. After every other house rule she was breaking, having to stand here waiting for her to decide that she wanted grape as she watched some mindless teen drama dribble was just too much. More than anything she wished she had the power to march over to the television and turn it off.

"Grape" Peyton said opening her mouth. As she opened her mouth wide she could see Officer Daniels still chained to her tongue. As she tossed in the grape she could hear him pleading with her to tell Peyton that he had submitted. That he would do or say whatever she wanted to be free from his prison.

However, anytime she mentioned anything about this to Peyton she was ignored. Not knowing what else to do she merely tossed the grape in mouthed sorry as she watched the giant Maw close. She watched her chew and swallow the grape with utter ease. As she stood with the second grape waiting for her services to be called upon again.

"something bothering you?" Peyton finally said as another episode ended.

"I’m not sure what you mean, Master." Twerp said gritting her teeth as she said the last bit.

"You know what I mean. I can see it on your face." Peyton said with each word dripping with arrogance.

"Yes, it bothers me, alright. You're breaking every rule of the living room" Twerp shouted angrily. "Master." She added on much more meekly having realized how angry she had responded.

"Grape." Peyton ordered as she extend her tongue. Twerp set the grape down on the tongue watching it curl back into her mouth. "Well it’s a good thing you don't set the rules anymore isn't? What's the new rule around here? I can't seem to remember it." Peyton said sarcastically.

"You make the rules around here now, and you're always right." Twerp said as she gritted her teeth before starting to walk back down Peyton's body.

"I'll tell you what though. I'm not like you though. I don't have to be a bitch in all aspects of life. So, I will keep one of your rules of the living room as a compromise."  Peyton said as Twerps ears perked up.

"That's very gracious of you. Thank you. Thank you Master." Twerp said eagerly wondering which rule would be kept.

"No animals on the furniture. That seems like a fair rule. Animals are dirty you don't want their remnants left on the tables, chairs, countertops, sofa's and that that kind of thing." Peyton said as Twerp reached the pile of grapes.

"Yes, my thoughts as well." Twerp said pulling another grape free.

"Good, so you understand than that you won't be allowed on any furniture in any rooms in the house. You will be expected to stay on the floor unless told otherwise." Peyton said as she started the next episode.

"What! This is my furniture. I picked this out. I paid for this." Twerp shouted.

"Actually, my step mother picked this out, Nancy List. I don't think you met her Twerp." Peyton said with each word exuding snarkiness as she looked down at the tiny woman fuming with anger.

"I am --" was all Twerp managed to get out before Peyton paused her show and looked down.

"I'm sorry, what is your name?" Peyton asked

"Twerp." Begrudgingly Twerp said in a defeated tone.

"That's what I thought. You can't be two people at once.  However, remember what we talked about? You should say name and owner so people know who you belong too. At your size, you never know. You could get lost."

"Yes, of course. Sorry Master." Twerp said as she ripped the second grape from the stem angrily and started walking back up the body of her step daughter.

"So, let's try this again. What's your name?"

"My name is Twerp, and my owner is Peyton." Twerp said as she fought her brain in an attempt to stop it from replying. However, the words flew out of her obediently.

"That’s a good girl. Now this next step is important. I order you to forget about everything you think that you were. As that previous life you think you had, is a lie. Say it back to me. NOW!"

"You c-can't be serious. You know that’s not true. Please, I will do anything else." Twerp pleaded as she fought to maintain a semblance of her identity. However, the cold eyes of her step daughter showed no emotion as she looked down at her minute body. She felt powerless as she visually prodded her. The glare in her eyes alone melted Twerp's conviction. She knew she had already lost.

"I had no life before you. You brought me home and named me." Twerp said tearfully.

"Tell me who you aren't." Peyton said with a smile on her face.

"I'm not Nancy List." Twerp said reluctantly.

"Good, you will never use that name again. You will never think of that as you, because it’s not. My step mother went tragically missing and later found dead. You are nothing but my pet and slave. You will be treated, for what you are. A mere animal, and you will obey the rules set forth by your masters. Isn't that right?"

'Yes Master, of course" Twerp said. As the words left her mouth, what scared her the most was that she could feel the sub human side of her brain accept these facts as truths. She could feel mind being warped by Peyton's laws and logic. She feared that if she lost the mental battle between her human and subhuman side her brain may forsake her knowledge as Nancy List. She may truly only exist as Twerp.

“So now where don’t you belong in my house?” As the words, my house rang in Twerps ears she felt smaller than ever the before. The idea of this being Peyton’s house that she lives in. She always thought of this as the home she had with her husband. Where their family was being raised and where they would grow old together. Now the idea of this not being her home felt so wrong.

As she looked up at her step daughter she couldn’t believe this was happening. After everything she had gone through the past few days she had no idea why this affected her this way. However, as the words my house hit her and settled into her mind. The reality of what Peyton was doing made sense.

“That’s right, soak that in you little bitch. You live in my house. The days of you saying as long as you live under my roof are over. The proverbial shoe will live on the other foot.” Peyton said as Twerp made her way up her body.

“Grape” Peyton said as she opened her mouth. Twerp approached the giant mouth and set the grape onto her step daughters tongue. As her tongue retreated back into her mouth and she begun chewing she wondered how far she would slip.

It was at that moment the door swung open and Sabrina walked in. She always hated how Sabrina would just open the door and come in without knocking. It felt so wrong to her. She was a guest in her home, just barging in felt like an insult.

“Hey Pey, school sucked without you. How’s Avery? Where is she?” Sabrina said looking around while setting down to large shopping bags.

“Oh, dad had to come  and get her. I guess there’s a bunch of paperwork that they have to fill out so he can be her legal guardian, and Avery has to consent to things. I guess it’s a big process.” Peyton said turning her attention back to her show.

“Cool, we got the place to ourselves then.” Sabrina said plopping down into the chair next to the sofa and stretching her legs out over the arm rests.

“Yeah, I’ve been binge watching. Now that I don’t have the step monster breathing down my neck anytime I try to watch TV.”

“I bet, you have a lot of stuff to catch up on.” Sabrina added. “So, what was that text about the cops showing up?” Sabrina asked as she leaned her head back over the other arm rest looking at Peyton upside down.

“Oh my god, I forgot you weren’t here for that. It was crazy Sabs. Officer Daniels showed up and was gonna arrest me as they found some footage with me at the ATM taking all the Step Monster’s money.”

“What? You didn’t 911 me!”

“Well I didn’t think it was that serious he was just looking around, but then twerp started acting a fool. Then he noticed her. So, I had to improvise.” Peyton said as she stuck her tongue out at Sabrina revealing the officer chained to her piercing.

“Holy shit. Is that him? You shrunk a police officer?” Sabrina said as she sat up from the chair and walked over to get a closer look.

“Yeah, I guess that’s your influence rubbing off on me.” Peyton said with a laugh. As she wagged her tongue in the air sending Officer Daniels from right to left.

Sabrina then slowly leaned in and pressed her lips against Peyton’s. As their two lips met Peyton smiled as she opened her mouth. The two girls pressed their lips against each other’s lips more firmly as Peyton slipped her tongue into Sabrina’s mouth as she bit Sabrina’s lip.

Officer Daniels was in a state of shock and awe as he watched Peyton’s mouth open and close rhythmically. He found himself pushed forward into Sabrina’s mouth. As her tongue pressed against officer Daniels, Sabrina's eyes lit up with excitement. She bit Peyton’s lip back as she pressed her tongue against Officer Daniels metal shackles. The tip of her tongue unlatched the Shackles with an ease which humbled him more than he cared to admit. The idea that this girl had more power in her tongue than he possessed in his entire body was mortifying.

As Sabrina released the tiny man’s arms she sucked the top half of his body into her mouth. She thrusted her tongue between his legs flicking his tiny crotch briefly before pressing her tongue back against Peyton’s. She pushed the shrunken officer body back into Peyton’s mouth as she stood back up. Sabrina swiped the grapes sitting on top of Peyton’s pelvis onto the floor. Twerp looked on fearfully as Sabrina swung her legs over her and climbed onto Peyton, sitting on her pelvic region.

“Wha-what are you two doing? Stop this right now!” Twerp shouted shocked and surprised by the incident. Her parenting immediately took over. She felt the urge to pull Sabrina by the ear right off her step daughter. As Peyton wasn’t allowed to do this type of thing. However, her current size and stature has diminished to a stage where neither girl cared what the minute woman thought.

Twerp’s eyes darted from left to right as Sabrina lowered the top half of her body down so she was parallel with Peyton’s. Twerp dove against Peyton’s body. As she did so she found herself sandwiched between Peyton’s now gigantic breasts. As she looked up she could see Sabrina’s body moving in rhythm above her.  Sabrina pulled away sitting straight up on Peyton’s pelvic area with her knees on either side of Peyton’s waist. She looked down at twerp cowering between Peyton’s breasts and grinned.

“Sorry Twerp, the days of you getting in the way are through.” Sabrina said as she lustfully looked down at Peyton. Her eyes momentarily staring at tiny woman. Twerp shook in fear as Sabrina bit her lower lip. Twerp could see that her step daughter’s giant best friend was clearly turned on by seeing her in this weakened helpless state.

Sabrina then lowed her body back down so it was parallel with Peyton’s placing her hand on either side of Peyton’s head as the two pressed their lips back together. They moaned lovingly as the two intertwined their lips.

Twerp was helpless with nowhere to go as Sabrina’s body moved up and down over her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She desperately wanted to stop this sinful act. However, she could see things only getting worse as Peyton pulled Sabrina’s blazer off throwing it to the floor the below.

“You’re so fucking hot.” Sabrina said as she pressed her tongue back into Peyton’s mouth. The two made out for quite some time before Sabrina sat back up looking down at Peyton and then back at Twerp.

Peyton then pressed her arms forward pushing Sabrina off of her and onto the Sofa. As Peyton stood up Twerp dropped down the length of her body crashing hard into the sofa. She rolled over onto her back groaning in pain. As she looked on either side of her she could see Sabrina’s massive legs rise up above her. Looking further up she saw her Step daughter pull her t-shirt off and tossed it over the chair as she wiggled out of her sweatpants. Reaching down she pushed Sabrina’s skirt up as she pulled off her panties. She then knelt down on either side of her.

“Officer Daniels, I know you can hear me if I whisper. Now is your chance. If you want to prove that you will obey and serve. If you want to ever see a life outside of my mouth you will eat out Twerp until I tell you otherwise.” Peyton ordered.

“Damn girl” Sabrina said as she felt herself getting more turned on by Peyton’s command.

Twerp looked up fearfully hearing Peyton’s every word. She took off running away from Peyton as she saw her head lowering down towards her. It was only then as her pupils dilated fully, and she clearly saw where she was going that she realized futile nature of this.  Sabrina’s crotch was only getting closer and closer.

Twerp then tumbled down onto the sofa, her bare chest skidded against the sofa as Peyton puckered her lips, and blew Twerp down onto the sofa cushion. She pressed her lips against Twerp and raised her head as she tilted her head back she felt the small woman fall into her mouth. As soon as her waist passed her lips she closed her lips just above her waist.

Twerp punched against Peyton’s mouth in a vain attempt to free herself as she then felt Officer Daniels shove his tongue into her womanhood. She cried out in pleasure as the shrunken man’s tongue rolled over her vaginal lips. As she shuddered in pleasure she couldn’t help but feel dirty. Tears fell down her cheek as she thought out of her husband. How she felt as if she were cheating on him.

She then felt Peyton lower herself down so that she was staring at Sabrina’s Vagina. Peyton then pressed her lips against Sabrina’s womanhood forcing the top half of Twerps body into her best friend. Twerp’s eyes bugged out as she found herself surrounded by the slick walls of the young woman. She reached out flailing her arms in a desperate attempt to somehow free herself.

            However, the more her arm flailed the only thing it did was please the giant Sabrina more. Twerp could feel the walls become slicker and slicker as Sabrina’s Vaginal muscles closed in around her.  While inside of her daughter’s mouth she felt Officer Daniels tongue deeply inside her. She punched and clawed on anything she could inside of Sabrina in a mixture of frustration, anger and pleasure. She found herself crying out. As she did so the cum coating the walls and raining down her helplessly dripped into her mouth. While Sabrina’s vaginal secretions soaked into the cotton fur covering Twerps body. She felt Sabrina’s secretions becoming embedded into her now cotton skin. 

            “Get me out, get me out” She screamed from deep inside Sabrina as her daughter thrusted her in and out repeatedly. She could feel the air around her leaving and not enough coming in to replace it. She wondered if this is how she was going to die. However, Peyton pulled her out, and sat up briefly. She opened her mouth and looked down at Sabrina who was staring up at Officer Daniels eating out Twerp even now.

            “That’s right Officer. Show us how badly you want out of Peyton’s mouth. If we aren’t impressed you may find that to be your permanent home.” Sabrina taunted. Peyton shared a glance down at Sabrina. She saw Sabrina nod. It was as if the two were speaking telepathically. But she knew it must have been from a deeper bond she never knew they had. She had done that with Douglas sometimes. She just knew what he wanted or was going to ask just by a simple look. The fact that Sabrina and Peyton could do something like that made her sick. They had an entire romance underneath her nose. It was no wonder she couldn’t separate them.

            Sabrina reached upwards grabbing the metal shackles that had been around Officer Daniel’s wrists, and attached them to Twerps ankles. Her lips smirked as she jutted her tongue out, patted the woman’s head. Peyton then shoved Sabrina back down onto the sofa roughly. The top half of her body was shoved into Sabrina’s mouth as the two locked lips. She found herself dangling in midair inside of Sabrina’s mouth with officer Daniels. Peyton’s tongue was underneath them, with Sabrina’s on top. The tongues were going back and forth sliding over and under them. Sabrina’s tongue would slide down Twerp covering her body from head to toe in her Saliva. Sabrina could taste her own juices covering Twerp as Peyton’s tongue came up between Officer Daniel’s legs meeting the underside of Sabrina’s tongue as the two kissed.

            They pressed their lips gently against each other in tune with their emotions, and feelings. Their lips remained locked for quite some time before they broke apart. Peyton’s drug Twerp down the length of Sabrina’s body. She tumbled unable to control her descent as she still found herself shackled. She was helpless to do anything but allow it to happen.

She grasped at her breasts with a primal sense of preservation she hadn’t experienced. The futility of it all overwhelmed her as she slid between Sabrina’s breasts. Tears fell down her face as she was pulled free. She could feel Officer Daniels fighting for his own freedom. She could feel his tongue rubbing up against her clitoris. The sensation would send vibrations of pleasure throughout her body.

As Peyton drug her down Sabrina’s fit stomach she found she had nothing to grab onto. She could only allow the events to happen. She pleaded for it all to stop. She begged for it to end but as she was pulled off of Sabrina’s body she slammed against the sofa roughly. As she craned her head up she could see nothing but the pulsating vagina belonging to Sabrina. It was larger than she imagined as her eyes bugged out. She couldn’t pull her eyes from it.

            “Peyton, no, no more.” Twerp pleaded before she was shoved back into Sabrina. This time Peyton moved in and out using her Step mother like a dildo while at the peak of her push inside of Sabrina Peyton would pucker lips and blow her and Officer Daniels out of her mouth and into the very depths of Sabrina’s Vagina. This happened several times until her inner Vaginal muscles tightened around Twerp and Officer Daniels with their bodies fully expelled from Peyton’s mouth.

            As her hot, slick walls closed in around her she could still feel Officer Daniel’s tongue against her clitoris. Her own Vaginal muscles tightened with Sabrina’s. Twerp felt her body shudder as torrent of hot sticky cum pelted against her face. She felt it gush down her throat at a rate which didn’t allow her to do anything but swallow. Sabrina’s muscles tightened more and more until finally she felt them release.

            She was pulled along Sabrina’s Vagina and drug partly out. As soon as her feet leave the vagina Peyton unclasped the chain that was around Twerps ankles from her piercing. She looked down at Twerp devilishly.

            Twerp was breathing heavily as she flailed her arms and kicked her legs. She found most of her body trapped inside of Sabrina. She wanted to die unable to believe that this had happened. She cried as Sabrina’s cum oozed out of her vagina and dripped and down onto twerp and the sofa.

            Peyton looked down at Sabrina’s two looped Vaginal Piercings. She grinned as she took the end of the chain that use to be around her tongue piercing and attached one to each of Sabrina’s Vaginal piercings. She then pulled Twerp from Sabrina’s womanhood. She was gasping for air as she saw the smiling face of Peyton.

            “Twerp, I want you to lick Sabrina clean, and then lick this sofa clean. Do a good job, and I may release you. Don’t, and I will leave you chained to Sabrina.” Peyton said as she licked her lips, and climbed further up Sabrina. She pulled off her own panties and had Sabrina please her.

            Twerp looked on confused at first until she felt the shackles of Peyton’s piercing still around her ankles. She looked down and saw the chain leading to two vagina piercings on Sabrina. Her eyes lit up in pure unadulterated horror.

            “No, no, no. Not this, not her. Not Sabrina.” Twerp said as sat up pulling at her chains helplessly. From her time in Peyton’s mouth she knew it was futile to try to unclasp the shackles. Her body simply did not possess the required strength. She wanted to die as found herself inching towards Sabrina.

            “Stop, stop. I’m in control here.” She screamed in her mind. However, the subhuman part of her brain which had been winning the tug of war battle overpowered her completely. As it took control of her she could hear her thoughts submit to the whims of her master, and owner without question.

            “Stop” she screamed again only to realize that she was no longer in control in this moment. She couldn’t operate her lips. Her body wasn’t responding to her own wishes and commands. She watched her tongue slide out of her mouth, and press against Sabrina’s vaginal lips. As cum still dripped out of her the giant pussy she could do nothing, but watch as the salty tasting cum rolled up her tongue, and her body swallowed it without question or hesitation.

            As her eyes darted up she found that she couldn’t see beyond the crotch of Sabrina. She could hear Peyton release and get up and off of Sabrina. She sat down on the other end of Sofa breathing heavily. The two eyed each other and smiled. Their eyes drifting downward at Twerp.

            “That’s right, lap it all up slave. This is all you are. Clean your master to earn your freedom, or stop and become my slave forever.” Sabrina said with a laugh.

            Several minutes had passed as Twerp looked back behind her seeing that her body had already cleaned up the Sofa. However, she continued to work away on Sabrina when she felt her stand up. As she stood up her body banged into the girl’s thighs as she swung helplessly between her legs. As she stood up Sabrina’s skirt fell around her sealing her in mostly darkness.

            She found that she could only watch the floor as Sabrina took a couple steps over to her black Panties. She gulped at the black cotton panties were pulled up her legs and pressed twerp against her womanhood.

            “No one told you to stop.” Sabrina said as she patted her crotch causing both girls to laugh at Twerps plight. A second later Twerp felt her body resume its cleaning duties in earnest. She screamed as she tried to pull herself away. In her head she was going ballistic over the idea that it wasn’t even Peyton this time, but Sabrina who gave the order. However, it was as if Sabrina had imprinted herself onto her mind. Her brain could see no difference in the order only that it was issued by her owners.

            “That’s right Twerp. Bradly was just a cover. You were supposed to find out about him weeks ago, but you didn’t pick up on the clues. Then Peyton started like to her time with the guy.” Sabrina said slightly upset.

            “You know he’s not nearly as important to me as you. He’s just a toy I like to parade around. He buys me things, and does what I say. He’s a little puppy dog. Which is funny considering he’s older than me. I just don’t want the world to know yet. He makes the perfect cover. You know I love you. You have nothing to fear from Bradley.” Peyton said as she gave Sabrina another kiss before getting dressed herself. The girls then both sat back down on the sofa, and Peyton laid her head against Sabrina’s breasts as they un-paused the episode, enjoyed some rare time alone.


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