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Author's Chapter Notes:

Since i'm about 50 pages ahead of this point i figured i'd edit instead of write and post the next chapter. I also did a render of a scene depicted in chapter one. You can view the picture by following the link below. Thanks again to everyone who is reading, comment, critquing.  http://fav.me/dblcrdv



Step Monster CH5




Nancy found herself sealed away in all too familiar surroundings for the rest of class. She felt everything around her sway from left to right as Peyton moved about and fidgeted. As the math class drug on, she found out some things never change about school. As everyone completed their tests the classroom slowly degenerated into everyone talking. The room broke off into their cliques and hierarchy's in which Nancy realized Peyton was apparently fairly high up the pecking order at Pacific Coast Academy

She slowly pieced together how the school was run. She found that things were setup almost like the military in a lot of ways. The general would be this Jamie Grace. A girl who Nancy had heard Peyton talk about, and was pretty sure had been over to the house a few times. However, she couldn't quite place the girl. Then this Jamie' Grace's Lieutenants were Peyton and some girl named Kaitlyn.  In this case each Lieutenant then had two Majors. Peyton's were here two best friends Avery and Sabrina.

"Finally, this class is over." Nancy heard one of Peyton's friends say breaking her train of thought on comparing school societal structures to the Military. As Peyton stood Nancy felt her body slam and contort against Peyton's body as she moved along with it. The booming voices of Peyton's friends who chatted about events she cared little for, or wanted to know about filled her ear drums making it almost impossible to have her own thoughts. She found herself forced to listen to the mindless dribble they spewed as important events.

Lockers slammed, people laughed, feet shuffled as they walked passed Peyton all oblivious to Nancy's plight for freedom. Her voice to weak and powerless to be heard. The pocket, to high climb out, and even if she could escape, she had thought of no viable way to contact these newfound giants who dominated her world. Surely, she would be crushed by any one of these students without a thought or notice until it was too late.

As Peyton reached her next class she pulled her surface laptop out of her bookbag and booted it up. She then grabbed her water bottle as she opened OneNote on her computer, finally grabbing her step mother from her pocket dumping her onto the desk. She watched the small woman tumble end over end a bit before rolling to a stop.

Nancy looked up at the laptop in a state of awe. The screen was simply massive. She had been to an Imax theater a few years ago on a date with Peyton's father. She remembered that the screen appeared almost endless in size. It was unreal watching a movie on a screen that seemed out of this world in size and scale. Now, as she gazes upon Peyton's laptop that Imax screen might as well have been a thirteen-inch television.

"Ya..ya..you can't possible mean for me to type on that thing. There's no way I could keep up." Nancy said as her eyes were still transfixed on the massive screen.

"No, this class is soooo boring, listening to Mr. Larson drone on about Science things no one cares about. I'm not going to be a scientist or anything. You will be my little jester for this class. Your job is to keep me entertained." Peyton said as the bell sounded, and she slid on her reading glasses.

Nancy watched Peyton start taking notes as the teacher began the lecture. A sense of dread weighed on her as she looked across the sea of students. A few others using laptops some using the pencil and paper for notes. Nancy feared what would happen if she couldn't entertain the giant.

It was then she watched Peyton pull a massive wad of bubble gum from her mouth and stuck it on top of the desk. Nancy looked at the heap of bubble gum almost in admiration of its size. It looked like she must have chewed an entire pack of gum at once. Even if she had been her normal size it was still a fairly large piece of gum.

She turned to look at Peyton unsure of what she was supposed to do with it exactly. However, in a flash Peyton's hand jutted towards her. Nancy didn't even have time to react. The movement seemed almost improbable as it moved so fast, she wondered if her eyes just couldn't keep up with Peyton's movements.  She never saw her finger pull back or flick forward. Nancy just felt the pain from the impact of Peyton's finger into her stomach. She tumbled backwards landing in the massive wad of gum.

Instantly Nancy begun to flail as she felt herself sink into the gooey sticky pink wad of gum. As she lifted her arm the gum stretched with her arm before snapping back into place. She then pulled both arms out of the wad of gum trying to push or pull it off hands, and arms but it only seemed to make it worse.

Nancy looked up at Peyton with a petrified look on her face. She wanted to see a look of concern or have her make a move to help her, but instead she merely saw enjoyment and laughter as she struggled in the mess of gum.

"You need to find a way out before the end of this class, otherwise, I'm going to leave you here, a gift for whoever sits here next." Peyton decreed as her attention turned back towards her laptop briefly as she took down more notes for the class.

"Peyton, you can't be serious. This has gone on long enough. I'm not an instrument to be used at will. Get me out of here." Nancy ordered as sternly as she could. However, the young woman didn't even need to respond. The cold Icey gaze with a telling smirk was on her face told her everything she needed to know. Nancy kicked at her feet trying to free them from the gum. However, as she pulled and pressed the gum merely molded with her legs and arms.

Peyton looked on with glee as her step mother struggled in vein to free herself from her chewing gum. As she continued to take her notes, she had to stifle several laughs as the more Nancy fought the more she seemed to sink into the gooey pile.

This went on for several minutes before Nancy finally managed to break her arm free from the chewing gum.  She took the sticky arm and grasped the flat wooden desktop in vein as her hand slid down the back towards the wad of gum. A feeling helplessness washed over her as she looked for anything she could grasp onto. The hope was that something may aid in freeing herself. However, nothing was around that she could use to pull herself free that she could see from her current vantage point.

"That’s right, struggle my slave. See how meek you are? You can't even free yourself from some bubble gum. I wonder who sits here after me? Maybe it's that slut Becca Rodgers. I hear she'll put anything between her legs." Peyton taunted quietly at her step mother.

Nancy wanted to believe that she wouldn't actually leave her here however, she knew that would be a fallacy. She could completely believe Peyton would leave her trapped on this desk for whatever student would come in here next.  Nancy tried not to think about some sex crazed teenager coming in finding her but, her mind could only focus on things worse than her current situation.

The taunting of her step daughter and the fear of actually being left behind caused Nancy to fight with a renewed vigor. As she knew as bad as things were; That there were worse things than life under Peyton reign. She turned her body, and reached in an alternate direction. This time she spotted a small notch in the desk. 

As she reached out towards the notch she found her fingertips just barely sliding into the crevice on the desk. Long strings of pink chewing gum stretched from the wad of gum all the way to the crevice as she fought with all of her strength in a vicious game of tug of war. As she reached out with her second arm the stringy bubble gum broke off of her arm, and she was able to dig her fingers of her other arm into the crack of the desk.

Looking further up the desk Nancy could see nothing further to put more strain on the gum. She could feel it start to harden as the once warm saliva from Peyton's mouth which covered the gum had dried. Slowly it was becoming more and more rock like to her. She glanced over at Peyton who had stopped paying her any thought. As much as she hated it, she knew this round had gone to Peyton. She was going to have to stroke Peyton's ego if she wanted any chance of not being left to the wolves.

"Please, Peyton. I don’t want to be left here. I will serve you faithfully I swear it. Just free me please." As the words left her lips Nancy couldn't help but feel dirty. The idea that this skinny little twat had forced her to this point. She never imagined that she be groveling for mercy before her step daughter.

"Why should I? You've shown no sign of believing any of the words you say. What's in it for me. I mean as far as I'm concerned, if I walk out this door your as good as gone from my life." Nancy gulped as she pleaded with her eyes staring up at the giant teen. Knowing she had no cards to play.

"Free me, and I will treat you with the dignity that your position and authority deserves." Nancy said with a long pause before sputtering out "Goddess Peyton."

As soon as the words left her lips she could feel any authority she had left over her step daughter vanish as a proud smirk rolled across Peyton's face. Peyton pulled her diminutive step mother free from the wad of gum with utter ease depositing her back on the desktop.

"I believe we have an understanding. In exchange for me freeing you. You readily admit and agree that I am your god. A second requirement to this is that if I am your god, you must forsake your humanity. I want you to admit you're nothing more than a Peytonian and that’s all you ever were." Peyton decreed as she closed her laptop and started putting her things away not even looking at Nancy any longer.

"That wasn't part of the deal." Nancy said, as she watched Peyton grab her water bottle and a backpack so large it could have been an apartment complex to her. In which, Peyton slung the backpack over her shoulders with ease as she stood up.

As the bell rang Nancy could see a sea of student's swarm towards the door as the professor headed towards her office out the back door. Not a single student even noticed her, or her plea for help. A feeling of complete and utter despair washed over her as Peyton took a step towards the door. She was actually leaving her here. Nancy ran to the side of the desk and looked down. The height was simply dizzying. She would surely die from a fall this far.

She looked back at Peyton who had paused momentarily as she waited for the Jam of students at the door to thin out. Knowing she had no more time, and if she ever wanted to see  her husband or have any hope of getting back normal.

"I agree! Don't leave me! Please! I am nothing but your humble subject, a mere Peytonian and you are a god. Please show me mercy. Please, don’t leave me here." Nancy begged as tears rolled down her face. The harsh reality of her new life felt like metal binds clasping, and locking around her neck, arms and legs.  As Peyton turned around with a smile she took two deliberate steps towards her desk looking down at the woman.

"You will never use my name again. You will obey without question, you will never attempt to gain the attention of another being. You exist in my shadow. Your existence is bound to my will. There are no second chances. Swear it now, or I leave. Hesitation means no." Peyton commanded as she stared down at her step mother coldly. Knowing what she is asking of her.

"Y-yes. I swear. I swear it" Nancy says as she hung her head in defeat.

"You swear what?" Peyton bellows.

"I swear it, My Goddess." Nancy added. As she does so the figurative chains clasped around her, tighten further. She can feel an ache in her wrists and ankles as she does so.

"That’s what I thought." Peyton said as she grasped her step mother tightly in her grip as she headed out of the class room.

Nancy looked outward at the sea of massive students from between Peyton's fingers. It was a bit unsettling seeing people even larger then Peyton traipse around. The heat radiating off of Peyton's hand felt soothing against her nude body. The simple thought of not being cold distracted her from recent events The idea of contacting any of these people seemed an impossibility. She was in the middle of a classroom on a desk with students swarming passed as Peyton left her there, and not a single one acknowledged or noticed her.

The reality of her size started to become apparent to her. The naivety she had earlier seemed so silly now. The idea of just being able to be out in a clear open spot, and flag some giant down to help her. It seemed so easy mapped out in a person's head. However, when the nuts and bolts of it all come together the cracks start to show. No one is looking for a shrunken person. It's not even something people consider as a possibility. If they were, they wouldn't be looking on the ground or tabletops.

"All anyone sees when they look at me, is that I'm some kind of toy, or figure. They don't see a living breathing person anymore."  Nancy mumbled to herself. The slight creek of Peyton's locker opening jarred Nancy from her thoughts. The locker itself looked normal only magnified in every way possible.

On the outside of the locker Peyton had used paint to spell her name out on it. While on the inside of the door it was plastered with pictures of her, her friends and teammates. Inside there were a couple of plastic shelves added. She had a shelf for books, another for folders, and notebooks. Her jacket, and a hooded sweatshirt hung loosely from a hook while her purse sat at the bottom of locker.

Nancy found herself dropped onto a shelf full of odds and ends in the locker. It had several pens, pencils, a bottle of water and soda.  A couple of fun sized candy bars, Along with a Nintendo 3DS and an empty jar. Nancy found herself staring into Peyton's waist as she blocked her view outward.  She watched her unload her books and materials from her first couple of classes before loading in her books and folders for the next few.

"Pey! I've been looking for you." Nancy heard a voice from somewhere nearby but out of her realm of view. A second later a blonde-haired girl bounded into view hugging Peyton from behind. She was the same height as Peyton, but to Nancy that still seemed way to large. As she looked upwards the young girl she recognized her immediately. She had been to the house many times. She was Peyton's other best friend, Sabrina.

"Sorry for leaving you hanging on Saturday. The step monster wouldn't let me leave the house. Then since I saw her last, I had to deal with 20 questions from my dad, and the police." Peyton said in a bothered tone.

"It's all over the news. It's all anyone is talking about right now." Sabrina said leaning up against the locker. "I know you two didn't exactly have any love loss, but are you doing okay? I mean really."

"Of course, it's been great not having her in my hair, or lording house rules over me all the time. Dads, taking it rougher than I thought though. He tries to put on a good show, but you can tell its smoke and mirrors." Peyton said.

"And that’s first bell! Why don't you not make us late today!" Sabrina said playfully shoving Peyton.

"Me? Whatever do you mean?" Peyton said causing both girls to laugh as Peyton slung her bookbag over her shoulder as Sabrina closed Peyton's locker pushing her friend towards class.

Nancy never had time to react. She found herself entranced in the conversation of the two giants. Not for the content exactly but, this was the first time she could actually see two large giants interacting so casually.  She could see the body language and fidgets of the two. The unconscious way Sabrina would play with her hair wrapping it around her finger as she spoke before letting it unravel only to do it all over again. Each movement and motion was benign to them but dominating and forceful to her. This left Nancy unprepared for Sabrina closing Peyton's locker door thrusting her into darkness.

"Pey--" was all Nancy got out before she stopped herself. The words of Peyton rang in her mind. Clear as day she could hear her saying you will never use my name again. She could feel the proverbial chain tighten around her limbs and neck as she thought this. Nancy slunk down onto the shelf knowing she wasn't going anywhere for at least the next hour.

As bad as the morning had gone for Nancy, she found this somehow worse than what she had been put through. The idea of being forced to sit here and wait. It made her feel like she was nothing more than a mere pet waiting for her master to return.  She could hear the voices of students and teachers scurrying about trying to reach their destination before the second bell. 

The difference in octave ranges made calling out to any one of them an impossibility. As her vocal cords are much smaller and create noises on a different wavelength then when she was bigger. This meant unless she was within a certain range and spoke loudly at the upper end of her vocal capacity that she no longer had the power to clearly communicate with the giants. This made for situations such as these incredibly frustrating. People swirling about who could possibly help her, and she had no way to get in touch with any of them. She could yell and scream as loud as she wanted but her voice would be lost in the void of this locker.

As classes began the sounds from the outside world slowly faded to nothingness. The silence of the world around Nancy was deafening. She found her eyes had adjusted to the darkness of Peyton's locker to that she could see about the shelf she found herself trapped on. As she looked behind her the giant bottle of soda standing tall next to a bottle made her mouth water. The rain water she drank earlier satisfied her thirst but, she found herself wanting more. She wanted clean liquids from a bottle or faucet.

As she approached the plastic soda bottle she ran her hand across it. The plastic felt rough and she could see imperfections in the production. The normally pliable plastic bottles now felt like they were made of steel. The plastic had no give in it whatsoever.  As she took a few more steps she could see several discarded hair ties strewn about. The elastic hairbands looked now like thick ropes. Nancy shuddered as she pictured Peyton using the hairbands to constrain her. As she pulled on the hairband she knew there would be no breaking them if Peyton did decide to ever restrain her with them.

It wasn't long before her eyes fell upon the normally small fun sized candy bar. However now, it looked like it might as well have been the world's largest candy bar. Nancy soon noticed that it looked like Peyton had opened it one point with the intent to eat it as it was partially unwrapped. It seemed like it must have been recent as the candy bar itself doesn't look old or stale. Nancy knelt down next to the candy bar to take a bite however she found her teeth glided along the top of the chocolate layer of the candy bar.

"What the hell?" Nancy exclaimed as she went to take a bite again however once again her teeth slide along the top of the chocolate layer unable to break through. As Nancy stared at the candy bar she realized that her jaw must not be strong enough to break through the chocolate layers. So, she took her fist and, punched the chocolate in order to break a piece off only as her fist hit the chocolate she cursed loudly and stepped away shaking her hand in the air in pain.

The sheer notion of starving, not having eaten anything in days. Then, to have food that is literally before her eyes and not be able to break through a layer of chocolate. Nancy about wanted to die. She then heard the clomping of footsteps which broke her focus from the candy bar. The footsteps sounded like they were coming towards her. A moment later the entire wall seemed to lift away as the locker door opened up.  Nancy looked outward blinking a bit shocked by the bright lights as she saw a massive frame move in front of the locker door. 

Nancy stared up expecting to see Peyton however Sabrina stood looking into the locker. She could see her eyes scan the shelves darting to each one. It was unexplainable to her, however Nancy found her heart racing as sweat began to form around her brow. This was the chance she had been waiting for. Peyton wasn't around. She could use this opportunity to make contact with Sabrina. She knew that her and Sabrina have had their differences over the years. As at one point she tried to forbid Peyton from seeing her. As she felt Sabrina was a bit too much of a bully. Not to Peyton, or her friends just to others she didn’t like. However, she found it was near impossible to keep the two apart.

However, each time she opened her mouth she found that nothing came out. Nancy grasped her wrists rubbing them as if they were being constricted. As she looked down at her limbs, she could see heavy chains wrapped around her neck, wrists and ankles. She pulled at them with all her might but they kept constricting. Soon the chain around her neck had constricted to the point she found that it was getting difficult to breath. In her head, she could hear Peyton's voice saying you will not make contact with another person. Nancy found herself in the midst of a full-blown panic attack.

"This isn't happening." Nancy sputtered out as she looked up fearfully at Sabrina. She continued to struggle to find the words to gain her attention.  She watched as her hand glided over her to grasp something on the shelf. It was then her eyes fell upon the small woman. A look of surprise and apprehension washed over her as she bent down looking closer at the tiny figure. 

Nancy exhaled deeply looking at her wrists and seeing the chains gone. She rubbed her neck as if to reassure herself that she still had freedom. That they were but a figment of her imagination. Her eyes however, seemed unable to look away from Sabrina. The idea that she could be so paralyzed in fear by one of her step daughter's friends had a profound effect on her. Peyton was winning the mental battle against her.

"Mrs.'s List? Is that really you?" Sabrina said as she knelt down slightly and hunched forward to get a better look at what appeared to be a tiny person. This caused Nancy to cover her ears as the girl's voice boomed around her. She found it unnerving at how much louder her voice seemed with her so close. She still struggled to find the words as Sabrina's eyes pillaged her body. She felt somehow violated as she continued to look up at her.

"Sab--" Nancy said before cutting herself off. The words of Peyton still to fresh in her mind. She couldn't be sure if she was nearby or within earshot. The fear of angering her teenage master was too great a risk. Because of that she dared not use Sabrina's name. "Ye-yes, its me." Nancy meekly replied. 

"Amazing, I mean, look at you. You look just like your larger self only in miniature form." Sabrina said unable to believe what she was looking at.

"Yes, I shrunk this weekend." Nancy nervously declared eyeing left to right trying to see if Peyton was around.

"Is she here?"

"Is who here? What are you talking about?" Sabrina said. Nancy looked about unsure of how to respond.  She didn't want to use Peyton's name in case she was nearby. The last thing she wanted was to face the wrath of her step daughter. However, the idea of referring to her step daughter with her appropriate title would be humiliating. It was hard enough to use it when it's just Peyton around by herself.

"You know, her!" Nancy said again as she tried to avoid having to use the demeaning to term.

"I don't have time for this Mrs. List. I can barely hear you and I have to get back to class." Sabrina said impatiently. However, fearful that she could lose out on this opportunity Nancy decided to put all the cards in play.

"Is my master here, Goddess Peyton." Nancy finally declared as her eyes immediately fell to pink floor of the plastic locker shelf she was seated on. She didn't dare meet Sabrina's gaze as the disgrace was to great. Nancy swore she could feel more power being sucked out of her and transferred to Peyton as the words spilled out of her mouth.

"Wait a minute, your what?" Sabrina struggled to say between fits of laughter as she looked down at the tiny woman. "Did you really just call her your master and god? She's in class I just came to get a pen as her locker is closer. But I think you better spill a quick version of what happened. She mentioned she had something in here she was going to show me later. I never thought..."

Nancy gave Sabrina the highlights of what had transpired. It was only a matter of time before She heard the full version in detail from her step daughter anyway she figured.  As she recanted the tale she found herself still unable to look up to meet the gaze of her daughter's friend. Hearing the events flow from her mouth made her feel even smaller then she already was.

"I can't believe this. This is just too great." Sabrina said laughing as she pictured the events that Peyton had put the woman through.

"You have to help me. I can't stay like this Sabrina." Nancy said

"Tsk tsk, I believe you were told to address us with the respect that our superiority deserves." Sabrina gloated as she looked down at her friends clearly defeated step mother. Nancy immediately regretted not leaving that part out of her explanation of what happened.

"Sorry, it won't happen again." Nancy dejectedly said knowing that she won't be getting any help from her daughter's friend.

"Sorry what? I want to hear it." Sabrina ordered

"I'm sorry," Nancy said with a long pause before sputtering out "Master." She didn't want to believe this is what her life had come too. She really didn't want to live out her days serving her step daughter Peyton and her friends. She was absolutely mortified as any modicum of respect Peyton's friends ever had for her was stripped away.

"Why don't you hand me a pen, so I can get back to class." Nancy looked over at one of the pens lying on the floor. She desperately wanted to put this teenage titan in her place. The adult in her felt so disrespected by a person she by all rights had a degree of authority over. Now she was forced to her bidding.

Nancy grabbed the middle the pen with her good shoulder and picked up the pen enough to drag it towards Sabrina. She couldn't believe how heavy this thing was. It felt heavier than the pencil she was stuck under in Peyton's last class. At that time, she thought it was just weight distribution thing that was holding her underneath the pencil. However, as she was forced to drop the pen back down onto the floor she can see now she is no longer strong enough to lift it up.

"I can't move it any further." Nancy huffed doubling over. The expression on Sabrina's face told her everything. It simply read, pathetic. She watched the teenager lift the pen with ease before she shoved it into her pocket.

"Please, I haven't eaten in days. I'm so hungry. Perhaps if I had some food I would be able to be of more use." Nancy said hoping that maybe a little psychology could atleast get her a meal.

"Well I already have what I want and there's a candy bar over there just eat that." Sabrina said as she started to close the locker.

"Wait, wait, please. I tried. It's too hard for my jaw. I can't break through the layer of chocolate." Nancy watched as Sabrina opened the door back up fully. She reached towards the small fun size Snickers bar and bit it in half before dropping back down onto the shelf.

Nancy looked at the massive bite marks and shuddered a bit over the display of power before scurrying towards the candy bar. She attempted to take a bite in the middle but still found the candy bar to be quite tough for her jaw. However, she noticed around the edges she could see some of Sabrina's saliva had left the outer portions more malleable then the rest of the bar. She moved towards the edge of the bar and bit into the now soft chocolate. She could hear Sabrina laughing as she chewed on the chocolate.

"I believe you understand your new place in this hierarchy now? Considering, you can't even eat without me. Enjoy your feast of chocolate coated in my spit so, you can sustain yourself." Sabrina said with a laugh as she reached down for the second half of the small piece of candy. Sabrina shook the morsel of candy knocking Nancy's grip on the chocolate bar sending her sliding a few feet along the shelf of the locker. She watched the second half of the candy bar disappear into Sabrina's Mouth.

"What I giveth, I can taketh away, loser. I wonder if Peyton would sell you to me. What do you think your worth? Five or six dollars?" Sabrina said as Nancy saw a devious smile cross her face.

"I was thinking, If Peyton is your god. That would make her things holy objects to you right?" Sabrina said as she grabbed the tiny woman between her thumb and index finger. She was lifted up higher and higher until she saw the very top shelf of Peyton's locker where a pair of dingy white gym shoes resided. One rested on its side while the other remained upright. Nancy gulped as she found herself deposited next to the shoe.

"Show some respect. These graced your deity's feet. You should be on your knees praying before them. Not many people get to be so close to something touched by god." Nancy looked back at Sabrina as surely this had to be in jest. There was no way she could seriously mean for her to grovel or pray before these things.

"What you're going to do is clean the bottom of that shoe with your tongue. You're gonna clean out every speck of dirt that has been mashed in from the gym floor that now resides on the bottom of those shoes. When Peyton and I come back after next period they should be spotless." Sabrina ordered.

"If you think I'm going to serve you like a dog you have another thing coming. There is no way I'm going to lick that shoe clean." Nancy spat out.

"Sabrina, there you are. You never came back." Peyton yelled as she walked over to her friend. "Ah, you found the step monster." Peyton added as she looked at the tiny woman standing next to her shoes.

"I was explaining to her how your gym shoes are holy objects to her since you're are her god now or so she says."

"What? I love that." Peyton says while laughing at her step mothers plight.

"Only she refuses to listen. Said she won't serve me like a dog or something like that." Sabrina said with a smirk.

Everything happened in an instant. She could feel Peyton's fingers clasp around her tightly. Much tighter than she ever had before. She tried to turn her head but all she could see was black. She felt a swift movement but the downward motion made her sick as she plummeted seemingly hundreds of feet while held tightly in Peyton's grip.

Light then flooded her vision as she found herself staring into the abyss of Peyton's knee-high socks. Nancy desperately wanted a chance to rephrase her words but she felt Peyton's grip on her release as she tumbled down the length of the sock. The white cotton wall flew past her. She tried to reach out and grasp onto something, but she couldn't find any handholds. Before long she came to an abrupt halt as she slammed into the toe end of the sock.

"Wait I can explain." Nancy said but she was too far from the girl's ear shot to be clearly heard. They could hear the sound of her voice but It was unintelligible to them. Nancy looked up as Peyton's massive foot that was shoved back into the sock.

"AHHH" Nancy screamed while Peyton's toes passed over her and squeezed her body underneath them. Peyton wiggled her toes repeatedly beating them against the side and back of her step mother as she pounded the tiny woman underneath her toes.

"I don't think you understand your place in this world. You serve me and by proxy my best friends Avery and Sabrina. If they tell you something, you should do it because I own you. I'm a kind master though. You're like a stupid animal. You need to be trained for obedience. You can spend the next class cleaning the underside of my foot, and make sure you get in good between the toes. I hate that sock fuzz that gets stuck in between."

"No, no please. I'm sorry. I will obey. I will obey." Nancy cried out in horror.

"We can't understand you, and it doesn't matter. Lick bitch, lick your way to freedom." Peyton said as both girls laughed while Peyton shoved her foot back into her shoe.


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