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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks again everyone. The number of people who are enjoying this tale is surprising. You're kind words humble me. I have a scene rendered from the chapter five depicting Sabrina at the locker. You can view it here: http://fav.me/dbll57g

Step Monster CH6 




The air movement was non-existent. Blinding darkness was everywhere Nancy could see. Even with her eyes adjusted to the absence of light, all she could see was the bleak black darkness of the inside of Peyton's shoe. The damp cotton of Peyton's sock was plastered against her back and, wedged around her. Directly above her, and resting atop of her were the gargantuan toes of her stepdaughter. The toes had pulled her, and the sock up into the crevice underneath them. This left Nancy entombed under a mountain of sweaty flesh and damp cotton.  

The air was still, and muggy as the temperature continued to climb higher and higher to near unbearable levels. The lack of air movement prevented any relief from coming Nancy's way. The sounds of the outside world were muffled and distant. She could hear bits and pieces of the conversation but it sounded more like noise than anything intelligent. The only thing she could clearly hear was the voice of Peyton and Sabrina, booming and powerful their voices normally were they seemed distant and far away now.  

Making matters worse, the amount of heat, and the fact that Peyton's shoes weren't made to allow for airflow meant normally the perspiration which formed along Peyton's foot would soak into her thick cotton socks that go with her uniform. However, now that Nancy rested underneath Peyton's foot she found that duty was falling to her.  

As Peyton and Sabrina walked down the hall back to class, Nancy felt her back sink into the damp cottons of Peyton's sock. She could feel the sweat bubble up from the cotton and rush over her as she was pressed further and further into the cotton, and in turn pressed itself into insole of the shoe as Peyton lifted her foot up. Nancy suspected the sweat and oils bubbling from the shoe was a normal occurrence that normally isn't detected by humans. However due to her miniscule size she is being subjugated to it, and able to now witness this horrifying act.  As Peyton's foot was at the apex of its ascent Nancy could feel the giant toes scrunch around her  squeezing her face deeper into flesh underneath her toes.  

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening." Nancy kept chanting as Peyton's foot glided through the air. She could feel the perspiration from underneath Peyton's toes drip down onto her body. The worst part was the droplets which would slink down between Peyton's toes. The salty perspiration would collect everything it rolled over and then drop down onto her face like a droplet of water hitting the cement.  

Instinctively Nancy would want to wipe the sweat away or move her head, but the predicament she found herself in left her unable to do anything other than let it happen. As the perspiration droplets landed upon her face and shatter it created mini droplets upon impact which would splash against her face and get into her nose, mouth and eyes.  

This caused Nancy's eyes to sting in pain. Instinctively she would close her eyes in a meek attempt to shield herself from this horror. However, she found that this only made it worse as it led to trapping more of the sweat into her eyes. In turn her eyes began to water profusely. She was forced to open her eyes from the stinging pain which allowed more droplets of sweat to burn against her pupils. Nancy cursed Peyton's name as she fought for her own survival. Even this simple action of frustration led to further torture. As while she cursed Peyton's name bits grunge and grime which had collected on her foot from the sock, the floor, and everywhere else Peyton had been was carried from her foot landing atop Nancy. While she cursed Peyton's name the bits tumbled into her her mouth.  

This led to her coughing and gagging as her body tried to expel horrific tasting substance only this led to more falling into her mouth. This led to a state where her body was continually convulsing against Peyton's foot. Because of her mouth being so full of gunk and coughing fits had led to her breathe more heavily through her nose. Which led to the bits and pieces that weren't tumbling into her mouth were getting pulled up her nose. This had the effect magnifying the smells of Peyton's foot. As she breathed it was as if she was breathing Peyton's foot. The entire experience felt as if she were drowning as she struggled to get the oxgen she desperately needed to survive.  

None of this was as bad as the bits of sweat and perspiration which would squirm its way into her mouth. The salty sweat would cause her gag as it slowly rolled across the taste buds of her tongue. Nancy could feel her stomach attempting to vomit as the sweat worked its way across her tongue. The gagging motion had the unfortunate byproduct of leaving her mouth opened which meant continually more sweat would drip into her mouth.  

"Please save me god." Nancy cried out while her eyes watered in pain. In her head all she could hear was Peyton's voice saying I'm your god now.  

As Peyton's foot continued to glide along Nancy felt as if she was in a form of hell, she never knew existed. It was at that very moment, Peyton's foot, which Nancy was beneath landed on the ground. Nancy felt a strong, but bearable pressure at her back for a moment. But, that pressure continued press against her back getting stronger and stronger. Before long she felt the top of Peyton's foot press down upon her with its full weight leaving her sandwiched between the floor and her step daughters foot.  

As the weight continued to increase she could feel the sweat from Peyton's foot getting pressed, and massaged into her skin. It felt like it was becoming a part of her as the weight of her stepdaughter continued to press down against her. As Peyton transferred more and more of her weight onto the foot Nancy was trapped beneath.  

The girls for their part continued to talk as they slowly strolled along the hallway making their way back to class. Nancy was the furthest thing from Peyton's mind as she talked with Sabrina. If she knew the horror that Nancy was going through underneath her foot she would have smiled happily of the fact that this plight was what she deserved for her transgressions. However, she had no idea the true hell she was putting her stepmother through. The horrific torture that wouldn't even be condoned by the harshest of organizations was occurring underneath her foot with her unaware of it all.  

Nancy felt the last bit of air forced from her lungs as the full weight of Peyton pressed down on her. She was sure that she was going to explode against the underside of her foot. However, the weight begun to dissipate as Peyton shifted the weight back to her opposite foot and soon Nancy felt the familiar ascent. As sweat droplets continually but, randomly fell against her face making it difficult for her to find any pattern to take in any extra amount of air to prepare.  The fact she was gagging profusely, and trying to vomit meant even if she could time out the steps she would not be able to keep the air within her lungs to store it for the part of Peyton's step that pressed her body against the floor.  

"I won't survive this. I can't believe that was just a single step. How far is this class" Nancy mentally screamed as Peyton's second step took place. She had never wanted to give up on life more than at this moment. It was then Peyton gave Nancy an unexpected squeeze with her toes as if to further remind of her where she was in case she had forgotten.  

This process repeated itself again and again. Nancy could feel herself losing control. The assault against her a mixture of psychological and physical torture. The constant pounding of her foot against the floor ringing in her ears. She struggled to try and think about something anything else but her mind could not focus anything, but the events happening to her. Nancy just wanted this to be over as Peyton's foot once again bore its full weight down upon her. The idea of just being crushed to death, and not having to continue on seemed so appealing. The bliss of death was all she wanted. She wanted to be free from this.  However, her body forced her to endure more and more. Time seemed to expand infinitely Each second turned into a long torturous hour. Leaving the entire experience feeling like months had gone by even though in reality it was just a handful of minutes and short walk down the hall. As Peyton and Sabrina reached their class they headed to their respective seats.  

"Nice of you to rejoin us girls." The professor stated with an annoyance and aggravation in in their voice that couldn’t be missed. 

"Sorry." They both said sincerely before the professor resumed the lecture.   

 As Peyton sat back down at her desk; the pressure and weight of Peyton's torturous steps subsided. Nancy felt Peyton lift upward on her toes, and spread them apart as she tilted her foot up at angle to rest it against one of the legs of desk. Nancy could feel her body rip away from the underside of Peyton's toes. Nancy used her freedom to turn her body so that she was in a vertical position. Her legs dangled down towards the arch of Peyton's foot. 

"Lick" Peyton said quiet enough for no one else, but her step mother to hear. Nancy knew with every fiber of hear being that she was serious. She didn’t want to comprehend that this was truly about to happen. That Peyton was about to sit through a class, take notes and such while she serviced her foot.  

Nancy couldn't see much of anything. She wasn't sure how Peyton intended for her to do anything other than withstand the musky scent of the foot which seemed to envelope her. Nancy knew her size was amplifying the smell, as Peyton's foot hadn't ever smelled this horrific before when she was normal sized. That fact did little to make this situation better. As all she could see was darkness.   

It was almost as if Peyton was sensing this hardship. As Nancy felt her use her other shoe and pressed down on the heel of the shoe Nancy was in allowing the shoe to slide off her foot and drop down ono the floor. Shards of light shone in through the tiny holes which made up the thick cotton sock. 

"You're all heart." Nancy said begrudgingly as she now saw the underside of Peyton's foot in the dim light that made its way through the sock. A thin layer of residue coated Nancy's body as she looked at the massive foot before her. She peered briefly out of the thick sock at the giant desks and students that sat in them. Even now with them seated Nancy found that she couldn't see their faces.  

Peyton shook her foot ever so slightly but enough so that her body banged roughly against the underside of her foot. Nancy winced in pain, her shoulder still injured from this morning's event. She could tell that Peyton's patience was already wearing thin. So, she snaked her quivering tongue out of her mouth. As she pressed it against the warm flesh of Peyton's foot her body convulsed in disgust. Her first immediate instinct was to retract her tongue. It was the similar reaction to touching a hot stove, your body automatically wants to remove your hand from the hot stove. However, in this case, Nancy found herself having to consciously force herself keep her tongue pressed against the foot.  

As she ran her tongue along Peyton's slightly moist foot she could taste the salty, sweat mixed with the bits of filth, small pieces of dirt and sock fuzz. All of which would enter into her mouth as her tongue glided over Peyton's foot. This caused Nancy to cough profusely in attempt to expel the filth from her mouth. As she coughed she could hear Peyton's voice at a tone quiet enough where only she could hear it.  

"You weren't told to stop. If I don't see some improvement in your work ethic you may find your stay extended." Peyton said.  

"Peyton do you have question?" The teacher asked as he walked down the aisle towards her desk.  

"No, Mr. Miller. Sorry, it won't happen again."  

"I would expect not." Mr. Miller said as he walked back towards the front of the room to continue his lecture. While Peyton pressed her foot firmly against the metal leg of her desk. She could feel her tiny step mothers body knead the bottom of her foot as she pressed her foot against the metal leg of the desk. AS she pulled her foot away from the leg slightly, Peyton felt her body slide down so that she was completely against the arch of her foot. She then, pressed her foot back against the leg of the desk allowing her step mother to roll up, and down the underside of her foot.   

"Please no more, no more. Mercy. Mercy." Nancy cried out but her voice was enveloped by a mountain of flesh and never heard by her teenage captor.  

Peyton pulled her foot away from the metal leg of the desk and pressed her foot against the cold tile floor the class room. This caused Nancy's body to press into her foot. As she did so her body convulsed against her foot from the amount of pressure coming down on her. Peyton sighed in pleasure while Nancy's tiny body convulsed against her foot digging deep into her foot.  

After a couple minutes she would release the pressure enough to where Nancy couldn't move her body but, wasn’t under any adverse pressure. The respite of relief however was short lived. As before long, Peyton would press her foot firmly back against the floor and Nancy's body would once again flail and convulse against her foot. Peyton had no idea the stress and terror she was putting her diminutive step mother through. Her thoughts only rested on the comfort her step mother was providing her. She wondered if this was the first worthwhile thing Nancy had done for her.  

Nancy for her part was in absolute hell. When Peyton had her foot pressing against the metal leg of the desk Nancy's body would sink into her supple foot. Peyton being a student athlete in multiple sports meant while her nails weren't manicured the skin on the underside of her foot was rougher and firmer. As while she applied lotion to her feet daily her activity level prevented her feet from ever being as soft as her friend Avery's. Nancy thought her body was going to break in half as she was pressed firmly into her foot. The skin on the underside of Peyton's foot rose up on either side of her as she sunk further into the foot. Making matters worse, was the fact that she was also being pressed against the metal pole of Peyton's desk. She was having to endure Peyton's toes which would scrunch and unscrunch ever so slightly, but it was enough to cause Nancy's small body to knead deeper and deeper against Peyton's foot.  

"Please stop!" Nancy cried out as Peyton's foot continued to assault her body. As much as she tried to fight against the foot; The immense power her captor now held over her was too much. Nancy sobbed into Peyton's foot as the entirety of her being was used to comfort her step daughter. She could hear Peyton sigh blissfully as Nancy's tears pelted against the foot. 

When Peyton's finally removed her foot from the metal leg of the desk Nancy had hoped for some kind of relief from this hellish life that she was being forced to endure. However, that wish fell upon deaf ears as she felt her body slide down the length of Peyton's foot until she was completely underneath the arch of foot.  

"No Peyton! Please!" Nancy managed to scream out before her body was pressed firmly into the arch of the foot. What amounted to tons upon tons of weight surrounded Nancy making her feel as if she were buried alive as Peyton's foot settled on top of her.  

"This isn't so bad" Nancy thought to herself briefly as the giant foot continued to press her into the floor. A few moments later Peyton started to rock her foot from front to back across the floor. Nancy could hear Peyton sigh quietly in comfort followed by clacking of keys on her laptop. 

Nancy felt Peyton's foot lift into air. She looked down seeing the foot lift to what felt like hundreds of feet in the air to her. Nancy's eyes then bugged out as Peyton moved her leg in a downward motion. The descent was so sharp she felt like she was on the tower of terror at Disney land. Her stomach was pounding against the back of her throat as her eyes bugged out as if she were a looney tunes character. The ground got closer and closer until she felt her body careen into the floor. The entirety of her being shuddered in absolute pain. The foot just rested on her for a few moments before she felt the leg lift up again and the process repeated once again.  

She knew that there was no way she could take much more of this. On the fourth go around Nancy couldn't look anymore. She turned her head back towards Peyton's foot so that she wouldn't have to witness the repeated descent and the floor coming closer and closer until it seemingly enveloped her. When she did this, and the foot lowered she felt her tongue slap against Peyton's foot.  

As she hit the ground this time her lips pressed deeply into the foot above her, and her tongue slid along the foot flesh. She heard Peyton sigh once again, and realized what she needed to do. She couldn't believe she was being trained, and manipulated in such a horrendous way. However, she could see no way out of this. She could only comply with the commands of her teenage overlord. She forced her tongue out of her mouth, and started licking Peyton's foot.   

If she remained in one spot for too long Peyton would press the heel of her foot down hard against the floor. This had the effect of crushing the lower half of Nancy's body. The action would force her to shimmy her way up Peyton's foot a bit. Through this process Nancy learned what Peyton expected of her. She was to service the entirety of the foot not just the one spot she was underneath. 

Time felt like it was at a standstill. The idea that this class was only sixty minutes seemed like a fallacy. As it felt more like the seven days it took god to make the earth. Nancy felt her tongue go dry as she continued to roll it along the underside of Peyton's foot.  She thought the dryness of her tongue would be her ticket out, however she found that as she came up to a rough patch of skin on Peyton's foot that her the dry abrasiveness of her tongue actually was benefiting her step daughter. As her tongue would rip a small bit of the rough skin away. So as her tongue continually lapped over the rough skin she found Peyton's foot getting smoother, and softer.  

Nancy felt a renewed hatred towards her step daughter. She was a person with dignity and respect. She had worked hard to get where she was and, now she had been relegated to this low station of life. In which she had to service a foot large enough to be a building or risk immense pain, or quite possibly death. Nancy was forced to endure thirty minutes of this hell before Peyton finally was satisfied. She lifted her foot off the floor, and tucked it underneath the thigh on her opposite leg as she sat at her desk.  

Nancy was breathing heavily as she struggled to catch her breath. As she rotated her injured shoulder she yelped in pain knowing that Peyton had caused further damage to her injury. Because of the fact Peyton's foot had been out of her shoe for so long Nancy found the intense heat she had felt earlier had dissipated.  This had a unexpected effect on Nancy. She had thought this would be the ideal situation to be away from the high temperatures of Peyton's shoes, but now the cool air was nipping at her damp body. The sweat and perspiration which covered her body was chilling now. As the cold air blew over her damp sweat, damp, oily and grimy body it sent shivers throughout her body while her teeth chattered. She found that she couldn't seem to stop shaking from the cold. 

"I can't believe I'm gonna do this." Nancy said to herself as cuddled her body tightly against Peyton's foot. This allowed for the heat coming off of her foot to pass through her, and warm her body enough to keep her from shivering to death.  

"This can't be happening. Because of my smaller size I must not be able to maintain the appropriate temperature my body needs to survive. Then on top of that, I don't have any clothes. I can't believe this brat finds way to keep me further under her thumb on complete accident. I've seen her grades she's not smart enough to have deduced that." Nancy said to herself as she further pushed her body against Peyton's foot while trying not to think about how degrading it all was.  

"And that’s the bell. Remember test tomorrow on the Greeks. You're study guide is due at the beginning of class." The teacher shouted as the students gathered up their things and begun to stream out of class. 

"Hear that, you have a test tomorrow and a study guide to do tonight. I expect an A." Peyton said staring down at her foot that held her stepmother Prisoner.  

Nancy couldn't even find the words to respond as she further bit her tongue not wanting to upset her teenage master. However, the idea of being forced to do all of Peyton's homework was sickening. She had always been a good student. She graduated with full honors with a 4.0 GPA a Master's degree in communication, and Education with a minor in Science, Math and Political science. She had no doubt that she knew most of the material, but she struggled and trudged her way through this once. The idea of having to relieve it again as she toiled away on papers, reports and test for her ungrateful step daughter seemed like a step to far. However, any further thoughts on the subject were quickly eradicated from her head as she felt Peyton's foot swing downward.   

"Whoa, wait, wait. I'm still here. You forgot to take me out!" Nancy said as the foot she was under dropped seemingly hundreds of feet.  All the light and fresh air she had enjoyed was quickly erased as she found herself entombed in darkness.  The lack of breathability in the shoe meant it held the hot musky air well after the foot that caused it had vacated. This caused a hellish nightmare for Nancy as she found herself thrusted back into the pits of hell. 

She could hear Peyton packing her things up above and, then the voice of Sabrina raining down around her. She desperately wanted this to be a mistake or some oversight by Peyton. However, she knew that wasn't the case. Peyton knew exactly what she was doing. As the full weight of her step daughter begun to rear its ugly head upon Peyton standing up. Nancy realized how much worse of a position she was now in.  

Before she was underneath Peyton's toes which while wasn't ideal but afforded a certain degree of protection. Now that she was under her arch the full weight of Peyton fell around her. She could feel back press much more firmly into the thick cotton of her sock which was sinking into the insole of her shoe.  

As Peyton took her first step Nancy had reprieves previously that she now no longer could enjoy. She was continuously being pressed into the arch of Peyton's foot. The sound of her foot hitting the floor pummeled Nancy's ears with each step. The noise was deafening, only to be outweighed by tones of their voices. When Peyton arrived at her next class Nancy was ready for the reprieve. She actually found herself looking forward to being toyed with by Peyton if for no other reason to get out from underneath the foot.  

However, that time never came. Peyton's foot remained firmly on top of her. The sweltering heat in Peyton's shoe pushing the air temperature up further and further. The slow march of time made the wait unbearable.  She could hear that the students were doing some kind of group project. Nancy could tell Peyton was interacting with other students, however all focus was removed from her. Nancy was simply existing underneath her foot.  

When the class ended, and Peyton started walking again, it felt jarring. Nancy knew she must have had this class without any of her friends as there was no chatter. There was just the constant pounding of her feet against the floor. This went on for some time before she heard Peyton acknowledge her finally.  

"Enjoy that! I wanted you to experience your place in the world. You're an afterthought. I choose when to acknowledge your existence, and give your life worth. You can't even get out from underneath my foot unless I will it. Even now you're stuck underfoot as I walk to the cafeteria. Show me your worth before I get there, and you may get out." Peyton said as she laughed  

"You won't get away with this. You can't get away with this. You're evil." Nancy cried as she pressed her body against Peyton's foot while licking under the underside of her foot in an attempt to get her teenage overlord to release her for this prison.  

Nancy's lips were chapped and her tongue was dry from the salty sweat. Her body felt sticky all over as she continued to rub Peyton's foot while Peyton plodded along the path on her way to lunch.  

Peyton was relishing her new-found power over the woman who had caused so much pain, and misery to her, and her family's life. Each step seemed to further enforce in her mind that this was the right thing to do. That this was her penance for the crimes she committed. The law may not be able to punish Nancy for what she did. However, god had intervened, and made a wrong right. He had allowed her to have this power over her step mother.  

"That’s right my little subject toil away, and prove your worth." Peyton said as she pushed the cafeteria door opened. She walked through the line grabbing her lunch, but didn't see Sabrina or Avery yet.  She looked at her table and saw a couple underclassman at her table.  

"Excuse you?" Peyton said glaring at the group of upper classman girls who were sitting at her table.  

"There was nowhere else to sit. Perhaps we could share?" A girl Peyton recognized as Rachel Livingston. She used to have Peyton's slot in the hierarchy of the school before Peyton worked her way in elevating her status at record pace. 

"That’s not my problem. I don't care where you sit. It's just not going to be here, Scrubs." The group of girls nervously starting packing up their things not wanting to cause trouble, or make it on Peyton's radar. Fearful of the repercussions. They had heard the rumors like everyone else.  The students seated at the table around them turned away knowingly not wanting to draw ire.   

"Your Rachel Livingston, right?" Peyton knowingly inquired. 

"Yes, I'm sorry. It won't happen again."   

"Sah-sorry" One of Rachels friends sputtered out before scattering away.  While Peyton sat down in her normal chair at the table. It wasn't long before Avery and Sabrina sat down.  

"Kaitlyn and Chloe are on some field trip." Avery said as she sat down with Sabrina. 

"Sabrina, I want you to take care of Rachel Livingston. She was sitting at our table. That’s a slap in the face. I ruined her, but that wasn't enough I guess. I want her destroyed, and shunned. Start a rumor, I don't care what you do. I want to her to be an example. I run things here."  

"Sure, should be fun. She was always kind of bitchy to me anyway." 

A wave of relief wafted over Nancy as the pressure her body was under finally released, and light illuminated everything around her. She could only look on helplessly as Peyton dug her hand into her sock, and pulled her easily from the foot she was unable to escape from.  Nancy eyes her massive step daughter briefly before averting her eyes to table.  

As she was set down atop the table she couldn't help but feel disgraced as the teenage titans talked amongst themselves. Everything she once was felt as if it has been removed. Any self-respect, and dignity she had, Peyton had ripped away with each and every degrading act. She glanced at the massive titans humbled.  

She watched Peyton eat slice of piece as her stomach growled, and her mouth watered. She never allowed herself to eat something as unhealthy, and greasy as Pizza but, such beliefs had long since left her as the days of hunger bore on. But, that’s how principles work. It's easy to be a vegetarian or vegan when you have the ability to do that. But when one is faced with the harsh reality of starvation such a conviction gets harder to maintain.  

"Come here, girl." Avery said in a infantile voice usually reserved for pets or babies. The fact someone acknowledged, and spoke to her was shocking. It wrested her from her thoughts. She swung around, and looked at the girl. Avery, while taller than Sabrina and Peyton by a couple inches is still relatively short person. However, it was still hard to grasp that there were people taller, and stronger than the ones who lord over her.  

Nancy found herself moving towards Avery without hesitation. Fear of what the consequences would be, weighed on her. It made her feel sick as she did so. She didn't want to admit but, she knew what Peyton was doing to her. She was training her. She remembered her doing similar things with her dog, and cat at home. Now, she is finding herself on the wrong end of Peyton's obedience training. In the time she has known her, things usually go one of two ways. Either you submit to Peyton's will, and relent on whatever the issue or cause is. Or, she will make your life hell until you submit and agree to her terms.  

"I think it's hungry. You mind if I feed it?" Avery said looking past Nancy as if she wasn't there. Nancy could feel her blood boil as Avery spoke down to her. She hated how she never referred to her as a person. She was always it or thing.  

"Whatever" Peyton said with complete disregard for her stepmother's hunger. "Anyway, so then once I put that dress back I showed you which I wanted for the summer formal Jen grabbed it like instantly. Like I wasn't still maybe still wanting it." 

"She's always been a bitch trying to one up you. You know that." Sabrina added as Avery broke off a small piece from her blueberry muffin. 

"Sit, sit girl." Avery said as she held the small morsel of Muffin just out of Nancy's reach. 

Nancy wasn't about to let this stand. She jumped up as far as she could surprising Avery at first. Her fingers brushed up against the muffin just before Avery lifted the piece of muffin up higher. Well out of her reach. Nancy jumped up again only for Avery to lift it out of her reach once again. Avery then dangled the piece of muffin just an inch or so off the table. Nancy dove for it, but Avery once again lifted it up forcing her to watch helplessly as she whizzed by the muffin piece. This caused both Peyton and Sabrina to laugh over the exchange. 

"I said, Sit" Avery commanded once again as Nancy's stomach growled loud enough for all three girls to hear it. Knowing she had no choice left Nancy gave in to her pride and sat upon the table.  

"Good girl, that’s a good girl." Avery repeated in the same infantile voice. "Now roll over. Roll over girl" Avery said as all three girls laughed as Nancy looked horrified, and embarrassed. She desperately wanted to find a hole to curl up into and, hide forever. But, her hunger and desperation for food won out. As she laid flat on the table she rolled over.  

"Make her beg Avery" Sabrina added before taking a bite of her sandwich.  

"You heard it girl, Beg. On your hands and knees now. Beg" Avery commanded. Nancy was about to explode. Every grain in her body was saying to unleash a raging fury like these girls had never witnessed, raining down anger, and punishment from Valhalla. The reality of the situation told her that she needed to comply if she had any hope of getting the food she desperately needs.  

Nancy clambered up from the table getting onto her knees and, clasped her hands together and begged.  This caused the girls to laugh as they watched her demoralize herself for a few crumbs from Avery's Blueberry muffin. Nancy watched the meager morsel of food dance back and forth as Avery toyed with it as her attention moved away from her, and back to the conversation with her friends. This caused Nancy to wonder if she was just being toyed with all along. If the intent was just to see if she would obey the commands over the tease of food. However, as Avery paused from conversing with her friends she looked back at Nancy who was still on her hands and knees begging.  

"That’s a good girl." Avery said in an infantile voice as she finally dropped the small portion of the Blueberry muffin she had broken off. As the food fell to the table it appeared as nothing more than a meager crumb to them. But, Nancy's eyes lit up as she immediately rushed over to the fallen piece of food. As she grasped the muffin crumb she looked briefly at it unable to believe how large this piece of food was to her. Avery had only torn off a tiny piece, but to Nancy it looked like an oversized muffin reminding her of the large muffins you often get from the bakery that equate to about 3 homemade muffins.  

She pushed any further thoughts from her head, and ravenously begun to devour the food provided. As she bit into the soft moist muffin her taste buds exploded, as the food slid across her tongue. In that moment any care, or perception that girls may have had over what transpired in order for her to procure the food was pushed from her mind.  

"Look at her go. Had you given her anything Peyton?" Sabrina asked as she found her gaze transfixed upon the primal nature small woman was showing over the food she was given.  

"No, food is a privilege for those who obey. I gave her water." Peyton said defensively  

"She spit into a cup and made her drink it. That is not the same thing as water." Avery chided  

"That was Sunday." Laughed Peyton as she stared down at her shrunken stepmother. "She had real water on my way to class. It had stopped raining, and I allowed her to drink from the puddle of water at my feet." Peyton added. 

"I swear you're living in the wrong period of time. You're just like those kings, and queens Mr. Martin talked about in that European history class we took last year." Avery said as Sabrina laughed over the thought of Peyton surviving in pre-modern times. 

"She'd never survive without her phone Avery. Remember when we went camping. We had to go hiking for signal bars." Sabrina said with laugh.  

"All I hear is that you all think I'd be a great queen. Ruling over a civilization with an iron fist."  

"You should go into public relations with spin like that." Sabrina laughed as she watched Nancy finish the last of her muffin. 

"Aves, you're staying at my place tonight right?" Peyton asked changing the subject. 

"Yeah, I just have to grab my things from the house. I forgot to grab them this morning." Avery said as she finished her lunch. 

"Can you take twerp? I'm skipping out after lunch to meet Bradly again." Peyton said. Nancy couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had never known Peyton to be one to skip class. She had never been the greatest of students but was a solid B student. So, when Nancy heard this she instinctively spun around to reply. 

"Peyton Louise, you are not skipping out of class to galivant ---" Nancy got out before she stopped herself, and covered her mouth. She could only think what have I done, as she looked at the three giant faces looking at her with their mouths partially agape in surprise by her outburst.  

"You got the middle name. Someone's in trouble" Sabrina said in a singsong voice.  

"What did you say to me?" Peyton said as her eyes bore down at her miniaturized stepmother. She could see the tiny woman shaking as her gaze focused on her finalizing in a dead stare.  

"I..I..I" Nancy sputtered out in a stutter as she saw Peyton giving her the look. She had seen Peyton's look before, but never had it struck such fear in her. As she looked at the teen now she gulped as searched for a way to explain her actions in a way that would defuse the situation. However, she just acted on parenting instinct alone intermixed with the rage she which had built up through the humiliation she had to endure to get fed. She knew Peyton would never take that as a valid reason. She tried to think of a valid excuse she could use but, each one she could think of she knew would fall apart when she put it to the test. The sheer notion she, a grown woman was having to come up with excuses, and reasons for her actions and, statements to give step daughter was ludicrous to her.  

"What are you a Pirate? Spit it out twerp! Who do you think you are? I'm the boss of you not the other way around. I don't need to justify anything I do to the likes of you anymore." Peyton said with an air of authority Nancy hadn't ever seen before.  

"I didn't mean it. It just came out.' Nancy blurted out not knowing what to say as she stared at Peyton. She found herself subconsciously backing away, and didn't realize it until her back pressed against Sabrina's milk carton.  

"Don't you dare back away from me. I need to meet Bradley, but you are in so much trouble. You just wait till we get home." Peyton scolded while still giving her step mother the look.  

Nancy still desperately wanted to find a hole to hide in. She dared not look over at Sabrina or Avery. Nancy doubted that they would provide her any kind of support from the teenage terror she wasn't currently under the thumb of for the indefinite future. As she slowly took steps forward her heart was racing; while every instinct in her body was telling her to turn to tale and run.  

"I shouldn't have to tell you that I meant come over here now." Peyton snapped her patience wearing thin as she held her angry stare. Knowing how impatient the girl was, Nancy quickened her pace scurrying towards Peyton as fast as her legs could carry her in hopes of not making the situation worse.  

"I was going to leave you with them as I really don't want you around while Bradley and I are together. It's been hard enough sneaking around with him under yours and dads nose. " Peyton declared as Nancy looked on assuming the question was rhetorical.  

"You should go Peyton. Leave her with us. I will personally ensure she gets the punishment she deserves." Sabrina says as smiles down at the diminutive woman with a smile that sent a chill down Nancy's spine.  

"Fine, just get her to Avery. I have to swing back by here for Soccer practice as Coach will absolutely kill me if I miss practice. You want to meet after Aves, or you just gonna head to my place?" Peyton asks she gathered her things up.  

"I have to grab some clothes, and things. So, I will probably just head to your place. I still have the key you gave me from before." 

"Keep it." Peyton added. 

"Come here Mrs. List. It looks like your spending the afternoon with me." 

"She is not Mrs. List anymore. I own her. She's my property. The best she can hope for is to be elevated to pet status if she can prove to be obedient and useful. Her name from now on is Twerp. Isn't that right?" 

"Please My goddess." Nancy begrudgingly said as the idea of referring to her in such a manner felt so demeaning. "I have a name. I don't want to just give it up. I'm sorry for my outburst prior. Im just getting to use this new life you have allowed me to have." Nancy said fighting back tears as she faced overwhelming despair.  

"You don't have a name right now. People have names, and are you person? No, you're not. You're property. You're like my PlayStation or Xbox, and the clothes in my closet, the shoes on my feet. You're my thing. You have a name now because I deemed it. Your name is twerp.  Now be a good girl, and say it."  

Nancy wanted to die at that moment. She couldn't stop the tears from falling down her face. As soon as she wiped them they would be instantly replaced. All she had left in this world was her name, her identity as a person, and now she was being forced to forsake that. She struggled to imagine what she possibly could have done to deserve this.  

Peyton then took the glass from her lunch tray and placed it on top of Nancy sealing her beneath it. The bit of water was still in the glass which rained down on Nancy and the table covering her in water.  As she wiped the water off her Nude body she noticed one other horrifying fact. The water had created a seal with the table.  This meant not only was she stuck underneath this glass, but there was no air getting in either.  

"This is the power I have over you. We all have over you. I don't think you understand that I mean it when I say you exist as long as I allow it, and you should be grateful to me for allowing you this life. So, I ask you again what is your name?" 

As she looked about the giant faces staring down at her not a single one made a move to help her. They looked upon her as if this was right, and just. As if she somehow deserved this. Nancy couldn't comprehend how none of them could see her as a person. A person with rights, and dignity. However, she knew Peyton wasn't bluffing.  

As she wondered how they could allow this. How this was just, she could feel the air already getting thinner. As she breathed in, and out a fog formed on the glass. Panic started to set in as she saw Peyton making no moves to free her, or overturn to the glass.  She could feel it getting more, and more difficult to breathe. The air was thinner. It began to take multiple breathes to try to get enough air, but it never felt like enough.  

"Peyton, I don’t think she has any air." Avery said reaching towards the glass.  

"Stop, she needs to learn. Say it. What is your name." Peyton asked once again as she bent down so that she was level with the table.  

"I can't give up who I am. She will win. I know it. If I give up my name there is no coming back from that. How can I ever hope to reclaim anything that I was? My god has it already started. When did she start winning? I already am thinking that I need to regain what I was as if I've lost part of my identity already." Nancy thought as she fell to a single knee gasping for air now as her body felt the constraints of the lack of air. All her movements felt slow, and her body felt heavier than it has ever felt before.  

"Peyton, I know how you feel. I know what she did to you. But if you do this you're only letting her win." Sabrina Said.  

"I know what I'm doing. What is your name?" Peyton snapped 

"Peyton really, this is too much. You could kill it." Avery added as she looked down at the small woman struggle for air.  

"Then I guess she dies. It is her choice to live, or die. It is not mine. She only has to tell me her name." Peyton retorted as looked over at Avery with an anger in her eyes. 

"Peyton, you can't mean that. Sabrina tell her?" Avery said. 

"She's made up her mind. Let's just see how this plays out. She's the master at this stuff." Sabrina added as she took a drink water. While Avery nodded in agreeance.  

Looking at the side of the glass Nancy could barely see out of it. As she looked about She could see spots in her vision. Standing to her feet felt like she had just run in a marathon. She felt light headed and staggered about as she fought to maintain her balance. When she went to lift her feet to take a step her body felt impossibly heavy. She managed two steps before tumbling to the ground.  

"TWERP! My name is twerp" Nancy screamed out with her eyes red, and puffy from crying; While the tears continued to flow from her eyes. However, as she tried to scream she found she no longer had enough of a voice to do so. The girls weren't hearing anything from outside glass.  

"I can't die in a school cafeteria. Not like this." Nancy thought as she pulled her body forward just enough to where her arm could reach the glass. She pulled herself back up to her knees so that she was now staring out the foggy glass. She wrote Twerp on the glass as large she could.  

"Let her out." Peyton said as she sat back down nodding towards Sabrina to lift the glass.  

A gush of air swooshed around Nancy as Sabrina lifted the glass from the table setting it down on her tray. While Avery watched the minute woman gasp for air taking in mouthful after mouthful of air.  

"My Name is Twerp. My Goddess." Twerp said painfully as she rolled over onto her side. She hated herself at that moment. She always viewed herself as a person of conviction. A person of honor. She would fight for what was right. However, when she came face to face with an opportunity to truly fight for her greatest conviction. Her own self-identity, she couldn't do it. She chose to accept the identity that her step daughter had given to her.  

"I told you she would give in. She's my subject now, forever, and ever. This just proves it. I gave her everything she wanted. She could have died Nancy List but, she chose to live as Twerp. My slave, my subject, my pet. She submits to my will now, and accepts my decisions as right in all facets of life. Don’t you?"  

"Y-yes my liege." Twerp sputtered out as she meekly clambered to her feet still trying to catch her breath.  

"I am your Goddess, but they are your masters. You will obey them. Is that clear?"  

"Of course, as you command my goddess." Twerp walked towards the girls not even able to look at them in face. She felt humiliated that she had been bested by Peyton. How could she hope to try to convince them that she is anything more than Peyton claims now?  

"Well I'm off to meet a boy. See you girls after soccer practice this afternoon." Peyton said as she ran off to meet her boyfriend.  

As Twerp watched Peyton leave she felt odd. She thought she would feel happy. But as she turned towards the two girls. The idea of them having any authority over her was frightening. However, the idea of having to think of them as her masters, and obey their wishes seemed insane.  

"Come Twerp." Sabrina ordered pointing at a spot in front of her. Briefly Twerp looked over at Avery halfway wishing she would have been able to go with her. As she got the feeling she would probably just ignore her for the most part, which would be a nice change of pace.  

"You gonna take it?"  

"Yeah, just till we have science at the end day." Sabrina added packing up stuff.  

"Okay, I gotta run. My next class is across campus. I hate my Monday, Wednesday Friday schedule none of my classes are near each other." Avery Added before dashing away waving Sabrina goodbye before darting around the corner.  

"And then it was just you and me." Sabrina said with a smile.


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