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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks everyone for making it this far. Now that the posted version is upto the part where Nancy's name is changed it will make editing it easier.

Step Monster Ch7




Twerp gulped slightly as she neared Sabrina, and stared up at her. The incident at the locker was still fresh in her mind from earlier this morning. She truly had nowhere to go as she looked up at her new overlord for the time being.

"Listen Master Sabrina" Twerp reluctantly started to say before she was cut off.

"I believe we just established where you stand in the hierarchy. There is no listen. It's just we command, and you obey got it?"

"Yes of course.....Master Sabrina."

"The fact you hate it so much makes me love it all that much more. I remember a person who thought they were in charge of everything, and everyone. I seem to remember last month being tattled on to my parents over being caught drinking. My mind is a little blurry though."

"I’m sorry, Master Sabrina."

"I also remember a couple months ago someone making Peyton miss my Birthday party to do chores. Chores I'm sure that could be done another day.  I can go on if you like."

 As she continued eying Sabrina she was confident in her thought that she would rather be just about anywhere, but here right now. As nearly every parenting decision she had ever made that had affected Sabrina was brought before her as if she were on trial. Making matters worse, was the degrading name she was forced to call her by. Any hope she may have had of turning things around were continually stopped every time she had to use that accursed name.

"Climb in while I throw this way Twerp." Sabrina said as she lifted her backpack onto the table and unzipped it before walking away to drop off her garbage, and dirty dishes.

Twerp looked about the massive cafeteria. A thought of running, crossed her mind. She could head out now free and clear. She ran to the edge of the table. As she did so she could feel the invisible chains Peyton had placed on her bind tighter around her neck and limbs. She looked down at the floor, and out at the wide-open expanse of tables. She could hide in hundreds of places assuming she could make it to them without being crushed. She could never be found. The students here are messy enough where food droppings would be a common place.

As she thought about it all, she felt her body weaken, and breath shorten. As she took a couple steps closer images of Peyton flashed in her mind ending with the look she gave her just a few minutes ago. The images caused Twerp to fall backwards onto the table. She crab walked backwards in fear several steps before picking herself up off the table and running towards Sabrina's backpack.

When she reached the backpack, she looked inside the dark confines. She could see large books, notebooks, a makeup kit, a computer. A couple granola bars lay strewn about along with a bottle of water. Looking back at the edge of the table she clambered into the bag fearful. As soon as she made it in she could feel herself calming down and her breath returning back to normal.

"What is Peyton doing to me?" Twerp thought as heard Sabrina return.

"That’s a good girl." Sabrina said in an infantile voice with a smile. "I bet it's pretty humbling for you. Just last week you were bigger than us. Now look at you. Cowering in my backpack. Don't think I didn't notice you walk to the edge of the table. I saw the panic on your face. I watched the fear course through body. You're afraid to disobey. That’s why you're Twerp now." Sabrina said before zipping the bag shut, sealing Twerp in darkness before she could even respond.

"Wait, I can't see anything." Twerp shouted, but her voice wasn't strong enough to power through the canvas material of Sabrina's backpack. She slid to the bottom of the backpack as it was lifted up, and slung over her shoulders before settling against her back. The large textbooks, and notebooks slid from side to side as Sabrina walked. This forced Twerp to continuously move about the backpack in order to avoid being crushed by the now giant everyday objects.

"Stop! Stop!" Twerp yelled as Sabrina walked out of the cafeteria. Even as she left the other students seated around her table dared not move to that table in the crowded cafeteria out of respect for the hierarchy that had been put in place at the school generations ago.

Twerp was in a state of panic as a massive text book started tumbling towards her. She looked about not seeing anywhere to run to so she merely covered her head instinctually, and braced herself to be crushed underneath the massive book. Several seconds went by, and she opened her eyes seeing the large text book standing upright at an adjacent angle from the far corner of the floor of the backpack to the top corner her above.

A few second later the book started tipping towards the other side of the backpack. For an instant the book was completely vertical against the wall along Sabrina's back. Twerp then looked on in horror as the bottom of the book started sliding towards her.  As she looked about for some safety she found herself juking, and jiving as the now giant objects that were strewn about the bookbag. The granola bars would tumble toward her causing her to leap over them. Then Sabrina would move or take another step and they would tumble back towards her once again.

The most annoying of all objects for Twerp was the tube of lip gloss along with the pens and pencils. They were small and enough and light enough that they would bounce about the bookbag flying through the air. This would cause twerp to have to duck to avoid being knocked senseless by the tube of lip gloss or writing utensils.

 The chaotic dance of survival seemed to continue on for hours. Twerp could feel herself tiring and new it would only be a matter of time before she would mess up when everything came to a halt. Everything in the bag shifted violently, and moments later light shone in illuminating the dark world she had been forced into. Her eyes traveled up seemingly hundreds of feet before she could just barely make out the face of Sabrina looking down at her.

Twerp tried to call out to her but she could see earbuds pressed into her ears as her eyes scanned for something that wasn't her. She then watched as her arm as it reached down into this backpack. It seemed large enough that it could easily hold three or four houses on a city block. As her arm lowered down she could see bracelets clinging to her wrist jingling as she reached down grabbing a pen.

"No, wait. You can't leave me here" Twerp shouted running towards Sabrina's hand. However, as she approached Sabrina merely knocked her back to the floor of the bookbag. Frantically she shouted, and waved her arms trying to get her attention. Sabrina's eyes narrowed on the tiny woman. Seeing that she had Sabrina's attention Nancy pointed at the objects and tried to explain what was going on by reenacting what had transpired as she seemed unwilling to remove her earbuds.

"We don't have much further to go, and besides this is your life now. Get use to how it will be lived. If you can't survive a short walk in my backpack. I guess you're just to pathetic to live, loser." Sabrina said as she zipped the backpack closed, and slung it back over her shoulders without concern for the tiny woman trapped amongst her things.

Twerp found herself thrown about the bag as Sabrina put the backpack back on and begun walking once again finally landing atop the makeup bag. Twerp gripped the large canvas bag tightly as Sabrina walked she found as along as she was able to maintain her hold atop the makeup bag she was able to avoid the many perils happening beneath her. She couldn't get over how demeaning it all seemed to her as she struggled to maintain her hold on Sabrina's makeup bag.  She had to fight just to survive the inside of Sabrina's backpack. At any moment her life could be snuffed out by a calculator or a granola bar. These were all things she shouldn't have to worry about.

Several minutes passed by before Sabrina sat down in one of her favorite locations on the campus, the quad. She always felt it had a central park kind of vibe and look to it. Sabrina slung her backpack off her should allowing it drop the ground roughly as she always does. As soon as it hit the ground she looked at it with a hint of concern having forgot about Peyton's stepmother. However, figuring she would be okay she quickly pushed the concern from her mind. She knew Peyton was right. The woman would have to learn how to live, and exist in her new larger world.  She let the strap of the yoga mat that had been over her shoulder as well slide down her arm before unraveling it and laying it out across the grassy plain.

Sitting down upon the mat Sabrina then opened the zippered compartment. She looked into her bag and smiled seeing the tiny woman cowering atop her make up bag clinging to it for dear life. Reaching into the bag she pulled the makeup bag out along with Peyton's step mother.

"I have free period this hour before my Yoga class which meets here. So, we get to relax a bit." Sabrina said rather of matter of factly, not waiting or expecting a reply from the small woman. "You haven't been the nicest to me over the years. You must hate this, but I'm not like you. We can leave the past in the past. However, I think it's important we get started out on the right foot in this new relationship we have."

Twerp slid down from the makeup bag, and landed on the yoga mat. She noted how long Sabrina's body seemed to be. It made it a little unnerving seeing a person stretch out for what looked infinitely in both directions. The cool air from outside made her shiver a bit as a slight breeze blew through. She figured if she had been her normal size, this would have been beautiful day considering how dreary the morning was. She looked up into the sky, and could see the blue sky through the tree branches. She could hear birds chirping from somewhere nearby along with the sound of water from the stream which cut through the school campus and connected downstream with a river.

The relaxing nature of the area left Twerp understanding why Sabrina would spend her free period here. As she listened to the birds chirp she found herself feeling a bit more at ease until one came down landing several yards from her. She gulped as the bird stood amongst the grass pecking it beak into the soil. The bird was nothing more than a small songbird. Hardly threat to anyone. However, Twerp's blood ran cold as she looked upon the massive beast.

As she looked at the bird she found herself in a much different position in the food chain then she was just a few days ago. The bird scanned the field seeing the small woman amongst the tall grass. Twerp who had strayed a bit from Sabrina's side ducked down amongst the large blades of grass hoping to conceal herself. However, the songbird made its way towards her. It's normal whimsical sounds and chirping now cut through the air almost as if it were a warning.

"S-stay away" Twerp shouted as the bird continued to approach. The bird was nearly on top of her. She felt her blood run ice cold as her body quaked before the predator. She dared not to look back at Sabrina as she knew breaking eye contact would be a sign of weakness and, would most likely spell the end of her life. She back pedaled slowly hoping some thought of how to get out of this would come to mind.

As much as she hated to admit it. She now cursed herself for straying to far from Sabrina. As much as she never cared for the girl. Sabrina was now her protector for the moment. The only line of defense she had from these now massive predators and, she stupidly drifted from her.

The bird head lowered towards her, much  faster than she figured it would. Twerp dove out of the way as the beak pecked at the ground hitting nothing but dirt. The bird pivoted as Twerp looked down at the birds massive feet which now seemed like claws of doom. Its beak opened up wide once again as it's beak lowered towards her.

Twerp dove out of the way, and somersaulted a few feet. As went to stand up she found her leg had gotten stuck in some of underbrush. It would be unnoticeable to Sabrina. Howevr to her it was an obstacle that now may spell her doom. She pulled at her leg trying to free it as the bird took a few steps forward. Twerp knew this was it. She was going to be the lunch of a small songbird.

"Shooo" Sabrina's powerful voice rolled across the grassy plain as she waved her arm towards the songbird. Her slight movement was enough to send the bird fleeing from what its lunch. Twerp looked up at the giant girl who was now her savior. Their eyes met for a moment before twerp looked away ashamed. Nothing had to be said between the two in order for the new dynamic between them to be known. Any chance of escape, or fleeing from her captor had once again been cut off. If it weren't for Sabrina she would have been nothing, but a snack for that bird. The thought of being able to make it somewhere from here would be impossible with her new place upon the totem pole of life. Placing her below nearly all life.

"I'm sure you now understand your place after that little incident. What Peyton said to you was horrible, but it wasn't wrong. The sooner you realize that the better. You need us if you want to survive in this world. Why don't you demonstrate just how appreciative you are." Sabrina said stretching out across the yoga mat.

Freeing herself from the underbrush Twerp dashed out from the grass pulling herself up, and onto the yoga mat. She walked towards the end of the mat making sure to stay close to Sabrina's body. It made her sick having to walk in Sabrina's shadow. Hug her body like a wall in order to keep predators at bay. Use the warmth from her body just to keep her body temperature up. She never liked Sabrina. Out of all Peyton's friends the two of them got along the least. Sabrina would disregard her wishes, or ignore her completely. Now she was at the complete and, utter mercy of this girl.

That wasn't the only reason. As much as those things bothered her about Sabrina she could look past them to a degree outside of the blatant disrespect she showed her. However, she knew girls like Sabrina when she went to school. Sabrina was a bully. She came from money, and has never had to actually work, or want for much of anything. More than once she has seen her belittle, or cut someone down for nothing more than her own amusement. However, with that said she is loyal to a fault to her friends. As much as she never cared for Sabrina. Twerp knows Sabrina would walk to the edge of the world, and back for her friends. Which is the only reason she relented, and finally allowed Peyton to continue to hang out with her again. Even though she knew the two were still hanging out behind her back.

As Twerp reached the side of her foot she could see she was wearing the same shoes as Peyton. It was then she was knocked backwards as Sabrina leg lifted up, and the heel of her dark black shoes rested on the toe of her other shoe. She pried her shoe off her foot. Twerp took a few steps back as she saw the massive building sized shoe come crashing down into the grass just a few feet from her. She then watched her two legs swap places and her toes shove the other shoe off her foot. As this shoe tumbled downward Twerp could see the shoe tumbling towards her.

"God no!" Twerp screamed as she pressed herself as tightly as she could against Sabrina's leg. As she looked down she saw that her leg raised up off the mat a bit. Seeing this she dove onto the floor of the mat, and rolled beneath Sabrina's leg. Seconds later the shoe crashed down where she had been standing finally coming to a rest on its side.

Shaking in fear Twerp remained lying on her back for a minute. Trying to coming to grips with how close to death she had just been for the second time in a matter of minutes. Knowing the weight of that shoe would have crushed her flat she found herself looking at it with a newfound respect for its power.

As she rolled out from underneath Sabrina's leg she realized that she could look straight into the shoe. A heat radiated from the inside of the shoe as the hot stuffy air billowed out. Twerp's nose twitched as the air around the shoe turned the air around it from fresh and pure to a much fouler scent. Twerp had become quite aware of the fact because of her size that scents were much more powerful than they would be at her normal size. However, she still suspected at any size the shoe would have smelled far from pleasant.

The coolness of the air around her made her actually contemplate going into the shoe in order to warm up. The fact she was even contemplating that made her realize how far she had fallen. That she now had to decide if she was going to huddle up in a discarded shoe and steal away the warmth left by the foot in order to survive.

"I believe you were saying how you wanted to show me how appreciative you were for saving your life, and how you wanted forgiveness from me for your lack of respect that you had shown me over the years." Sabrina chided as she laid back onto the Yoga mat relaxing a bit.

Twerp scowled knowing she had said or thought no such thing. It was this over grown brat that had come up with that. While she was thankful to her for saving her life. She wasn't about to grovel at her feet in appreciation for it. Whatever happened to doing a good deed because it's the right thing to do she wondered.

"Master Sabrina, I am sorry for my treatment, and disrespect of your relationship with Peyton. I never meant--"

"I believe one of your lectures you gave me when you caught me with some alcohol was actions speak louder than words. If I wanted to be a good person I needed act like it. Do you remember that?"

"Y-ye-yes" Twerp nodded unsure of where this was going, but she was quite sure it wasn't going to end with her getting a nice peaceful nap.

"Well maybe you should heed your own advice. I understand your saying the words of wanting forgiveness from me. However, I don't see you making actions towards wanting me to forgive you. Now that your nothing, but a mere pet of my best friend, and seeing how much time Peyton and I spend together. I'd hate for there to be any animosity between us since we will be seeing a lot of each other." Sabrina said as she wiggled and stretched her toes enjoying the cool breeze against her stocking clad foot.

"You can't possibly mean for me to massage your feet." Twerp said as the wiggling, and stretching Sabrina had done with her feet was not lost on the diminutive girl.

"I wouldn't dream of telling you such a thing. You're going to ask, and beg to be near my feet. Now, I don't allow animals on my yoga mat. So be a good pet and step onto the grass." Sabrina said as she watched the tiny woman step off the mat with a horrified look on her face. Which caused a warm of feeling of happiness to bubble up inside of Sabrina.

As Twerp stepped off the yoga mat she found herself further away from leg she was using to sap some of Sabrina's body heat into her. The cool breeze, while comforting to someone of Sabrina's size was frigid to someone Twerps size. She could feel her body temperature falling, and without any clothes to help her maintain any semblance of her bodies desired temperature she knew it wouldn't be long before she would freeze to death.

She looked over at Sabrina's shoe. She knew that by now, much of the heat that was there at first had dissipated, and while crawling inside would block out much of wind she knew it would only be prolonging the inevitable. Sabrina had said she had a free period, and then a yoga class out here. There is no way she could survive in these temperatures for two hours.  She glanced over at Sabrina's feet that rested amongst the grass. She looked back at Sabrina knowing she had to have planned this.

"That little monster is more diabolical then I gave her credit for." Twerp said quietly to herself as she approached Sabrina's massive feet. They stood like tall buildings extending up several feet above the tall blades of grass. Twerp tried to find to the words to ask but as she looked at Sabrina she found she couldn't even see her as her face was blocked out by her feet.

"Sa—erm. Master Sabrina." Twerp begrudgingly said. Sabrina tilted her feet to the side revealing her face at the end of a body that appeared to outstretch for what might as well have been miles to the small woman.

"Yes." Sabrina said in a tone that exuded her superiority over the diminutive woman. Twerp couldn't help but detect the overwhelming joy that she was trying to hide behind that response.

"May I please rub your feet." Twerp mumbled quickly wanting to get the humiliating event over with.

"I'm sorry I couldn’t quite hear you down there. What were you saying?" Sabrina said feigning ignorance as she watched Peyton's step mother shiver between the blades of grass which towered above her.

"May I please rub your feet." Twerp said louder, and more confidently.

"Oh I don't know...."

"Puh...please. I won't survive otherwise. I need ---" Twerp got out before being cut off and drowned out by Sabrina's much more powerful voice.

"You won survive without my feet huh? Is that what I heard? I'm not sure your deserving of such an honor."

"Please, Master Sabrina. I will do anything! I need this for my own survival." As the words left her mouth Twerp couldn't believe she was uttering them. It made her sick as hearing them in her own voice. She was having to beg Sabrina of all people for the right to live. Her very survival depended upon her ability to be near her feet.

"I suppose I could be persuaded to allow such a request. First though, I want you to kiss them. Show me with action how badly you want this. If I'm not impressed, I will just tell Peyton you ran off and I couldn't find you in the grass. You won't survive out here, and even if you did somehow manage to survive, and find your way back to her who do you think she's going to believe. Me or you?"

"God, you really are a bitch." Twerp said verbalizing her thought louder than she had intended.

"Yeah, I am. But if you want to live I suggest you start puckering. This offer expires in twenty seconds." Knowing she was right Twerp waded through the grass pushing the large blades of grass aside as she approached the massive foot. She could feel the air around the foot already felt warmer. A pungent aroma had bonded with the air around Sabrina's feet creating seemingly a new form of air that filled Twerps lungs.

She coughed a few times as she felt her eyes starting to water but, she held back the tears knowing she had to be strong. The white cotton sock was a dingy grey color. It was damp and clung to her foot as if it had become one entity. Flecks of dirt, and bits of god knows what littered the underside of Sabrina's stocking clad foot. As twerp approached she rested her hands on either side. Sweat bubbled up from the sock and ran over fingers. She knew this was probably a common occurrence it's just normally not visible to the human eye.

That point hit hard. The human eye, even in her own observations she was no longer human. She was some kind of sub human. Dependent on the larger humans for survival. As she saw this she found her body shook in repulsion. She wanted to turn away but feared for her own survival if she took such an action. She forced her head down closer and closer towards the damp cotton sock which clung to Sabrina's foot.

Twerp could feel the heat radiating from Sabrina's foot, and being sapped into her body. She could feel her own body temperature rising the closer and closer she got. Her nose twitched, and her nostrils flared as she had to fight the urge to not vomit. As she pressed her lips against the damp cotton sock she could taste Sabrina's sweat enter her mouth. She wanted more than anything to pull away, or flee. However, either option surely meant death.

The shivering of her body subsided as she pressed not just just her lips, but her body against the damp sock of Sabrina. As she sunk into the cotton she could feel filth and grime wash over her almost as if it was trying to assimilate her into itself.

"That’s right Twerp. This is your place now. You can start rubbing, and showing your subservience to me. This is all you are now. Your life as Mrs. Nancy List is over." Sabrina said with a bit of glee. "You won't be able to get in the way any longer of Peyton and I."

At that moment, Twerp felt lower than she ever had at any point in her life. She wanted to argue, or refute anything that was being said, but she couldn't find the ammunition to do so. As she pressed herself further, and further into Sabrina's stocking clad foot she found that she had to use her entire body to knead and press into the underside of the foot. As she did so she could hear Sabrina sigh in comfort.

"When Peyton tires of you, and she will. I'm going to have her give you to me. She won't want to do the day to day caring of you. She doesn't see any benefit to having you around. She wants to get revenge and that’s it. However, once that’s over with she will just move on. But, I do see the benefit in having you around Twerp. This will be your existence eventually. Consider this a sneak peek of what your life will become." Sabrina said before putting her ear buds back in and stretching her arms out before lying comfortably flat against the yoga mat.

As she continued to rub her body into Sabrina's foot she continued to feel the warmth radiate through her body. However, as the damp sweat exuded sweat onto her she found her eyes were starting to sting once again. As she tried to rub the sweat from her eyes she realized she was only making it worse as the layer of sweat and grime that had transferred from Sabrina's body to her sock and then from her sock to her body was now being rubbed into her eyes. The only recourse in action she could find was just to allow it to happen.

This continued for several minutes before she shifted to Sabrina's other foot. As she pressed her body against Sabrina's supple foot she could feel the figurative binds the girls had placed on her tightening with each moment.  The idea of escape from underneath their thumb became harder to perceive with each passing moment. How could she hope navigate this giant world without freezing to death? They don't make clothes that could possibly fit.

"I could let you do this hours." Sabrina said as reached down and pulled the sock free of her foot. Twerp watched it hover directly over her for several seconds before it fell to a crumpled pile next to her.

"Here, I broke this off so it's more sized to your scale." Sabrina said tossing her pumice stone down to the tiny woman. Nancy looked down at the pumice stone, and still found it large to the point she was unsure if she could lift it. She looked at the heel area of Sabrina's foot. She could see callouses and dry patches of skin along with a bit of cracking skin. The sweat, and hot shoes did a number on her feet. Plus, like Peyton she was an athlete. Peyton played on more of the sports teams where Sabrina mainly just did soccer. She was on a few teams and played soccer almost year-round. She remembered a few times a year Peyton would say Sabrina is at soccer camp this week. Her feet reflected the rough treatment they received.

"You can't possibly mean for me to scrub your feet with this? I've done everything you've asked." Twerp replied as she continued to look back and forth between the pumice stone, and the large foot.

"Do you not understand you live a life of service. You exist to serve my needs right now. Your only purpose in life, and complete focus should be on me. Your entire life revolves around me right now. You’re like those sucker fish we learned about in biology that attach to whales and sharks.... remora's that their name. They use the whales, and sharks for transportation, protection and, service the host eating their scraps and cleaning away dead skin. That’s you to a T." Sabrina said while laughing.

Knowing that it was useless to say anything more Twerp looked down at the Pumice stone trying not to let Sabrina's words get to her. She couldn't for the life of her understand how her, and Peyton became friends. Outside of what she thinks of her, Peyton is a good person. Sabrina just seems mean. Twerp thinks to herself as she attempts to lift the pumice stone. She lifts it to her knees before letting it drop back to the ground.

"I can’t lift it."

"Hmph, that sounds like more of a you problem. Than a me a problem. But, I understand not everyone is a problem solver. It's only natural you would look to your bigger, and wiser master for guidance. If you can't lift the pumice stone use your mouth. Chew away the dead skin from my foot Twerp.

Desperately she hoped inside that she was joking. That she wasn't in any way serious when it came to that request, but she knew better than that. Dropping to her knees before the massive foot in front of her she looked at the tough skin on the heel of the foot. While her head neared her foot, she kept waiting for her to tell her to stop, or that she was joking. However, as her teeth landed on the soiled oily foot she could feel her teeth sink into the skin.

"This isn't happening." She said to herself as her teeth raked across the heel of Sabrina's foot peeling away a layer of dead skin.  As the sweat socked dead skin landed in her mouth she was about to spit out when Sabrina stopped her.

"You're going to swallow that. In fact, you're going to remove the dead, calloused skin off both my feet, and eat it all. Consider it a way of repenting for your sins." Sabrina commanded as she remained stretched out enjoying the idea of having a small slave to do her bidding.

Twerp felt sick to her stomach as she continued to chew away at the calloused heel of her tormenter. She would run her hand out across the heel feeling for the rough spots before biting, and chewing at the skin. It made her feel near worthless over the fact that she seemed so well suited to this task. Her jaw was only strong enough to bite through the first layer of skin. Her teeth just the right sharpness to tear away at the layer of flesh, and as much as she tried she seemed to not be able to cause any harm to Sabrina. In fact the more she tried to cause her some pain the more she sighed in pleasure.

"Hey Sabrina" A voice cut through the air, and boomed far above Twerp. Twerp could feel Sabrina move reacting to the voice. She had expected Sabrina to grasp onto her, only she reached by her and grabbed her damp sock.  Visions of being sealed against her foot made her absolutely sick. However, instead of pulling the sock onto her foot Sabrina mere dropped it on top of the small woman concealing her body beneath pounds of damp cotton ripe with Sabrina's scent.

"I didn’t tell you to stop slave." Sabrina command. "Oh, hey Kaitlyn. I thought you were on a field trip all day." Sabrina called back to her friend, and neighbor. Kaitlyn was a year older and, a grade above Sabrina. Although, since PCA is a private school. They structure there classes differently than most schools. The individualized classes aren't restricted by grade. They just have classes you need to complete to graduate from each program level ranging from Preschool, to then elementary school, then Middle and high school is combined into one that you need to complete to get into their undergraduate program, which then concludes with a master's program. So, while there are classes students generally take during a specific grade, it is by no means required. So, from time to time despite their grade difference they share a class.

Every time Twerp thinks her life can't possibly get worse. She can't possibly be forced down to a lower rung, or to a lower station in life. Life finds a way to further beat her down. She's now having to eat the skin off this she devils feet from underneath her disgusting, and raunchy sock.

The ground quaked, and what sounded like thousands of trees being knocked over at once billowed from all around Twerp. In reality it was merely a teenage girl walking across the lawn. However, making matters worse she could hear the girl sit down next to Sabrina. 

"This can't be happening. She can't possibly plan on staying here for the rest of this period." Twerp said to herself as she bit down against Sabrina's foot clearing away more dead skin. Much to her chagrin Sabrina and Kaitlyn chatted away showing no sign of slowing down or stopping.

As she finished clearing the heel of dead skin she was to stop when saw the heel move away from her. A cold wind swirled in behind the foot causing her to shiver for a brief moment. She could only watch as the heel of her other foot was pressed against her as Sabrina crossed her legs. The cracked grungy heel looked just as bad as the last. Her stomach was already crying out for her stop however the reality was she knew she had to continue or face possible death.

Tears dripped down her face as she found she could no longer hold them back as she chewed away on Sabrina's heel. She tried to comprehend what she could have done to possibly deserve this. It's no secret she never cared for Sabrina, and she did somewhat discourage the two from hanging out. However, her crimes don't fit the punishment she's been given. 

"I suppose, I have to check in, and then head across campus for gym. We still going to the mall after school?" Kaitlyn asked as she stood.

"Yeah, sounds good. See you in science." Sabrina said as Kaitlyn waved goodbye. "You better hurry up. I have to get changed for Yoga soon." Sabrina bellowed down as she laid back down on her mat enjoying the feeling of the tiny woman eating away at her dead skin.

The better part of twenty went by before Twerp felt the sock lift off her body. The giant form of Sabrina shifted to sitting Indian style as she grabbed her back pack She unzipped her make up bag and tossed in the pumice stone, and looked down at the tiny woman.

"You're basically, a care product." Sabrina said as she grabbed the minute woman, and tossed her in her makeup bag before zipping it shut sealing Twerp in the bag. The makeup tubes in the bag jostled about as she carelessly dropped the makeup bag into her backpack. She once again slung the backpack over her shoulder. This time it wasn't without thought of the tiny woman. It was just without care.

"When you're mine I just might keep you in there. You're basically a beauty product. Although some of that makeup is worth more than you are." Sabrina said to Peyton's step mother before putting her ear buds back in, and promptly ignoring the small woman. She had decided on the fact she would give her no more attention than any other piece of makeup she owns for the rest of the afternoon until she has to give her to Avery after science class.



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