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Author's Chapter Notes:

Realize i posted the unedited version of this. So i apologize to the early readers of this chapter for the gramatical errors and odd wording. 

tep Monster CH8




Twerp found herself lying atop a mountain of makeup products at the pit of Sabrina's makeup bag. She would gently rock from side to side, and slide about the bag as Sabrina walked. The sounds of objects pelting against the outside of the canvas makeup bag were a bit jarring to the tiny woman. It sounded like hail beating against a window. But, she found herself thankful to be in the relatively safe confines of the makeup bag.

For the first time in what seemed like quite a while Twerp found it generally quiet around her, as she was sealed in Sabrina's backpack, and then sealed further in her makeup bag inside the backpack. The silence was a treat for the first couple of moments, however, before long she found that the silence allowed her time to think, and contemplate. The idea of having to relive any of the events that had gone on recently was not something that Twerp was looking forward to, or wanting to do anytime soon.

Unfortunately, her mind kept wandering back to the final words Sabrina spoke, that she was hers. She shuddered at the notion of having that brat as her caretaker. She couldn't imagine a life of that. Day in, and day out, living a life like the hour she just spent toiling away completing Sabrina’s every whim.

As the afternoon drug on, Twerp found herself drifting in, and out of sleep. Once in a while she heard something from Sabrina's Yoga class, but it was mostly peaceful. It wasn’t until she felt the bag lift up, and everything shuddered from side to side, as the bag was carelessly slung over Sabrina's shoulder that Twerp awoke.

The booming footsteps, and muted murmurs of the outside world felt distant as Twerp found herself carried to an unknown part of campus. Completely shrouded behind a veil of darkness, it still felt odd, although not as strange as before to be carried somewhere with no control over where you were headed.

The bag shook, and came to a crashing halt upon the floor as Sabrina dropped her bag next to her desk. Twerp heard the main compartment unzip, and she braced herself to be pulled out and tormented. Instead, she heard objects being removed from the backpack. Than the distinctive sound of the zipping of the backpack. The sound assaulted her ear drums as it closed. Twerp continued to brace herself knowing that Sabrina must have merely forgotten her in here momentarily, or she was taunting her by leaving her in here for an few extra minutes to let the suspense build. Surely, she couldn’t be left to her own devices.

A few minutes drifted into several, which before too long had turned into the entire class period having gone by. Sabrina tossed her class materials in the backpack as she chatted with some friends before lifting up the bag. She knew her last class wasn't far so she didn't bother zipping up the bag.

Twerps limbs were starting to feel stiff, and she longed to be able to stand up and move a bit. She didn’t want to admit it, but she actually wanted the girls to take her out. Apart of her desired the interaction. She knew it wouldn't be long before Sabrina would pull her out now. She seemed to get a lot of joy out of the misery she caused Twerp thought as the voice of Avery, and Kaitlyn from earlier were overheard. The sounds of their voices encompassed every crevice of Twerps being as they spoke. She could feel her eardrums reverberate.

As the trio of girls walked into the class room they gathered around their lab table. Sabrina, and the girls dropped their backpacks on the far side of the lab table before taking three of the four seats.

"I need to get out of here. I'm going to go crazy if she keeps me in this makeup bag any longer." Twerp said to herself as she punched and kicked at interior walls of the makeup bag. As the class started she had a feeling that she was going to spend yet another class period confined within the tight quarters of the makeup bag. Having kicked, and punched herself out of energy. Twerp found she could do nothing, but wait until they chose to release her. She had been relegated to an afterthought as the class droned on.

Twerps blood boiled, as she fumed in the cramped makeup bag. The idea, that out of all her step daughter's friends. She had to be with Sabrina, only led to more anger to feed into her fury. Sabrina, by the simple nature of being herself pushed her buttons, and grinded her gears in a way that only Peyton could match.

"Tomorrow, when you come in, start doing your lab right away." The teacher said loudly as the bell rang.

"Mrs. Fields, can we get an extra lab sheet for Peyton. I'm meeting up with her later to go over the notes she missed." Avery said sweetly.

"Sure, here you go. I'm glad to see you all taking this seriously." Mrs. Fields said before heading out of the class room.

"Is she showing up for practice." Kaitlyn whispered

"Yeah, she said at lunch she was coming back." Sabrina said. "Oh Avery, that lip gloss you wanted to borrow is in my makeup bag, if you want to grab it before Kaitlyn and I head to practice." Sabrina added as she then distracted Kaitlyn by discussing a few snapchat updates.

As light shined into Sabrina's makeup bag waking Twerp from her daze. She found that she couldn’t focus, as her eyes hadn't adjusted to the light. Before she could make out what was going on a warm palm of someone's hand wrapped around her. She attempted to see who it was, but by the time she could see, she found herself tumbling into an all too familiar pocket.

Twerp landed on her hand, and then slid down onto her injured shoulder causing her to yelp in pain. As she righted herself, the pocket she was in was already closed blocking out any light she had. She felt around confused, and was about to call out when she heard the powerful voice of Avery emanate from behind and above her.

"I'm grabbing a few things, and heading over to Peyton's. Tell her that I'll see her at her place." Avery said before gathering up her things, and heading out the door.

"Hey, can you hear me?" Twerp shouted hoping for some response as she braced herself in the pocket.

The silence was deafening as the miniaturized woman found herself once again, being ignored. She laid lackadaisically in Avery's pocket. She found the boredom starting to get to her. She didn't like the idea of being tormented, and ordered around by her step daughter and her minions. However, she found being left alone as they went about their lives, ignoring her as if she never existed wasn't exactly a pleasant feeling either.

Twerp listened to Avery walk in silence for quite some time before she heard a series of doors open, and then close followed by a loud elevator ding. The woosh of the elevator doors opening told Twerp that they had to be in the lobby of Avery's apartment building. As the doors closed shut, she saw some light shine in as the massive eye of Avery looked down.

"You need to be quiet. Got it?"

"Ye-yes Avery. I mean Master Avery." Twerp sputtered partially surprised that she had received any attention at all from the girl. Since her accident Avery had mostly ignored her. She seemed uninterested in her in nearly every way. Twerp hadn't yet had the epiphany that someone of Twerps size, and stature just wasn't important enough to garner Avery's attention. Twerp was just simply her friends pet to her.  As soon as she agreed, she found herself thrusted back into the darkness. When the door to the apartment opened up. Twerp could  clearly hear a drunk Male voice which shouted at Avery.

"Avery ish that yew?" The man drunkenly stammered out as the apartment door closed.

"Yeah dad. I'm just grabbing a few things. Then going to Peyton's." Avery said as she made deliberate quick steps through the living room hoping to avoid a confrontation.

"Will you-sh get yer ol' man a beer?" He said slurred.

"Don’t you think you've had enough? Why not lie down?" Avery said pausing. As she looked concerned about her father’s state, but also embarrassed.  

"don’t mother me. Get me a damn beer." The man struggled to say as Avery continued walking through the living room hoping he would get forget about it in his drunken stupor.

"I have to get my things together Dad."

"Get me a beer, or you're not going anywhere!" Her father angrily shouted before he threw beer glass bottle. His intent was to throw it towards the wall, however in his drunken state his aim was off, and the bottle struck Avery. She moved her hands upward covering her eyes in reaction to her father. The bottle ended up striking her cheek, and hand breaking upon impact. Glass shards flew everywhere causing Avery to scream before tumbling to the ground.

"I'm shorry swweeetheart. I, I, I didn't mean to do that. Juz get me a beer." Her father stammered as he struggled to stand up.

Avery sobbed on the floor as she bled out from her cheek, and hand. As she fell Twerp found herself knocked out of the pocket lying on the ground next to Avery. As she looked up at the giant girl she could see her bleeding from her face, and hands. A horrified look spread across her face as she picked herself up.

"Are you okay?" Twerp asked unsure what exactly she could do at her size.  She ran towards Avery by instinct alone. However as she approached she found that she was helpless to do anything. She couldn’t wipe the blood away. She couldn’t hold her, or protect her. She was trapped in this helpless form. Even now, she needed Avery. She needed her protection to survive.

"I'm not fucking okay." Avery shouted angrily at Twerp as she continued to cry for a few moments before picking herself up off the ground. She grabbed twerp in her left hand as she saw her father stagger towards her.

"Honey, I'm sorry." Her father said. His beer breath washed over Twerp causing her to sneeze as Avery crinkled her nose.

"I didn't mean to hit you with that bottle. Now  get me a beer. I won't tell you again." He angrily said as he neared her.

"Ye-yes dad." Avery said sheepishly. As he walked towards the Kitchen she felt her father slap her roughly on the rear roughly as if she were a bar maid. The slap was hard enough to cause her to stumble towards the floor. She reached out towards the wall pressing Twerp flat against it in an effort to maintain her own balance.

Realizing what she had done to catch her balance, Avery pulled her hand off the wall and looked at Twerp with a bit of concern. After a few seconds she noticed Twerp groan in pain as she laid in her palm.  As Avery rounded the corner she went into the kitchen, and flicked some water onto the tiny woman to wake her up fully.

"Avery, you need to get out of here." Twerp meekly said while still writhing in a bit of pain.

"I'm trying. Just shut up. Shut up, and do as your told." Avery yelled down at Twerp dropping her back in her pocket trying to hide her frustration and fear from Twerp.

"At least call your mother. Look what he did to you." Twerp shouted from the pocket concerned.

"I can't, she left alright. She hasn't been home for days. Just keep quiet, mind your business, and do like your told." Avery said frustrated, sad and upset.


"That's master Avery to you runt, and I warned you." Avery said wiping the tears, and blood from her face. She grabbed a beer from the fridge while making sure she had recomposed herself. She then walked out of the kitchen handing her drunken father the beer.

"Thanks honey." He said slapping her again on her bottom as she walked past.

"Dad, I’m your daughter not a slut at the bar." Avery said as she started to walk away he grabbed her arm. Slapped hard across the face. Avery fell to knee grasping the side of her face.

"Don't you talk back to me." Her father said before staggering back to his chair sitting down.  Avery stood up with her tears nearly blinding her as she ran into her bedroom closing the door behind her. The tears were mixing with her cut up face, and stinging her eyes. She grabbed a large duffle bag from her closet, and kicked her school shoes into it. She transferred twerp to her bloody hand and used her clean hand to throw in several pairs of shoes and stuffed as many of her clothes into the duffle bag as she could, nearly emptying out her closet into the oversized duffle bag that was normally reserved for gymnastics.

"I told you to be quiet. This isn't a problem for the likes of you." Avery said angrily dropping the small woman into a pair skate shoes. She never gave Twerp a chance to respond before shoving her bare feet into the shoe toppling the woman over pinning her down against her foot.

Not wanting to stick around any longer Avery grabbed her duffle with her bloody hand and her backpack and purse with her clean hand and dashed out of the apartment not looking back once.

Twerp was stunned as she found herself thrown into the sneaker. Her body hit the soft insole, and rolled a few feet before coming to a rest halfway down the length of the shoe. She had never seen Avery in such a state but, she couldn’t blame her. Seemingly seconds later, Twerp saw Avery's bare foot enter the shoe. She attempted to thwart off the foot, but it was no use. As Avery's foot rolled over her as if she were nothing.

"Stop, stop" Twerp shouted as her head got wedged between Avery's largest toes, and she found herself drug the length of the shoe all the way to the toe section . As Avery's foot drug her along, she could feel the skin peeling off her back layer by layer until she finally came to a halt and, felt her back press deeply into the shoes insole. Twerp coughed as the full weight of Avery's foot rested atop of her.

Unlike Sabrina, and Peyton, Avery was more of a girly girl. She spent time pampering herself, and using various lotions, and oils. She would work at making sure her skin looked nothing short of flawless in all situations. This made for a different feeling then the previous feet she had found herself under.  Avery's foot molded around Twerps body pressing her into the padded insole. Leaving her firmly stuck underneath the gargantuan girl. Save for her head,  which had somehow managed to get pressed between her two largest toes on her foot.

However, unlike the prior times when she had been underfoot, Avery ran with all stuff slung over her shoulders. The rapid footfalls were something Twerp had never experienced, and was unprepared for. Avery's massive toes rubbed up, and down the side of her face. As she ran she could feel Avery toes grasp, and toy with her head. The bottom pads on her toes would run along her face.

"Avery" Twerp tried desperately to squeak out hoping somehow her voice would be heard, deep down though she knew it wouldn't. She knew she would have to endure. The normal long reprieves she had to take breaths were shortened drastically. The slow methodical rise, and descent of the foot were compounded into a much shorter time. As Avery's foot rose up into the air, then seconds later her foot came crushing towards the floor. Twerp felt the air squeeze out of her lungs as her foot dug into the ground propelling her forward. Her toes grasped down on her body tightly as if they were giving her a full body hug.

Making matters worse, Avery in a panic didn't want to wait for the elevator. She feared her Father would come after her. In his drunken state it wasn't a practical, or possible for him to give much of a chase, but when you're in a state of fear rational thought often goes out the window. Pushing the door to the stairwell open, Avery ran down the stairs wiping the blood, and tears from her eyes once again so she could see clearly.

Twerp was just starting to get used to the process of running and making sure she had enough air in her lungs to make it to the next footfall when she felt a strange gliding like feeling of the foot. Everything had a strange weightless feeling for a moment then all of Avery's weight came crashing down onto her. Twerp found herself pressed deeper into Avery's foot flesh as her toes grasped her hand tightly. She desperately tried to move, or free herself but the foot had overpowered her with ease. She could feel her body starting to give as her last bit of air seeped out of her lungs when all the weight lifted off of her.

"That wasn't so --" Was all Twerp managed to think before the foot she was underneath lowered itself down to the next step and the same process repeated once again. After the third or fourth step it dawned on her that Avery must have been going downstairs and as she reached the last couple steps jumping down to the landing to avoid having to go down the last couple stairs of each section, and Twerp found she absolutely hated it.

When Avery reached the bottom floor, twerp found she couldn't think any longer. Her entire focus was just on breathing, and staying alive. She had hoped that the stairs would have worn Avery out so that she would walk, however that wasn't the case. Avery's heavy footfalls went from carpet to cement without a hint of slowdown. As this went on step after step a horrifying realization hit Twerp. This wasn't enough weight to crush her to death. She knew many of her bones were about on the verge of breaking, however actual death would take more force. She suspected if Avery would stomp down on her with full force, and power that would perhaps be enough force. This meant as painful as this process was, as hard as it was to breathe she would be forced to endure this indefinitely.

"God help me if Peyton ever finds out about this. She would leave me under her foot forever." Twerp shuddered upon the thought.

"PEYTON!" Avery shouted as she opened the door to Peyton's house. Peyton, and her Father had said long ago she didn’t need to knock anymore. She was over so much she was like family anyway. Douglas, Peyton’s father just viewed her as his other daughter.

"Hey Aves, we were just wondering...Shit, what happened?" Peyton said with a level of concern Twerp had never heard her use towards herself. As she pushed her chair away, and ran towards Avery who dropped her bags As Peyton wrapped her arms around her.

"Sabrina get a towel, or something, and some disinfectant." Peyton ordered as Avery cried into her shoulder. A helpless feeling washed over twerp as she heard Peyton console her friend. The parent in her wanted to protect her. She wanted to somehow shield her from this. However, the reality of it was she was unable to do anything.

Peyton guided Avery over to one of the chairs in the kitchen. As she sat down she kicked her shoes off sending them flying a few feet before coming to a rest in the middle of the kitchen floor. Twerp who was left behind in the shoe was sent cascading into the walls of the shoe as it tumbled end over end. Her back crashed into the top of the shoe, than a moment later her face slammed into the insole of the shoe, than her body tumbled towards the sidewall of the shoe before the shoes finally came to a rest in a heap in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Twerp dizzily crawled out from the large skate shoe. She felt as if she had been involved in some kind of Nascar car wreck. As she slid out of the shoe, she found that the shoe she was in had fallen on top of the other shoe in a way that left it angled upwards. So, if she was going to get out of this shoe she would have a bit of a drop to the floor.

As she dropped down onto the floor she felt the rapid pounding of two feet hitting the ground. The floor shook strongly enough for Twerp to be knocked back to the ground. She looked up as Sabrina who stepped over her, and the pile of shoes as if they were nothing. She tried to yell to Sabrina in hopes of getting off the floor. She felt vulnerable around these giant girls. Especially with them not aware, or thinking about where she was.

Twerp looked towards the table, and chairs but much of it was blocked from her view. She could hear Avery's voice shakily recanting the tale of what had transpired to Peyton as she sobbed into the shoulder of her best friend. Seeing the girls distracted made her wish her husband Douglas were here. She could use their distraction to get help from her husband. However, it was much too early for him to be home from work.

Slowly Twerp turned her head from left to right scanning the kitchen. She smiled as she saw both girls hovered around Avery. As bad as she felt for Avery, and wished she could help the poor girl. She knew there was nothing she could do at her size for her. However, the idea of hiding from them until she could get in contact with her husband seemed quite compelling. She could then turn the tables on Peyton, and her band of minions.

Looking back at the girls once again Twerp dashed towards the baseboards of the kitchen. Luckily the Kitchen is open on both sides so she can sneak out the back. Then it's just a matter of trying to find a place to hide.

As she walked along the baseboards she found herself getting colder and colder as her body dropped in temperature. As Twerp reached the end of the kitchen she was shivering profusely. While Avery's foot was far from sweaty, the oils and lotions she had on her foot had transferred to her, and she found her body smelled just like Avery's foot. The oils and lotions as they cooled on her skin only made her colder. She also didn’t like the idea of smelling like cucumber melon with a hint of vanilla.

Twerp made her way around the corner, and stopped dead in her tracks. As she looked ahead she could see Simba, Peyton's kitten drinking from her water dish. She cursed her husband. She was vehemently against getting her pet cat. She didn’t take very good care of the dog. As those tasks usually fell upon her. Peyton, had demonstrated that she is far from the most responsible person. Not out of immaturity, just out of laziness. If something doesn't interest her, or appears to be too much work she won't want to do it, or will find a way to pawn it off on someone else.

Nervously Twerp started taking a few steps back upon the realization of just how bad of an idea this was. However, as she started backing away, Simba sensed her movement, and cocked her head. The entire event took place seemingly in less time than Twerp had to process it. Simba had bounded towards her in smacked her down with her paw.

"Simba, it's me. I feed you, and take you to the vet. It's Nancy." Twerp said. As she said her name she realized how long it had been since she used it. It felt almost foreign to refer to herself in such a way. She knew even that was Peyton's doing. She needed to get away from her before she had her fully trained, and reprogrammed to her will.

Simba hissed as she batted Twerp sending her sliding along the floor. Twerp would then start to crawl away, and just as she would get about a paws length away Simba would slam her paw down, and drag her back towards her.  She cried out as this last time, as  Simba's paw drew blood with her sharp claws. She knew she was just playing as Simba often did. Nancy could recall one afternoon she had hunted a grasshopper that had found its way inside. She played with it for an hour or two before it eventually died. As she looked up at the gigantic pet kitten of her step daughter. She knew that this would be it. This would be her demise. As she desperately tried to crawl away only to have Simba's claw slice across her back, and down her legs before dragging her roughly towards her.

"Simba no. Simba Sit." The powerful commanding god like voice echoed through the room. Twerp watched cat instantly comply without hesitation. She looked behind her to see her massive step daughter standing before her glaring down at her.

She could see her bare feet with her blue painted toenails which eventually disappeared behind her baggy grey sweatpants which seemed to extend up into heavens. It normally bothered Twerp greatly that she couldn’t see their faces however, this time she didn't think she wanted too.

"Twerp sit. Simba bed." Peyton's voice firmly, and powerfully ordered while her foot stomped against the ground. Twerp watched the kitten scurry away, and head up the stairs towards her bed in Peyton's room. Without hesitation or thought Twerp found herself sitting down on the cold tile floor. It wasn't until a few moments later she realized that she had obeyed the command so willingly and naturally.

"What do you think you were doing? Where in the world were you going?" Peyton bellowed as her foot tapped the floor.

"I-I" Twerp managed to get out before being cut off.

"That’s what I thought. I don't even want to hear your lies. If you have to preface the statement with I it means you were doing something you weren't told to do. The days of you thinking are through. You merely obey."

"Goddess Peyton, please just listen" Twerp said fearfully as she looked up at her stepdaughter knowing she had just been caught.

"You were trying to get away. You were trying to hide. I'm not dumb. We are going to have a talk." Peyton said bending down grabbing her stepmother roughly before heading over to her father's study. On the desk Twerp could see an open box from Amazon.

"G-goddess Peyton, I would never dream of" Twerp tried to sputter before once again being cut off.

"I don't want to hear it. I'm in charge of you. I run your life, and you don't seem to understand that. You can't live without my protection, and this just proves it. Simba would have killed, and eaten you. Your old home isn't even a safe place for you."

"Wha-what do you mean old home? You're not giving me to Master Sabrina are you? Please Goddess Peyton, I swear I will never oppose you again. I should have never left Master Avery's shoes. I should have waited till you got me." Twerp sputtered out fearfully as she looked up at Peyton.

"No, nothing like that. However, if you don't shape up I may have to consider it since you seem to want it so badly." Peyton said as she dug in the box pulling out a massive syringe. Twerp could only watch as Peyton read over the instructions before pinning Twerp down face first on the desk.

"Don't move." Peyton said as Twerp felt the needle press against the back of her neck. The needle was as thick as a pencil to her and Peyton pushed it into her. She felt the cool liquid enter her body before the needle was pulled out.

"Wha-what did you do to me?" Twerp asked rubbing the back of her neck.

"I chipped you. Just like I did Simba. Now I can track you no matter where you are via this app. Your body powers the chip and the chip sends your location via gps satellites down to the inch. See" Peyton said turning her phone around.

She looked at the screen horrified as she saw their home and then zoomed in the section of the house she was in appeared with her picture on it. She immediately recognized it as the picture she took of her in her room groveling and begging at Peyton's feet. Next to the picture, the name Twerp appeared.

"No..no.." Twerp said as she grasped at the hole on her neck, as the smile on Peyton's face increased more and more.

"It's no use now. Its embedded into you."

"How...how could you do this to me. You're a monster." Twerp said fighting back tears as she continued to grasp at the wound left by syringe on the back of her neck.

"I own you, there is nothing wrong with keeping tabs on my property. Now,  no matter where you run to or whatever you do I can find you. Isn't this great?" Peyton said looking down at her tiny step mother.

"This isn't happening." Twerp said as she pounded her fist against the desk.

"You keep saying that, but you need to realize this is me winning. You serve, and work for me now. More on that later. Right now, you're going to tell me how this happened to you?"

"I..i will not. I won't let you do this to anyone else." Twerp said. Peyton then looked down at her with a look she had never seen before. She begun to inch away from her when Peyton's fist crashed against the desk.

"You listen here, and you listen good. I'm not playing, I'm not messing around. I'm not being mean. You will tell me how this happened or I will fucking kill you. Do you remember lunch? I don't think you understand your place. I'm lord and master. You obey. I order you to tell me.  Avery is in the kitchen with the shit beat out of her. Her mom ran the fuck off without her. No one hurts my Avery gets away with it. You will tell me how this happened to you, or I will torture you until you do. I will take the lighter out of this desk drawer, and slowly burn your feet off. Your small enough the flame will self-cauterize the wound. Then I will ask again."

"Y-yes of course my Goddess. As you command." Twerp fearfully sputtered out. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. As she looked up Peyton she could see the hurt, and fury burning in her eyes. She wanted to tell her to go to the police. She wanted to tell her the responsible thing to do. However, a larger part of her felt compelled to obey. As she looked up at the giant girl before her it was getting harder, and harder to view her as her step daughter. Another part of her wanted the same vengeance Peyton wanted. Avery was a kind soul.

"The pills, the pills you got from Generisoft. When they gave you the wrong migraine medicine. The one that your allergic too. I had a headache after we argued about you doing the yardwork. I took a pill, and I took drink of liquor. Some wine, and then I went upstairs and collapsed. It happened so fast I couldn't call out for help or do anything. I just shrunk. Then you came in, and well you knew the rest. "

"Interesting, those old pills. Aren't they expired?"

"Expiration dates are just a guideline." Twerp said.

"I guess not in this case" Peyton laughed. Before continuing on. "I hated to spend some more of my allowance on you, but it's part of being a pet owner." Peyton as she reached back into amazon box, and pulled out a clear plastic hamster cage with pink exercise wheel, and food dish. Halfway up the front of the cage the plastic turned to a white metal bars on the front until it reached the top where it returned to plastic around everything else.

"You're not gonna put me in that are you?" Twerp said as she backed away from the cage.

"Of course, like I said Simba just proved you can't survive in your old home, and I can't, and don't want to be around you all the time. So now you have this nice new home to protect you from the dangers of the outside world. Where I can come home, and know right where you are." Peyton said with a smile so large it could have wrapped around her face.

"No, please. I'm not an animal. I'm a person. I have rights for goodness sake." Twerp argued back.

"You were a person, and you did have rights. Now you're my pet. You pledged yourself to me. To serve me. To accept my decisions, and beliefs as your own. To serve my every whim, and command. This is my will and command. What was it you always said to me...oh yes. You need to have faith in me that I know what's best. Well the tables have turned. Now I'm the one with the power, and the one making decisions. You live under my roof. And you have a nice little home to live in."

Twerp was speechless. She kept trying to look away but found she just couldn't. The idea of living in a cage. Some kind of pet habitat while Peyton went out and lived her life. Being forced to wait to live life on her terms.

"That's for later though. Right now, you're coming with me, and I think you need some time to think over that little incident we had in the kitchen where you were trying to escape. Now you see while I was out with Bradley I got my tongue pierced, and my belly button pierced. I had been working on forging your signature for some time now. I just wasn't sure how to get around using it without you finding out. Now I don't need to worry." Peyton smirked as she lifted up her shirt showing a metal stud with small metal chains wrapped around it. She then stuck her tongue out showing a tongue piercing with a similar design.

Peyton grabbed Twerp and dropped her on her tongue. She then grabbed one of the metal chains, and unclasped it from her tongue piercing before she forcefully grabbed one of Twerps arms, and then slid her wrist into the metal circlet. Finally, she clasped the circlet closed around Twerps wrist. Twerp could hear the metal snap back into place. As she looked down at her wrist she could see a small metal wristlet attached to the chain. The part around her wrist reminded her of the end of a necklace, and how you attach it. Only now because of her size it fit around her wrist rather tightly. In fact, it dug into wrist. She grabbed the metal latch, and tried to open the part that is clasped shut, but found she didn’t have the strength to do so.  Peyton then grabbed another chain from the Tongue piercing, and clasped it around her other wrist. She followed the same process for ankles and neck.

"Release me, release me this instant." Twerp shouted from inside Peyton's mouth. Since she wasn't strong enough to take off the wristlet she yanked on the chain where it went into the tongue piercing only she wasn't strong enough to break it on that end either or cause Peyton any kind of discomfort.

"I can barely feel you on my tongue. You weight nothing, and I can still talk normal. I was concerned on if I would be able to speak." Peyton said. Twerp looked out as Peyton's mouth closed sealing her in darkness. The hot air of Peyton's mouth smelled of Chinese food. As she spoke, Twerp found herself knocked from left to right, and front to back as Peyton's tongue moved about her mouth to speak.

Twerp covered her ears, and dropped to her knees as Peyton's voice rumbled around, and encompassed her fully. Light would continually enter, and then disappear as her mouth opened and closed as she spoke. Twerp looked back at the piercing horrified to find herself chained in such manner with nowhere to go.  The fact she wasn't able to break chains or separate herself from Peyton's piercing made her feel that much smaller.

"This is so cool. You're really trapped in my mouth. I could make you live in here. You could eat the food I chewed up before I swallowed it, and drink whatever I drink. We are gonna have to try this out later."

"No, no. Let me out of here this instant. Please, I don't want to live in your mouth. I will never cross you again. I swear it. I one hundred percent mean it. You're in charge Peyton. You win. Just please." Twerp begged as Peyton stood up and walked out of the study.

"The best part is I can only hear you when my mouth is open. So, I can just silence your voice by closing my mouth. I wish I would have had this piercing on Saturday. I guess, hang tight. Gotta take care of some business." Peyton said before sealing Twerp in the dark, humid, smelly confines of her mouth. 


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