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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to share your opinions and perspectives. It means alot.


Step Monster Ch2



Nancy pounded against the ceramic wall hoping that she could break the wall. However, after a few punches she quickly thought better of it as her fist turned a deep red in color and swelled a bit. Knowing that the walls were much to smooth for climbing to be a viable option Nancy walked backwards until her bare back pressed against the cold ceramic wall. A shiver went up her spine slightly reminding her of her lack of clothing. She then took off running and leaped at the ceramic wall opposite her. Hoping that the force and momentum of herself running and slamming into the wall would be enough to knock over the pencil holder onto its side so that she could get out. However, the wall which was before her didn't budge. Not even a wobble.

"What am I going to do now?" Nancy mumbled under breath in frustration while she slunk down to the floor and looked up at the lip of the pencil holder which almost appeared to be getting further and further away with each failure. The idea that the floor of her prison is covered by the discarded sock of her step daughter was humbling. The idea that this could be her life was overwhelming.

Time slunk by at crawl for poor Nancy as she stared up at the ceiling. From her vantage point in the bottom of cup she couldn't see much but, pictures, and posters on the wall of Peyton's room. A glow could be seen which spread across the ceiling from the light of Peyton's nightstand. This light provided just enough brightness so that Nancy could still see. The room would have been quiet if it weren't for the sound of the central air unit kicking on and blowing cold air out the vents for several minutes before cycling back off.

"Peyton!" Nancy shouted desperately as tears slid down her face. She punched the ceramic wall behind her in defeat before yelling Peyton's name again. She knew it was fruitless, but she felt some relief by doing so. A few more minutes  had passed by before Nancy stood up and paced about the small room which had grown to become her cell. She actually found herself wishing that a pencil or pen would have been left in here. As then she could have shimmied up the writing utensil to gain her freedom. The fact of how she would have gotten down once at the top of pencil holder had not entered into Nancy's mind.

Time continued to trudge along every so slowly. Nancy didn't think things could go anymore wrong then they already had. Like clockwork however, things went from bad to worse when Peyton decided to turn off her light for the night. Nancy listened to the squeak of her bed springs as Peyton tossed and turned a few times trying to get comfortable. Once Peyton was satisfied and the sounds to distract her gone. All that was left for Nancy was the cold air pushing down on her from the vent above and, the cool ceramic walls trapping in the coldness. This mixture of circumstances caused her to shiver in the darkness.

Nancy looked down at the dingy sock that laid across the floor. It looked as gross as she felt. A slight odor still wafted off of it from the oils, sweat and grime that had gotten trapped in it from whenever it had been last worn. Knowing from having done the families laundry she knew garments such as these were not like fine wine and, didn't get better with age. As repulsive as the thought was Nancy found she couldn't stop herself from shivering and shaking.

Since her body was now smaller she was much more susceptible to the elements of temperature. The sheer notion sounded ridiculous in her mind. That the central air blowing cold air down at her and, a cold ceramic structure could be enough to defeat her. She didn't want to believe it. She was a person and, now here she is cowering before her step daughter. A prisoner in her own home on the verge of freezing to death because of an air conditioner.

Having no other choice Nancy grasped the Cotton sock Peyton had tossed into here. At her new size she was surprised how thick the simple cotton sock now was. When she had previously washed Peyton's clothes she could remember how thin the cotton felt. Now, as she wrapped the cotton sock around her body it felt more like a thick luxurious blanket. She could feel the warmth starting to return to her body and, she absolutely hated it.

She hated the idea that Peyton had tossed this sock in here on a whim. Probably to belittle her or, to demonstrate to her that she was no better than a used sock. Now though, she forced to wrap this repulsive sock around her nude body to for warmth and survival. It felt like she was letting Peyton win. This was just another example of her newfound reliance on her stepdaughter to survive in this now gigantic world. She knew this would be used to lord over her. It was just a matter of when and where.

The sound of a blaring alarm pierced the air and caused Nancy to jump several feet into the air. She climbed to her feet spinning around taking in this new reality that had been forced upon her. Knowing that her hope, that this was all some horrific nightmare instead of a twisted reality were too much to wish for.

The sound of Peyton getting out of bed was surreal. If she didn't know that it was just her step daughter climbing out of bed she would never in a million years guessed that those were the noises she heard. The squeaky of the bed and rustling of covers sounded completely foreign at her new-found size.

The heavy sounding footfalls from a girl Nancy knew walked very lightly, she found to be quite humbling. Nancy could feel her heart begin to race as the footfalls of Peyton grew closer and closer. Her eyes locked onto the rim of the pencil holder awaiting that moment in which would catch a glimpse of her. She wondered what she would see first. Would it be her fingers creeping over the rim of the pencil holder, or would her monolithic sized body slowly come into her field of view.

Much to her surprise none of those came true. She could hear the closet door open as Peyton pushed some discarded clothes out of the way followed by the sliding of hangers along the rack. Each collision sounded powerful like thunderclaps directly above her. It wasn't long after the familiar thuds from Peyton's footfalls returned. If Nancy had looked down at herself she would have seen her body shaking unconsciously in fear.

The footfalls became louder and louder until it sounded like they were right next to her. "Peyton has to be directly on top of me" Nancy thought to herself. "Why can't I see her?" She questioned. However, slowly the powerful footfalls faded until she finally heard the slap of her bare feet against the tiled floor in Peyton's bathroom.

The pipes groaned as the hot water gushed through them for the first time in hours. Nancy could see the steam from the bathroom billowing out like fog rolling over a city skyline. The sound of top 40 pop music blared through the room like an anthem as it filled the otherwise dormant sounding room. The noise shifted from water hitting the tub and shower walls to hitting Peyton's body. This reminded Nancy of just how dirty she felt. Her skin felt itchy and a slightly rank odor emanated from her which she didn't want to admit.

The sound of water begun to have a calming sense. It was something that was familiar and normal. It was something comforting that she could grasp onto as it was still how it should be. The sense of normalcy was quickly cutoff as the creaking from the water spigots being turned off broke the euphoric trance Nancy had fallen into.

It wasn't long before what could only be described as a hurricane filled the room drowning out even the music for Nancy. She heard the whirling vortex grow louder and louder until it sounded as if tornado was directly on top of her. The creaking of from Peyton's desk chair told her that she was right there. Her pulse rate had gone from calm to beyond measure.

She saw flickers of Peyton's hair billow into her plane of view. It was then the monument sized black hair dryer appeared, followed by all of Peyton as she walked into view for the first time, today. Nancy stared up at her step daughter dreading what horrors she may have in store for her.

However, never once did Peyton look down at her. Nancy could only watch as Peyton blew her hair dry. After several minutes, which due to Nancy's sky-high heart rate felt like hours. Any movement or fidget caused her to jump with fright at first but, as time unfolded she begun to grow use to the situation.

As Nancy looked on never once did Peyton's eyes deviate downward or did she pay her the slightest attention in anyway. It was then that she remembered the mirror that is on the wall behind this desk. In fact, Peyton's actual desk is on a wall adjacent to here this is actually her vanity table.

"She's not even paying me a single thought." Nancy declared to herself as she watched her step daughter get ready. It was then she saw Peyton's arm dipped downward and the mouth of the hair dryer angled towards her. What started as a slight warm breeze at first, quickly changed into hurricane force winds.

All at once Nancy was forced to her knees. She was then down on all fours before to long, then finally the full brunt of the hair dryers power was forced upon her. In a matter of seconds Nancy found her back pressed against the ceramic floor of the pencil holder. Sweat formed across Nancy's body as the hot air shot down on her like a cannon. It wasn't long before her skin turned beat red.

"Peyton" Nancy screamed as loud as she possibly could. Unfortunately, her voice was drowned out all too easily by the hair dryer. She could see Peyton brushing her hair with her free hand with her eyes seemingly locked onto the mirror. Nancy on the other hand could feel her body temperature rising higher and higher. Spots started to form in her vision while the hot air continued to plaster her to the floor.

"My skin feels like its melting." Nancy said to herself as she desperately tried to hold on. A couple more minutes passed before the hair dryer lifted upwards and Peyton started blowing her hair a bit more.

"Oh god, oh god, I thought I was going to die." She huffed as she sat up with sweat dripping down her body. However, her reprieve was short lived as Peyton lowered the hair dryer once again. Nancy's back slapped down against the ceramic flower. She noticed this time the hair dryer was even closer to the rim of the pencil holder.

"No more, please!" Nancy cried out while Peyton continued to dry and brush her hair. Several minutes passed and Nancy could feel herself starting to lose consciousness when she heard the powerful motor from the hair dryer start to wind down. Nancy painfully pulled herself upright. As she looked at her body she could see burns from the intense heat in several places on her body.

Nancy weakly pulled herself across the floor until she reached the wall and propped herself up against it breathing heavily. As she looked upward trying to shout Peyton's name in an attempt to get some help but, couldn't seem to find the voice to do it. Nancy stared up meekly watching her step daughter continue to brush hair unaware of the pain and suffering she had caused.

The sound of Peyton's voice reverberated through Nancy as she heard her sing along to the music she had turned on in the bathroom. Struggling to catch her breath Nancy could hardly believe this is what had become of her life. She went from a successful business woman, happily married to a wonderful man and trying to build a relationship with a new step daughter. To lying on the floor of a ceramic pencil holder with a body wracked in pain from being nearly burned to death by a hair dryer.

"What's that smell?" Nancy said as she felt a mist pelt against her body. It took her a few moments to place it before she realized it was hairspray. Nancy started coughing as the hairspray seems to hang in the air with a strong smell. Never could Nancy remember a hairspray that smelled so potent. It made her wonder if it was her newfound size that causing her body to react differently to the hairspray.

"ugh, I hate hair in my brush" Peyton's voice rumbled down to Nancy. Nancy's head was already slightly cocked upwards but, Peyton's voice made her instinctively move to turn tilt her head further back in an attempt to see the source. That's when she found out her body no longer responded to her commands. As she tried to tilt her head adn she found herself to be stiff and felt damp.

"No, the hairspray is bonding to me. Its holding me in place as if I'm Peyton's hair. This can't be happening." Nancy tried to shift her body from side to side but, as the seconds continued to tick by any kind of movement was getting harder and harder as the hairspray continued to adhere Nancy to the floor.

This left her helpless as she watches Peyton pull her hair from her brush. After watching her pick the brush clean of her hair she looked on helpless to move or dodge as Peyton absentmindedly dropped the hair she had gathered from her brush into the pencil holder while before grabbing her for makeup bag.

No matter how much Nancy tried to will her body to move or break the adhesive bonds which held her in place. She was forced to watch the blonde locks of hair float down into the ceramic pencil holder and drape across her damp body. As the sweat and hairspray continued to continue dry on her.

"This isn't reality. I'm in hell." Nancy said as her eyes darted from left to right while Peyton's thick blonde hair draped over her. The smell of oils, shampoo, conditioner and hairspray radiated from the fallen hair and assaulted her nose. She could feel her stomach ache and twist as Peyton finished putting on her make up without once looking down, or acknowledging Nancy's existence. She was forced to watch as she heard her grabbing her bag and phone before heading out of her room.

This left Nancy all alone. The room was silent and the air was still. The drapes were still pulled tightly shut blocking any natural light from entering the room. Desperately she wanted to cry out for help but, between the hairspray adhesive, the chemicals from the hair, and the hair dryer itself Nancy found herself without much of a voice.

Time ticked by slower than Nancy ever thought was possible. She had no way to pass the time, but her thoughts. There was nothing to look at, or distract herself. She just had the slow march of time to keep her company.

As morning drifted to afternoon and then from afternoon to evening Nancy had never felt so helpless before. She found herself trapped by haircare products, covered in her stepdaughters discarded hair from a brush and, she had nary the power to do anything. It was sickening, and what made matters worse was the fact Peyton was either ignoring her or just didn't even think about her when she got up.

Nancy's stomach growled in hunger while her body thirsted for anything to drink. It was hard to believe that It had been over a day since she had eaten or drank anything and it begun to worry her. She remembered from when she was in school that a person could go three weeks without eating but, only a couple days without water. Visions of herself thirsting to death filled her head.

It was late in the evening when Nancy heard Peyton's footsteps approach the door. As the door opened she could hear her talking on the phone to what she can only assume is one of her friends. The familiar noise of the Xbox starting up and the tv turning on filled the room as she heard Peyton kick off her shoes and sat down.

"Where's my headset" Nancy heard Peyton speak but she was unsure if it was to herself, or to whoever her friend on the phone was. She could hear Peyton moving things about as she searched.

All at once Nancy felt the ceramic pencil holder she was in violently shift to the side. The force would have knocked her senseless if not for the hairspray holding her in place. She could see Peyton searching above her until she finally saw the headset passes overhead. Peyton's massive form started to move away when her eyes fell onto her diminutive step parent.

Her eyes look down her step mother stuck to the side and covered in her hair from this morning. "Oh my god...look at you...you look so fuckin' pathetic. You can't move, can you? You're just stuck underneath my hair and shit." Peyton said as she giggled trying to imagine what she unknowingly put her step mother through this morning.

"I swear to god I didn't even think about you till like this afternoon, and then I just didn't care, as it wasn't like I was going to come home just for you. Well I have this raid in Destiny to get to. So, I guess see you later." Peyton nonchalantly said as she started to turn back towards the tv.

"No wait, Please I'm so thirsty, and hungry." Nancy yelled as loud as she could but even she noticed her voice was much more muted than before.

"I can barely hear you. I think I made out you were thirsty." Peyton said halfway looking back down at her step mother while logging into the game. Nancy nodded vigorously hoping that Peyton would show her some mercy.

"Let it never be said that I'm not a kind and giving ruler towards my people." Peyton said between fits of laughter at her own statement.

Nancy looked on in horror as she watched Peyton move the microphone away from her mouth before her head tilted back slightly and the terrifying sound of phlegm and mucus gathered in the back of her step daughters throat which was released all at once.

The massive wad of spit struck the inside of the Ceramic pencil holder like a cannonball against a castle wall causing her to shudder as the spit landed directly overhead which meant she could only watch as it oozed down the side of the wall gathering speed as gravity took over. It wasn't long before it slunk over her body canvasing every square inch of her. Nancy let out a blood curdling scream as Peyton's thick white mucus ladin spit draped itself over her like a blanket. She screamed as the spit slid into her dry mouth.

"Drink up Step Monster." Peyton said with a glee Nancy hadn't ever heard from her before. The smile on her face exuded a level of happiness she never thought was possible. Then in a matter of an instant Peyton was gone as she headed across the room. Nancy could hear the gunfire and dialogue from a cutscene before she heard her stepdaughter push any thought of her from her mind as she played her weekly Destiny raid conversing with her team.

The warm spit was quickly growing cold, but it did have the benefit of the fact that it ate away at the hairspray which had covered and, fused her to the ceramic wall. Nancy quickly pushed the hair off of her and bolted from her transfixed position. Having the freedom to move felt heavenly as her limbs ached and her body still hurt from the hair dryer burns.

Nancy's looked down at the disgusting pool of spit and fell to her knees. Desperation overtook her as tears welled in her eyes. She cupped her hands and pushed them into the quickly cooling spit. She lifted her hands up and brought it near mouth before pushing them away.

"I'm not going to drink that. I'm a person not some parasite or bug who will live off the refuge of my stepdaughter. I have my pride." Nancy thought as her stomach rumbled and she turned away from the pool of spit as she listened to the noises and music of the game.

A couple hours and had gone before she heard the tv and Xbox turn off. It's about time that thing ended. Nancy had expected Peyton to come back over but, the lights were cut off and she heard the squeaking of the bedsprings. She wouldn't go to sleep, would she? Just leave me like this?

Nancy punched the wall as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Her mouth was so dry her tongue scraped against her lips which caused her a bit of pain. She finally could stand it no longer as she fell back down to her knees and cupped her hands. She submerged them into the cold spit and brought it towards her mouth. She opened wide and drank in the cold spit of her stepdaughter.

Her body was much to thirsty to even gag. The cold spit sliding down her dry throat was actually soothing, but the only thing more disgusting then the taste was the thought of it. As she cupped her hands again she brought more of the spit up to her mouth drinking it all in feverishly until she finally just lowered her head as if she were a dog drinking from a water bowl and just lapped up the spit.


"I did what I had to in order to survive." Nancy thought to herself as sat down leaning against back against the ceramic wall. "God, please. Help me! What have I done to deserve this?" She said as she cried herself to sleep. The only comfort being the solace that no one saw her do it. More importantly Peyton.



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