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Author's Chapter Notes:

Thanks everyone again for the reviews and critques. I'm thrilled that people are finding an interest in this. I decided as a way of saying thank you to everyone reading along I would dust off my rendering skills and do a render from chapter 3. I also ahve one from chapter 1 but I left it rendering overnight and I haven't been home yet.  

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Step Monster CH4





Rain pelted down against the streets washing away the filth of the suburban town. People could be seen dashing to their cars; others standing under awnings as they waited for public transportation. The dreary skies showed no sign of succumbing to the sun behind the cloud cover on this day.

Nancy was tussled to and fro as the pocket she found herself trapped in swayed from side to side under the power of her now titanic stepdaughter who plodded along the path to Pacific Coast Academy for Girls. She could hear the voices of people passing by clear as day. She called out them, but they never called back. Her voice was seemingly lost in the struggle of space.

The clip clop of Peyton’s feet hitting the wet pavement; The splash of water as her feet pushed the puddled water to the side. If Nancy was on the ground the water would appear to be waves crashing against her. Water droplets falling from the sky like bombs descending upon a war torn third world country. She was sure she would drown to death if she was left to her own devices in the wild on this day. It pained her to admit that.

Peyton smiled happily as she listened to the rain hitting the ground. She always loved the rain. It relaxed her in a way nothing else could. It brought about a sense of happiness in her. As she plodded along the path to school she stopped as she reached the corner of Delaware road. She looked down the side path and smiled as she saw her best friend Avery who was trudging along the small the path. As Avery looked at the path she waved as she saw her.

Avery, quickened her pace as she rushed to great her friend. As she met Peyton she hugged her tightly greeting her as she does every morning. However, this morning unbeknownst to Avery was different from the rest. As she hugged her best friend Nancy felt the crushing weight of the two bodies bearing down her. She found herself sandwich between two immoveable forces with nowhere to go.

“Hey, I know with your step monster disappearing you have a lot going on. But, do you think I could crash at your place again tonight?” Avery asked as the two girls continued along the path towards there school.

“Your dad again?” Peyton inquired curiously. “You know you don’t need to ask.” Peyton said as she folded her umbrella up and walked in step with Avery underneath her umbrella.

“Yeah, he started drinking again. So, moms picking up extra hours..“ Avery got out before Peyton cut in handing Avery a pop tart from her backpack.

“He doesn’t…”

“No, he hasn’t. Not often.” Avery reluctantly said turning her face slightly away from Peyton.

“He hasn’t or doesn’t very much.” Peyton said as she grabbed Avery’s shoulder.

“He hasn’t yet. I’m pretty good at avoiding him when he gets like that. I have you.” Avery said resting her head on Peyton’s shoulder with a yawn.

“Yeah you do. Oh, I forgot to tell you, after you left the mall yesterday. I saw Gavin, I think he broke up with Stacie.  They had an argument and both stormed off in opposite directions.”

“And you’re just telling me this now? Did you swoop in and console him in his hour of need?”

“Yeah Aves, I just swooped in on my magical horse. He is cute though.” Peyton said as both girls laughed. “Besides, Bradley is good to me.”

"I'm still surprised your allowed to see him. He's older than you." Avery questioned as she stuck her hand out letting the rain fall upon it.

"Oh, well that’s easy they don't know yet." Peyton said while pulling her hair back into a ponytail. 

"You're so bad." Avery said as she playfully bumped her shoulder into Peyton's.

"You don't even know. I'm only telling you because you’re my best friend. You can't tell anyone though. This is serious vault level stuff." Peyton exclaimed as she looked seriously at her friend.

"You know I don't say anything we share. So, what's the story. It's not like you preface things." Avery questioned curiously as she moved in closer towards her friend.

"It's probably easier if I show you." Peyton said as she opened her blazer pocket and reached in.

Nancy for her part was beside herself. She couldn't believe she was just going to be so casually showed off. Here she had spent the whole morning fighting to gain the attention of another soul who could possibly help her. Now, she was going to be shown off as if she were part of some dog and pony show. The idea didn't sit well with her however, as the flap lifted up on Peyton's blazer shards of light started filter in. Nancy blinked in a daze as her eyes re-adjusted to seeing light. 

She quickly scanned the pocket with the little bit of light she had for something she could use to maybe ward off Peyton's hand. However, as she suspected from her investigation in the dark confines of the pocket that it was indeed barren. Nancy nervously eyed the top of the pocket as Peyton's fingers surged through the opening. The small tight confines of the pocket meant she literally had nowhere to go as Peyton's fingers encapsulated around her body.

Nancy felt her heart start to race as she was lifted upward trapped within a prison of flesh.  She could feel walking motion of Peyton come to a halt and noticed how much louder everything sounded as she was pulled outside of the pocket.  The cold rainy air swirled around her naked body causing her to shiver in the warm fleshy palm of Peyton. As much as she didn't want to admit it she secretly wished for the sock she had used a blanket the past couple days.

As Nancy looked about she realized for the first time she was outside and somewhat in the open. As she looked upward she could see the massive umbrella and the rain drops pelting against it. Each droplet hitting the umbrella sounded like fireworks going off. She couldn't get over how vast the world now looked. She had jogged this route many times and knew where several homes should be. However, she found that because of her newfound size her eyes were much less powerful. It was something she had never put much thought into till now. When she was on the floor in Peyton's room she couldn't even see the top of her skirt. Now, she can barely see the houses that line the block. The notion that as her size diminished her vision or at the very least it seemed to scale with her size.

This revelation was humbling to Nancy. A group of boys who looked near the same age as Peyton walked by. She couldn't help but notice how her existence was oblivious to them. They didn't view anything as out of the ordinary or strange. As they walked by she could feel the wind their bodies generated just by passing by. The lawns of the houses that lined the block looked as if they were dense rain forests.

As she spun around her vision landed on Avery Jennings. She was Peyton's best friend and partner in crime. She knew the girls home life wasn't very good. She was a sweet girl, but her father has a weakness for liquor and, from what she knew of him he seemed to not be able to put it away. She had heard from several neighbors he was in and out of jobs a lot because of it. This left Avery's mother to often pickup extra shifts. So, she never minded how often she was at the house or, that she would sleep over several times a week.

Now though, as she looked upon Avery for the first time she found it odd seeing someone who was larger than Peyton. Avery was by no means a tall girl as she stood only five-foot one or two at best. Which made her taller than Peyton but, very much a short girl. Nancy's eyes bore into titan as fright spread across her face. Like Peyton, she had blonde hair and while Peyton had a bit more an athletic frame to her Avery was just thin.

"Like what is it? It's too small to be a doll. It looks pretty detailed." Avery says as she bends down closer to Peyton's outstretched palm to get a better lock.

Nancy started backing away but the unevenness of Peyton's palm sent her tumbling down to the ground. She found herself in a crabwalk position as Avery's massive body lowered downward and her face moved in closer and closer to Peyton's hand until it dominated her plane of vision.

As she spoke questioning what Nancy's existence was she could smell the cherry pop tart Peyton had given her on her breath as the warm air from her mouth washed over her. The smell while not unpleasant caused Nancy's nose to crinkle. As much as she wanted help she couldn't forsee a situation where one of Peyton or her minions would provide her any relief from this hell she was being forced to live.

"It looks like a tiny person and moves like a tiny person but how?" Avery questioned as she reached her hand out towards Nancy. The massive digit of Avery knocked her onto her chest with a subtle ease she was still not use too or expecting. Nancy felt the air rush out of her lungs from the rough impact. She grimaced in pain from her injured shoulder striking against Peyton's palm.

Nancy soon felt the large fingers return as they ran over her body. The voice Avery boomed in her ear drums at a level she had not heard before due to the proximity of the girl to her. It wasn't long before she felt her legs forcibly spread apart as the young woman eyed her.

"She seems to have all her parts too? Where and how did you get this? It's just incredible." Avery asked in an astonished tone.

"It's my step monster. I found her shrunk on the floor a few days ago." Peyton nonchalantly said

"Oh my god, it can't be." Avery said laughing as she picks up the tiny woman by the leg lifting her off of Avery's hand.

Nancy wasn't prepared nor expecting Avery's reaction. She felt the grip on her right leg tighten and then she was drug roughly against the palm of Peyton's hand. She could feel the oils of her skin being pressed into her. Pain coursed through her body as the burns on her skin chaffed against the skin of Peyton's hand. Nancy yelped in pain as she was finally lifted up into the air.

She could feel the blood in her body start to drain to her head as she was dangled upside down. Her body swayed from left to right as she rose up higher and higher. As Avery stood back up to her full height she handed the umbrella to Peyton as her eyes remained focused on tiny woman unable to believe what she was told.

Nancy's body spun wildly as the pressure on her ankle and foot increase as Avery's two large eyes focused on her every move. Analyzing and studying her as if she were some kind of science experiment. It left her with an unsettling feeling as she helplessly dangled before the girl.

"It really does look just like her. Does it speak?" Avery said her gaze turning from the tiny woman over to Peyton. Nancy felt humiliated and furious as Avery spoke about her as if were a possession instead of person. She handled her like she was nothing of importance at all. 

"I'm not an it and, I will not be treated so disrespectfully. Put me down this instant young lady." Nancy yelled finally finding her voice as she twisted about haphazardly as she remained dangling in front of Avery's face.

"I guess it does." Avery said laughing at the diminutive woman's high pitched and squeaky tone of voice as she tried to yell at her. "I can't believe this is your step mother is this helpless little thing now."

"Ugh, I thought I had her trained better. Sorry she's being such a bitch." Peyton said as she poked Nancy in the side causing her to swing back and forth some more before finally settling down in front of Peyton's face.

"If you want to continue to see the light of day you won't ever speak to my friends like that again. You are nothing to us. You've always been a parasite of a woman leeching onto people like my father and, now you've been turned into what you are."

"Pey--" Nancy managed to get out before Peyton cut her off.

 "I wasn't done slave. Your mantra should be something you always told me. You should be seen and not heard. If you are addressed you should feel humbled and honored that someone has acquiesced your existence. Unlike you, Avery deserves respect as she's an actual person unlike you." Peyton spat down at Nancy in anger.

"Whoa, settle down Pey. It's no big deal. It's not like this is a person or something that I would care what it says or thinks. I mean look at it, it's just a thing." Avery rationally said as she tried to calm Peyton down.

Nancy wanted to curl up and die as she dangled before the two titans. As she gazed upon Peyton her face turned ghost white while her teeth chattered together. She looked upon the giant nervously yet afraid. The kind of look a child gives a parent when they know they did something wrong.  She found that she was fearful of the repercussions that could be brought down by her slave driving step daughter.

"You're right, I just hate that stupid step monster and she was disrespecting you." Peyton said to Avery. "And you, you're lucky Avery's here. Peyton said at Nancy having calmed down as she extended her hand out below her step mother.

Nancy always heard Peyton's father, her husband Douglas, talk about how Avery was a Peyton Whisperer he joked. But, she had never witnessed it, till now. She felt a wave of relief hit her as the situation seemed to have been defused by Avery. However, she found that her ego had taken another hit. Nancy couldn't help but notice Avery's word choices in speaking with her. She was always it or thing. It was if she was talking about a purse or a piece of clothing instead of a person.

Avery released her grip on Nancy's ankle and Nancy was sent into a state of free fall. The world rushed by in a blur briefly before she crashed into Peyton's palm. The impact caused her body to crumple like paper upon impact.  She rolled over onto her back as Peyton and Avery continued walking. They chatted about this and that ignoring her existence completely. After the recent string of events Nancy couldn't help but feel it was for the best. Several minutes elapsed before the campus of Pacific Coast Academy came into view.  The rain and had stopped allowing Avery to put her umbrella away. 

The campus was a fairly large private school and renown for providing an elite education from pre-school and all the way through college. It had on campus dorm housing for students of all ages along with high end athletic facilities. The girls were walking past the dorms when they stopped. Nancy for her part was thankful as while she appreciated the fresh air and after recent events was glad to not be the center of attention. As while the girls were walking in reality quite slow for Nancy it felt like they were traveling hundreds of miles per hour and, she was out in the open.

The booming voices of Avery and Peyton continued as Peyton bent down dumping Nancy out onto the wet cement. Directly next to her was a large puddle which to her could pass as a lake. As she looked out across this cement walkway it was surreal seeing what to her was massive bodies of water everywhere which could pass as lakes in some cases, to her. Then seeing gargantuan sized giants stomp through the puddle as if it were nothing further drove home the fact that if she were to escape from Peyton she would die in less than a day. Any one of those footsteps could end her existence as they go about living their lives. If she was going to escape Peyton she would need to plan and find the right moment.

"We don't have all day. If you want some water you better drink up." Peyton bellowed down to Nancy breaking her from her thoughts.  Nancy looked back and up and Peyton as best she could but the girls were standing and chatting. From her place on the ground, just as earlier she couldn't see much past their skirts. 

If she could she would have seen a smirk on Peyton's face and a bit of a bewildered look on Avery's face as she looked down at Nancy. Avery figured Peyton was joking to see how far she could push her stepmother. As they had never gotten along. However, she couldn't picture the woman actually complying.

Nancy's dry mouth salivated as she looked at the water. Images of drinking Peyton's spit just so she could survive to this point filled her mind. Knowing an opportunity like this may not come around again for days she took a few steps to the puddle and got down on her hands knees. She lowered her hands into the cold water of the puddle and cupped her hands. She drank several sips of the cold rain water before splashing it up and on her face to wash away the blood from this morning.

She then slunk her way into puddle letting the cool water wash away the sweat and grime from Peyton's skates and feet. She drank several more mouthfuls of water. She had never tasted water so good before. She didn't care that she looked like an animal to the two girls as she drank in the water and cleaned herself. She wasn't even thinking about them. She had a near euphoric feeling wash over her.

"When did you last give it water Peyton? I swear that thing has to be part camel." Avery said with a laugh as she watched the diminutive woman take her fill of water and clean herself.

"Give? Ummm let's see. I got her like this on Saturday pretty early in the day its Monday morning now. And, do you mean water specifically?" Peyton asked with an innocent look on her face as she looked at Avery.

"Peyton? What did you do?" Avery Chided as she looked at her friend.

"I may have given her nothing for a couple days then once she was begging for water and food spit down at her so she would have no choice but to live off my spit. It was so funny though." Peyton said laughing a bit as she recanted the tale.

"You are horrible and, I love you." Avery added before turning around to see who called her name. Oh, Hey Becca" Avery yelled as she waved to their friend.

Nancy looked over as she saw another giant head in her direction. She had her fill of water and headed back towards Peyton. As she neared her shoe she pulled on her laces, but Peyton didn't seem to notice. The voices of all three girls boomed around her. She felt like she was on Mount Olympus as a guest to the gods. It wasn't too long later a fourth girl appeared. Nancy thought she recognized the voice but, without being able to see much of anything other than their shoes and legs everyone looked same.

It was a surreal situation for Nancy and, she couldn't help but feel the authority of Peyton press further down on her as each sentence carried more and more weight. She was in the middle of a group of girls and only half of them knew she was existed. The two that did were not thinking about her at all. Nancy yelled Peyton's name but, none of the girls even batted an eye. They didn't even pause their conversation much to her chagrin. Several more minutes passed as the girls chatted. Nancy was shivering as she clung to her step daughters shoe fearful she would be left behind. It felt like an eternity before Peyton and Avery's friends left.

"I got English first period. See you at lunch Pey." Avery said before dashing off. As Peyton looked down at her step mother.

"See where you stand. No one acknowledges your existence. I own your little ass.  Don't you ever forget who your god is. Now beg me to put you back in my warm pocket so you don't freeze to death on the sidewalk of my school, or don’t and see what happens." Peyton ordered down to the shivering woman.

Nancy was beside herself as she peered up at the god-like young woman before her. She had hoped that they had passed this point already. She felt like she wanted to die as she fell back down to her knee’s resting her right arm on Peyton’s shoe for balance. The wet pavement she was so happy to see earlier, now just ate into her causing her to shiver even more. The rain had cooled the air to the point where she felt colder than she ever had before in Peyton’s room.

“Please save me. I won’t survive without you.” Nancy cried knowing the words were true however much she hated to say them.

“I don’t know if I really feel the love from my Peytonian subject. Why should I?” Peyton knowingly said as she impatiently looked at the clock on her phone. “I don’t have all day. I’m not getting a tardy because of you.” Peyton added.

“Please Peyton. I will be your loyal subject. I will fulfill your ever demand. Just please, I don’t want to die here! I don’t want to die like this. Allow me the shelter of your pocket.” Sobbed Nancy unable to comprehend a world where she had to beg to be carted around in a pocket.

“I suppose but in the Greek mythology books were reading the gods always put the mortals through tests in which they must prove themselves. So, climb on my shoe Step Monster. As if I’m truly your god as your claim me to be that makes all me a divine being to a mere worshiper like you. So, if you’re still on my shoe when I reach the main doors you will have proven yourself worthy. If not, well I’ll write a nice eulogy for your funeral.”

Having no real choice in the matter Nancy grasped the thick laces of Peyton’s shoes. She shimmied up onto the shoe using the rope like laces. As soon as she was atop the shoe Peyton started walking not waiting another moment.

Almost immediately Nancy was nearly thrown off the shoe. She grabbed the laces crisscrossing over the tongue of the shoe as Peyton walked along towards her first class. She thought about walking at quickened pace but decided she would merely push any thought of her step mother out of her mind and let fate decide if she would still be on her shoe as she went about her normal life.

Nancy found her body being pounded against the shoe with each step of her foot. One moment she would be hurdling through the air as if she were holding onto the outside of a moving vehicle. The next moment bone shattering earthquake would seemingly occur as her foot imploded into the ground.

As Peyton walked along the sidewalk water from puddles splashed up into the air causing the water to beat against her body. The droplets of water slammed against her which felt like she was being shot with an airsoft rifle due to her size and the now denser water droplets.

She could feel her hands slipping as the shoe and laces became soaked with water. The doc marten mary jane styled shoes themselves would shed the water which made the hard surface of the shoe slick. Meaning the slightest of miscalculations on Nancy’s part could easily send her tumbling from Peyton’s shoe. She knew this would surely mean her death. If not from the fall surely from someone else, the cold, or some now monstrous wild animal.

The walk felt endless to poor Nancy. When Peyton’s seemingly swift movements came to halt once again she could feel tears sliding down her face as her teeth chattered. She had thought several times before this would be it and Peyton was there. However, a few of times she stopped to chat with people.  However, knowing Peyton is not one to be late. She couldn’t imagine this wasn’t it.

“Venti, half sweet, non-fat Carmel Macchiato” Peyton ordered gabbing as she pawed through her wad of cash courteous of Nancy’s accounts. “I’m a little hungry too. I’ll take that Bacon, Gouda & Egg sandwich”

“That fucking brat. I’m fighting for survival and, she stops for frickin’ coffee and breakfast. If I could id kill her.” Nancy said as she used the reprieve to careful weave her arms and legs through the crisscrossing laces.

“Thanks” Nancy heard Peyton’s voice boom to the attendant as she stepped away from the outdoor counter with her purchases.  Several more frightful minutes passed by before Nancy felt Peyton stop again.

A cup of coffee larger than her lowers into her field of view before being set down just inches from her. Nancy watches as Peyton grasps onto her cold body lifting her upward. In her opposite hand she can smell and see the delicious looking breakfast sandwich. Only a bite is left but, she figured Peyton must have been saving it for her. She was almost sure she would have to do something equally demeaning for it.

“Oh, do you want some?” Peyton said having eyed her stepmother staring at the sandwich. “Well speak up.” Peyton said impatiently.

“But you sa—“ Was all Nancy managed to get out before Peyton popped the last bit in her mouth.

“Delicious.” Peyton said with a smile as she raised her step mother up to her mouth and stuck her tongue out containing a mashed-up wad of chewed up bacon, egg and bread. Peyton dangled Nancy by the leg so that her face was directly next to the wad of food. Her stomach grumbled and without a second thought she reached out to grasp a piece of the chewed food. As her fingers tips brushed up against the pile of food Peyton pulled her tongue in swallowing the last bits of food.

“You didn’t think you were going to actually get some did you? How precious!” Peyton said laughing near hysterically. “Something like that is much too good for you. Assuming you’re obedient I could maybe find something for my most loyal subject.” Peyton said with glee before opening her blazer pocket up and dropping Nancy back in side. She patted the pocket a few times feeling the small fleshy mound of a woman.

“This is your life now, slave.” Peyton said as she pulled the large metal doors open and walked into one of the main academic buildings. It wasn’t long before Nancy heard one of Peyton’s friends greet her. The girls exchanged greetings before walking towards Peyton’s locker.  the girls continued along chatting as they moved about the school building. They greeted their other friends as they passed by. Nancy shielded her ears as she found herself overwhelmed. She could hear the shuffling and pounding of the student’s feet as they walked about. Voices laughing and talking boomed around her. It was the voices of Peyton and her friends which were loudest and most deafening. She found herself forced to listen to their gossip and stories.

Even now, as Peyton ignored her. Nancy couldn’t help but feel that this to was a form of humiliation. Any other day or time Peyton would never allow her to hear these stories or conversations. Things that normally they spoke about in hushed tones around her now were spoken freely. Never once did Peyton care.  It infuriated Nancy that Peyton had lost all fear of her wraith and respect for her authority.

Through all this Nancy could feel the warmth starting to return to her body. As the coldness seeped out of her she started to feel a bit more human. As Peyton chatted and carried on she realized she should be feeling relief.  As she figured with Peyton being busy with her classes she would be mostly ignored. The irony in that thought was not lost on her. She could remember back to just a day or two ago she was pleading for Peyton to notice her. She just wanted some acknowledgement that she wasn't going to be left to die, and now she's thankful just for a reprieve from her.

As the bell sounded the pace quickened as everyone headed to class. The swaying of the pocket soon stopped as Peyton reached her class. She pulled her pencils and pens out of her bag along with a bottle of water as she settled into her desk.

“All right girls. Make sure your desks are clear of any study materials. Remember this is a one-hundred-point test which is multiple choice.” The teacher said handing out the test and scantron forms.  “You have 60 minutes. As soon as you have your test you can begin.” The teacher said.

Nancy smiled evilly. She knew that Peyton had not once studied for this the past couple days. She was too concerned about her social life and giving me hell to study. She never was the best student but a few bad grades could maybe draw in a chance for me to get discovered by someone who could actually do something.

It was then Nancy felt an unnaturally motion followed by rays of fluorescent light entering her dark world. Nancy blinked a few times as her eyes struggled to adjust to the light once again. The next thing they saw was a giant hand coming down for her. Nancy raised her hands up as if she could somehow block or ward off Peyton’s awaiting hand.

The giant hand encircled around her in a matter of seconds. She then felt herself rising up and out of the pocket. Nancy was dumbfounded as to what was going on as she was sent tumbling down on the desk below. She looked from left to right unable to believe the size of this desk. As she spun around she could see to the left and right of her were giant girls. Both of them even larger then Peyton. She realized for the first time just how few people she had ever seen like this, and wondered if there would ever come a point she wasn't taken aback by the scale and stature of these now giant godlike beings in comparison to her.

It made her heart race, and then she knew this was the perfect chance. She had no idea why she had gotten taken out of that pocket, but with everyone quiet for this test surely her voice would be heard. She was about to call out for help when she heard a tapping noise. She looked up towards the top of desktop and saw Peyton tapping a bottle of super glue with her pencil.

“If you so much as a make a peep I will super glue your mouth shut, followed by your body to the bottom of this desk.” Peyton whispered. Nancy for her part knew she was serious. She wondered even now if her voice was strong enough to be heard, and if it was, if she could do enough to draw someone over here before Peyton could silence her. She doubted that she could.

Not having much of a choice. Nancy obliged, and decided to sit down, and enjoy a bit a freedom while Peyton most likely failed her test. However as soon as she sat down she felt the pencil knock her over face first. Nancy rolled end over end with her momentum carrying her all the way up to the first math question.

“You always gloated how you finished at the top of your class, college grad with full honors I believe you gloated to me. The days of you making me toil away after school on my homework are through. You’re my golden ticket.” Peyton once again whispered as she jabbed the pencil into Nancy’s back.

Nancy gulped as she looked at the first test question. She could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Peyton Jabbed the pencil in to her back once again forcing the air from her lungs. As her chest was pressed into the desk she winced in pain grabbing her rib.  She reached her hand over to answer C and tapped it several times.

She felt the pressure release from her back as the pencil was lifted away. She looked back at Peyton who stared down at her not breaking her gaze for a moment as she filled in bubble C on the scantron. Not wanting to a repeat of the previous event Nancy walked over to question two. It was and odd feeling to be standing on the test your taking. To be reading sentences longer than your body.

As Nancy read over the question she could feel the pressure. She knew if she didn’t score well Peyton would be upset. She wondered what the girl would do? She never seemed like a violent person, however she never seemed like a kidnapper either. The idea that she was being held hostage by her stepdaughter was surreal enough. However, now to be forced to live as her subject. To be forced to take her tests, and do whatever else her mind can devise up.

Nancy pointed at question A before heading to the next question. She didn’t dare look back up. She realized now for the first time what this was. What this feeling she had felt wash over her ever since she was dropped in Peyton’s pocket. It was remorse.  Nancy found herself wishing she could turn back time. She could fix what she did as maybe then she wouldn't be here now.

She had been scared and startled before. She never felt fear like this though and the more she thought about it. Most people haven’t. Most people don’t have to ever stare thirsting to death in the eye and make amends with that. The average person never has to come face to face with a truly life-threatening situation, and the unlucky ones that do have a modicum of control.

However, these past few days have made it painfully aware that she is truly at the mercy of her stepdaughter and that scares her to death. The full understanding that in the past few days since the accident the only thing she has had to eat or drink is the saliva of another human being in which she was forced to drink and lap up of like a dog. The water she was given earlier was merely an act of benevolence by a now greater being. As her stomach growled she was left only wondering when her first real meal would be. As she pointed at letter A again and Peyton filled in her test question. Nancy knew now that she feared Peyton in a way she never knew was possible.

Peyton for her part smiled down with glee as she watched her former slave driver of a step parent take her test. This made her wonder what else she could do for her. She felt happiness as she saw the small woman fearfully scurry from question to question in an effort to appease her will.

Nancy felt mentally drained as she finished the last question and stepped off the test. She watched Peyton gather up the test and scantron. The entire desk lurched as she stood up. The desktop shook from side to side as Peyton rose from her throne. Nancy gulped over the massive size difference still not having gotten use it and unsure if she ever would.

“Hold this slave.” Peyton said quietly enough so only Nancy could here. This caused her to look up at the giant girl. As soon as Nancy looked up she saw a pencil many times her own size descending towards her unabated. If she had more time she would have ran or dodged. Anything probably would have been better but everything happened much too quickly. She reached her arms out in an instinctive attempt to block the object from hitting her. However, the pencil struck her collapsing her like as if she was nothing.

Nancy looked over at Peyton who already had her back to her and was walking away from her desk. The weight of pencil bore down on Nancy’s minute frame. She tried to lift the pencil, but no longer did Nancy have the strength to move such objects. She felt so helpless as even simple everyday objects like this pencil lorded its power and weight over her.

            “I’m being held down by fucking pencil. This isn’t my life. This has to be a nightmare. I’m living a nightmare.” Nancy thought as she struggled in vein underneath the pencil. She felt more helpless then she ever had before.

“I’m going to have to wait for that fucking brat.” She fumed helplessly underneath the weight of the pencil. She then felt the desk start to shake again and the thud of footsteps. She knew Peyton must be returning. However soon a thin lanky girl came into view. Nancy gulped as she stared up at her. She was much taller than Peyton. As the girl walked by she stopped and looked down at the desk and her.

“Oh my gosh. That’s such a cute pencil holder. Mine always rolls off the desk.” The girl said as Peyton approached.

“Yeah thanks, I saw it in one of those little shops downtown and had to have it.” Peyton said as she sat down. Nancy tried to call out to her, she tried to say something or anything, but the weight of the pencil was forcing the air out of her. She couldn’t find any words to speak. She watched in horror as a real chance at discovery walked away thinking she was nothing more than some gadget used to hold Peyton’s pencil.  


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