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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here's chapter nine and this one has a bonus picture go along with this it. You can follow the link to view the picture, however id suggest reading the chapter first. 


Step Monster Ch9




Darkness had fallen over the city as the sidewalk was now lit by streetlights, and porchlights as she walked down the sidewalk. The cool breeze made her tuck her jacket tightly around her as she made her way down the sidewalk. She had taken this path often enough over the years to know where the shortcuts were. Before too long before she had already approached Avery's Apartment building.

The movements about her mouth, made her remember that she had her wicked stepmother imprisoned inside. She only wished that she had eaten something far more foul smelling that would have tainted her breath. However, she had a lifetime torment her with such acts. As she entered the lobby Peyton entered the building code. She had known Avery for as long as she could remember. Not many people who lived in her building new that the security system had a code. However, she and Avery were around when it was installed. The installer told the two sweet little girls something he probably shouldn't have, but he figured what harm could two girls do.

Peyton made her way into elevator, and took it up the second floor. She slowly walked down the hall sweetly smiling to Mrs. Anaderlie as she passed her on her way before knocking on Avery’s door.

A gruff voice bellowed for her to enter, so she pushed the door open wiping her shoes on the mat before walking to the living room. She saw Avery's father on his recliner chair watching a Lakers basketball game as she entered the room.

"Hi Mr. Jennings." Peyton sweetly said as she sat down on the sofa, and started watching the game. "They aren't the same without Kobe." Peyton said as she sat back a bit on the couch.

"Yeah, is there something I can help you with?" Her father asked having sobered slightly  up from the earlier incident with his daughter.

"No, Avery said to meet her here. I just got out of Soccer practice, and threw on some clothes then came over. It sounded important." Peyton said looking down at her phone.

"Oh, okay. I'm sure she will be around shortly. She was here earlier." He said not breaking his focus of the game.

"You look a little out of it Mr. Jennings. Is your head hurting you?" Peyton asked as the first half ended.

"Yeah, it does. I've been getting these killer headaches lately."

"I get migraines quite severely. I have some pills if you want one? My dad takes them for his headaches he says nothing works better."

"Well since you offered, sure." He said extending his hand out towards the girl.

Peyton let two pills tumble from the bottle before putting the medication back in purse. She smiled sweetly as he swallowed the pills chasing it with swig of beer. The two continued to chat about the Lakers team through halftime when all the sudden Mr. Jennings stood up.  He looked over at Peyton with a groan before collapsing to the ground. She watched the tall mountain of man slowly shrink away to nothing being coming lost in his own clothing.

She spied the man confused and wandering around beneath his shirt. If she hadn't known, he would just appear to be a small lump moving around beneath a shirt. He continued to dwindle until she couldn't even see a lump. It was several minutes before he confusingly walked out of his sleeve.

"What the hell." She heard his weak voice say with a hint of fear and confusion.

"Mr. Jennings, you have been judged. You egregiously committed some horrific crimes. I watched you drink your wife away. I saw you yell, and scream at her. You said unfathomable things to that woman. She was far from innocent herself. She slept around. I know that. The neighbors know that. So, I can't say you weren't wrong to be angry. However, you raised your hand to your poor little girl. You threw a beer bottle striking your daughter down to the floor. You belittled her, not just tonight, but over years, and years I learned. So, Mr. Jennings, while most of your crimes are not guilty by human law. You are no longer human. You have become the very thing you made those around you feel, helpless."

"Wha-whats the meaning of this. Change me back. Change me back now you hear; Or you will get what's coming to you." He shouted angrily at the young teenage girl before him. As he looked up at her now massive frame seated on his sofa he felt no fear or terror. Maybe it was the liquor in his system, maybe it was being two cases of beer into the day giving him liquid courage. As the fear he should have felt, was not present.

Peyton's smiling face turned to a frown as she looked down at Avery's father.  She watched the small man march towards her as if he had a bone to pick with her.  Not wanting to play games with the now small man she lifted her foot up, and knocked Mr. Jennings over with her foot. His miniscule body disappeared underneath the white with green striped sneaker she had on.

"I want you to clean my shoe Mr. Jennings. I want you take everything that you are, your entire being, and clean the underside of my shoe. Use your small hands which should easily fit within the groves now, and pull the rocks and dirt out from underneath. Then clean the top, and in between the grooves with that mouth of yours. While you do this, I want you to think about what have you done. The way you have treated Avery, and your wife. How you have hurt them.

"I-I will do no such thing. You will not get away with this. I'm going to sue you, and your family." Mr. Jennings shouted up to the giant teen who had knocked him over. His voice only wavering slightly, but Peyton noticed tremor in his voice. As it showed the weakness she needed to see. He didn't have the level of conviction in his statements that he was leading on. His bravado was false. She knew at that moment that he was all hers as she moved her sneaker clad foot off the man setting it down right next to him.

"Mr. Jennings, I don't think you understand. I've already gotten away with it. You have only one decision left to make in your life, and it will be the most important one. You can pledge yourself to me and become my Peytonian subject. Live a life under my rule, and respect and follow my decisions and decrees regardless of what they are, or you can die." As Peyton finished her statement she bent forward while still remaining seated on the sofa. She bent just far enough forwards so the drunken man could see her face. 

As she did so she saw his eyes bug out, as his body trembled in fear. She watched his tiny eyes try to take all of her in, now that he could see her face. She knew she was no longer a personless face to him. It was easy to be arrogant when you're talking to a shoe, or leg. However, looking a person in the eyes is much harder. When the person's nose is probably bigger than your whole body it's nearly impossible.

Once she was sure he could clearly see her face she opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out. The look of pure unbridled terror that went across his tiny face as he looked at the tiny woman chained to her tongue like a wild dog. The sad sobbing look on her face as he looked up at a woman who looked completely defeated as she hung in the air. She rocked back, and forth across her captor's tongue in disgrace.

Peyton curled her tongue upward running her tongue against the front of her stepmother's body. She then curled her tongue inward, and patted her stepmother. As she did so Peyton could hear her stepmother, the woman she had renamed Twerp weep, and cry as she mercilessly toyed with her on her tongue. She relished knowing that as she spoke, her voice must have sounded louder, and more powerful than ever. She loved knowing that she had to cover her ears, and cower on her tongue.

"What...what is that? What have you done?" Mr. Jennings managed to sputter out as he continued to look at the shrunken woman chained to the giant teens tongue.

"This is Twerp. You remember my stepmother, don’t you?" Peyton said with a smile as she fidgeted with her foot a bit next to shrunken man.

"My god, Nancy?" Mr. Jennings questioned as he watched the shrunken woman disappear back into the Teens mouth as she lifted her foot backup placed her sneaker clad foot back down on top of Avery's father.

"Now Mr. Jennings. You have a decision to make." Peyton forcefully said as she begun to press down harder, and harder on the man. She could hear him howl out in pain. Soon his yelps of pain shifted to crying, as tears fell down his cheeks. As she continued to press harder, and harder she could hear his one free arm which hadn’t gotten caught underneath her shoe pound repeatedly against the rubber trim of the shoe.

As she rocked her foot forward rolling her weight across his tiny body she felt him give in, and ease the pressure on his tiny body. She listened to him weep in anguish as he picked the crud out from underneath her sneakers. Peyton smirked as she could hear his tiny first pounding on a pebble wedged between the treads of her shoe.

Mr. Jennings pulled and punched at a pebble that dwarfed his fists. Blood careened down his knuckles as the stone dislodged itself from the shoe, and fell to the floor. Tears dripped down his face as he shook in fear. He snaked his tongue out, and pressed it into the grooves of her shoe. His body convulsed in disgust as his tongue slunk along the inner treads of Peyton’s shoe. Cleaning the grotesque grime that had built up, and wedged its way in.

He extended his arms to the tread in front of him, and pulled his body forward. His nose, cried foul as he looked up at mud beaten into her shoes. His eyes could tell hit was fresh. She had picked it up on her way over. As his tongue touched down onto the wet mud it retracted instantly as it wasn’t mud.

“I cut through the Roberts yard on the way over. These shoes are brand new. I’m sure you could tell as they are spotless on top. But, I stepped in some dog shit. I wiped it out on the grass, but don’t you just hate how you can’t seem to get it all off. Then that shit, and grass stain your white tread.” Peyton said as she her eye darted over to the game.

Mr. Jennings wanted to say something. He wanted to teach this girl a lesson. However, he found himself in no position to do so for the first time in his life. As much as he tried he couldn’t lift her shoe an inch. He cried against her shoe as he felt her weight increase. He snaked his tongue back out. He heard a squelch like noise as his tongue pushed its way into the wet dog shit. As it fell into his mouth he started to sputter, and spit it out.

“No, no, no. Be a good little boy, and swallow. I know you always made your wife do it.” Peyton taunted as she pressed down on her foot for good measure.

Helpless to argue he let the dog shit fall into his mouth. He started to chew, and swallow. He could taste the grass pounded into the poo.  His teeth were stained brown as he felt the shit hit the back of this throat. He pushed his arms forward, and felt them sink into the poop as he pulled himself forward once again. More tears slid down his cheeks as he forced his tongue back between the treads of shoe.

“That’s right, fight for survival. That’s human nature Mr. Jennings. If you can just struggle on a little bit further. Surely someone will come through that door. Surely someone will save you. It’s a shame you ran all of them off. Your wife ran out on you, and your daughter. You pushed your wife so far that she would leave her own daughter behind. Then you pushed your daughter out. No one’s coming through that door. All you can do is lick your way to freedom. Beg for my mercy.

“Please! No more!” Mr. Jennings shouted clearly crying.

“I’m sure you showed Avery mercy when you hit her with that bottle. I’m sure you ran to her, and hugged her tightly. I’m sure you said how sorry you were. Do you know which of those things you did Mr. Jennings?” Peyton spat down in a hurt tone.

Knowing the answer, Mr. Jennings pushed his tongue back out. He had to fight his brain from turning his head away. He had to force his mouth to remain open as the shit fell into his mouth. Every instinct in his body was saying to spit it out. But he knew couldn’t. Mr. Jennings swallowed audibly as he pushed his tongue back out. He knew he had to leave each part spotless to have any hope of survival.

Peyton allowed the man to toil away on her shoe until he heard him tap the front toe section of her shoe. She lifted her shoe up, and smiled seeing her treads cleaned out, and the white of the underside of her shoes returned to their full glory.

“We can let all that settle in your mouth, and let your body naturally clean away that crud out of your mouth before you clean the other one. What I want from you now, is for you to say it. I need to hear it from your mouth so it’s official." Peyton said as she tried to contain the smile that spread across her face.

"I-I will serve you as your subject, and respect, and follow your every wish and decree Peyton." Mr. Jennings sputtered out sadly, still crying from the previous events.

"You will refer to me as Goddess Peyton. You will demonstrate the proper respect to me and my friends."

"Y-yes of course. I'm sorry Goddess Peyton. D-don’t hurt me." The tiny man said fearfully as he watched his daughters now giant friend stand up from the sofa.

"As Twerp was tested. So, will you be. I had to clean the blood from your daughter’s face Mr. Jennings. I cleaned her wounds. She showed up at my doorstep in tears, and you don't show any remorse for your actions." Peyton said as she reached down grabbing the tiny man roughly. She felt his body go limp in her hands as she carried him to the kitchen setting him down on the counter.

"Sit." She commanded. She watched the guy stammer about as he looked around for some place to sit. Peyton raised her hand and then flicked the tiny man sending him flying a few inches from her hand.  He tumbled end over end before coming to a halt, lying on the back of his neck with his legs folded over his body.

"Sit." Peyton said once again as she spat down at the tiny man. She looked on as the massive ball of phlegm struck him directly, covering the entirety of his body. She looked on as her warm saliva oozed down him getting into every crevice. He tried to right himself, and stand up but, tumbled he back down onto the kitchen counter. He pushed himself off the counter in a meek attempt to crawl out from the puddle of spit he found himself trapped in. As he tried to scream the warm saliva filled his mouth causing him to cough repeatedly.

"That’s right, fight for your own survival. You can't even escape a puddle of my spit." She taunted down at the man before walking across the kitchen, and going into the pantry. She pulled out a blender, and set it down on the counter next to Mr. Jennings. Opening the junk drawer, she pulled out a piece of scotch tape with one hand and grabbed Mr. Jennings with the other.

She lowered the shrunken man into the blender pressed him against the glass side of the blender with one hand before putting the scotch tape across each limb with the other. She rotated the blade making sure the blades wouldn't hit the tiny man.

"Wait, get this tape off of me. What are you doing?" Mr. Jennings shouted.

"This is your test. Assuming that tape holds you're gonna be just fine. Now if that tape doesn't hold, well I'm sure your pea brain can connect those dots." Peyton said as she plugged the blender in, and started to put the lid on the blender.

"Wait the spit is eating away at the tape. Dry me off first. This isn't fair." He shouted fearfully

"It wasn't very fair to strike your daughter. It wasn't fair to bully her. It wasn't fair to make her feel worthless. To keep her under your thumb for what? Child support? A check from government so you can get a few more beers. That’s not fair Mr. Jennings. You never gave her  a chance. I, at least am giving you a chance to survive." Peyton said before pressing the lid down firmly on the blender.  she watched him squirm about, covered in her spit. She smiled as her spit slunk its way down over the tape. Then she started the blender.

Peyton bent down so her face was level with the blender. She watched the blades spin round and round. She knew from when she spun them that assuming he doesn't move the blades stop just a couple millimeters before hitting his chest. However, if the tape gives or he struggles to try to free himself the blades of the blender will slice his chest open.

Mr. Jennings screamed in terror as the blades whizzed. Each rotation he saw the blades appear to get right up next to his chest. Each time he thought for sure he was going to sliced in two or his guts spewed out across the blender. If he died here they would never find him. She could just clean out the blender, and dump his remains down the garbage disposal. Who would know. As this shouldn't be possible. People just don’t shrink.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I will never drink again. I will be a better father. Just turn me back Turn me back please." He shouted as he looked over at Peyton hoping for some kind of mercy. It was at that moment her phone rang.

"Sorry, I need to take this." Peyton said, as she turned from facing the blender showing the tiny man her backside as she leaned against the counter.

"No, I'm not doing anything Bradley. Just in the kitchen....No the girls all over I can't come over......No I told you I can't yI can't........I know you love me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to come running at your every beckon call...I might have some free time tomorrow after school.....You're so funny....Stop making me laugh.....Okay bye. Kiss Kiss" Peyton said finishing the call, and sliding her phone back into the pocket of her sweatpants before turning around.

"Boys can be so needy. I swear your half of the species doesn't mature after age 12." Peyton said before bending back down to get a better view of Mr. Jennings. "Were you saying something before I got that phone call?"

"I said I'm sorry. I will change. Please turn me back. I will be the best father Avery has ever had."

"You'd need to be human to be her father. Did you forget you gave up your human life? You're nothing but my subject. My slave, assuming you survive your little test. Then you get to live out your life in my shadow. I think I will call you Pig from now on, as that’s what you were in your previous life."

Pig cried out in fear wanting to struggle against his bonds wanting to fight back. However, as the blades of the blender continued to whiz by at high powered speeds he found himself helpless to do. Unable to comprehend how a simple teenage girl could upend his life. Could steal away everything.

"I guess the tape is going to hold after all. Pfft" Peyton said a bit dejectedly as she turned the blender off. She watched the blades slowly wind down until finally coming to a stop. She watched the small man's chest rise and fall, and sweat drip from his brow as he stared at the blades unable to comprehend how he survived.  Peyton reached into the blender and pulled the tape off the glass side of the blender giggling as she watched the man try to fight his way off the piece of tape. She allowed the tape to dangle on her fingertips as she walked towards the back of the kitchen. The man continued to fight, and kick against the tape until Peyton tired of watching, and she pushed the tape from her hands letting it fall into the garbage below.

Mr. Jennings tumbled into the kitchen garbage can landing on a pile of orange peelings.  The garbage can was only about half full. As he looked at tall blue walls of garbage, he realized any hope of getting out on his own were gone. He looked about the garbage seeing remnants of prior meals, and most disgustingly, a pile of tartar sauce nearby.

"Hey..hey what’s the meaning of this. I did what you asked! Passed your test. I-I even gave up my life, my humanity. You can't just leave me here." He shouted as he the girl who demanded that he call her goddess walk out of his field of view. 

"I can do what I want. A privilege you no longer have. You do what I say from now on. Your days of belittling people into helpless submission are through. I remember a big man who pushed around a little girl. Well now the tables have turned. I put you in that garbage can as that’s what you are. If you want me take you out, to have me take you with me. You will have to beg. Otherwise, I will leave you there and, you will thirst to death. "

"No, no. Please master, goddess Peyton. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just don't want to die. I will serve. I will serve."  The man pleaded as he dropped to his knees. As he saw the teen girl head back into view his eyes lit up. He felt a wave of relief as he saw her appear. It was still harrowing to see a person so tall from his current vantage point he couldn't even see her head.

"What's your name?" Peyton asked tapping her foot impatiently.

"Dave, Dave Jennings mam, master, goddess." The still partially drunken man sputtered out.

"Wrong" Peyton said reaching into the Garbage can pulling a pile of garbage tossing it into the sink. Mr. Jennings tumbled end over end before coming to a rest. He tumbled what must have been several yards to him. Peyton walked over to the sink methodically, and looked down at the tiny man.

"You're a despicable sack of skin. I'm going to enjoy breaking you." Peyton said, as she turned on the garbage disposal.

Mr. Jennings backed away tripping over an apple core before his bare back pressed against the sink walls.  His body shivering, and teeth chattering, but the man was too drunk to realize that trauma his body was going through. He could only look on with the helplessness of an infant child as Peyton turned on the water faucet.

A wave of hot water poured out of the faucet hitting the metal sink first. A tidal wave then spewed across the sink as the visceral churning sound emanated from below. Mr. Jennings could hear the garbage the water had already pulled into the disposal being destroyed beneath him. As he looked down, he found himself doing something hadn't done since he was a child. He realized he was peeing himself.

"Oh my god. You're so pathetic. Not such a big shot now that you aren't the biggest one around, are you? What's your name, Slave." Peyton questioned.

"Jennings, Dave Jennings. Please let me out. I will do what you want. I will do whatever you want. I will give you everything I have. Just please I don't want to die here." He pleaded as felt the scalding hot water race across his legs. He tried to move to the side as a large piece of bread knocked him over forcing his head beneath the water.

The torrent of water, and force of the bread was too strong for the Mr. Jennings, now shrunken body. He kicked against the water flow trying to break the current, but he could feel himself being drug backwards towards the drain.

"Pig my name is Pig". He cried as heard the garbage disposal turn off. As he looked up at the sweet looking blonde-haired girl. If he hadn't just lived through this expierence he would never have guessed the evil within her.

"Now push that garbage toward the disposal." Peyton ordered as she walked back into the kitchen leaving Pig to do her bidding. She grabbed his pants pulling his wallet out. She pulled out forty dollars along with his credit and bank cards.

As she walked back into the kitchen she looked down at man gleefully as he did as he was told.  She watched him for several minutes toil away while calling his credit and bank cards to check his balances before finally fishing him out of the sink, and turning the disposal back on to take care of the mess.

"It looks like your only worth 80 thousand dollars Pig." Peyton said as she walked out of the kitchen, over to the small corner of the living room he had turned into a home office. Peyton went to the Pacific Coast Academy website, and saw that the login information had been saved. As she logged into the site she clicked on the tuition payment site.

"Y-you can't. That’s all I have." Pig said as he looked at the massive computer screen.

"Are you really questioning paying for your daughter's education right now after what you did to her?"

"N-n-no Goddess Peyton. Of course not. As you wish." He said averting his eyes embarrassed.

"The other thing you need to learn, slave. Is that you speak when your spoken too. Otherwise you should be seen, and not heard. I command, and you obey. That’s the deal."

Tired of looking at the man Peyton lowered Pig to the floor while she sucked on Twerp as if she were a lifesaver. She relished pushing her body flat against the roof of her mouth as her tongue rolled back, and forth across her body. She could hear Twerps cry out as her tongue continually rolled across her.

She slid her bare right foot out of her sneaker knocking it onto its side. The opening of the shoe which fell just in front of Pig who was shaking in fear.  Hot air plowed out of the dark cavernous shoe from being trapped on her foot.  Pig's nose twitched as he coughed from the smell billowing out of the sneaker. He suspected at his old size he might not have noticed anything. However, at his current size it was nearly unbearable.

"In" Peyton commanded as she stomped her foot. Fearfully pig climbed into the shoe. A few moments later without looking Peyton knocked the shoe back over so it was upright causing pig to tumble halfway down the shoe. Before he could get his bearings, he saw her large barefoot passes over him. He screamed as her foot lowered on top of him sealing him underneath the arch of her foot.

"Lick" was all Peyton needed to say before the she felt Pig's tongue work across the underside of her foot.

Peyton shut down the computer, and walked into Avery's room. She grabbed a suitcase packing a few things she knew Avery would want along with the rest of her shoes, clothes, pictures and her jewelry box. Peyton looked around one last time; not seeing anything she grabbed the suitcase, and headed out the apartment. Making sure the door was locked she headed back home.

"Peyton, where'd you go?" Sabrina asked, seeing her walk in with a suitcase.

"I went to Avery's, where is she?" Peyton asked as she set the suitcase by the door, and walked over to the sofa.

"She's sleeping upstairs. She's pretty shook up." Sabrina said while sitting stretched out Peyton's Sofa.

"Understandable, considering everything she's gone through. Did she tell you about her mom?" Peyton asked as she slid her shoes off leaving Pig trapped inside.

"No, not a word. If you didn’t know, no one knew." Sabrina said as she chewed on the drawstring of her hoodie while setting down her phone she was playing with on the end table.

"It looks like it's just us then, if Avery's asleep." Peyton said as she sat down Sofa between Sabrina's legs resting her head on Sabrina’s chest seeing something was bothering her she asked her what was wrong.

"You know, I really hate Bradley" Sabrina said with a heavy sigh

"Why? He's a nice boy, for the most part."  Peyton said

"He just gets in the way, and he's kind of needy. You should find someone else."

"Well I have something that will cheer you up." Peyton said sticking her tongue out revealing Twerp chained still chained to her tongue dangling from her piercing.

"Oh my god. Is that Twerp." Sabrina said between fits of laughter. "Hold on I need a picture of this."


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