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Story Notes:

This story is very scat / butt / entrapment orientated. If this is NOT your thing look away now.

Kelly had discovered her long term boyfriend was having an affair with a work colleague called Lindsay. Lindsay was younger than Kelly and better looking in her opinion but there was no way she was just going to let her steal Bradley from her. In the morning Kelly confronted Bradley and they had a huge argument that ended up with him storming out of the house saying he was going to the gym to unwind before he did something he regretted. In his haste however he had left his mobile phone behind.

A quick bit of ‘sexting’ later and Lyndsay was on the doorstep confirming Kelly’s suspicions. As soon as she opened the door Kelly shot Lindsey with her shrink ray gun and scooped her up off the doorstep making sure nobody saw what had happened. When Lindsey came round she was naked, about 3 inches tall and laid in the seat of a clear see-through kitchen stool. Utterly helpless against the giantess stood in front of her and far too high from the hard floor to jump down and hope to get away, Lindsay couldn’t do anything but insist Kelly was wrong and beg to be let go. It was about 11am now and Kelly was still fresh out of bed wearing just a dressing gown and knee high fluffy pink bed socks. She looked down at her prey and explained how she knew all about the affair and confessed to tricking her into coming round to settle things once and for all. Kelly dropped the dressing gown on the floor and turned around revealing a huge plump butt divided by a deep dark crevice, she pointed her massive finger at the stool and said in a booming voice “I’m a morning person…meaning that’s when I perform. Dealing with your sordid little affair with MY boyfriend has already meant I’m late, so now going to use this stool as a toilet”

Kelly moved backwards onto the chair and pinned the lower part of Lindsay’s body to the cold plastic with her sweaty pussy lips. Lindsay was still quite big at 3 inches meaning that while her lower body was held by the giantess’ vagina her upper body was presented with the huge woman’s throbbing arsehole staring her threateningly in the face. Feeling the need to release the pressure in her tight colon Kelly pushed the flat of her hand onto her lower belly and eased her guts backwards. The wrinkles of her anus smoothed out and retracted until the giant ring opened and a round wall of shit came into view. Lindsey screamed in horror as she saw the huge mass of solid poop about to swallow her up. Kelly looked over her shoulder at the little woman and said “Hey at least we are just going to have a messy time-I was going to put you up my arse with that beauty and leave you there all day to teach you a lesson but now I’m gonna fill your little world with stinking hot shit and then sit on you while I eat my breakfast”!

Suddenly the door slammed and Kelly jumped up from squashing the terrified Lyndsay who was half covered in pussy juice and half in vinegary arse moisture, she folded her dressing gown back around her tight body as her butt hole closed in panic. She slid Lindsay off the hard plastic surface of the stool, carried her into the bedroom and hid her in the jewellery box in her bedside table. Bradley had come home early, burst into the room and straight away began apologising to Kelly saying the affair with Lindsay had just been a stupid fling and he really loved Kelly with all his heart.

It didn’t take long for Kelly to say that she forgave Bradley which surprised him after how badly the morning’s argument had turned out. Kelly and Bradley kissed on the lips and then began to cuddle each other. After about half an hour Bradley started to cup Kelly’s huge boobs when she leaned forward and breathed at him “Tell you what-how about a butt fuck? I know you like it when I’ve got some junk in the trunk and it’s now or never cos I’ve really gotta shit”. Bradley not believing his luck agreed and laid back as Kelly grabbed something from the drawer and announced she was just going to the toilet for a quick piss.

Lyndsay had heard everything from the drawer and was now looking up a Kelly who was sat astride the toilet letting out a hot stream of steaming dark golden morning urine. Kelly teased Lyndsay by knocking her over with her the finger of her other hand and saying “Oh my dear your luck has changed-you are going inside me after all and Bradley is going to fuck us both at the same time. Remember his big circumcised cock he fucked you with? well-it’s going to be the spoon and my rectum will be the mixing bowl. You and a belly full of poo are the ingredients so let’s have a fun time making a big brown cake.

Kelly rubbed Lyndsay in Vaseline stood up from the toilet seat and bent over to part her butt cheeks.  She easily slid her inside her impatient anus that was getting tired of holding back so much waste. She didn’t go in very far though, feet first about up to her knees and the rest was Kelly’s brute force pushing Lindsay’s inferior body through the compacted poop. Lindsey fought like a banshee but Kelly was infinitely stronger. When just her head was sticking out of her butt hole Kelly put on some stockings and suspenders before sexily strolling back into the room swinging her hips from side to side.

Bradley got up off the bed with a massive erection and grabbed Kelly forcibly by the hips before flinging her face down onto the bed. He moved in behind her and without noticing the little woman’s head in the middle of his girlfriend’s arse hole he lubed his cock and pointed it at its brown target. Kelly almost came and thought her guts were going to burst as Lyndsey panicked and wriggled for freedom. Kelly used both hands to part both her butt cheeks and waft a last smell of pheromones up to Bradley’s nose causing him to go a bit crazier. The massive bell end fitted perfectly against Kelly’s anus like they were made for each other but that was only as much help as nature would give. What would happen next was unnatural to the extreme.

 The huge solid cock parted the anus against its will and after burying Lindsay’s head slowly moved everything in its way upwards into Kelly’s toned body. At least 48 hours’ worth of shit and poor little Lyndsay was easily moved out of the way by the dick as it struggled on its journey. Bradley had had sex with both Kelly and Lindsay before and both women knew he loved nothing more than getting balls deep, depth was really his thing. The thing is that Kelly knew that Lindsey knew this too and smiled as she felt the poo in her abdomen splitting, breaking and spreading from its log form into a filthy paste inside her. Bradley didn’t stop to thrust at all but just kept sliding in further, using his powerful arms to lift Kelly’s pelvis completely off the mattress to force her stretched brown ring along his shaft towards his balls. Kelly began to grab at the bed sheets and wide eyed started yelping as her pleasure turned to pain as her guts stretched thin around Lindsey and the huge cock. Finally her exhausted anus, (temporarily useless as a muscle) came to rest against his scrotum while his balls squeezed against her pussy. The couple stayed in that position motionless for a good few minutes, Lyndsay’s crushed and suffocating body released a steady stream of air bubbles from her lungs causing a ticking sensation for both the lovers.

Kelly’s evil mind began to go to work again and she thought to herself “Now I’ve got them both in my arse” Lyndsay the little bitch harmless as an unborn ‘baby’ inside me and because I’ve got my boyfriend back she can never threaten us again now that she’s caught in the middle between my digestive system and his cock.

Just a moment later the course of nature and extreme pain forced her to speak out. “Bradley It’s getting really uncomfortable-I need to take a shit cos this is starting to hurt me”. Bradley didn’t answer. Again she said “Bradley please pull out just a bit” but he had a better idea. “Why don’t you just shit around my dick because I’m not going anywhere”. Sure enough Kelly tried to use her muscles to take a shit against the two obstructions in her colon but couldn’t, she literally had tears in her eyes as she strained and strained while Bradley obviously enjoyed feeling her efforts. Kelly kept on pushing and soon pleasure again outweighed her pain and she started to cum.

As Kelly continued to push and cum Lindsey’s breathed her last breath as a scream before finally blacking out. Her exhaled breath bubbled its way through the sea of compacted turd away from her now limp body making its way back down the shaft. A short while later when Lindsey’s scream reached the threshold of Kelly’s anus she farted it out into the room making a loud ‘pharp’ against Bradley’s balls. Kelly giggled and said “Lindsay says Hi!” Nearing climax Bradley joined in the movement and they both continued fucking until they came one last time.

When they had both finished Bradley pulled his long brown shit covered cock from Kelly and went off to wash himself clean. They both spent the rest of the morning laid on the bed relaxing. It wasn’t until the following day that Kelly successfully took her well-deserved dump, stinking out the entire house before flushing away a whole pan of filth. They never spoke of Lyndsay again.




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