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Story Notes:

My first story hopefully this will go well and I'll make more.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The story beings with brad being shrunk. Forgive me I'm working on formatting.


So my name is Brad Johnson I'm 17 about 5'8 in height I have straight brown hair and eyes, and honestly I think my life was great I had good grades,good friends, good family, and I was lead runner on the Cross Country team I think my life is ok now. So my story begins about 3 weeks ago when for what I've been able to figure out is l shrunk due to mixing the chemicals in science class, and let's start my story just a minutes after the chemical misfortune than started it all.

I remember walking out of class with my friend Jon and trying to get a small conversation going even though he always avoids conversations. "Well that was interesting experiment what do you think?" I said to my friend Jon. He looked at me and nodded yes then walk away. Ok then well that's that time to head to that nightmare of a class English. As I started to walk to English I felt off I couldn't walk start and I was felling tired. (RINNGGG) wait how English is like two minutes from my chemistry class. Well damn now I have to knock on the door and hope he lets me in... I passed out just before knocking on the door.

I woke up who knows how long after and almost forgot what was happening. I was about to knock on the door but then realized the door was huge and everything around me was also huge. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!! I was panicking trying to figure out what happened to me. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO BIG OR AM I SMALL? HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN OUT?

Calm down I said to myself maybe I'm dreaming but a dream wouldn't be this complicated and I wouldn't be aware which means that this is all real and I've been shrunk which IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID! HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN WHAT SHRUNK ME?

Never mind that now I need to get help but how am I going to get help and from who and where? Where good question, where am I right now? Outside English class but super tiny which means if I find a way in I can get help from a friend in that class, but how am I supposed to get in? From what looks like 100 yards to me I can see there's a little crack in the door that looks like I can make it through. That looks like a good enough way to try to get in. So I run as fast as possible to the door and squeeze through the opening.

Well it will be a tight fit but I think I can make it in the crack and get inside the room. As I enter the room I noticed it was quiet and remembered the class had a test today. Ok well I guess I failed the test but now isn't t the time to worry about that I could be in real danger if those stories I read have something in common it's that you're a lot more vulnerable when your small I need help.

Now who can get help from it has to be someone I can trust. Adria she's been my friend for years now I can trust her for some help, now where is she? Oh no I forgot she absent today she told me yesterday before school ended. Well I don't know how much time I have till the class is over. Who can I trust that will help me? Lisa she sits behind me and we've talked almost everyday I don't know her as well as Adria or as long I just meet her a few weeks ago when school started but I think she's a good person and I'm hoping this will be the right choice.

So I run as fast I could to her seat and luckily she's there but there's a problem she's huge just like everything else is. How am I going to get her attention without get anyone else's attention? Yelling probably won't work but there's a risk if I yell I could get the attention of someone else by accident. Her backpack I could try to get into one of the pockets but that puts me in risk of being crushed by school supplies. Maybe I could try to climb onto her shoe and scratch her leg to get her attention. Well it's not like I have time to kill I'll take my chances with climbing her shoe.

As I started walk to her shoe getting ready to climb it her foot moves to the left hitting me but not hurting me luckily. Shit that was close I've got to be careful about this, alright let's try this again. I walk up to her shoe and grab onto the midsole of the shoe pull my self up and grab the collar of the shoe and pull myself to the top of her shoe. Then I realized her shoe doesn't have a closed top it's open. Once that though came to my head her foot moved again and knocked me to the side of her shoe then I fell into the small space between the shoe and her foot.

Well that happened I said with fear in my voice. I've got to get up and get her attention... I can't move my arms or my legs I'm stuck there's not enough room to move anything but my head and I can't even see over her foot. I'm basically in no position to get her attention because I can't do anything that would get her attention.

She's moving what's going on? RINNNGGG class is over hopefully she notices me on the side of her foot when she's walking to where every she's going to. Ouch this hurts the side of the shoe and her foot are rolling be left or right every time she takes a step and on top of all this I still can't see where the hell she's going. She stopped maybe she noticed me and I she can help me or at the least take me out of her shoe. FLUSH... Oh she just went to the restroom... WAIT this is the best time to try to get her attention but how I can't even move my legs or arms? WIGGLE OF COURSE! If I can can just move left a little bit then right come on just a little more.

YES THERE WE GO I CAN MOVE ENOUGH TO WIGGLE AROUND. Why I'm I moving backwards and rolling along the side of her shoe? She's talking her shoe of to she what bugging her yes. As I look up I can her giant face looking down staring into her shoe trying to determine what was moving then her expression change from serious to confused. Then two giant fingers at least three times bigger than me start coming down and then grab my sides a little to tight and bring me up pretty quickly to her face. With a quick hand movement I'm now in her palm as two giant eyes stare down at me trying to figure out what their looking at. Then in what would be a whisper to size person but a yell to me she said "Brad?"

Chapter End Notes:

Please tell me what you think this is my first story. Suggestions on how to make it better would be greatly appreciated

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