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Author's Chapter Notes:
This chapter is the beginning of change in Brad’s new life. Lisa has turned on Brad so she can feel powerful. What will happen to Brad from this point on? Only time will tell.
When Brad woke up he was still in the sock drawer that Lisa had put him the night before. After the long day that he had Brad fell asleep almost immediately after Lisa had closed the drawer. It took him a moment to realize he was still in sock drawer since there was little light due to it being slightly cracked open. Brad thought to himself Crap it was all real shrinking getting Lisa?s help I thought maybe it was a dream. Just a few minutes after collecting his thoughts he heard an alarm go off followed by the sounds of footsteps. After the alarm went off he felt the drawer being opened followed by Lisa looking down at Brad and raising him to her face. ?So how was your night? Lisa asked Brad. ?It was actually pretty good I knocked out almost immediately, what about you?? Lisa told Brad that she slept good to.

?So today is Saturday and I have practice in about an hour I?m taking you with me because I don?t want anyone knowing about you? Lisa told Brad. ?What do you play anyway?? Brad asked trying to figure out where he was going. ?I?m on the soccer team and there?s practice all through the week? Lisa said. ?Where are you putting during your practice? In a bag?? Brad asked curiously. ?No Brad I?m putting you between my toes so that way I can know exactly where you are.? Lisa said. ?But I?ll get hurt when you run or kick the ball? Brad said trying to get Lisa to change her mind about where to put him during practice. ?You?ll be fine Brad I?ll be careful and you really don?t have a say in this now I?m going to get ready then we?re leaving.? Lisa told Brad who was shocked that Lisa wasn?t giving him a choice. After Lisa finished getting ready she told Brad ?Ok I?m leaving for practice now.? Before Brad could try on last protest Lisa picked him up and positioned him between her big and second toe.

Lisa had to walk to practice she didn?t live to far from the school where the team practiced. Meanwhile Brad was standing up stuck between her big and second toe, even though he was angry he was mostly concd on why Lisa had forced Brad into being between her toes. Every so often Lisa would give a playful squeeze to Brad. When Lisa got to practice she talked to some of her friends. During her conversation with her friends Lisa thought about Brad between her toes, he was right there probably able to hear everything going on but no one but Lisa knew he was there. When practice started the team was told to run for twenty minutes around the field, while it was fine to Lisa, Brad was going for the ride of his life with each step. Each and every step Lisa took made Brad lose his balance preventing him from standing. Each time Lisa took a step Brad would lose his grip and fall. When Lisa stopped running Brad felt sick from the constant movement, heat, and smell. Brad thought Why is she doing this to me I could have just stayed in her bag.

As Lisa begun to sweat Brad couldn?t pick himself up when he fell because the sweat was taking away grip on Lisa's toes. Brad was helpless and began to panic he couldn?t do anything to protect himself from harm what if he slipped into the wrong position and got crushed by her toes, what if he slid under her foot and suffocated because her foot was on his face. When Lisa finished practice Brad had been forced into a position where his body from shoulders down was stuck underneath Lisa?s foot while his head to his shoulders were sticking out of the gap between Lisa?s big and second toe giving him a small gap to breath. Each time Brad would breath he would smell the odor from Lisa?s foot, since Brad was inside her sock which was in her shoe there was almost no ventilation meaning the smell wasn?t leaving anytime soon. The sweat from Lisa?s foot was drenching Brad's body but he couldn?t do anything about it.

When practice finished Lisa decided stayed at practice a little while after it finished to be with her friends, she was in no rush to get home. On Saturday both her parents worked until the evening she was free to do anything all day. Brad wasn?t able to free himself from under Lisa?s foot, but he didn?t feel as sick anymore, but the odor from her foot wasn?t pleasant. Brad just layed trapped under Lisa?s foot thinking about why Lisa had done this. What happened she was being so nice yesterday, did I do something to her? Brad started becoming scared what else would Lisa do to him now? After an hour of hanging out with her friends Lisa walked home. On the way back to Lisa?s house Brad felt every step and was in pain because of the pressure from her foot on his body.

When Lisa got home her parents had already left as expected. She walked around and closed all the curtains once she was inside the house. After all the curtains were closed Lisa sat on the couch took off her shoe and her sock looked at her toes and she noticed Brad wasn?t between toes. When Lisa had taken off her sock since Brad wasn?t between her toes he got stuck in the sock and then yelled ?Lisa let me out!? Brad yelled. Realizing that Brad was in here sock she put her hand out flipped the sock upside down and watched Brad fall into her hand. ?Why did you do that I told you it wasn?t a good idea!? Brad yelled at Lisa once he stood up. ?Because I can do whatever I want to you and no one will ever know, you belong to me now Brad.? Lisa snapped back at him. Brad stood in Lisa?s palm looking her right in the eyes and yelled out in anger ? I?m not a piece of property I don?t belong to you I?m a person!? Brad yelled trying to hide his fear and at the same time try to stand his ground.

?Well then let?s see about that Brad? Lisa said. Lisa then used her other hand and grabbed Brad by his ankle with her thumb and index finger then held him upside down. Brad was caught off guard by Lisa?s sudden actions. Brad started to panic he kicked his leg trying to free himself. Lisa tighten her grip of his ankle and ?Say that you belong to me before it?s too late Brad.? Lisa demand. ?I don?t belong to you!? Brad yelled out. ?Well then I guess you need to learn your place then.? Lisa said. Lisa then opened her mouth and let Brad dangle above it for a few minutes. Brad screaming; kicking; panicking, all at once. Lisa let go of his ankle and let Brad fall into her mouth. When Brad fell he landed on her tongue which had been waiting for him to fall. The warm wet surface that surrounded Brad was the only thing keeping Brad from falling back and down into Lisa?s throat. Brad struggled to turn himself to see the front of her mouth. When Brad was facing the opening of Lisa?s mouth he tried to make his way to the opening, but as soon as he started making his way there Lisa closed her mouth leaving Brad in total darkness.
Chapter End Notes:
Lisa has turned on Brad and now may be forcing him into a no win situation. Thanks for read feel free to leave reviews about your opinions on the story and how to make the story better. I am trying my best to include every aspect of a giantess into this story I don’t know what I’ll end up being able to do. This story has been mainly been me kinging each chapter with no set plot until now I have the basic set up for the nest few chapters now.
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