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Author's Chapter Notes:

Brad is now in a bad situation he must resist Lisa’s attempts to break him. Can Brad stand what little ground he has against Lisa?

Brad couldn’t see anything unless Lisa opened her mouth which did occasionally to give Brad some air. Brad couldn’t see anything it was pitch black, he couldn’t stand because of Lisa’s tongue, it was warm and wet and it was making Brad really uncomfortable.Brad was now in a state of panic and fear, he no longer knew what Lisa would and wouldn’t do. Brad yelled “Let me out why are you doing this to me I thought you were my friend!” Lisa should figure out what Brad had said because the sound was muffled since he was in her mouth. Lisa used her tongue to move Brad to the side of her mouth then mockingly said “What did you say I can’t hear you in there little guy.” Before Brad could do anything he slid down the side of her mouth, he was then trapped by Lisa’s tongue moving him the roof of her mouth.

Brad was completely helpless he couldn’t move or get any balance because of the saliva in her mouth. All Brad was able to do was wiggle around and pound his fists on her tongue in resistance. After a few minutes of holding Brad on the roof of her mouth Lisa opened her mouth and licked Brad onto her palm. Brad was drenched in Lisa’s saliva, when Brad stood up he looked at Lisa with fear and horror in his eyes. “All you have to do is say you belong to me and this will all be over Brad.” Lisa said mockingly once again. Brad thought for a minute about should he just accept this and say he belongs to Lisa. Then Brad thought No I’m not a piece of property I’m not saying I belong to her because I don’t I’m a person. Brad looked at Lisa dead in the eyes and yelled “ I don’t belong to you, now stop doing this and put me down!” “Well I’m just going to make it worse on you till you say that you belong to me so if you say so Brad” Lisa said.

Lisa then grabbed Brad by his ankle again the dropped him back in her mouth. Lisa thought what she could do to make Brad accept his new life, then she got an idea. Lisa began sucking Brad like a piece of candy. This was starting to get to Brad, he was having a hard time breathing because even though Lisa would open her mouth for a few seconds Brad's head would go into her saliva. After sometime of sucking Brad Lisa took him out of her mouth and said “Say what I want to say and I’ll stop” Lisa said slightly annoyed. “N-No” Brad said still catching his breath, Brad knew he was probably going to pass out soon from fear or from her saliva. “It’s only going to get worse for you, but it’s your choice” Lisa said putting Brad back in her mouth.

Even though had unlimited power over Brad she didn’t have unlimited ideas on how to get Brad to accept his place. I thought came to Lisa maybe she was being too nice to Brad, it was time to bring it up a notch. Brad was nearly ready to give up he had no clue on what could possibly be in store for him next. While Brad thought of surrendering he felt himself being moved by Lisa’s thought except this time he wasn’t being sucked on, held against the roof or sides of her mouth, but instead to the front of her mouth. Lisa opened her mouth stuck her tongue out and grabbed Brad. “ Well you’re standing your ground better than I thought you would so this is it this is how I’ll break you mentally or physically it’s up to you which comes first” Lisa said to Brad. Brad was confused what did Lisa mean by mentally or physically? He then got the answer to his question. Lisa placed Brad on her front teeth chest on the bottom teeth with the front half of his body stick out of her mouth from his head to shoulders.

Lisa closed her mouth leaving Brad's head and shoulders sticking out of her lips. Brad was able to move his arms out from the inside of her mouth to the outside and rested them on her lips. Brad was confused what was happening why this position? What was Lisa planning? Then from his stomach he felt pressure being applied, it took Brad a moment to realize what was happening. Lisa was using her teeth to slowly add pressure onto Brad. Once Brad was realized Lisa’s plan he started to panic, he began kicking; screaming; and punching, Lisa did nothing but add slightly more pressure. This is a bluff she won’t do this if she bites me in half then she have all my guts in her mouth Brad though in an attempt to mask fear from his thoughts but he knew he didn’t know what to expect anymore.

After a slightly painful amount of pressure was applied to Brad, Lisa stopped adding pressure but didn’t let Brad loose he was still in her teeth with pressure. Lisa started moving her bottom jaw sliding Brad across her teeth in the process. Brad was now in pain the pressure and the sliding started to be to much for him. Then Brad felt something on the top and bottom of his bottom, he moved his hand back into Lisa mouth and touched where he felt the unknown source then brought his hand back to his face. He looked at it and realized it was his blood. The pressure and sliding must have cut me, but how much? Is this fatal? Is it just a small cut? Brad thought. Brad was overwhelmed by fear he had no idea what was going to happen and without thinking he yelled out “Ok Lisa stop please I’m begging you!” Lisa stopped took Brad out and said “Say it and I’ll stop if you don’t I’m going to keep going”

Brad looked at himself he and his clothes were soaked in saliva with a large red stain on his shirt. “Please don’t make me say it, I’m hurt, I’m humiliated, I’m defenseless” Brad said. “If you don’t want to say it don’t I’ll keep adding pressure till you break. All you have to do is say that you belong to me” Lisa said. Brad was done he couldn’t handle it anymore he fell to his knees in Lisa’s palm looked up and said “I belong to you” Brad was now humiliated to the point where he as if he had no dignity left. “ Now was that so hard?” Lisa said. Brad couldn’t respond he was to weak to do anything and passed out.

Several hours passed until Brad woke up. He found himself on a table he looked up and tried to gather his thoughts and process what had happened. He looked up and saw Lisa on the couch watching television. Brad looked down to check his wound to find he was no longer wear any clothes, his cut was already scabbing so he knew it was bad just a normal cut. Lisa looked down and saw Brad muted the television and pick him up. “Well hello there I thought maybe you had died I’m glad you didn’t though” Lisa said. “Where’s my clothes why am I naked? Brad asked confused but mostly angry. “ I got rid of them you don’t need them and plus they were all ripped up. Also I need to see if your intestines were spilling out.” Brad didn’t say anything he just stared holding back his emotions. “You taste bad, probably because you were underneath my foot during the practice and your clothes had sweat absorbed.” Lisa said, Brad still said nothing and stood in Lisa’s palm. “Well I haven’t showered yet and you haven’t either so let’s go shower” Lisa said. Brad had no time to say anything before Lisa closed her palm and started walking to her room to get clothes. Brad silently thought about what had happened he had no power to defend himself he had no dignity left Brad had lost everything.

Chapter End Notes:

How will Brad continue on now that he has lost everything? Thank you for reading leave a review on how to improve the story if you want. If you would leave reviews for improvement that would be highly appreciated. After Chapter 6 which is almost done im going to release a new story ive been working on that week. more details later on.Thank you and have great day.

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