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Brad had a normal life until one day an accident shrunk him he made a decision get the help of his friend Lisa. His choices will change his life

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Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: F/m
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Series: Bradís Saga
Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes
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Published: September 14 2017 Updated: January 31 2018
Story Notes:

My first story hopefully this will go well and I'll make more.

1. Chapter 1 Shrunk by The Intimidator [Reviews - 9] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1228 words)

The story beings with brad being shrunk. Forgive me I'm working on formatting.


2. Chapter 2 Found by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (1007 words)

Lisa has found Brad now he just needs to get her to help him. How will the rest of his day go?
- The Intimidator

3. Chapter 3 Adjusting by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (1469 words)
With Brad now with Lisa, the small problems Brad has due to him being shrunk will be solved. A new problem for Brad will surface by the end of this chapter.

4. Chapter 4 Change by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (1315 words)
This chapter is the beginning of change in Brad’s new life. Lisa has turned on Brad so she can feel powerful. What will happen to Brad from this point on? Only time will tell.

5. Chapter 5 Acceptance by The Intimidator [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1375 words)

Brad is now in a bad situation he must resist Lisa’s attempts to break him. Can Brad stand what little ground he has against Lisa?

6. Chapter 6 Will by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (2178 words)
What comes next for Brad? More change from Lisa or has everything leveled out? Apologize for spelling errors

7. Chapter 7 Adjusting by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (1994 words)
Lisa has given Brad the ultimate test but how will he do? Find out

8. Chapter 8 Meeting by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (1573 words)
Lisa chocked and got caught in a catch 22 situation with Adria just before, now Lisa is going to punish Brad, but what will Adria do with her new information (This chapter has less giantess in ,but this chapter is mainly to help bring the story near to its end so that way Brads Saga can start its second installment soon. There is a slight jump back to chapter 7 dealing with Adria after the Brad and Lisa part of this chapter. (I will put a marker when the time jump and the story syncs back up) Also I apologize for grammar mistakes. Also sorry for the delay)

9. Chapter 9 Lines by The Intimidator [Reviews - 0] (2517 words)
Brad now faces what could his point break and there is a change in Adria’s plans. Sorry for grammar mistakes (While attempting to post this chapter the website was changing the layout of the paragraphs I apologize that I was unable to fix it a (* was placed in front of the beginning of each paragraph )

10. Chapter 10 Chaos by The Intimidator [Reviews - 1] starstarhalf-star (1219 words)
Chapter Notes: Brad wants to escape Lisa desperately, but by the end of the day will his desire land him in a horrible position. Sorry for grammar mistakes