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Author's Chapter Notes:

Lisa has found Brad now he just needs to get her to help him. How will the rest of his day go?
- The Intimidator

——————————————————————————————-Brad was now looking at Lisa’s giant face with her giant brown eyes looking right at him. Lisa spoke “Brad is that really you?” Brad was still in disbelief of just how big Lisa was from his perspective. He was now able to see the small details on her face that would have otherwise been unidentifiable to a normal sized person. Her dark brown hair and eyes along with her light skin. When Brad had collected his thoughts he finally responded with a low and simple “Yes”

Even though Lisa had trouble hearing the low word from Brad she was able to understand what he had said then a million questions rushed into her head and started asking rapid questions to Brad “How’d you get so small, why were you in my shoe, how long have been in my shoe?” she stop herself from asking all the questions she had so Brad could answer. When Brad processed the questions he began to answer “I’m not sure how I got so small but it may have something to do with chemistry class, I ended up in your shoe because I was trying to get your attention so you could help by climbing onto your foot but then you moved and I feel to the side of you shoe, and I’ve only been there for a few minutes I think I don’t have a way to tell time now” With Lisa now caught up on the events of the past few hours of Brad's life she asked him one more question “What do you want me to help with I don’t know anything about people shrinking to a few inches tall”

Brad hadn’t thought of that what had he been expecting Lisa to do shrinking to a few inches tall isn’t something that just happens to people. While Brad was thinking of what to say the bell signaling the end of lunch rang meaning Brad didn’t have time to keep talking to Lisa about what he thought she could do. “What am I going to do with you now?” , Lisa said. “Put in a pocket or your shoe again until the end of school, but not in your backpack I’ll get crushed by something” Within a few seconds Lisa told Brad “I’m going to put you in my left pocket until I get home” “Ok” is all Brad could say before being put in Lisa's pocket.

As the day went on Brad sat in Lisa’s left pocket wondering what he was going to do now. He thought to himself would Lisa actually be able to help him, would he just become normal sized again, was he stuck like that forever? Brad continued to question what would become of him for hours until he realized that something was wrapping around him he entered a state of panic followed by him kicking his legs to no use. He then stopped fight back when he was once again face to face with Lisa.

“Don’t do that!” was the first thing Brad said to Lisa after being raised to her face. “Hey don’t be an ass was going to tell you something” “Sorry” Brad said “But being restrained and not knowing what’s going on isn’t exactly something normal” In the back Brad's head he came to a realization that without any effort Lisa could hurt or even kill him intentionally or not, Brad would now had that thought in the back of his mind. Lisa then began talking “Well I was going to tell you that I have practice so it will be awhile before I get home so I’m going to leave you in my backpack until practice is over then put you back in my pocket”

Brad really didn’t have say in what she was doing because he was already being put in an empty pocket in her backpack. Lisa had left the pocket that Brad was in slightly opened so that he was able to get air. Brad sat there in the pocket thinking about everything that would happen now. Most likely his parents would file a missing person report if he didn’t contact them soon. Another thought came into mind Lisa if she didn’t want to didn’t have to anything for Brad he couldn’t fight back he was too small to do anything. “Lisa wouldn’t do that though she’ll help me she’s a good person” Brad said to himself.

Brad grew tired and fell asleep for an unknown amount of time to him but was awoken by Lisa poking him to wake him up, once he was awake Lisa put him in her pocket and began to walk home. Once again in Lisa’s pocket Brad realized that was warm and wet, Lisa had been sweating from her practice and it made her pocket an uncomfortable place to be for Brad. He yelled a couple of times to try to tell her that he wanted to be put somewhere else but gave up because she couldn’t hear him. The walk seemed like long time to Brad but eventually he heard a click sound and Lisa yelling she was home.

Lisa lived in two story house on the second story and had her own room. When Lisa got into her room she locked the door behind her and took Brad out of her pocket and placed him on her desk. “Well welcome to my house Brad” Lisa said quietly enough that it would not travel through the walls into the other rooms of the house. “I’m going to shower then we can find out what’s going to happen, for now I’m going to put you in my sock drawer so that way no one will walk in and find you” “Alright then I wait until you’re done then” Brad replied. While Brad sat there waiting he realized he was hungry he had missed lunch and he hadn’t eaten since around 7AM. When Lisa came back she took him out of the draw locked the door and asked “What now Brad?”

Chapter End Notes:

It’s been an eventful day for Brad but now he may start getting a plan together for what he’s going to do about his current problem. (Hopefully I’ll have another chapter by next week) Any advice is highly recommended please leave s review so I know what to fix for the next chapter

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