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"Ready or not, here I come!" she said. Her voice no longer held the concern for their well-being but a sense of playfulness instead; crushing them had become a game to her, a one-sided one that they had no chance of winning.

She raised her foot and brought it down with rather more force than her previous steps. Her sole crashed into the street, sending a shockwave that rippled through the tarmac and sent stationary vehicles and fleeing people alike tumbling over. To her surprise, however, her foot kept going through the ground and into what she thought must be a subway, where a score of people who had thought they found refuge from the monster were suddenly and abruptly flattened before they could even deduce what the sudden rumbling from above was. Diane, however, was now over-balanced and toppled forwards. Her arms spread out before her to catch her fall, but her hand sheered through the top storeys of a taller grey building that reached up to just underneath her breasts. A great, dark shadow fell on the fleeing crowd, now driven to hysterics when they looked up to see the immense form of Diane falling towards them with a speed that should have been impossible for anything that huge. There could be no escape for them, for a second her hands smashed into the ground in a vain attempt to arrest her fall, the left flattened an apartment building, while her right reached a park where a large number of people had gathered at what they mistakenly assumed was a safe enough distance, but were squashed en masse beneath a palm as wide as a city bus is long. Her knees smashed into office buildings, and drove through floor after floor until the structures failed and collapsed into dust. Her breasts likewise impacted a row of shops as a grim prelude to her great body coming to a rest atop hundreds of screaming people and buildings.

"Woops!" Diane giggled to herself as she lay atop a good few blocks of ruined city. She felt her massive body sink slightly into the ground, particularly her breasts which made two round craters where they bulged out to the sides under her body. Stepping on people had been fun, pounding a tiny coffee shop with her fist was too, but there was something she found hilarious about using her tits to crush them. Ever since puberty she had been a busty woman, which she often felt she had to hide to avoid unwanted attention, but now, these truly were the biggest boobs ever. She wondered if the men who now lay crushed to death beneath them enjoyed the prospect of touching them. Face down on her front she was surrounded entirely by buildings, and for the first time since she grew she found herself looking up at them. They rubbed up against her shoulders and hips, almost blocking her in. Ahead of her, the roads continued, despite resting her chin on the ground she still had to look down at the insects scurrying away. Thick strands of her hair, like steel cables, draped over buildings and streets, ensnaring individuals and the odd car or two.

Diane wiggled to free her right arm from under her, shaking the surrounding buildings on their foundations. She then placed her right hand on the roof of a building just to the front and right of her that looked to be the size of a shoebox standing on its smallest side, with aim to use it to help push herself up. Her fingers sank deep into the sides, but when she applied any meaningful pressure to it, her palm drove straight through and pushed the structure into the ground like it was made out of dry crackers. The resulting dust cloud filled the streets below, at least until she wafted it all away with a wave of her hand. She grumbled in annoyance, and made it known by pounding a fist into the crowd of people just in front of her nose, leaving a neat little round crater splattered with gore. Even the buildings here were too weak for her now, though the thought of the helpless little people trapped within amused her greatly.

Turning her attention back on the insects in front of her, she decided that she wanted a closer look at them. She lifted herself up on her elbows, and the resultant shifting of so much weight sent a few of the already weakened buildings boxing her in collapsing into their own footprints. With one hand she reached out, passing over the shrieking, screaming mob. Her fingers scooped up a handful into her palm, which she then brought closer. It was amazing, this time she managed to grab maybe a dozen or so without killing most of them. She looked down at them with interest, finding it remarkable that just a short while ago she was one of them - a tiny, tiny woman scurrying through the streets. In her hand she could see all kinds of people - office clerks, managers, tourists, dumb teenagers, businessmen, rich and poor. Most of them remained huddled together and stared back in abject terror; her beautiful face, framed by messy brown hair, filled their vision, and pretty green eyes with great black pits for pupils seemed to stare into their souls and judge them like the goddess she now was.

"Hello!" said Diane, giving a little wave at her new friends with her other hand. She relished in her power now, and grinned broadly at her tiny subjects. They were all ordinary people, the sort that she used to see in the street or in the shops and gyms and restaurants she visited, but now they fascinated her. Or rather the immense difference in size between her and these regular folk fascinated her, and the power that she held over their tiny lives, which were now literally in her hands, now became truly intoxicating. The word 'goddess' had entered into her head before, but as she considered the thought further she found herself loving the idea; here she was a hundred times bigger than any of them, able to crush any of them with barely any effort on her part, and no one was in any position to argue against her.

The sudden and abrupt sensation of pins and needles on her face interrupted her fun. She looked ahead of her, forgetting about the people on her hand as she placed it on the ground in front of her, and saw that while she had been playing with them the police had arrived and formed a cordon with their cars, their red and blue lights blazing, and opened fire with small arms. The bullets hitting her only tickled, failing to even break her skin, but she felt strangely incensed that they would dare attack her.

"You think your puny guns can stop me?" she snarled.

The officers kept firing as the immense woman before them slowly stood up, revealing an undulating, desolate land between them that had through her sheer mass moulded itself to her curves. From the hordes of people still streaming towards them like a human tide, they saw her toes that each greatly dwarfed a man, then from there up to see two great skyscrapers of pale flesh that were her sexy strong legs, her bare womanhood seemingly mocking them with its brazen nakedness, a trim, athletically toned tummy, slender toned arms with her hands resting on broad hips, a pair of huge breasts that would have been merely 'big' on a normal woman, and finally a lovely face that pouted down at them. The giantess stepped towards them, once, twice, thrice, and they kept firing, hoping against hope that the constant barrage of small arms fire would do something to stop this monster, yet all it seemed to do was irritate her. The fourth step brought her foot directly above, her sole stained with dust, dirt, and disturbingly what looked like blood.

"Stupid," she said mockingly. A burst of gunfire tickled her sole.

The police broke rank and fled, with only a few remaining with their cars to keep firing in vain. It was too late however, as her foot slammed down, covering the entire police detachment beneath its immensity.

Diane smiled, and ground her foot down on the already flattened remains of her attackers. She felt powerful, and she certainly did not feel like affording these tiny people any more mercy. They had tried to attack her and they had failed, and her faith in her own divinity was reinforced through their failure. Idly her hands traced down her abs, further down until they met her pussy. She was not surprised to find herself already wet down there, and as her dust-stained fingers caressed her outer folds she let out a sensual moan that reverberated through the city. She stopped, however, and looked to the tall skyscrapers downtown, and looked to demonstrate her power further.


Maureen had been the first to witness Diane's inexplicable growth, and it was this advanced warning that meant that she was one of the desperately few people in the building to have escaped before her gigantic co-worker had outgrown it. Unlike everyone else, however, she didn't stick around to watch and fled as fast as her high-heeled shoes would allow her to what she assumed was a safe distance across the street and around the corner. There, ignoring everyone else who had rushed past her to gawk at the spectacle, she sat on the steps leading up to a bank's front door with her arms wrapped around her knees in a foetal position.

No one had paid her much attention, and when their curiosity turned to fear Maureen was still ignored. Her hands clamped around her ears, trying to block out the sound of screams cut short and of asphalt cracking one woman's footsteps. What she could not block out, however, was the feeling of ground shaking through her feet and through her backside. Each shudder turned her bowels to ice-water, and she could only sit there and pray that they would cease. It was madness; she had known Diane and seen her come in every working day for the past year, always with a cardboard takeaway cup of Starbucks coffee in her hand, and they had always exchanged the same facile pleasantries that all office workers do to maintain the illusion of a friendly and professional bond. 'She had a nice weekend, but didn't do much except to go shopping and catch up on whatever Netflix series had caught her interest' - the usual stuff.

They did not stop, but they did reduce somewhat over the course of ten minutes or so. She had no way of telling as she had left her phone behind in the office, which was now buried with dozens of people that she saw drift in and out of work every single weekday. Maureen tried not to think about that, and she sucked in a deep breath to calm her fractured nerves, and stood up. The street was curiously empty, though there were cars that had simply been abandoned either at the side or in the middle of the road. A few people had lingered, sheltering in doorways or standing around uncomprehending of what they had just seen and equally ignorant of what they should do about it. She hesitantly turned around the corner, fearing the sight that she would see. The office building of Carter & Son Insurance was a mound of rubble, as were the buildings that stood next to it. Within this hill of smashed concrete were two large depressions, which Maureen assumed was where her colleague was standing earlier.

Maureen then looked up, and scanned the city skyline until she spotted Diane, towering over buildings that stood only as high as her knees or thighs, walking away from her position. The giant woman was stark naked, as she had been when Maureen saw her in the bathroom, and she radiated raw sexual power with every arrogant step that she made through her city. It was then that Maureen thought that she might be able to catch up with her, somehow, and then talk to her, somehow, and convince her to end this madness before anyone else could be hurt, somehow... She didn't know how exactly she was going to accomplish this, but the two of them had been on friendly terms. Not very close, however, but at least warm enough for her to believe they could share a difficult conversation.

There were, however, a few obstacles in her way, aside from the increasing distance between her and the Diane: Maureen had to cross the footprints. She could have gone around the block instead, but that would have wasted too much time, she thought. The entire width of the street here had been depressed by the giantess's immense foot by an average of five feet overall, she estimated, though it was deeper where she surmised the heel, the balls of her feet, and her toes were. It was a darkly humorous thought, tracing the outlines of her co-worker's foot in a massive, street-filling footprint by the ripples and undulations and clefts in the cracked tarmac.

Maureen removed her heels and discarded them, they would only get in the way here. Carefully, she clambered over where the ground had risen up, pushed out of the way by her friend's huge left foot, and then carefully dropped down into the print. The tarmac was cracked, though some areas were more severe than others, but the sheer weight of Diane's body had rendered it surprisingly smooth. She stumbled forwards, and stopped when she came across a number of dark greasy stains, oval shaped and approximately six feet in length. Curiously, there were dirty clothes embedded into these stains that had been pressed flat as though with an enormous iron. Here, she found a man's business suit, and close by was a pretty floral dress, and further along a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

When Maureen finally understood that they used to be people she scrambled frantically over the edge of the footprint and back into the street, her hand clutched to her mouth hanging open aghast at what she had seen. She tried to run but her stomach lurched horribly, so she only made it a few steps before she fell to her knees, clutching her stomach, and vomited on the tarmac.


Diane wiggled her toes eagerly and commenced her walk. She strode carelessly without much heed to where streets lay, but still watched where her feet landed. A convoy of packed buses, likely organised as part of some sort of ad hoc evacuation disappeared underfoot along with an abandoned gas station and a row of small town houses. Another step brought her foot directly through a thigh-high building, but she didn't even consider the idea of changing her path just to suit these pathetic tiny people, so a great chunk of it went flying a good few feet or so and then crashed into the ground. For everyone else, however, it was a horror show; where she was to land her goddess feet was a complete lottery, for one could watch her advance, looming closer and closer until all one could see of her was a pair of mountainous breasts and building-sized legs and sensually swaying hips, then a vast sole filling one's sky until it either came down with grim finality or swept on ahead and crushed some other unlucky people instead. In her wake she left footprints in the cement, five feet or more deep depending on whatever surface it was that she stepped on, with anyone and anything that had fallen beneath her divine sole flattened into the compacted ground - people became red stains in clothes, cars became flat pancakes, and buildings mounds of smashed rubble.

The proportion of larger buildings because denser the closer she move to downtown. Diane's swinging hips collided with a waist-high skyscraper, which wobbled awkwardly but remained standing, albeit with a slight lean. She stopped and regarded this puny building that had dared to defy her fickle, destructive whims, and with another, stronger hip-check sent it toppling over, smashing into its brother next to it, and set off a domino effect that turned half a dozen large skyscrapers, scores of smaller buildings, and uncounted hundreds of people who thought they had escaped her notice into ruin. She giggled playfully, a sound that the inhabitants of this city were fast learning to dread.

Diane found herself surrounded by toys; skyscrapers rose up around her, most only reaching her shoulders at most, and as ever the streets were filled with idiots who hadn't had the sense to get out of her way. Speaking of which, the roads had inexplicably became narrower, forcing the giant woman to squeeze between densely packed skyscrapers, whose edifices were ground away by the friction as she tried to slip past them. Her feet could barely fit these roads, colliding with the lower floors of the buildings that crowded her. Far from being inconvenienced by it, she relished the thought that she, a mere woman, albeit one of immense size, must forge her own path through these towers. The sensation of cool steel, concrete, and glass against her naked body delighted her, and served as a reminder of size and the power it brought.

A quiet droning noise caught her attention from the toys fleeing from her dominating feet, and she looked up to see a news helicopter had been following her. A vivacious giggle escaped her lips; of course these tiny people would be recording her every move. She repaid the thought by blowing them a kiss, however, the force of her breath sent the poor aircraft tumbling away out of view. There would always be more, she thought, and she amused herself at the thought of being interviewed by the insects she once called people.

The cluster of buildings opened up into a central square, where the newest structure built in this city stood tall and proud. Diane recognised the tall, glass structure immediately, and indeed she remembered that there was much excitement when it was built and opened. It was roughly the same size as her, which she vaguely remembered was about seven hundred feet in height, and had a rose from a square base amidst a beautiful garden park to a pointed pinnacle at the very top where the expensive penthouse apartments and a world class restaurant resided. The rest of it were either office or fancy hotel rooms. Either way, it was not likely a place that she, a mere lower white collar worker with a nine to five job and whose pay primarily went into paying rent, could have expected to visit. At least, not until now.

The glass facade reflected her body like a mirror, and Diane stood there admiring herself in its reflection. She was never vain, despite having grown up into a body women would have loved to have and men lusted to be with, but her shyness kept her from realising the full potential of her sexy curves. Here, however, having grown to this size and become a veritable goddess, she had ever right to flaunt it. She was still covered in dust and muck from when she grew out of her office and that which she accumulated through her rampage, but as far as she was concerned it only enhanced her now divine beauty. The make-up she had put on in the morning when small and standing outside her office building, an event that felt so long ago now, did not grow with her, leaving her pretty face strikingly natural. She decided she looked better that way, though being huge certainly helped. In fact, for the first time in her life she thought she looked almost perfect; a tan would help, as she had the pale skin of someone who spent too much of her life indoors glued to a computer screen.

Diane stepped forward for a closer look, unwittingly stepping directly on the flood of people attempting to escape via the front entrance. The survivors scrambled over her toes, but when she felt them tickle she wiggled the immense digits and sent those daring individuals flying or simply crushing them. She leaned in closer and closer, bending at the hips to keep her titanic breasts from colliding with the skyscraper just yet. The enormous globes instead had become somewhat pendulous, swaying erotically with her every movement, and her nipples pointed mockingly down at the tiny people swarming at her feet. But her attention was on the people inside the building - with her eyes a few inches, to her, from the glass she looked past her reflection to see floor after floor of endless office space, cubicle farms, empty rooms, and then up to see sumptuously furnished apartments. Squinting, she could see each floor was packed with people, some running around in a blind panic, others attempting to hide, but most simply watching back with expressions of varying degrees of terror. One, however, she found in an apartment, clad in a formal business suit but with his hands very firmly down the front of his pants, which he then dropped.

Diane laughed at his itty-bitty erection. Ordinarily she would be outraged, but she found the whole thing ridiculous. Of course, her power was supremely arousing to her, so it made sense for certain enlightened individuals to agree with her. It was a form of worship, she thought, and she was going to reward her newest acolyte.

She stepped back from the structure again, her feet trampling over yet more of the building's fleeing inhabitants in a prelude of what was to come. She closed her eyes and raised her arms above her head, and swayed her hips in tune to the music that was the sound of an entire city gripped in fear of her. Her feet rose and fell, each impact shaking the earth and by extension the surrounding structures, and with her eyes shut she was aware of every little thing and every little one being crushed beneath her. Gyrating her torso, her breasts jiggled and swayed majestically, sending her watcher, and perhaps countless others out there, into a veritable frenzy of masturbation. Her arms dropped, and once more her hands drifted to between her thighs and caressed her now aching pussy. Her fingers spread her vulva, and droplets of nectar descended hundreds of feet down to christen those who thought they could escape her feet by running between them - most were killed by the impact alone, but as the dense, heady fluid slowly spread more simply drowned in it. If she was aware of this, it would only have driven her arousal higher. Everyone was watching her, and everyone feared her, and she loved it. 

Still swinging her hips, her index fingers penetrated her vagina. She gasped, which transformed into a low moan as she slowly and shamelessly in front of an audience of thousands pleasured herself. Her other hand moved up, and squeezed a breast that overflowed her fingers. The dark nipple was already erect, and she squeezed it between a finger and thumb.

Diane was done teasing now. The pervert had finished his self-pleasure, and now it was her turn. She stepped closer, this time not taking any care about where her breasts were going to go. The huge globes engulfed the upper part of the structure with a horrid groan of twisting steel and shattering glass. Nevertheless the building still stood, though the top part stood at a drunken tilt as it was embraced by a massive woman's tits. She was about face to face with her admirer, who pressed himself against the glass and stared up in awe.

"Little man," she said, grinning and playing with her soft lower lip in the manner she knew porn stars did. "I'm not just a stripper. You're allowed to touch me."

Her left hand reached around to grasp the upper storeys, while glass shattered and rained down between her fingers. She stepped forwards, now straddling the building between her thick thighs, and ground her moist pussy against its edifice until the whole skyscraper twisted and deformed under her immense strength. Diane leaned in, pursed her lips, and planted a kiss where the man was. A kiss-shaped dab of saliva was left on the cracked glass, and from what she could tell the man had fainted.

"In fact, I'm going to let you fuck me," she said huskily. "I'm going to let all of you in there fuck me."

Diane's gyrated her hips against the skyscraper, while clinging onto the upper storeys tightly with her arms. Her moans of pleasure joined the shriek of a building being forced into stresses far greater than those envisaged by its architects. Huge thighs squeezed the building around the middle, and pumped rhythmically to grind her vulva against its surface. The glass had shattered, and floors were being invaded by the fragrant, viscous juices. Yet in truth she was disappointed; she needed something inside her, and merely rubbing herself against this monument to wealth and excess wasn't going to cut it. Wiggling back a little to give a little space between her drooling pussy and the building, her free hand reached down to penetrate the building. She closed her fingers around some things, and was delighted to find people amongst the debris she had collected.

For them it was a nightmare. At speeds that threatened to knock them unconscious, she brought her unwilling worshippers to her pussy and unceremoniously guided them into the sopping wet tunnel. There the air was hot, humid, and virtually impossible to breathe with the intense scent of a woman's arousal. They were stuck, trapped in the fluids, and could struggle in vain and then watch as more and more of their neighbours joined them.

"Yes!" she cried. Thick rivulets of sweat formed rippled lines down her naked body and left streaks of clean pale skin where it washed away the accumulated dirt. "Keep squirming for me, you tiny people!"

And she could feel them; they were only delicate tickles against her sensitive flesh, but the knowledge of their plight only served to delight her more. The once proud skyscraper had almost been snapped in two by her powerful thighs, and where the structure had been torn provided only more toys for her. She wasn't too careful with them, but a few survived the horrific journey. Diane felt she had enough in there, and inserted her fingers to masturbate with wild abandon. Her cunt squeezed against her fingers, crushing the survivors between two invincible walls of flesh.

The top portions of the skyscraper were simply mashed against her tits, decorating them in a kaleidoscope of colourful wreckage, debris, and human remains. The sensation of this vast skyscraper being mashed into utter ruin between her twin wrecking-ball tits drove her wild. Her beloved worshipper must have been amongst them, now forgotten with the rest of her fragile toys. And still she went on, her moans thundering through the streets as she rode the collapsing skyscraper, her fingers grinding against the walls of her cunt until...

Diane came with a triumphant roar. Her entire, vast body shuddered, and her embrace of the building tightened until everything about the middle section was now a twisted wreck of horror. She dropped to her knees, mashing the remaining standing portion against her quivering thighs and pussy, before she let go and the entire thing, what was once a proud testament to mankind's ability to mould its own environment, collapsed in a wretched broken heap. A beautiful skyscraper, over which hundreds of men had toiled to build was reduced to cum-stained ruin simply because Diane was horny. The climb down from her orgasm was long. Still moaning softly, her fingers massaged her womanhood until the waves of pleasure were no longer overwhelming.

She grinned from ear to ear when she surveyed her surroundings, but saw that she was absolutely filthy. In the traditional sense, of course, she just fucked a building full of people so she liked to think that she was now above such petty human ideals of morality and decency. Nevertheless, when she stood to her full, awesome size and looked down to see her entire front was covered in so much dirt sticking to her sweat, she felt she should have a bath. There were few places that could accommodate her; her first thought was the Atlantic, but even at her size getting there would be something of a trek, but then she recalled an artificial freshwater lake owned by an exclusive country club used by those rich snobs in the suburbs for recreation. Gary once mentioned that he was trying to gain a permanent membership so he could play golf at weekends. Perhaps it was time to pay them a visit, and show them what power truly meant.

Before she left however, she regarded the smashed skyscraper once more. Only the base remained at about just under knee height, and her fluids smothering the raw open top glistened nicely in the warm sun. She thought about demolishing it, but decided it was more fitting that this ruin would serve as a monument to her power.

"Mmm, was that as good for you as it was for me?" she said, then laughed gaily as she stomped off in the direction of the suburbs.

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