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Story Notes:

I've been a fan of this site for years! But this is my first attempt at actually writing something on it. Please let me know how I did, okay? Hopefully well! lol. Also, before I begin, let me give a MASSIVE shout-out to Nothingness! He's not only written one of my favorite stories in "Giantess Bully", but he's support and feedback were critcal in the creation of this story. Thanks buddy! :)

Morning came in an instant. The darkness fled within the time of two taken breaths. And the light had not been gradual, had not been a slowly escalating metamorphosis from warm pink and light orange to powerful yellow and then crystal clear blue. It bombarded everything within sight in a bright cream-white glare. It illumined the town on the table.


The light swam into every one of the windows, radiating even in those with blinds up. The blinds wouldn’t have helped anyway, since the roofless homes were flooded by light. A chorus of groans and other utterances of annoyance started to fill the previous silence.


Among those singers in a town-wide song from morning throats was a teenage girl named Sandy. Even a few days after arriving here, she still couldn’t get used to the mornings. She truthfully wanted to go back to sleep, but she knew she couldn’t. She had to be there. There was no set in stone amount of time she had, but most chalked it up to an hour. With that in mind, she got out of bed, refolded her sheets, and grabbed her toiletries. With such items in hand, she surveyed her bedroom as she made her way through it to the bathroom. It wasn’t much to look at. A mass-produced sleeping area with a more comfortable than expected bed (though still not truly comfortable) and a wide closest with piles of clothing, without hangers. Otherwise it was almost totally Spartan, save for some merger decorations and personal touches that Sandy had brought with her. Sandy showered and prepared herself with time to spare, dressing herself in baggy purple sweatshirt and pants. She looked at herself in the mirror. Green eyes stared back at her, surrounded by freckles. Her freshly combed hair looked nice, resembling fine bright red-orange threads.


Having nothing else to do, Sandy decided she might as well make her way to the spot. She stopped in the food room, opened up one of the few storage areas, and pulled out a fist-sized chunk of a chocolate and pretzel granola bar. ‘A breakfast of champions’, she thought sarcastically as she started to nimble on it all the same. ‘At least its free, like all of the food here. The only issue is that its all giant-sized…but is that really so bad?’


She passed through several more rooms on her way out, living quarters for more nonexistent people. The whole place felt empty, tomb-like. The equal lack of humanizing details like her sleeping quarters were only part of the reason why. Its silence conjured bad memories in her mind. She had been told that as more girls by themselves came, she would get roommates. Sandy was conflicted on whether that would be a good or bad thing. During her time here so far, outside of the morning meetings, she had kind of avoided interacting with the others. It just felt so strange to act like things were normal when they clearly weren’t. Pushing those thoughts out of her head, she traveled out her door and onto the street. But this wasn’t a street of pavement. It was made of wood, some wood that resembled fine oak wood. Every floor outside of the building’s floors was made of the same wood. While walking, she surveyed her home, the town on the table.


All of the buildings had the same basic appearance, all purchased from the same website that specialized in pre-fabricated dwellings built for giantesses who kept humans as pets.

They were about fifteen feet tall (to ensure that no foolish little pet people could climb out), with cheaply made and mass-produced light blue-white walls made of some unknown material that looked similar to plastic. Every home had enough bedrooms and overall living space for four or five people, though there could also be more rooms attached if required. Every home had several bathrooms with real plumbing connected to a seven-foot water jug on the right side. There was no kitchen, and what passed for kitchens in these homes for pet people were spaces that had large holes in the floor about ten feet wide and three feet deep. Many of those living here noted how they vaguely resembled dog food bowls that had been fused into the floor. Though the implication of its existence unsettled them, those living here were grateful that they were never used. Anaya might have loved to demean, use, and flaunt her power over them, but she wasn’t cruel enough to make them get on all fours to eat low-grade canned pet food.


They liked that. The same could not be said for the lack of roofs, on any of the buildings. They had learned that these buildings did come with an option for roofs, but they had been denied that. They had been denied any possibility of privacy when she was around. Still, it could have been worse. She could have picked the model that had clear walls.


Sandy wondered what would happen today. Would she be able to handle seeing her? Would Anaya be “in the mood”? And if she were, would Sandy be picked? All of those questions made Sandy nervous. Even after a few days of seeing her, it was almost impossible to remain composed when in Anaya’s presence, for more than one reason.


The teenager had been the first one walking, but slowly people started to join her, leaving their dwellings and marching as one grand procession, undermined by the knowledge that they were traveling on a table, on a piece of furniture. None of them said a single word. Mostly, this was due to simple tiredness, and Sandy was oddly thankful for that fact.


After what felt like at least fifteen minutes of walking, the crowd reached their destination, a wide space at the end of the table largely left vacant of any structures. People of every shape, age, and appearance formed an assembled mob of a few hundred. The only thing they had in common was their general size, smaller than seven feet tall. When judged against the “normal” objects viewable over the horizon, they appeared two inches tall. They stood there, and waited. Many of them were still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, and many more had bellies rumbling, not thinking to grab some food before the collective town-wide giant-sized breakfast. But they all stood as they were; knowing how much Anaya “suggested” that they should greet her every morning, to show their gratefulness.  They stood there for a few minutes in silence, before conversations began. Sandy did not partake in those dialogues, instead choosing to fall into the role of listener.


“Yesterday the lights came on a full hour later. Its bloody maddening living like this,” one man in his thirties with a beer-gut grumbled to a woman of equal age next to him, “One second I’m asleep and the next, I’m woken up by a flash that coulda blinded me! There’s no consistency to any of it.”


“Would you rather we go back to the way things were? Where we had to live in mortal terror of being some new giantess’ snack, or, god forbid, a bloody stain on her feet?” The woman rebuked, which resulted in a reluctant grunt of defeat from the grumpy guy.


Some of the people present were new arrivals, like Sandy, the results of occasional quests to add more to the city’s population. Whereas the first quests saw no new people among their ranks, the numbers started to grow. These days, it wasn’t uncommon for at least ten to join them after each quest. But the majority had been part of that initial decision. Sandy had learned about it from the people who had informed her about this new option.


They remembered what it was like, living in a world of giantesses, living in total terror. They were not ignorant of the tales of whole cities erased from existence, simply to slate a random giantess’ hunger, be it literal, sexual, or sadistic. The news was full of them. Every new day could have been their last, wiped out by a force they were helpless against, with the omnipresent fear of some unknown giantess’ whims seeping into the happiest moments of anyone who gave the possibility more than a moment’s thought.  One of the cities closest to them was the routine stomping ground of a particularly sadistic giantess, who despite only being ten years old was a terror, a true giantess bully. Many of them feared how long it would take for the redheaded horror to reach them. The world’s militaries, already stretched thin due to battling the more organized raiding parities of women who were over one hundred feet tall, proved no solace, no comfort. It seemed that nothing short of divine providence had spared their city the fate of so many.


Then, one day of no other importance, those speculations gained considerable credence. Divine providence appeared before them, on the city’s edge, as a young ebony goddess. They had all screamed and panicked, hiding like ants in buildings that offered no safety. But this giantess, with the patience of a saint, simply stood there and smiled so sweetly. Hours ticked by and she did nothing, made no demands, destroyed nothing, and didn’t move. Eventually, curiosity overpowered concern as people started to approach her. Only then, did she do something; ask to speak to whoever was in-charge. Not demand, but ask. The mayor appeared, and asked what all present were wondering, what was she doing there? The giantess, who introduced herself as Anaya, said she wanted to make a deal.


She offered to allow the city’s people to live in her house, safe from all other giantesses, with all basic needs provided. In exchange, they would become hers, to use as she saw fit. There was no subtlety, and no attempts at deception or softening what that would entail. She left by saying that they would have one week to decide who wanted to agree to her terms. Any who didn’t were free to do so, but they’d remain there, in potential danger.


There had been much arguing back and forth in the insuring seven days, between people who wanted to agree and those who didn’t, between families divided on safety vs. freedom, between boyfriends and girlfriends with clashing opinions, and many more. By the time Anaya had returned to hear the verdict, a little more than half of the city said yes. Anaya smiled and took them to their new home with her. That was almost a year ago.


Sandy had heard rumors of “the toy town on the table,” as some mockingly called the settlement. The rumors were only slightly overblown about how different life was here compared to elsewhere. It felt as odd and alienating to Sandy as traveling to America must have been for the Puritans. Just like them, none of those here could leave…ever.


‘No, no…knock it off, Sandy!’ The emerald eyed teen berated internally, ‘its not that bad. Sure, its kinda odd and Anaya is imposing…but you’ve been able to sleep at peace, real peace, for the first time in literally years! No more wandering from town to town, hoping to avoid them. And besides, its not like there’s anything that’s too strange or…’


Sandy’s thoughts were interrupted by a series of grunts and moans from behind her. She turned around, and her emerald eyes widened. She was already choking on her words.


There was a teenage boy, no older than thirteen, with a fatter physique, white skin, and curly black hair. He wore thick glasses and his cheeks were chubby and rosy, like a baby’s. He was wearing a white T-shirt and baggy pants, which were around his ankles. At his crotch there was something far more noteworthy, a beautiful girl sucking his dick. Sandy covered her eyes on reflex, though she found herself staring through the openings in her fingers. She got a better look at the girl. She looked to be older, likely the same age as Sandy, eighteen. And she was gorgeous. The older teenager was an Asian beauty who seemed Amazonian, in every sense of the word. Despite being on all fours, Sandy could tell she was tall, maybe more than six and a half feet tall. And she was very curvy with finely toned muscles that still conveyed femininity. Her lithe body was stripped nude, her graceful form on open display. Her only modesty was in the form of a spiked dog collar.


Sandy tried, for reasons unknown to her, to figure out this woman’s facial expression. The only result of her effort was a pair of sharp brown eyes glaring at her quite hatefully, as she briefly stopped sucking the other teen’s dick, turning her face towards Sandy. The other girl’s eyes widened at seeing the Asian’s face, and the many gatherings of cum stuck on her skin and hair in haphazard collections. The staring contest was ended when the male teenager, acting with what seemed rare bravado, grabbed the older girl’s hair tightly, forcing her head back. To Sandy’s amazement, the Asian Amazon closed her eyes with a defeated look, opened her mouth and brought it to the younger man's crotch again.


Sandy’s shock must have been greater than she realized, because someone standing near her turned to face her, smirking at the confusion on her face. That idea made her blush. The person didn’t say anything for a few seconds, and Sandy took that time to obverse him. He was a white guy in his late twenties, who was on the fatter side with a thick beard. His overall demeanor suggested someone of a kind but wholly normal disposition.


“First time seeing Harley punished?” the man asked, his hazel eyes having a mild twinkle.


Sandy nodded her head after a few moments of being thrown by the ease he said that.


The man chuckled. “Yeah, I can imagine that would be pretty shocking. I remember how it was when I first saw it.”


“W—why is she being punished?” Sandy stuttered out, still unnerved by the situation.


“You name it,” the man shrugged. “Making life miserable for other people, bullying them, opposing Anaya’s wishes…the list goes on and on. Honestly, it happens so often I’ve stopped keeping track. My name’s Leon, by the way.” He held out his hand.


“S—S—Sandy…” the teenager girl said as she meekly accepted and shook his hand.


“Nice to meet you, Sandy,” he said, acting as if there wasn’t a naked young woman sucking a younger teenager’s dick in public less than ten feet away from him. “It’s been a while since I’ve met a new person to the city. Hopefully we’ll be able to…”


A vibration through the table rippling its way through everything interrupted Leon’s words. Everyone got tense and ready. They knew what that vibration was the harbinger for. Every few seconds, with perfect timing, a new boom would lightly shake the table. It felt like thunder underneath the earth, or rather, wood. Every new boom got louder. As the booms got louder and louder, the faces all around became a gallery of expressions. Some started to look more and more nervous, as if Armageddon itself was approaching. Some started to look more and more annoyed, knowing what humiliations were likely to come. Others had a certain sparkle in their eyes, trying to repress smiles flashing excitement. But most looked more or less indifferent, barely jumping at the booms. They knew what to expect. They knew that Anaya was finally beginning her daily approach.


One figure worked her way through the crowd, until she was at the table’s edge. Sandy had learned who this figure was after the first of these town meetings. She was Cassandra, the town’s dominating mayor before Anaya, and the town’s dominated figurehead after Anaya. She effortlessly combined regal dignity with slutty tastelessness. The dignity came from her confidence, the power and authority her physique endowed. She was a tall woman, almost as tall as Harley likely, over six feet tall. Despite being in her mid-thirties, she had the kind of body a supermodel would have killed for. Massive breasts and tight curves were combined with long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Her face oozed conviction and it didn’t take much to imagine her being quite cutthroat. However, the intimidating nature of her demeanor was undercut by her clothing attrite, which was where the slutty side of her duality entered the mix. At Anaya’s “request” Cassandra was often forced to wear demeaning, revealing clothing in public. Today, she was sporting a slutty schoolgirl outfit, with a plaid short skirt that barely got past her upper thighs and tight grey sweater top that exposed a significant amount of cleavage.


A few seconds later, from the far side at the other end of the room, the moment finally came. Anaya arrived. The goddess for the town on the table started to approach them. As most of those present did every morning, they stared at their goddess and marveled at her.


Anaya was a young adult giantess, barely being more than twenty-one years old. Yet in almost every sense, she was an imposing, awe-inspiring figure who demanded attention. She was on the taller side, even for a giantess. The average height of an adult giantess was about 120 feet tall. However, Anaya was slightly taller, measuring up to 130 or 140 feet tall. No one was exactly sure how many feet Anaya had on the average giantess. A mere ten or twenty feet made all the difference it seemed. Few giantesses messed with Anaya. She had proven her reputation by beating the crap out of some giantesses who had unwisely chosen to try and mess with the quests trying to bring new people to the town.


Her skin was a light brown, like fine, succulent cameral. Thick, plump lips covered with expertly placed dark purple lipstick. Those lips were flashing a smirk that radiated sexiness, exposing her rows of perfectly pristine teeth. Her eyes were big and brown, framed and shielded by thin oval-lensed glasses. They twinkled a little, as if seeing a beloved dog after a long day at work. Her nose was slightly wider than normal, but it was only noticeable right next to it. Her left nostril had a small diamond piercing implanted into it, with a glittering jewel big enough to finance any nation for months being worn as a simple accessory. Her hair was raven-black, many long strands of braided hair that reached down all the way to the bottoms of her breasts, highlighting them even further.


Massive breasts, even for a giantess, bobbed and jiggled with every step. No one in the town knew for sure, but when judged against her overall scale and proportions, they appeared to be equivalent to the largest of DD sized breasts for a normal sized woman. 


Her body was partially obese, with a slight pudge in her stomach. There was a slight muffin-top to it. The better word to describe her overall figure however would be curvy, with supple jiggles of light ebony flesh jostling with every step. Her arms and legs were thicker yet averagely proportioned for someone of her general build. The clothing she was adored in only added to the natural curvature of her monumental figure. She was wearing a bright pink halter-top with thin strips over the shoulders. The top was low, exposing both the tops of lime-green bra cups and much of her chunkier stomach. Her belly undulated with every new step, rippling like a sea made of delicious honey. There were super short grey short-shorts that didn’t even cover her upper thighs that had thick white strips hanging from them at the waist. They highlighted her mighty legs, looking like cameral columns of thickly toned flesh. Every step made the tiny shorts raise a little, threatening to expose lacy lime green underwear.


Sandy, despite having seen this same effortless spectacle several times already, was awed. She still couldn’t wrap her head around how powerful Anaya seemed, was. The ebony giantess continued until she was less than a step away from the table’s edge. A yawn overtook her, a soft reflexive release of air that would have knocked them over if her face had been level to them. As it was, her face was over one hundred feet above them, looking down.


“Good morning Anaya!” Everyone on the table said in unison, with differing tones. Some greeted her sincerely (like Leon) while others forcedly (like Cassandra). Regardless they all knew that they had to greet her.


“Hey, my lil’ cuties.” Anaya said softly with a warm, soft smile on her purple lips. Her voice was powerful but unquestionably feminine, having a slightly husky accented twang to it. She then sighed. “Ya know, Momma’d a rough day yesterday, but seein’ ya’ll helps me so.” She wasn’t lying. No matter how bad her days got, seeing hundreds of tiny human beings that were hers always made her feel like she had gotten a raise at work. Her big brown gaze still seemed tired.


“Happy to help Anaya!” Leon said loudly with a smile on his face, making Sandy flinch. “It only fair that we return the favor, since your face makes our days better with its beauty!” he said voluminously with no sense of shame, despite the cheesy nature of it.


The town’s goddess turned towards the breaded young man, and her eyes sparkled, even as they rolled on instinct. “That was so crony, boo! But it was awfully sweet, too, boo.” She said sarcastically, yet affectionately. Sandy had picked up on the nickname of “boo.” If Anaya called you that, it meant she favored you most of all. At present, she only ever heard Leon be given that title. It was a silly designation that came with a lot of power. Leon was one of the only tinies who wasn’t younger than a teenager who could get away with disrespecting Anaya, though he never did, and the only one who could ask the giantess for something, and have it done. That made most people respect Leon.


Sandy didn’t have long to ponder this, because out of nowhere Leon was snatched up. Anaya’s pointer finger and thumb had gently grasped him, and lifted him into the sky. The teenage girl had been knocked over the massive meatier fingers. By the time she got back to her feet, she saw that Leon was now standing in the black giantess’ opened palm, right in front of her face. She was grinning coyly, with a slightly impish glint in her eyes.


“Ya always know watta say to get me in a good mood, boo,” Anaya whispered huskily, as if the man in her hand was a lover, before licking her lips. “Now come give Momma some shugga, Shugga!” She puckered up her lips, while making kissing sounds at him.


The pair kissed, if you could really call it that. Anaya’s lips were far wider than Leon’s head, and thicker than his head was high. Anaya wrapped her thick lips around Leon’s head, slowly opening and closing her lips. Presumably, he did the same, though it was impossible to tell. Anaya’s enormous, soft lips all but engulfed Leon’s head. She could have easily sucked him up, and for a moment, it looked like she would. They tongued for a second. Anaya’s long tongue licked the sides of Bill’s face and upper body. Her tongue, Sandy noted, was probably bigger than Leon. The tongue briefly travelled to his groin. After tonguing she kissed him more forcefully, engulfing his upper body in her plush lips in a string of kisses that left his body smeared in a mix of purple lipstick and saliva.


When they were done, there was a loud pop, from Leon being pulled from Anaya’s lips. Much of the lingering sleepiness had left Anaya’s face, replaced by a flustered eagerness. “O Lordy Lordy, ya’ll know just how’d give me a pick-me-up,” she said playfully mocking while fanning herself with her other hand. “We’ll be doni’ plenty more of that later. But I gotta see the others first.”


With that, Anaya returned Leon to where he was on the table, right next to Sandy. Despite looking like an Easter egg half-dipped in purple dye, Leon was unfazed. If anything, there was a big grin on his face, and if Sandy’s eyes didn’t deceive her, an erection. The redheaded teen noticed that Anaya’s eyes had settled on her, leaving her breathless for a second. She dreaded a similar kind of interaction with the giantess.


Sandy was immensely relieved when Anaya looked elsewhere. The newest member to the town on the table knew what was coming next. She had already started to pick up on a pattern to these morning meetings. After general introductions, Anaya would move to addressing particular little pet people, for any number of reasons.


“How ya’ll doin’ May and Ben?” Anaya asked an adorable elderly couple. “’As Doc Goldstein been helpin’ ya with your arthritis?”


“Oh yes,” May said, undaunted by the imposing giantess, “He’s been wonderful, dearie.”


“I’m ‘appy to hear that,” Anaya said before gushing, “You two are so fuckin’ cute!”


“Language, dear,” Ben playfully scolded, “Language.”


The giantess chuckled, finding no end of amusement with the oldest citizens of her town. Then her attention turned to another couple, this one of a man and woman in their thirties. The husband was a Caucasian man dressed in a black business suit, possessing chiseled good looks, a muscular build, well trimmed brown hair, and piercing blue eyes. The wife was a Chinese woman who looked amazing, both for her age and overall, sporting long raven-black hair that reached her lower back, bright green eyes, and a great figure capped off by a unbelievably great ass and chest contained in a emerald sundress that reached her ankles. Her physique was shapely with some faint traces of previous chunkiness lingering. “Ya sleep better these days, Paul?” she asked with a devious twinkling stare.


The man looked mildly flustered, knowing that Anaya was referring to the “encouragement” for his wife to start banging him more. “Uh…y-yes…yes I am.” His graduate for his goddess helping his marriage clashed with that being made public. As great as Anaya could be, she didn’t believe in secrets. If anything, she relished sharing them with the whole town, knowing there was nothing anyone could do about it.


Once again, Anaya giggled, with a tone somewhere between innocent and perverse. “Glad to hear it.” She then turned her attention to the wife, “’N Suzy, you are lookin’ fine!” she smacked her lips. “I can see the gym’s be’n payin’ off for ya big time. Paul’s a lucky guy.”


Suzy didn’t answer. Instead she remained silent and started to shiver in place, for several reasons. Anaya rarely talked to her, so she felt almost blessed to be recognized by her goddess. But there was also fear. If Anaya thought she looked nice, she might be picked.


“Anaya, Anaya! Over here, over here! Talk to me!” a ten-year-old boy said enthusiastically, jumping up and down while waving his arms. A few others joined him. The ebony goddess was favored by many of the town’s children, in particular the boys.


The giantess raised an eyebrow. “Gee, I wonder who I should talk to next?”


“Oh, oh, oh!”


“If only there was someone who would stand out?”


“Me, me…pick me! Pick me!”


“Oh…is that you, Sammy? I didn’t recognize you! You’ve grown so much! Ya’ll are like-a tree or somethang! Hahaha!”


Sammy blushed at the attention. He thought that Anaya was very pretty. She gave similar praises to the other children, before turning her attention to a particularly pleasing sight. Her giant eyes turned to Harley at the teenager’s dick. She hadn’t stopped sucking once.


“”N ‘ere’s hot Hardy with harlot Harley,” Anaya chuckled at the improvised alliteration, “How’s the dick-dog workin’ for ya, sweetie?”


Hardy’s only response was a series of strained moans and hissed breaths as Harley worked her magic. Once again Anaya laughed, before gently stroking both the younger boy and teenage woman with one of her mighty fingers, just barely stroking the two of them. Harley flinched at the attention, while Hardy moaned a little louder and happier.


“Don’t forget, ya got her for the rest of the week, Hardy. Make ‘er earn ‘er keep. She’s not good ‘nough for ya. Ya’ll are gonna be a very sexy man someday.”


“Ohhh…GOOOOODDESSSS!” Hardy shouted without resistant or shame as he violently came in Harley’s mouth, aided by Anaya’s touch and words. As the aftershocks of spent love traveled through him, he eagerly had Harley deep-throat him by pulling on her hair. He didn’t need to worry about chocking her. Harley didn’t have a gag reflex.


Anaya was focused on the scene before she heard a series of increasingly loud coughs. Turning to their source, she saw Cassandra. She smiled impishly at seeing her attire. She didn’t like the schoolgirl outfit as much as the Playboy bunny suit or the stiletto/fish-net combo, but the former mayor (and current mayor in name only) had the figure to sell it. Though in her thirties, she didn’t let herself go the way of many middle-aged women.


“Hiya, Cassy! How ya doin’ today?” The giantess smirked as Cassandra shuttered in rage. Anaya knew how much Cassandra hated that nickname, so she said it often. Seeing someone who probably got whatever they wanted submit to her most causal whims was extremely gratifying. Anaya had always had a beef with those who flaunted their authority. Plus, the fact that she was an older woman made just a little bit hotter.


After a few seconds to compose herself, Cassandra spoke with practiced eloquence, “I am doing fine, Anaya. If you are done indulging in your childish desires, I have some pressing matters concerning the condition of the town that demand your immediate attention.” She said, acting as if she were a president, despite looking like a schoolgirl. She pulled out a list from her right breast. She lamented the outfit not having pockets.


Adopting a causal smirk and the demeanor of humoring a determined child, Anaya said, “Sure. What ya got, Cutie Cassy?” She put a thicker hand on her cheek, marveling at the mayor’s repressed rage. Cassandra hated that nickname even more than just “Cassy.”


“For starters, we are starting to receive a number of requests to change our dinner routine. While we all love your macaroni and cheese recipe, we’ve been having it every Friday for six months. Moving on, we are starting to run out of medicine at the hospital. We’ll be fine for a few weeks, but we need you to reach out to your contacts on the outside and get us more medical supplies. Next, there are the usual requests for delivery of letters and packages from the outside to be brought in twice a week. And then there’s…”


Cassandra continued on with item after item of importance for the town with the same conduct that a politician would use when making a speech. Practiced and refined. Anaya was concerned about the well being of her pets, and offered conformations to look into some of the addressed matters. But as the tiny mayor kept going, Anaya’s input stopped. She merely listened to the sexy thirty-something in a slutty schoolgirl outfit.


Somewhere around Cassandra reading off a summary of the town’s latest budget report, Anaya lost interest. She focused on the sight before her. An older woman, an older white woman, the same kind of elitist snob who no doubt would have looked down upon her if they were the same size, was one of her pets. She was hers. She looked like a slut, because Anaya wanted it. Tuning out the tiny woman’s voice, she remembered what she had done with her. All of the fun times she created by using this tiny person as a sex toy.


“And furthermore, there’s also the matter of the—” Cassandra continued, blind to the subtle shifting of posture and nibbled lower lip Anaya showed, which some of the more observant tinies noticed. The mayor didn’t notice until Anaya’s caramel colored fingers pitched her by the waist, and starting lifting her to her face. The older blonde screamed on reflex at the sudden change, despite the hatred for displaying such weakness in public.


“A—Anaya!” she shouted, trying forcing the fear out of her voice, and only mostly succeeding. “What is the meaning of this!? Put me down this instant!”


The ebony goddess said nothing. Instead she merely chuckled and grinned at the proud tiny. Cassandra started to thrash. Anaya felt her pussy dampen. She brought the sluttily dressed stateswoman towards her warm mouth, covered in dark purple lipstick. Her warm breath washed over the blonde, thickly scented with a minty aroma from her toothpaste.  Not breaking her sexy smile, Anaya slid out her tongue, flipping it up and down as it approached the tiny woman. Cassandra doubled her efforts, and nothing changed. She was moved to Anaya’s palm, where she tried to scuttle away from the inevitable. The giantess smirked at this, with her tongue still extended and approaching its pretty prey.


Cassandra continued to thrash and protest even as a single finger rendered her helpless. Anaya buried Cassandra’s face in her tongue, coating her in hot, syrupy sputum. The small stinging sensations she felt only fueled her further, knowing that this was Cassandra trying to bite her tongue. She marveled Cassy’s resolve. It made her aroused. She moaned a booming base around the tiny woman who was blinded by spittle and taste bud. She felt tiny arms frailer than twigs trying to wipe away the rain of her broiling, sticky saliva. She moaned a little louder knowing that all that effort would be fruitless. She swept her eager tongue across the blonde’s body more furiously, sending thick dribbles of foamy drool trickling down her body and down to her hand.  The giantess’ warm and wet organ twisted and wriggled around Cassandra’s body, never tiring.


Cassandra was relentlessly molested by her owner’s tongue. The tiny blonde thrashed wildly against the mighty mouth muscle. It swept across her body again and again, the bumps of the giantess’ taste buds colliding with her. Anaya would lap up Cassandra’s tiny crotch with her tongue’s tip. The slithery tentacle pried her tiny legs apart. With palpable hunger, the thick monstrous appendage's taste buds tickled her vagina. Every lick to the hot human lollipop’s waist would flip up the slutty school outfit’s short-shirt, exposing lacy panties that were saturated with gallons of giantess slobber. Even the panties she wore couldn’t stop the powerful sensations that Anaya’s massive tongue caused, shooting up through her reluctant body with unwanted ecstasy. She few moans forced themselves out of lip[s struggling to maintain their repulsed frown. Her body began to betray her as it started to twitching hungrily, loving the powerful erotic charge being written on her nerves, and the disgustingly thick saliva drenching her whole body.


Not stopping, Anaya’s tongue glided up her clothed abdomen, sliding over her stomach unstoppably towards her tits. After flicking them several times, relishing the hardened nipples poking through the sweater-top, the tongue would travel back to the panty covered pussy, and ravage it anew. A pattern started to form where it would massage her protected pussy, then ascend up her ass and her back, before the motion would repeat. It didn’t take long for Cassandra’s long blonde hair to be coated with the giantess’ slobber, matting down her face and neck. Her clothing clung to her as if it were a second skin.


“A—Anaya! Plea-ugh!-please stop this!” Cassandra desperately pleaded mid-lick.


Anaya stopped for a moment, and shot the tiny older woman meagerly flailing against her finger a sassy smirk. “Sorry, ain’t sorry.” She chuckled before resuming her licking.


Cassandra sputtered in disbelief. This oversized brat was ravaging her like a piece of goddamn candy! Hundreds of fiery epithets became nothing more than impotent bubbles fighting to escape an onslaught of thick saliva without limit or endpoint. No matter how many times this happened, the mayor’s pride was equally infinite, equally everlasting. Every new outrage was treated like the first. For as smart as she was, Cassandra was too blinded by her pride to understand that this was one of the reasons why Anaya used her so much. She was one of the few pet people who always protested with amusing passion.


Everyone on the table watched helplessly as their mayor was ravished without abandon. The reactions were many and varied. Mary and Ben turned away; feeling conflicted about this, liking Anaya, but not the action. Paul watched only to see Cassy wet. Suzy felt as if she might faint, terrified that she would be in a similar place very soon. The boys watched with wide eyes. Thanks to living here for over a year, they had received a partial sexual education simply by watching Anaya do her thing. It made them all very eager to grow up. Most of them liked Anaya, started to have wet dreams about her, and knew that people who Anaya liked got to have sex with the people being punished. Hardy was even more turned on, demanding that Harley suck his dick more passionately. Leon watched the whole thing with a look of singular, zealous desire. He loved it when Anaya did this.


Sandy cowered on the table, her hands on her ears and her eyes shut closed. Even after being here for a few days, Anaya’s spontaneous sexual actions always filled her with deep horror. She couldn’t grasp how Anaya could be so casually lewd. But more than that, seeing such actions made her briefly flash back to older times, to darker times.


Eventually, after who knew how long, Anaya finally stopped assaulting the town mayor with her tongue. Cassandra was coated with thick phlegm, writhing on Anaya’s palm, looking like a cheap slut. She looked used. Her lacy bra was exposed over her left breast, and the frills of her skirt were flipped up, exposing her panties. She was breathing heavily, her shame and outrage clashing with her undeniable pleasure. She felt used.


Anaya savored the sight. She looked at the white woman with half-opened eyes. Her breath was heavy, hungry. She gave her purple lips a long lick. She hummed happily. Acting as if nothing happened, she turned to those on the table, looking quite pleased.


“We’re gonna cut this meetin’ short. Mama needs some alone time with some of ya’ll.” Anaya said cockily, while giving the struggling Cassandra a few especially long licks. “Let’s put ‘em cute lil’ hands of yours to work, shall we?” she asked, almost gloatingly. With that, ignoring the mayor’s protests and struggles, Anaya dropped her down the neck of her shirt without warning or ceremony. Manipulating the tiny older woman through the fabric, she slid her along her breast until she was against her nipple. The ebony goddess stiffened and took a sharp breath, then relaxed. Her smile crept back into place. She reveled in the forced attempts of the proud and drenched mayor to pleasure her titanic tit.


"Oh…Good girl," she cooed, stroking Cassandra through her shirt. "Just like that."


Anaya turned back towards the assembled crowd, drinking in the variety of faces shown. Some fearful, some indifferent, some hopeful…but all submissive to her. They were hers. She never got tired of it. She loved being a goddess, and right now she was a horny one.


“Ya’ll know that one of ya ain’t gonna be enough. I’m a whole lotta woman, after all,” she said, gesturing to her physique, chuckling at her bad joke, “I'm sure you understand."


She reached down onto the table and started plucking people, who were placed onto the palm of her other hand, onto a soft terrain that had the coloring and sheen of chocolate. Anaya grabbed a combination of her go-to tinies and a couple of rarely used ones. She always loved to experiment and see what gatherings of her toys produced the best results.


When she had finished picking up the chosen pet people, there was fourteen of her toys sitting in her opened palm. She marveled at her selection, with both guys and girls, with ages between 13 and 40, with some of them either married or in serious relationships. One in particular caught her eye, a teenage girl who was shaking like a leaf in a storm.


Anaya found it to be particularly adorable, so much so that she plucked the scared girl, holding her between two fingers. Panicking, the tiny girl kicked her legs and banged her fists against soft, sooth dark skin that may as well have been made of reinforced titanium.


The giantess’ hazel eyes obverse the girl she had in her grasp. She was young, most likely seventeen or eighteen years old. Her hair, disheveled from her futile thrashing, was long, frizzy, and a bright orange-red. Her eyes, darting around like a confused hamster’s, were a bright green, like emeralds. Underneath said eyes were several, faint clusters of adorable freckles. She was on the taller side for a tiny girl her age, and she appeared to have a chunkier body, though that detail was hard to know for sure due to the thick purple sweater and matching sweatpants she was wearing. About the only detail of her body’s features that could be noticed was that her chest was on the larger side, likely D cups. Anaya chuckled to herself. All the mysteries of this girl’s body would soon be known.


After a few moments of frantic moment, the tiny stopped moving, likely exhausted. The girl was clearly terrified beyond belief, with her little chest heaving up and down rigorously. The finger pads secured her enough to where it was near impossible to shake. She was staring at the biggest valley of cleavage she could have ever imagined, building sized breasts like chocolate-caramel forming a chasm big enough to fit many trucks. The tiny teenager couldn’t take her emerald eyes off the fantastic monument to femininity.


Anaya noticed this, and made a mental note to use this girl on her breasts a lot, maybe have her make out with Cassy in her cleavage, or have her directly fuck one of her tits? Pushing those thoughts aside, she smiled and asked, “See somethin’ ya like, sweetie?”


“Oh—I—um…I wasn’t…I mean…” the girl rambled on incoherently.


“It seems you’re a bit flustered. But that’s okay. Let’s start with ya name. What is it?”


“S…Sandy…” the little woman said, through terrified stutter.


“‘Sandy,’ uh,” Anaya repeated, nodding her head. “That’s a nice name, very cute. So Sandy, is this ‘ere your first time? With me, I mean?”


“Y—Yes…it is. I—I’ve only been here a few days. H-How did you…?”


“How did I know?” Anaya asked with a raised eyebrow. Then she chuckled a little, causing Sandy and all of those in her other hand, along with Cassandra on her tit, to lightly shake and jingle. “That’s easy, hunny. You’re shakin’ like a bowl fulla Jell-O. Only first-timers get that scared.”


“We—well…you’re just so—so…so big! And daunting! And beautiful! And—!”


“Aw! Are ya tryin’ to sweet-talk lil’ old me? ‘Cuz if ya are…its working.” She winked.


Anaya then started to stroke Sandy’s long hair with her other hand’s pointer finger. Sandy tried to stop the finger, but her attempts at preventing the black limb were utterly pointless. Soon it had stopped merely playing with her hair, and moved onto other areas. It fondled and petted and molested her whole body without pause or restraint. It swept over her legs, brushed against her inner thighs, slid down her curves, caressed her breasts. Sandy fidgeted, blushing, unable to stop the precocious touching, with her spine tingling. Anaya was treating Sandy like her pet. And that was when Sandy realized, she was. That was what she and everyone here agreed to be when they came, Anaya’s pets and sex toys.


Though difficult, Sandy soon focused on something else, a faint collection of noises. Her gaze turned to Anaya’s other hand. Aside from the curious finger feeling her up, the other digits were curled into a pseudo-fist. She paid more attention to the noises, and knew what they were. They were voices, the voices of those in Anaya’s other hand. She heard muffled pleas for Anaya to open her hand, and futile little fists pounding on fingers like columns. She imagined the cluster of people, unable to move, trapped in uncomfortable positions, being forced together in a space as tight and dark as underground caves. She pictured them trying to wriggle free of the prison of fingers but them not budging at all. The ebony goddess didn’t seem to hear any of it. Or if she did, she ignored it. Maybe she even enjoyed feeling their futile efforts?


“Listen, Sandy,” Anaya said, not stopping her stroking, “I know it’s dauntin’, gettin’ it on with me, I mean…but it’s not as scary as ya might think. I’ll be gentle. It’s your first time, and I don’t wanna break any of my pets. ‘Specially one as cute as you. I got ya feelin’ that you’ll be here often. Just ta make sure you’re ready, let’s put ya somewhere more comfortable. Just focus on my heartbeat, Sandy. That should calm ya down.”


Anaya started to bring Sandy closer to her body. The tiny redhead’s questions were ignored. The black giantess brought her to the area above her colossal cleavage. The tiny teenager looked down at the enormous globes below her. She couldn’t grasp how big they were, big enough to naturally press together, not needing the bra that she wore. Before Sandy could protest, the fingertips released her. She felt her body falling. She screamed. Until her screams were silenced by her bouncing against the breasts’ smoothness. She slid part way between them before coming to a stop, finding herself wedged between the cleft of the breasts. She took stock of her new surroundings. She could move around, sort of, but it was a strange feeling, like climbing through molasses. They reacted subtly to his every movement, shifting and jiggling as she pressed against them. Yet her body was too small to move them in any real way. There would be no way to climb out of them. She would have to wait until Anaya saw fit to free her from them.


Then, she noticed something else, a sound coming from behind, pulsing through her back. It was steady, going off at an easily predicted rhythm, thumping with an echoing thud. It rumbled through Sandy’s whole body. It was oddly soothing. She quickly realized that this was Anaya’s heartbeat. It was a strange gesture, but also a touching one. Her new goddess didn’t have to do this, didn’t need to consider her comfort. But she had. That, combined with the steady beat, helped quell the vicious fears in Sandy’s mind. She wasn’t sure how she felt about what she knew was going to take place, a orgy between herself, many strangers, and a woman dozens of times their size who owned them all. But rather than focusing on her doubts, she focused on the heartbeat, and who it belonged to.


She didn’t know much of anything, but there was one thing that she thought she knew.


There were worst places one could find themselves in this brave new world of giantesses.

Chapter End Notes:

So, that was my first attempt at a story on this website! Please give your thoughts. Please tell me how you think I handled the characters, the world-buildings, and such. Any feedback would be beyond helpful and accepted! :) Also, please give me your thoughts on Anaya, because I'm unsure if I captured the loving but commnading vibe I wanted her to show. Also, I hoped to write has a black young adult without deevoling into stereotype. How'd I do at it?

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