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Author's Chapter Notes:

In which we lay the ground rules for some very explicit content later on.

"So, everyone, we’ve pulled together some money from the last few months and bought a new toy for the house,” Suzy said. “I would like you all to meet the newest member of our house.” She held up, for everyone to see, the naked, six-inch tall woman, who stood proud and unashamed in her hand, although she did have a little trouble keeping her balance at the sudden motion. “Holly.”

The little girl waved at the crowd of thirty or so sorority sisters in front of her. Once a six foot tall, amber haired twenty year old, she had taken a job with X-Mart at the introduction of their human sex toy line. They paid an exorbitant amount of money for her to live as a shrunken-down woman for a few weeks at a time, free to be used as a sex toy by the clients who rented her. She got to choose who her clients were, and she had so far limited herself exclusively to women. This was her first gig in a college town, though. Where she was from, her clientele had largely been wealthy housewives and lonely single women. Keeping this many women happy would be quite the challenge.

Holly had smooth, tan skin, hairless from the neck down; a fortunate side-effect of the shrinking procedure. She had a thin, athletic figure, with relatively wide hips and shoulders to match. Her muscled legs ended at her hips in firm, round buttocks. Her slender stomach and thin waist led up to a pair of grapefruit-sized breasts that hugged tight to her chest, with lean, strong arms. One of the benefits of the procedure was that, while she was shrunken, she aged much slower, if at all, and her athletic figure was much easier to keep.

“Holly is our living sex toy, on rent from X-Mart,” Suzy continued. “She’s very comfortable with nudity, as you can see, and she wants nothing more than to make you happy. We have her for the semester, but we’ll see how things go, and whether we want to keep her.

“She’s completely invulnerable, so she can keep up with whatever you want to do to her. But, remember, she’s a human being. She’s not a slave, she’s not an inanimate object. You should treat her as a member of the house, not humiliate her, not intentionally torture her, and don’t do anything to her that she’s not comfortable with.”

Suzy grabbed Holly’s profile off the table to read the restrictions. “So there are some things that she’s not supposed to do, here… Okay, she’s not supposed to be eaten, trapped in anyone’s shoe or sock, or anything involving urine or feces, or anything that is intentionally humiliating.”

There were a few surprised murmurs, and Holly turned to look at the woman holding her and said, “It’s come up before.”

Suzy looked somewhat shocked and amused as she repeated, “She says it’s come up before.”

“But anal is okay.”

“But anal is okay… Oh, wow.”

There were a few ‘oohs’ and giggles from the crowd, and Suzy seemed a little uncomfortable, but she continued. “Uh, what else… Okay… She has to go back to X-Mart every Tuesday, so one of us will have to take her there. If she misses two weeks in a row, we’ll get fined, so make sure you do it.”

Holly was still smiling, but nearly lost her balance again when Suzy lowered her back down and let her jump out of her hand onto the table. Suzy leaned up against the table as she continued, and Holly eyed her ass, half-seated on the table and wrapped in hip-hugging jeans. It wasn’t the first time she had served women so uncomfortable talking about sex, but chances were that she’d be in those pants soon. At least it was a nice ass.

“So we have some controls for her,” Suzy picked up the remote that Holly had been delivered with. It didn’t have many controls, but it was about the size of a laptop. “We can control her size…” Suzy grabbed the slider and dragged it down to a minimum, and Holly shrank down to a minuscule size in a second. Overhead, the giantess' voice boomed like a goddess speaking from the heavens. “She goes down to one thirty-second of an inch…” She dragged the slider all the way to the top, and Holly rocketed up to a hundred times the size. She was tall enough now that her head almost met Suzy’s shoulders. She wasn’t used in this height often, but she could almost live a normal life like this. “And up to two feet.” Suzy left her in this size, comparing her remote to the page of instructions. “The green button that says ‘freeze’ makes her completely immobile…”

Suzy pushed the button, and suddenly Holly was completely unable to move. She could stare all she wanted, but her muscles were locked in place. All she could do was turn her eyes and breathe. Not that she particularly needed to; it was another one of the benefits of the process.

“But you can control her limbs, move her any way you want,” Suzy said. She grabbed Holly’s body in one hand to hold her steady and lifted her arms over her head with the other. The amount of force she had to use to move her locked limbs would have broken her arms in a dozen places if she had been this size normally, but she didn’t feel a shred of pain.

Frozen solid with her arms raised over her head, she watched Suzy as she turned back to the remote and said, “The other button, the blue one that says ‘loose,’ makes her completely limp.”

She pressed it, and Holly collapsed like a doll with its strings cut. Her limbs a tangled mess, her head bent at an awkward angle. She could, again, only move her eyes and breathe. Suzy scooped her up by the waist and held her up for all to see. She hung helplessly from Suzy’s hand, arms and legs hanging loose, and, when Suzy flipped her over, she folded forward, staring upside-down at her legs that dangled uselessly off the other side of the woman’s palm.

The exhibition would have been humiliating, but what shame could a sex toy have? If anything, she was a bit excited, enjoying the somewhat careless way that the giantess handled her. A certain wetness started to develop between her legs as she considered all the things the woman could do to her in this vulnerable state.

Unfortunately, Suzy didn’t decide to just start having her way with Holly in front of all her sorority sisters. She delicately placed her back down on the table, then hit the ‘cancel’ button. “The red ‘cancel’ button,” she explained, “Frees her from both of the other states.” Holly climbed to her feet and waved at the crowd again, beaming. “But the instructions say, ‘We think you should leave your toy free to move as they like. Our toys love their jobs and know how to make you happy. Tell them what you want and they may surprise you.’”

Holly was proud to say that it was true. She had only ever taken female clients, and she had gotten exceedingly good at figuring out what got them going. This many woman could be a challenge, but she was confident that she would be each of these women’s favorite toy in short order.

“Uh, on the top,” she reminded Suzy, prodding her arm.

Suzy flipped the remote up and saw the other button. “Oh, right. The grey button on the top cleans her off. Clothes, dirt, anything, it all disappears and she’ll be left clean and naked.”

Suzy pushed the button, but there wasn’t really much to change. She was already naked, and she cleaned herself not long ago. Her skin felt a little cleaner when she did it, though, but the mild wetness between her legs persisted. That was the one place that the cleaning didn’t touch.

“So, uh, that’s it, sisters. Keep her in your rooms when we have guests over. We don’t anyone trying to kidnap her,” Suzy added. “And remember to share.”

Holly beamed proudly at the women assembled before her as they started to disperse, wondering to herself who would be the first to use her. There were twenty, maybe thirty girls in front of her, all young, beautiful, and curious. She had been in their shoes not long ago, but she hadn't had a living toy to help her explore her blossoming sexuality.

It was going to be a fun month.

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