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Author's Chapter Notes:

Im doing a story in comment section. Its a rp story. just need fans to rp with. this will be so much fun. yeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Katelyn was exhausted. Soccer
practice had run long today, and
she had a lot of studying to do this
weekend to prepare for upcoming
midterm exams. She was really
looking forward to getting back to her apartment, and seeing her
boyfriend. She had planned on
making dinner for him, a lazy Friday
evening, and get some time to relax
before starting on her schoolwork
during the following day. Normally, she called her boyfriend
to come pick her up after practice.
He had a car and she did not, so it
was out of necessity, but she didn’t
mind showing him off to the girls
on her team too. But today was different; she needed to
decompress before seeing him, and
decided it’d be better to walk, even
though she was tired. As she got to the apartment, she
noticed that the blinds were drawn.
“Strange”, she thought to herself, “I
could swear I left them open.” She
walked in through the door and up
the stairs. Fumbling for her keys, she managed finally to pull them out
and open the door. “Brian?” she
asked. But she did not get a reply.
Sometimes he studied in the
bedroom with his iPod on, and was
oblivious to the world, so she walked towards it. As she got
closer, she thought she heard the
sound of someone else – it didn’t
sound right to her, like a
conversation – and as she got
closer, her stomach began to drop. As she approached the bedroom
door, slightly cracked open, she
could see her friend Beth naked,
sitting on top of her boyfriend and
thrusting her hips! Katelyn couldn’t
bear to walk in – she was too upset, so she turned and ran out the door,
crying. After a few minutes, she settled
down. But her tears turned to
anger, and then to thoughts of
getting revenge. Beth was never a
very close friend or hers, but she
did not ever suspect something like this from her. “No matter,” she
thought. “She made this decision
herself and will pay for it.” She
would get even with Brian too, but
she wanted to think about how
elaborate the revenge would be. Frankly, she’d had it with guys after
this – maybe she would have to get
even with more than just Brian. For
Beth, she already had a plan, one
that would involve something about
Katelyn that she had kept forever private from everyone, including her
closest friends. One day, when Katelyn was young,
she had miraculously discovered
that with thought alone, she could
change the size of any object or
person. It was certainly a shock to
her, and she did try it on people – making herself larger, shrinking
boys – but she used it sparingly.
Honestly, she had only tried it a few
times on people (and ones she did
not know, at that), and they were
so dazed by the experience, they had been restored to their normal
size without thinking the whole
experience had ever happened.
Perhaps this was under her control,
too. But no matter, she had not
explored this gift, for fear of people finding out about it and thinking her
some sort of monster. But tonight
was different.

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