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Story Notes:


This story is a sequel to Nick VS Highschool, thus if you haven't read Nick VS Highschool you will be totally lost in regards to the plot. If you only care about the fetish stuff, that's fair... however for those who actually like to enjoy a story you will not understand anything at all without the context from my previous story (if you are too lazy to read all 63 chapters, you can skip the first 20 chapters and still get a solid understanding of the plot)

You have been WARNED, so any complaints in the reviews about "this doesn't make sense" will be kindly ignored/deleted. Thank you!

Author's Chapter Notes:


1) Nick VS Highschool (Volumes I, II & III)

2) My Tiny Life (Volumes I, II, III & IV)

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (Episodes 0 - 4)

4) My Tiny Life (Volume V / Final Volume) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

5) The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan (Optional, can skip) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

6) Diana (Begins in Phase V)

7) Nick VS College (Begins in Phase V)

8) My Tiny Life '2' (Begins in Phase VI)

9) Nick VS The World (Begins in Phase VII)

Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



Letting go of the ones we love is a task not so easily undertook. Maybe you lost a distant relative, and you give them a moment of silence for you did not know them very well. Or perhaps you lost a friend that was a bit closer to you, and you grieve for awhile as you remember the good times you had together. Or maybe you lost your mother or father, and you grieve for many years as you try to fill the void that was left in your heart as you struggle for guidance in the world.


The one you love however… will leave you with a heart so empty that you couldn’t possibly fill it up again. You loved them, you nurtured them, and you only wish you had but a few seconds to let them know how much you miss them since the time of their demise. Those few seconds never come however, and you are left in wretched agony as you try to find the will to move on to another soul. But how could we? For those who know of the love they have for their significant others, you just might truly understand the essence of just how painful it would truly be without them.


I flipped through the pages of my high school yearbook, something I had bought during graduation simply to reflect on those I had met in the past. Tyler, Abigail, Kaya… all were good friends to me as I progressed each year in highschool. Even though Abigail had grave issues with my decision to let Kristin Karn roam free from his prison sentence, I believe that deep down she understood why I had to do it.


I kept flipping through the pages, before settling upon a picture of my freshman year. My heart sank, and my mind suddenly focused. It was a picture of Chloe and I, smiling happily at the camera as she held my one inch self in her smooth and tender palm. A single tear slid down my cheek, as I reminisced the past before all the chaos had ensued.


I closed the book in my hand, and carefully set it down upon the surface of my desk. I walked over to the other end of the room, looking out through the window to the open plains before me. I took in the peaceful view of the clouds, the wind causing the tall grass to rustle about. I took in a deep breath as I slowly allowed my mind to relax.


You may be wondering what is going on right now, your mind filled with questions. It’s been awhile since I last told you the tale of my high school years hasn’t it? Well allow me to clarify the obvious questions right away… Yes, I am not a one inch tall boy anymore. Are you upset that I’ve spoiled this for you? Don’t be, my size is irrelevant at this point anyways. As I talk to you in this very moment I am many years beyond my college years. I remember them well, and they were just as chaotic as high school if not even more so.


You are probably a bit confused now, even more so than just a few minutes ago. You see, I’ve been narrating my story of which took place many many years ago. In the present, I am not in college but in fact I am actually retired. Obviously this shows you that I survived my college years, however that is a rather broad way to put it…


Allow me to move on from this pointless introduction, as further details will merely clutter your mind with countless questions. I promise that whatever details you feel you are missing, will eventually be handed to you as I tell you the second part of my life story. So… without further ado, here is the story of my college years. It certainly doesn’t have a happy start, and I’d be a liar if I said it ended in happiness…


“Nicholas Alan Kemp, is that your full name undoubtedly?” asked the FBI agent as he looked down at the equipement before him.


“Undoubtedly…” I mocked, crossing my arms as I looked around the unpleasant room I resided in. The room reeked of terribly burnt coffee and a hint of sweat which I assumed was from the overweight agent before me.


“Yes or no answers please,” the agent scoffed, narrowing his gaze to express his impatience.


“Yes…” I muttered.


The agent calibrated the lie detector, before asking his next question, “You are the age of eighteen?”


“Yes,” I responded, trying to get through this bullshit as quickly as I could.


The agent finished his calibrations, and proceeded to the actual questions, “You were present the day of the terrorist attack on GenetiCo correct?”


“If you are labeling the terrorist as Auron Karn then yes,” I retorted.


The agent simply glared at me, and I rolled my eyes before muttering, “Yes.”


“Several witnesses have identified Chloe Sullivan as the titanic woman who devoured and murdered hundreds of innocent victims, would you say that they are correct?” the agent glanced up at me, waiting to see how I would answer.


My mind froze, my heartbeat speeding up like crazy. A nervous sweat began to form atop my forehead, as I contemplated the answer I would give him. For days the media had been plastering Chloe’s name internationally, labeling her the colossal giantess that wreaked uncanny destruction. I wanted to say ‘no’, as it pained me to incriminate her even though the claims were true. But what could I do? If I lied, the agent would know. If I wanted to help Chloe, it would have to be some other way.


“Yes…” I murmured.


The agent looked down as he began to write in his notepad. The room went silent as I tormented myself over the fact I had probably just given Chloe the death penalty… that is if she ever awoke from her coma.


“Final question,” the agent said, “were you aware that Auron Karn’s corpse was found seventy two hours after the attack on GenetiCo?”


My heart stopped, and it took every ounce of power I had not to completely freak out. Of course I knew, considering that I watched Regina kill her brother Auron herself. I didn’t realize they had found his body so quickly however, and I would use that to tell the ‘truth’ since the agent hadn’t asked if I had any direct involvement.


“No,” I answered, my eyes peering over to the lie detector to see what would happen. Nothing… nothing happened.


The agent nodded, and wrote down some final notes before closing the notebook and reaching across the table to unhook me from the equipment, “that’ll be all, you are free to go Mr. Kemp.”


I stood up from my chair, as I turned around to exit the room. I could hear the agent as he began to set his equipment up for the next interviewee, of whom I already knew it would be.


I exited the room, and was immediately met with the familiar face of Abigail Lionheart. Her curly red hair rested just below her ears, and I realized she must have gotten a haircut. Her eyes looked up and met mine, her expression turning to one of disgust as she nudged me with her shoulder before slipping by me. I would have tried to say something, but she gave me no chance. I simply looked over my shoulder and watched as she entered the interview room. The door closed, and I turned back around to see Tyler already standing in front of me.


“I see she’s still pissed at me…” I mumbled.


Tyler scowled, “Well it’s not like you let a fucking psychopathic murderer loose or anything!”


“I told you… I had my reasons..” I responded.


Tyler crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes, “that’s the problem Nick. If you had any GOOD reasons you’d fucking tell us! But instead you keep it a secret, because clearly Abigail and I wouldn’t fucking approve of it!”


Tyler was right, he wouldn’t approve of my reasoning at all. I had used Kristin as a means to get to Auron. I recruited Regina simply to ensure my safety, and to get the revenge I desired for Chloe’s tragic outcome. Yet again I faced the possibility of losing yet another woman I loved… as if Bridgette’s loss hadn’t been tragic enough now Chloe’s life both medically and worldly were in jeopardy.


“Everything I did was for Chloe…” I tried to explain.


Tyler held his hand up to indicate that he wasn’t so foolish, “even if that’s true, it doesn’t justify whatever the hell it is you are keeping to yourself. Auron is loose, and Kristin is a free man. I blame YOU for that!”


I shook my head, “Auron is dead…” I corrected.


Tyler gave me a confused look, “Wh-what?”


“They asked me if I knew anything about his corpse that they found, so supposedly he’s dead,” I informed Tyler, leaving out the details in which I was responsible for his death.


“And how did he die?” Tyler asked, to smart for my own good.


“They didn’t tell me,” I answered.


“Oh really?” Tyler crossed his arms and gave me an expression of study, “and I don’t suppose YOU have anything to do with that?”


“I don’t…” I lied, realizing I probably should have just kept my mouth shut.


“You know, Nick… the biggest mistake you ever made was when you stopped consulting your friends before doing something stupid,” Tyler said, “ever since Zelena’s murder, you’ve only acted independently. I hope one day you realize how much damage could have been avoided if you had simply trusted us!”


“I do trust you!” I argued, trying to defend my actions.


“No you fucking don’t!” Tyler shouted, and I could suddenly feel the eyes of others looking towards us. Tyler was making a scene, and it started to worry me. I looked around to see the eyes of strangers giving us strange looks as they wondered what the hell was going on between the two of us.


“If you trusted us, Chloe wouldn’t be in a coma! Hell, maybe Bridgette would still be alive for fucks sake!!! Zelena, Auron and Kristin would be in jail where they BELONGED!” Tyler finally stopped shouting, and all I could do was look up at him with a heavy heart. I really had lost his trust entirely, and realized it wasn’t only Abigail who I had hurt gravely.




I turned my head down the corridor as the strange voice whispered my name. The hall was empty, and for a moment I thought I had completely lost my mind. I turned my head back to face Tyler, but my heart sank when he was nowhere to be seen. I began looking around frantically, as I slowly started to realize that everybody that was in the hall was now gone. The doors were gone, the windows were gone, there was simply nothing.


My heartbeat began to race, my body sweating profusely as I looked around frantically for any sign of life. The lights began to flicker as a cold chill began to rush down my back.


“Hello!?” I shouted, hoping to receive an answer.




I whipped around to face the direction that the voice had come from, but my eyes merely widened with horror when I saw the source of the sinister voice. My jaw dropped as I saw Zelena only a few feet away, her body melted and her face deformed. Her eyes were gone, and most of her skin was dissolved down to her bone. Her jaw was partly unhinged, as it hung as if she were some kind of zombie. She slowly raised her melted arm, pointing her bony finger towards me.


Yoooouuu ddddiiiiiddd ttthhhisss tttoooo mmeeee…”


I began to step backwards, wondering what kind of horror I was looking at, “I’m… I’m sorry! I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK!”


I wwwiiillll ddeeeevvooouurrrr yyyoooouuuu…”


Zelena’s ungodly face began to twist and turn, her mutilated mouth suddenly growing wider and wider. Gravity began to fade away, and I felt myself slowly starting to slide forward on the smooth tile towards the monstrosity before me. I quickly turned around and began to sprint full force in the opposite direction to escape the nightmare I was trapped in.


Her mouth became a vortex, sucking everything inside of it. The walls began to fragment, pieces flying into Zelena’s black hole for a mouth. Was this my punishment for allowing Chloe to devour her? Is this why she was so deformed?


I found my feet unable to run any further, as the vortex had become to powerful. My feet left the ground as I reached ahead of myself to grab onto anything. Unfortunately the hall was an abyss, and I found myself slowly flying backwards as Zelena’s mutilated and melted mouth closed around me, sending me to the depths of where she had wanted me all along.


“Mr. Kemp?” the agent looked down at me with grave concern, “are you ok?”


I suddenly snapped out of my horrish trance, looking around as I realized where I was. I looked down at my tiny hands, which were attached to my tiny body. I was one inch again… I should of known I was having a nightmare…


“Mr. Kemp???”


I looked up at the enormous agent, who was clearly confused and concerned, “Wa… oh! Yes I’m fine, you can start anytime,” I stated.


The agent seemed a little skeptical, but slowly nodded and sat back down in his seat, “well then, you were present the day of the terrorist attack on GenetiCo correct?”


I nodded, “Yes I was.”


The agent wrote some notes in his notepad. I suddenly realized that there was no longer a lie detector on the table, which I assumed must have been a fabrication of my disturbing dream.


“Many witnesses place Chloe Sullivan as the colossal woman who is responsible for the devouring and murder of hundreds of victims, does this sound accurate to you?” The agent looked down at me, waiting to hear my answer.


My heart froze, my mind stalled. I had already lived this terrible moment, the moment in which I made the decision to either continue my streak of lies, or finally tell the truth regardless of the consequences. There was no lie detector, only myself and whatever answer I chose to give the agent. Would lying only bring me down a path of darkness, one of which I couldn't return? Or maybe I could just tell the truth, and try to regain a sense of morality.


I loved Chloe with all my heart, more than she or anyone else will ever know. I’d give the world to her on a silver platter if I was able, and I’d kill anyone who threatened her life. Unfortunately however she was in a coma, one that doctors say she may never come out of. If she does… then she faces the penalty of death for the crimes that have been pinned on her, even though they weren’t necessarily her fault. My decision was tough, but I made it regardless.


Yes…” I murmured, “it is one hundred percent accurate…”




Chapter End Notes:

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