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Story Notes:

Something Worth Noting:  I don't know how frequent I'll continue this story.  I may add another chapter in a week, in a month, a year, or maybe not at all... I honestly don't know, "Wherever the wind takes me."  But anyway, I would love to hear all your feedback.  I hope you enjoy!

Author's Chapter Notes:

A good portion of this first chapter is fluff, but there is some action when you near the end of it.

Main Characters:

Kelly- Nathan’s girlfriend

Nathan- Is the boyfriend of Kelly

Ben- Best friends with Nathan, is in a relationship with Kyleigh

Kyleigh- Is the girlfriend of Ben

Side-Characters: To be determined (This will be updated as the story progresses)


“Beep Beep Beep,” Nathan loosened the grip of his eyelids, exposing his naked eye to the sunlight which was seeping out of the near hotel window.  Nathan turned away from the annoying sound, giving himself a glance at his girlfriend whom was sleeping beside him. 


“Pssp… Kelly… time to get up, we have a long day ahead of us… Kelly,” Nathan said, giving his girlfriend a light shake, as well as giving her a little peck on the cheek.


“Alright alright,” Kelly responded, returning the kiss which Nathan had originally given her.  “Are Ben and Kyleigh in the other room awake yet?”


“I’m not sure, I’ll just give their door a little knock, just in case they are in the middle of something..” Nathan said, displaying a devious smile towards Kelly, giving her a wink.


“Oh Nathan, shhhh…” she replied with a smile back.


“We’re awake!  We’re just getting dressed, give us a moment,” Ben and Kyleigh replied in unison to Nathan’s knock.  After 20 minutes of suiting up in bathing suits and bikinis, the two couples all took the elevator down to the main lobby of the hotel, where they decide to map out the day’s upcoming plans.


“Kyleigh and I have been thinking about this, we are gonna be here for the next week all together, spending plenty of time with one-another, so we were thinking that maybe us girls could maybe have a day to ourselves, and we can meet up at the end of the day back in the hotel,” Kelly posed.


Ben turned and whispered to Nathan, “I think that's cool, they have a point, we are gonna be together for the whole week.” 


“That’s fine with me, yeah sure, we’ll probably head to the boardwalk and chill out around there,” Nathan said.


“Alrighty, welp you guys enjoy your day, talk to you guys later!”  Both girls shouted, giving a wave and a small blow kiss as they walked out of the hotel entrance in the direction of the beach.


Both boys turned the opposite way and began to approach the boardwalk. 


“So, watcha wanna do?  Maybe want to check out the arcade or something?” Ben asked.


“Nah, we’ll save that for later, let's just walk the distance of the boardwalk and see what’s here.”  Both boys strolled down the boardwalk, quite unenthralled with how little there seemed to be in terms of activities to kill time.  As they both neared the end of the boardwalk, a sign caught both the boys eyes.  Fortune Teller: Find out your future


“Hey Ben,” Nathan asked, “want to check that place out?  It looks like a fun place where we can mess around, considering that it’s just junk.”


“Yeah sure.”  Both boys entered the authentic and mysterious looking boardwalk booth, only to be greeted with a sign that read: Out for lunch.  


“My crystal ball is telling me that she is eating a burger, “ Nathan said with a little snicker.


“Woah look back there behind the front desk, I see the crystal ball, want to check it out?” Ben asked.


“I mean we probably shouldn’t, but I bet you its just made out of cheap plastic, so I bet you it wouldn’t be a big deal if we touched it.”  Both boys climbed over the desk towards the ball, which to their dismay, actually displayed an unreal glow to it as they approached.


“Woah,” Nathan said, as he raise his hand towards the object, about to touch it.


“Wait, dont touch it just yet…” Ben shouted as he jumped to grab Nathan’s hand.  In doing so, he tripped and fell into Nathan, causing both of them to collide with the table which the crystal ball had been resting on.  Falling off the table, the crystal shattered when in contact with the ground, sending a giant unreal ripple around the room, knocking both boys unconscious instantly.



“Ow, my head hurts, geez, what just happened?” Nathan asked out loud with a hand to his head.


“I don’t know man, but my head hurts too.. Wait a minute, where are we?  This is not the room we were in before,” Ben said bewitherdly.  Both boys looked up and immediately recognized the bright summer sun, but it look unbelievably larger than it had been in the past.  When studying the ground, both boys felt a rough surface, nothing they’ve felt in the past.  Weirdly, the ground was moving steadily up and down in a soothing motion. 


“Hey look, there is a hole up ahead, let's get in there so we could be in some shade,” Nathan shouted.  Both boys hopped inside, soon feeling the presence of cool air as they placed themselves within the shade.


“We need to figure out what happend fast…” as Ben said this, a long gloomy figure with pink at the front of it approached their safe haven.


“DUCK” both boys shouted as they attempted to get themselves as low as possible.



Both girls lounged on beach chairs as they both attempted to sunbathe and hopefully get a tan. 


“Stupid itch,” Kelly bickered to herself as she brought her pink painted nails down on her belly button, where she had felt the sudden itch. 




Both boys braced for impact as their chamber shook violently up above.  After a couple of seconds, all vibrations died down, returning to its previous gentle movement of up and down.


“What the hell was that?” Ben shouted at Nathan.


“I don’t believe it dude, but I think that was Kelly’s hand which just caused that.” Nathan said, displaying a look of under disbelief.


“How can that be?  That is literally not possible.  If those were her fingers, then we would be in…”


“Her belly button,” Nathan replied giving off a scared look.


“Oh god oh god, we shrunk? What do we do?” Ben panicked.


“I guess we need to get their attention,” Nathan spoke, climbing up a bit and raising his head over the ridge-like surface.  His observation was correct; up ahead, he could see the outline of Kelly’s large breasts within her blue bikini, which only looked even bigger because of their sudden shrinkage of size.  Also off in the distance, with some of it flowing over her breasts, Nathan could make out Kelly’s long beautiful golden brown hair.  “I think I see our way of getting their attention,” Nathan said, pointed at the hair. 

“I presume we will use that to climb to her ear?”  Ben asked.


‘Indeed, and from there, we can only hope for the best,” Nathan said as optimistically as he could.  Both boys looked down one more time at the hole which now to their knowledge was Kelly’s belly button, it’s appearance basically detailed that beyond this point, fate is within their own hands now. 



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