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Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.



Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey this is my first time writing giantess stories, if you enjoy let me know please thank you. 

The 2:30 sixth period class dismissal bell had just rang.


Finally, thought Alex - the decently built black haired kid in the back of the classroom.


Alex was the newest student to Redwood high being a sophomore and having not made any new friends and losing connection to his old friends miles away since he transferred, he felt had no reason to stay any later at school than after it ended. Alex was never too much of a social person, he spent most of his free time either working out, sketching in his notebooks or playing with his little miniature “action” figures he had not out grown yet. Having decided he wanted to just walk back home and get some much needed rest, Alex set off on his way. Luckily for him, he only lived about 3 blocks down from his school and could be home within the next 10 minutes. Knowing the walk would take some time, Alex grabbed his headphones and his phone out of his jeans and started scrolling through his playlist.


“No, no not that one” he mumbled to himself, trying pick a song to listen to.


While Alex was too busy focusing on his choice of music, he didn't notice the uneven split in the sidewalk and tripped over it losing his grip on his phone as it landed into a bush.After realizing his stupidity, he reached into the bush to retrieve his phone, he was pricked by a discarded needle containing remnants of a translucent pink liquid.


“Ow,” he yelped in pain and shock,” you have got to be kidding me, who the hell leaves shite like that in bushes!” Alex silently screamed to himself as he pulled the needle out of the palm of his hand. He discarded the needle by throwing it to the grass next to the bush and then went in for a second attempt at reaching at his phone, hopefully to find no more needles containing strange liquids or anything for that matter. After grabbing his phone, Alex found a suitable song and continued his way home, rubbing the area on his palm where the needle entered his skin.


After a few moments Alex arrived at his home that he, his sister, who was older than him by a year Rose, and and his mother, Ellen,  had moved into after their father had abandoned them a few months ago. It was a small little apartment it was only a two bedroom, meaning that him and his sister had to share a room. Once inside Alex locked the door not expecting his sister and mother to be back home for another few hours around 6 since his sister had to be picked up from volleyball practice by their mom after she was done with work. After dropping his backpack on the couch in his living room, Alex had noticed he had slight sharp pain in his stomach. He decided he'll just go take a nap and then get something to eat when he wakes up so he put his phone on the dresser near his bed where he kept his little action figures that all stood at about half an inch tall and went to sleep on his bed.


Some time later Alex woke to a burning sensation all along his torso, but after a few seconds of being awake then pain disappeared completely. It took him a moment to realize it but he had woken up in on a vast land of red and black.


“How the-? Where the hell am I?,” said still trying to wake up.


Alex tried rolling over to reach for his phone to see what time was only to realize that his dresser that was maybe a foot away from when he was sleeping, looked like it was a mile away. Slowly Alex started to wonder what was going on.


“Is this some weird ass dream or something?” He pondered trying to rationalize what was going on, he had tried the cliche of pinching his arm to see if he was dreaming or not, and unluckily for him he felt it. Then the reality of the situation hit him like a slap the face.


“Did I just shrink?!?” He yelled to himself in that big empty room “There is no way I could have-” then he remembered that needle he had been injected with accidentally see earlier, “how could I have shrunk, how's mom going to re-” Alex stopped mid-sentence realizing how was he even going to get his family's attention at his size. A feeling of dread washes over him thinking ‘what if they never find me’ ‘what if they do see me and think I'm a bug they-’ Alex didn't even want to finish that thought. He tired to focus on his survival and he realized that he has to find out what time it is to know how long before his family shows up.


He started his journey to his dresser which, lucky him, was the same level as the bed with no gap in between so he could have no problem (besides distance) to get to his phone.

The earth below him was soft and felt uneven for his first few steps as he adjusted to this new soft terrain. After traveling what felt a mile, which in reality had been no more that a two feet, Alex had finally arrived to the dresser where he climbed on to his phone which read 3:57 pm.’Okay,’ he thought to himself,’ they shouldn't be home for another home for another few hours that should give him enough time to come up with a plan to get his family's atten-’ his thoughts were cut off by the gurgling of his empty stomach.


“Aww hell I should've got some food before I went to sleep,” Alex spoke aloud to himself and decided he would go to the kitchen and try and find a crumb to scavenge from before he died of starvation before his family could find him. As he walked to the edge of his dresser to begin his decent down his blankets hanging over the end to the carpet below he stopped and looked behind him to the action figures he played with since he was little only to realize that he stood at the same height of his collection of eight, half an inch toys one of which he got solely because it looked like him. He remembered how his mother had threatened to get rid of them if she found them around the house again. A cold shudder came over him as he thought what could happen if they thought he was one of those toys as he started his decent.


Luckily for Alex, the new apartment was much smaller than his old home, though the trip still took a while for him to leave his room and pass through the hallway into the living room/ kitchen, he was finally able to make it near the dining table where he spotted bread crumbs from what he assumed to either be remains from either his mother or sister. He didn't care which one of them dropped it, he was just happy to have found something to eat as he dug his hands into the crumb that stood at half of his height.


As he finished up, full and sleepy from his mini-feast, he began to drift off into sleep he was abruptly woken back up to life as he heard a noise that both comforted and scared him. The front door had just been unlocked and was beginning to crack open...


Chapter End Notes:

Sample Disclaimer Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

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