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Alex was just a normal high school student how had a little incident that would change his life forever

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Published: April 05 2018 Updated: July 07 2018
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Hey this is my first time writing giantess stories, if you enjoy let me know please thank you. 

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Hey, just giving you guys a heads up, there is some scat and water sports in this chapter, if its not your thing, then just skip over it.

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Hey guys and girls, I'm loving the ideas you guys are sending in the reviews and I really appreciate you taking your time to give me ideas😊 I hope you enjoy this next chapter.

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Hey guys and girls, sorry I haven't posted in a bit I was a little busy with stuff, but hey I hope you all enjoy this new chapter and like always feel free to leave a review with ideas. And if you don't have any ideas feel free to just tell me if you like the story or not. Thank you all😊.

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