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“Oh fuck,” Alex thought “how could they be home that fast? Did it really take him two hours to get to the kitchen?” But that was beyond the point, Alex was left scared, without a plan to get the attention of the two women, giantess in his eyes, that in a way held his fate of whether he was found or lost forever within his own home.


“Alex,” his mother bellowed as she walked into the house, “we're home,” with his sister following behind her phone in hand, almost oblivious to the world around her. Ellen, from where Alex had been standing,looked like a brown haired middle-aged goddess towering over him miles into the sky. In reality his mother had stood at 5’9 and she had always been a little on the bigger side. She didn't have a large gut, just a little pudge. Most of her weight rested in her large, rounded breasts, wide hips and a little in her slight double chin. Alex had taken this time to notice how gorgeous she was with her long brown hair, her hazel brown eyes, and her pale but heavenly white skin. Ellen was kind-hearted who would do just about anything to protect her family and loved them to death, but the only thing that annoyed her was Alex's habit of leaving his toys around.


“Hey mom can you make some dinner so we can eat, practice has got me starved,” Rose said plainly walking in to the kitchen and pulling up a seat, taking Alex's attention away from his mother by shaking his world with her foot falls.


“Of course sweetheart.” Ellen responded as she walked to the kitchen to start preparing food.


Rose was the more athletic of the two women, she was only 5’2 and though still on the slightly petite side, she still had a decently well rounded chest, an obvious gift from her mother, a short black hair similar to Alex and well defined muscular butt thanks to her few years of playing volleyball.


“Dinner will be ready in a bit,” Ellen called to her daughter. Coming out of Alex's focus on the details of his gigantic family, he realized that he would be best off trying to get their attention so he can at least make his presence known so he could hopefully be saved. He started attempting to climb up the dining chairs to get closer to their faces and avoid being squashed underfoot like a bug. Luckily the chairs had a design carved throughout the legs giving him places to grab and hold to avoid losing his grip and plummeting down to the carpet and becoming a little red stain on it. As Alex reached the seat of the chair, the aroma of what his mother had been making finally caught his nose. She had made grilled chicken with buttery mashed potatoes topped with shredded cheese and green onions. His mouth began to water as he began to climb the table cloth to be on the table, thinking about all that food. After Alex makes his ascent on to the table, his mother begins to serve dinner causing Alex to run and hide behind a napkin holder to avoid being crushed by a plate.


“Alex dinner is ready!” She calls out still thinking he is in his room taking a seat on the chair Alex had been on only a few minutes prior. “If that boy doesn't come out to eat soon, there won't be any left cause it will all be in here” she continued as she grab at her tummy chub.


“Who knows mom, maybe this won't all go to your butt like always,” Rose stated jokingly to her mom.


“Now now, no need to be jealous sweetie, maybe if you ate enough for once, it would actually go to yours.” Ellen replied causing both women to laugh as they started to eat their dinner.


Alex chuckled to himself at the joke, while he waited for them to finish eating to try to get their attention. During this time Alex began watching his mother while she greedily eat her food. He watched her as she scooped up piles of mash potatoes that could have easily fit twenty of him easily in it into to her already salivating maw. She licked her lips, and opened her mouth, sending the whole spoonful onto her tongue. Alex watched as she deliberately swished the food around, jaw slowly working as she savored the large bite. Ellen leaned her head back, eyes closed, and swallowed hard. Her thick neck barely moved as the food disappeared down into her body. Ellen smacked her lips, and excused herself as a small burp came up. As he stood in awe watching this, Alex felt a strange new mix of being scared for his life and being turned on, he imagined himself being trapped in that steaming pile of mashed potatoes his mother completely unaware that she was about to devour and savor her only son.


“No what the hell am I thinking,” Alex thought to himself, “ she's my mother how can I even think about having her eat me?! I need to get back to normal size and just put all this behind me”. He noticed his mom was finished with her meal was lazily running her hand over her belly and began to get out of hiding when he noticed his mother's expression go from peaceful to worry.


“Oh my god,” she said covering her mouth with her hand.


“Finally they see me,” Alex thought “know I just have to-”


“Is that a bug on the table?” Ellen continued eyeing the little speck intently for any motion while simultaneously reaching for her sandals she was wearing to smash this bug. Alex just stood there paralyzed by what his mom had said. As she pulled the sandal, Alex’s gazed was fixated on the sandal, it was the same sandal Alex had bought her for her 40th birthday, as she had been complaining about how hurt feet were beginning to hurt from walking so much. Before the sandal can come down on him and crush him out of existence, Rose looked up from her phone to see what his mother was about to slam her shoe on.


“Hey mom relax, take a look at it.” Rose stated causing her mother to look at it closer. Alex had silently thanked his sister for inadvertently saving his life from a quick and bloody death under his mother's slipper.  “It's probably just one of Alex's little toys again,” Rose continued.


“ I told that boy to not let me find any of those darn toys around the house,” Ellen said to herself as she lowered her slipped back to her foot, Alex just stood still paralyzed, both out of fear and to not make his mom think he's a living bug.

“I'm just saying that he is way too old go be playing with those things,” said under her breath while looking back at her phone.


“You know what Rose, you're right he is too old to be playing with those things. I'll go talk to him about it right now,” she said stating as she got up from her seat and grabbed Alex in her hand to bring to Alex's room to talk to him about his toys. He felt violently lifted into the air and was gripped and surrounded by the heat of his mom's soft but firm palm. His world shook with each and every movement his giant mother took. As she approached the doorway to his room, she began “Alex I think it's time we talked about your-” she stopped abruptly once she stepped into the room only see it was empty. “Rose have you seen your brother!” Ellen called down the hall, completely unaware that her son was trapped within the grip in the palm of her hand.


After hearing her daughter reply back no, Ellen was frustrated by her son not being home this late and decided as a way of punishment she would just get rid of his toys and then ground him when he returns home. ‘But how to get rid of the toys,” she wondered to herself quietly. “Maybe I could throw them down the garbage disposal and grind them up,no. What if I was to just flush them down the toilet or even better yet I could just leave them in there and let Alex fish them out with his hands if he wanted them so badly, maybe.” For Alex, every word his mother spoke was muffled from the hand crushing him, surrounding him like a barrier so he couldn't understand a word that his mother spoke planning essentially on how she going to obviously kill her son. Ellen stood there wondering how to dispose of them, until a mighty roar emerged from the depths of her stomach to make it aware to her and anyone  around her that her belly was not yet full. With that her mouth moves to a slight smile as she licked her plump red lips, eager to get on with the punishment...


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