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[The gas in the title does not refer to farts, it refers to an actual shrinking gas!]


Terrible shrinking gas. Terrorists. Spaceships trying to escape the gas. Guns that are trying to shoot down the spaceships. Super intellegent AIs. What else could you want?


Still relativly new to writing, so this could be fun...


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Growth: Titan (101 ft. to 500 ft.)
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Published: April 10 2018 Updated: April 01 2020

1. Beginning/Mission Start/Origin/Whatever you wanna call it by Masta [Reviews - 6] starstarstarstarstar (1547 words)

As you can see, I'm clearly new to writing, and this can be seen as "trying the water". Comments with advise are highly appreciated.



2. Arrival by Masta [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (610 words)

Holy crap its been a while, I guess that I proved that I am great at procrastinating.

3. Actual arrival by Masta [Reviews - 1] (683 words)

I might try something unorthodox in the near future... not sure how it might end out but I guess that it would be cool.


Yay! An update that didn't take months!


P.S. Changed size range from 501ft -1 mile to 100 ft - 500 ft (still haven't decided exact size yet) but it would make interaction a helluva lot easier.


P.P.S. Changed rating from PG to R (Just for some extra safety. This story might be more of a PG-13 though.)

4. Old MacDonald had a farm... by Masta [Reviews - 1] (1238 words)

Finally decided on a height for our giantess (350 feet, makes interaction a bit difficult, I guess). And decided that the best place for a neural interface would be a wristband. Make it less painful than what I've seen in other stories, with examples such as something along the lines of a USB port in the neck area, the AI being surgically implented into the host's brain, and other nasty stuff I won't be getting into.

Oh look! Horizontal line! Yay! Making it easy to see where the actual story begins!



5. Disaster! by Masta [Reviews - 1] (1201 words)
Finally, an update! Maybe this means that I'm not dead…?

P.s. I know my comedic side is slowly dying. I'm sorry about that.

P.p.s. Typo in last chapter; Katie was supposed to have stepped on the trailer of the truck carrying a shipment of a popular battle royal game, launching the driver through the windshield.

Ok let's just get on with it, shall we?

6. City center by Masta [Reviews - 0] (822 words)

This chapter contains a bit of moderate gore, skip this chapter if you are not a fan of it.(Katie isn't going violent, btw)





7. Idk what to call this chapter so here's the name I guess. by Masta [Reviews - 0] (2418 words)
What??? Second update within a single week? What is this magic?

Summary of previous chapter for people who skipped it due to moderate gore: Katie accidentally sat on some kid's parents and his left leg and messed it up pretty bad, so she's now responsible for his care.

Story begins here, so yeah.

8. Katie's biggest fan by Masta [Reviews - 0] (3690 words)
Not much to say except this update rate would not last much longer. Sorry :c

9. Apples or peaches? by Masta [Reviews - 0] (3259 words)
Hm. It appears that there's a bit more destruction in this series. I'll still keep Katie gentle, if I want to go violent I'll hard another character. Katie's simply not an evil type of person.

10. A (slightly) different perspective by Masta [Reviews - 0] (1284 words)


Yay, it's back! After a few more months of combined writer's block + general laziness. Leave suggestions I suppose.






11. Katie's Travels by Masta [Reviews - 0] (1580 words)

Oh look, more 350 foot tall giant Katie! Enjoy, these chapters won't be coming often. Or regularily (sorry, life is busy and terrible writer's block).



12. Katie and the asshole by Masta [Reviews - 0] (1352 words)

Normally there will be zero violence and gore in this story. However, I felt like after the previous chapter, we will need to make something that will cater to the likes of the gore and violence population. I promise to not have Katie "go rouge" too many times, but she's human after all, and humans are not perfect. And anyway, only one dude is gonna get gore'd, and I made him a major asshole anyway.

13. Gen. Sarah Thomas by Masta [Reviews - 0] (1767 words)

This turned out to be a bit of a filler chapter to make the transition between assasin Katie and the Katie that we all know a bit smoother. But filler is filler, and I apologize. 

14. Getting back on track by Masta [Reviews - 0] (1403 words)

It's about time that I finally make another edit to this story after having it sit around in the dust for about a year! Oh, and this chapter will mainly serve as a way for me to get all caught up on the lore so I can continue the story, not much will really happen here, sorry folks.