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Author's Chapter Notes:


"You think they'll even let me in the door?" Stephanie inquired. "I thought clubs didn't let people like me in, like they're afraid we'll get hurt or something."
Gina waved off the question with a flutter of her hand. "Don't worry, babe, I can bring just about anyone I want there, all the staff know me."

"Okay..." Stephanie's voice trailed off as she resumed putting on her makeup.
At just over two feet tall, her concern was hardly unfounded. Since the shrinking epidemic swept across the globe, millions of people were left to cope with their sudden new height. Some only lost a few feet, others were stranded at no more than an inch tall.  Doctors and scientists grappled with finding a cause, and therefore a vaccine or cure, leaving people such as Stephanie stranded at their new height.

Still, she handled it better than most. Many people were laid off when they shrunk, with companies too fearful of the possible legal issues in employing tiny workers. Thankfully, her employer was more than fair with accommodating her change in stature, allowing her a few days to adjust to her new reality while they constructed miniaturized cubicles for her and other affected employees.
And through it all, her friend Gina stood by her side. Well, towered over Stephanie was more like it. Gina stood at an impressive six feet tall, completely dwarfing her shorter companion. Through the first few harrowing days of Stephanie's new height, Gina helped her reorganize everything, from the kitchen to the bathroom, making Stephanie's normal life somewhat normal. 
Gina walked behind Stephanie, who had climbed onto the dresser to use the facial mirror. Smiling mischievously, Gina poked her finger at the smaller woman's ribs.

"C'mon, shorty, you're hogging the mirror!" She teased, earning a glance of mild annoyance from Stephanie. 

"You have the full length, why do I have to share?" Stephanie stood up from her kneeling stance in front of the mirror, spreading her arms to block Gina's view. Gina smirked, and stepped away, allowing Stephanie to maintain sole ownership of the small mirror.

After several minutes, the girls were finished. Gina's curved figure was hemmed in with a dark blue dress, contrasting her fair complexion. Her jet black hair was tightly curled, bouncing off her bare shoulders as she walked down the stairs.
"Hurry up, or I'm gonna leave you home!" Gina hollered up the stairway.
A patter of small feet grew closer, followed by an "I'm coming!" as Stephanie rushed down the stairs. Her head barely came up to the railing as she hopped down each step, the gaps too large for her to manage otherwise.

Gina shook her head and laughed. "You look like a bunny rabbit when you do that!"

"Haha, asshole." Stephanie stuck her tongue out at Gina as the two climbed into the car. It was partly true though, Stephanie's ivory dress and small frame did make her hopping around look like a rabbit. Her blonde hair was bunched up in a ponytail, which she pushed aside as she strapped herself into a booster seat.
"Ugh, I wish they made these to not look so childish."

Gina fired up the engine, clicking her seatbelt into place to silence the warning bell. "Relax, Steph, I'm sure they'll start making more stylish things soon enough."

"They'd better," Stephanie muttered, as she pulled out her cell phone. At her size, it looked more like a tablet in her petite hands. Gina glanced over, and suppressed a giggle as she pulled out of the driveway.


The line into the club wrapped around the corner of the building. As the pair walked past the waiting people, Stephanie couldn't help but notice the many glances from those in line. Some looked surprised, others almost resentful. She brushed it off as them skipping the line, not as them judging her current height.
Gina smiled as she approached the bouncer, who extended his arms and embraced her. Stephanie noticed Gina slip the man a small folded paper, then watched in awe as the man smiled, and stepped aside for her. Gina's fingers lifted the edge of her dress, and she curtsied in appreciation. As soon as she stepped past, the bouncer stepped back in front of the door, stopping Stephanie dead in her tracks.

Stephanie watched as Gina stepped inside. Did she not see her friend hadn't made it past the bouncer?

"Gina!" Stephanie called out, her voice drowned out by the music pouring from the building. Thinking quickly, she stepped towards the bouncer, who didn't seem to acknowledge her existence.

"Excuse me, sir?" Stephanie gingerly tugged on the bouncer's pant leg. 
Stephanie gazed up at the man, his arms folded across his chest. His waist was slightly higher than her face, and his already sour expression darkened as he looked down the tip of his broad nose at her. Stephanie released her grip on his pant leg, and gingerly stepped back. The bouncer grunted, his glaring eyes not leaving Stephanie.

"Hey, buddy!" A manicured hand rested on the bouncer's shoulder, breaking his gaze at the smaller woman. "She's with me, let her in."

The man's chiseled expression melted, his entire demeanor changed in an instant. With a quick apology to Gina, his left leg shifted back as he moved aside. With a sweeping motion, he reached for the door, holding it open as Gina stepped forward. Stephanie quickly collected herself, and hustled after Gina.

As she passed the threshold into the club, Stephanie felt the loudness of the music throughout her body. The deep thumping of the bass sent small shockwaves through her torso as she glanced around wildly. She had already lost sight of Gina in the flurry of colored lights and dancing bodies, the room alive with motion. As she looked around for her friend, Stephanie made a mental note that she was the only halfling in sight. 

"Oof!" Stephanie was jostled sideways as a stray hip bumped against her temple. The woman attached to it glanced down, but otherwise ignored the slight intrusion against the smaller girl. Stephanie navigated through the ocean of dancing people, enduring several more accidental bumps and nudges as she searched for Gina.

Finally, she reached the edge of the dance floor, and spotted Gina sitting at the bar. Stephanie hustled over, and clambered up onto the barstool. Standing atop the cushioned seat, she could reach the bar top with relative ease.

"Wanna drink, kiddo?" Gina elbowed Stephanie, who nodded in agreement. Her small arms waved above her head, trying to signal the bartender.
Gina chuckled, then raised her hand as well. The man behind the bar nodded in her direction, and hustled over. His spiked hair and suit vest caught Gina's eye, and bit her lip as her mind began to daydream about the man's body.

"What can I get you ladies?" He asked, smiling broadly.

"I'll take a martini, extra dry please," Gina responded, leaning forward slightly to display her cleavage. The bartender scribbled on a notepad, glancing up to enjoy the view. He shifted down the bar, and nodded to Stephanie.

"And for the little miss?" His left eyebrow cocked upwards slightly, giving him a comical expression.

Stephanie smiled. "A cosmo, please."

The man scratched at his notepad, then looked up at Stephanie.

"Sippy cup?" He asked with a wink, before twirling on his heels, and walking back down the bar.

Stephanie threw her middle finger in the air at his back, then turn her sights on Gina, who was howling at the bartender's comment. She caught a glimpse of her friend's extended finger, and held her breath to stifle her laughter. Stephanie smirked as she watched Gina's cheeks puff out, before they both broke out in a fit of giggles. 

As they caught their breath, the bartender slid their drinks down the granite countertop. Gina smiled, and handed the man a pair of bills, before picking up her glass. Stephanie leaned forward, her small hands grasping the thin glass stem of her drink.

The two sat and sipped on their drinks, laughing and shouting back and forth at each other over the blasting music. Gina had amassed a small cluster of glasses in front of her, and Stephanie was sipping on her second Cosmo when the lights dimmed. A chorus of cheers erupted from the dance floor as the music shifted tracks.

Gina stood up, tossing her head back and downing the last gulps of her martini. She set the glass down, then motioned for Stephanie to join her on the floor.

"Oh no, Gina!" Stephanie wagged her finger at Gina. Two drinks went a lot further on her now that she was smaller, and her vision was already beginning to get a little blurry. She watched as Gina shrugged, then waded out into the crowd, raising her hands into the air. Soon, Stephanie lost track of her in the myriad of gyrating hips and swaying limbs.

"Ah, fuck it," she muttered, then tilted her head back slurped the last of her cocktail down. The sweet liquid tingled as it ran along her throat, and she sighed contentedly as she set the empty glass down on the counter. Shaking her head back and forth to regain her senses, Stephanie hopped down from the barstool, landing clumsily on her feet. She staggered forward as she slowly gained her balance, and began to look for Gina once more.

The wall of people on the dance floor was thick, and Stephanie could hardly see anything in the darkened room. She knew calling out Gina's name was useless given the utter strength of the music blasting around her. She prepared herself to mingle with the crowd, but was interrupted by a sharp yank on her hair. 

Stephanie yelped in pain as something tugged on her ponytail. She spun around to see a woman holding her hair in her fist. Although not quite tall as Gina, the woman was much more curvaceous, her thick legs each almost as wide as Stephanie's torso. A jet black miniskirt draped across her bubble butt, and her full breasts threatened to spill from the daring cleavage of her low cut top.

"Hey, let go of my hair!" She screamed at the woman, who just laughed and tugged once more. Stephanie yelped again, her small hands grappling at the chubby fist balled up around her ponytail.

The woman giggled, her laughter almost inaudible above the thundering bass. 

Stephanie's cries were cut short as the woman pulled her closer, hugging her tightly against her crotch. Her nose pressed against the dark fabric, her screams muffled by the juicy thighs as the woman's hand applied pressure to the back of her head. Stephanie could feel the full hips begin to gyrate, jerking forward and back as the taller woman humped her face to the beat of the music.

After several humiliating seconds, Stephanie felt the force against her skull release. She yanked her head back, and looked up. Her view of the larger woman's face was partially obscured by the bulging globes from her chest, but that didn't stop Stephanie from shouting up at her.

"What the hell, lady!" She shouted, then swung her fist at the woman's leg. Though she put her weight behind her punch, Stephanie hardly caused the woman any discomfort, much less pain. It did, however, piss her off, and her drunken playful mood changed in a heartbeat.

"First of all, it's Trish," the woman snapped. "Second, it seems you need an attitude adjustment, runt."

Before Stephanie could react, the woman grabbed both her hands, holding them firmly in her fat fist. She put her other hand over Stephanie's mouth, stifling her curses and shouts.

"C'mere, you little bitch."

Trish jerked Stephanie away from the dance floor. Stephanie's body kicked into high gear, her adrenaline mixing with alcohol to make a cocktail of anger in her blood. She tugged violently at the woman's fists, vainly attempting to free her hands from the crushing vice of her grip.
Stephanie struggled as Trish dragged her down a hallway. The dismal lights flickered as the thumping music shook the loose wiring in their fixtures. A couple of people bumped against them as Trish pulled Stephanie along, their minds too clouded by alcohols or drugs to take heed of the smaller woman's plight. Stephanie's eyes were wide with terror, the realization of how powerless she was at her new height beginning to truly sink in.

At the end of the corridor, Trish leaned her shoulder against a door, and nudged it open. She shoved Stephanie into the room, then quickly closed the door behind her, latching the deadbolt with a metallic click. Stephanie glanced around, and realized they were in the bathroom of the club. The stalls appeared to be empty, leaving just the two of them alone in the room.
Stephanie crossed her arms over her chest. "What the fuck, lady?!" Her mind was swimming with the surge of hormones and vodka, and her head felt a little light. The taller woman inched closer, her sizable breasts looming over Stephanie's head. Stephanie backed away slowly, until she bumped against the cold tile wall.

"Shrinkies need to learn their place," Trish hissed. "And obviously, you don't know yours yet." She rested her hands on her hips, and stared down at Stephanie.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Trish smiled. "Here, let me show you your place," she purred seductively, sending a shiver down Stephanie's spine. Without warning, she spun around, and pushed her ass towards Stephanie, bumping against her chin. 

"Wait, what are yo...MFFPH!" Her words were smothered out as Trish held her ass against her face. Stephanie felt the hard wall stop the back of her head, preventing her escape. Her tiny hands flailed on either side of the overwhelming bottom as she struggled to break free. She could feel the warmth emanating from the woman's ass crack, and her nose was already protesting the mild scent of sweat that tainted her air supply.

Trish wiggled her hips back and forth, then leaned back further. The muffled squeaks from girl behind her ass increased in pitch as the shrinkie's oxygen was cut off. With a devious grin on her face, Trish reached her hands down to the edge of her dress. Her thick fingers curled around the hem of her skirt, then she stepped forward.

Stephanie gasped as her tormentor moved, finally allowing her a breath of fresh air. Her relief was short, however, as the Amazonian woman hiked up her dress, revealing a pair of gigantic round cheeks. A skimpy black thong stretched along the chasm between the bulbous globes of flesh, disappearing into the void as it descended between Trish's meaty thighs. The crack extended the full length of Stephanie's head, and she screamed as it closed in towards her.

"This is what shrinkies are good for," Trish sighed, as she felt Stephanie's head wedge between her damp cheeks. She bit her lips as a tingle of pleasure pulsed within her crotch. Her fingers gripped each of her cheeks, and she pulled them aside slightly, allowing her captive to sink deeper into her ass. Trish leaned forward, resting her hands on her knees, and began to grind her ass back and forth against the wall.

Stephanie couldn't see anything, her whole world consisted of Trish's ass. Her breathing was labored, and the smell was unbearable. Slick droplets of sweat smeared across her poor face, a byproduct of Trish dancing in the club. Stephanie tried to push the woman away, but her dainty hands simply sunk into the soft butt cheeks.

The crushing mounds of flesh around her pushed back, driving Stephanie's head against the tiled wall once more. The pathetic string of a thong brushed up against the tip of her nose, and she twisted her head in disgust. It was warm and damp, soaked clear through with the woman's sweat.
"Mmm... Let's take it up a notch, runt," Trish purred, giving her booty a few good shakes.

Trish stepped away from the wall, freeing Stephanie from her derrière. She collapsed to her knees, her face beet red from the lack of air. Trish chuckled at the smaller woman, her hairline dampened by her butt sweat, and makeup smeared from rubbing between her thick cheeks.

"Lay down." Trish commanded, pointing at the tile floor.

Stephanie stared in shock, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she caught her breath. There was no way she was going to listen to this crazy bitch.
"Fuck you, lady," she panted.

Trish shook her head, a sinister grin forming on her lips. "You're a slower learner than the last one, shrinkie." She pointed to the floor again, this time snapping her fingers. "I won't tell you again."

Stephanie remained defiant. "Go to hell!"

Without a word, Trish stepped forward, and grabbed Stephanie by the shoulders. Easily overpowering the smaller girl, she pushed Stephanie to the ground with little resistance. She planted her heel on Stephanie's chest, and leaned forward. A series of tiny screams and shrieks escaped the short woman's lips, before all the air in her body was expended. Smiling wickedly, Trish twisted her heel back and forth, eliciting an agonized expression from her victim's face. The stiletto snagged on Stephanie's top, tearing a small gash in the fabric across her chest.

Finally, the foot driven into Stephanie's chest lifted. She coughed and wheezed, her lungs hungry for air. The towering woman above her stepped over her, planting one foot on either side of her shoulders. Stephanie had a unobstructed view up Trish's skirt, and raised her hands above her face as the massive booty began to descend.

Trish crouched down over Stephanie, her ass hovering mere inches above the frightened girl's face. She bounced slightly on her heels, taunting the girl beneath her of her imminent smothering.

"And three, two..." Trish giggled, her ass drifting lower with each shake. "One!" She slammed her butt down on Stephanie, swallowing her pathetic head between her juicy ass cheeks. She adjusted her stance, and tucked her heels under her bottom as she knee, burying Stephanie deeper in her sweaty crack.

Stephanie squirmed under the bigger woman. She was outmatched, her body dwarfed by the trunk-like legs nestled on each side of her chest. What little air she had was polluted by the stench of Trish's ass, and her face and hair were matted with sweat. Her legs kicked uselessly, unable to gain traction on the smooth tiles. She felt an intrusion on her chest as a pair of pudgy hands slithered through her ripped dress. Stephanie felt the thick hands painfully squeeze her breasts, pinching her nipples through the smooth fabric. She writhed in protest, her petite fists pounding against the mountain of ass flesh resting atop her skull.

A ripple of pleasure coursed through Trish's body as the girl pinned under her fought for air. She rocked her hips back and forth, slowly grinding her crotch against the girl's trapped face. A low moan escaped her lips, her lust fueled by the muffled cries from beneath her plump rear. 

"All right, slut," Trish moaned, "time you met the other shrinkie I've found."
She lifted her ass up, giving Stephanie a brief respite. Shifting her body forward, Trish fidgeted with her skirt, tugging her thong down her thighs. The skimpy cotton strained as she pulled on it, before finally snapping at the seams. Trish shrugged, and tossed the ripped undergarment aside before lowering her ass once more. She stopped just short of crushing Stephanie again, her cheeks gently brushing the whimpering woman's chin. Leaning forward, Trish felt her cheeks part slightly, exposing her asshole to Stephanie.

"Why don't you say hi to Lucy, runt?"

Stephanie stared in terror as the pink ring pulsed before her eyes. A pair of tiny legs kicked furiously as the oily sphincter clenched down, crushing the tiny person trapped within Trish's rectum.

"She's been up there since about lunch time," Trish said nonchalantly, as if such a situation was perfectly normal. "But since you're back there, I guess I'll use her elsewhere."

Stephanie was in shock, her mind still trying to process what she was seeing. She watched as Trish reached behind her, her thick hand gliding between the blubbery ass cheeks. The pudgy digits poked at the flailing legs, then pinched them like a vice. Slowly, Trish's hand retracted, pulling the tiny girl from her anal prison.

Trish moved her hand to her face, dangling the little girl in front of her wide eyes. The tiny battered body was coated in a greasy film, completely soaking the girl's short red hair. Trish grinned, and began to lower her hand down to her crotch. Without hesitation, she plunged her hand between her plump thighs, shoving the screaming woman against her wet pussy. Her fingers pushed and prodded the squirming body, until she felt it slip between her swollen labia and into the hot cavern within. Trish let out a high pitched moan, and dropped her weight back down.

Stephanie didn't have time to question what was going on, though, as she was quickly buried in the sweaty darkness of Trish's ass.

"Wa, wai...mmfff!"

Trish moaned as the woman's muffled words tickled her skin. She shifted her weight back slightly, positioning her anus above where she figured the woman's mouth was, before grinding her hips down hard against the tiny head trapped in her booty. Her free hand drifted behind her, and grabbed a fistful of hair sticking out of her crack. Pulling up on the wad of hair in her grasp, she rocked back and forth on her hips, feeling the frantic struggles of the woman pinned beneath her juicy ass. 

Stephanie writhed as Trish's asshole slam into her mouth, and wretched as the slimy orifice rubbed back and forth against her pursed lips. She whimpered as she felt her head being shoved forward, her hair tugged painfully by the thick fist wrapped around it. With what little air she had, she screamed into the sweaty flesh, only to have more weight shift into her as Trish continued to hump her. Her body started to feel dizzy as a lack of fresh began to take its toll on her.

An orgasm was bubbling inside of Trish. Her little Lucy was turning out to be quite the little human vibrator, thrashing about within the cramped confines of her vagina. And the woman under her ass felt amazing, her struggling face mashed against her sweaty anus drove Trish wild. Her breaths came in short, quick gasps, as she neared climax. She felt her body tensing up, her muscles quivering in anticipation.

The mountains of flesh around Stephanie's face contracted, smushing her face like putty. Were it not for the slick asshole wedged against her lips, she would have screamed in pain. Instead, only a moan of pain and revolt vibrated in her throat, as her head and neck were drenched in Trish's foul sweat. 

Trish collapsed with a loud moan, her legs clamped against the woman between her thighs. Her pussy clenched around the writhing woman inside, and Trish felt a wave rush through her veins, sending surges of pleasure to every nerve ending in her body. She sat for a few moments, panting as she caught her breath. Finally, she reached down between her legs, and plucked Lucy out from her love tunnel.

"Well, that was certainly a fun experience," Trish sighed, holding the tiny girl in front of her. It amused her that the girl still seemed to have some energy left in her, even after hours of torment in her ass. 
"Let me go, you fat ugly twat!" 

Trish grinned wickedly, and held Lucy high in the air.

"Let go, you say?" She taunted, licking her lips. "Well, I guess I could..."
The tone of Lucy's screams changed, shifting from obscenities to pleas of mercy. They were in vain, however, as Trish released her grip on Lucy's tiny body. The girl landed on her upper lip, and before she could stand up, Trish's tongue slithered from it's cavern, and lapped her up.

Trish closed her mouth, and began to swish Lucy around. She could hear her tiny screams from within her mouth, as she tossed her about with her tongue. The sweet taste of her own juices mixed with the girl's frightened body, and Trish decided she couldn't resist the carnal urge inside her. Tilting her head back, she flicked the girl back with her slimy tongue, and swallowed. Her fingers traced a noticeable lump down her throat, disappearing beneath her cleavage.

"Mmmmm...." Trish sighed, gently patting her belly. She held still, curious to see if she could feel the morsel inside of her. She stuck out her lower lip, pouting after several seconds of not feeling anything. 

"Well, I guess I should be going." She began to shift her weight, realizing the girl beneath her had passed out. Trish stood up and adjusted her skirt, then stepped over to the corner where she had discarded her thong. She balled it up, and tossed it into the trash can.

Standing over the unconscious Stephanie, Trish bent down, and grabbed the smaller girl's arms. Grunting slightly, she dragged her limp body to one of the stalls, and pushed the door open. Trish lifted the seat, and draped Stephanie's limp body over the porcelain bowl, her face drooping near the water.

"Partied too hard, I guess," Trish chuckled to herself, before unlocking the bathroom door and leaving.

Several minutes later, Stephanie awoke to a firm shake on her shoulder.
"Ughhhh....huh?" She blinked slowly, her mind still hazy.

Gina crouched down beside her, a look of concern cast over her face. "You okay, Steph?"

Stephanie grunted, and staggered to her feet. Her brain flooded with images of what she experienced as her memory kicked in, and her face paled.
"Is she gone?!" She glanced around fearfully.

Gina looked around. "Is who gone, Steph? It's just you and me in here."
Stephanie looked down at her dress. It was torn under her left breast, and what looked like a dirty shoe print marred her stomach. 

"You okay, girl?" Gina rested her hand on Stephanie's shoulder, her concern not waning.

Stephanie shook her head, trying to dispel the horror she had just endured. Brushing her dress off, she turned to face Gina.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just take me home please."

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