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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yay i am finally back on my original scheudle for this story.




"If i ever get her attention, i swear i won't even look at another drink." My climb was not starting well for me at all, mainly due to the fact that she kept shifting her body causing me to fall twice, but i managed to regain my ground. "Christ, when i get back to my normal size we are measuring you."


Though i am very much complaning about my current point on the climb (a lil below the belly button) I am really trying to get my mind off of what i am going to have to climb next, and how. If you have not guessed yet i am talking about her breast. If those things were not big before then they sure as hell are now. I don't even know if i should go around them and risk her changing her position again, or if i should just find someway to climb them with her sitting up. I am going to have to start thinking seeing how I am now at the point where i am about to be there.


Call it one last bit of luck or whatever, but Reece changed from sitting up, to lieng down. Although the movement throw me off a bit makeing me land on my butt, it means that i now had a way to get through her breast. 


I didn't want to waste anytime since shemight decide to shift positioning again, so i resumed my climb. Oddly enough even though i have been under her ass, under her foot, and heck even looked at her breast numerous times, i oddly felt a little embarised. Having felt this i started to climb faster up my roommate making my way to the top.


I wished that my journey could have just stopped there and she just saw me, but sadly that is not so. She was now on her phone texting someone, with her earbuds still in. "Well that is just perfect, how am i gonna get down.". I might have asked myself that, buti already knew how i was. 


I sat down on top of her right breast and began to slide down her. "HOLY FUCKKKKKKKK" I said as i went sliding down eventually crashing down on top of her, which she showed no signs of feeling. At that point i got annoyed, i mean i fell on top of her lap, and she felt nothing. I climbed up her and fell twice, and shefelt nothing. I was freaking climbing her breast and slid down them, and guess what, shefelt absolutly nothing.


my rage giving me enough energy to do this, i slammed my foot down on her collar bone knowing thati hadto get something from her, which of course i did. "Ow! What was that? Some kind of bug?" I hear her say as i feel her start to sit up. Though with her doing this i fell backwards and began sliding once more, this time into her cleavage.


"Huh, strange guess it was nothing.". I would have started yelling if i didn't have a face full of tits on me. I started struggling hopingto at least get something from her, though i got nothing. After calming down a bit i started to take in my situation. I mean i was embarresed before, but now i feel like i could sleep in here, its soft, warm and comfy. 


Though before i could start thinking more about this she got up. "Man, i could use some water." she said as she gets up to go fetch some. To her it seemed like a short walk, but for me iy was like a roller coaster of death. I was getting bounced up and down, getting knocked around left and right, giving me a full understanding of how small andpethetic i am.


She then stopped and opened whatsounded like our fridge. I felt her body start tomoveonce again as she started reaching for her water. My ragdolled body fell from her cleavage do to this. I started screming as i the ground began to grow closer to me. I landed on the floor again though it didn't hurt. I decided to worry about that latersince i needed to get her attention still.


I looked up at her to see if i could do anything for her to spot me but i was greated by her staring down at me with shock. "J-J-Jake your so small."she said with a hint of worry and confusion in her voice. "Ya glad you noticed. now can yo-" "Oh Jake i am sorry, but i can't here you, your voice is so small. Can i pick you up?". I couldn't even nod my head before she reached down to get me, bringing my body to go stiff out of terror. 


Once she got a good hold of me she brought me up to her face, so that she could here me better. My plan was to start yelling to her about all the things she has done to me, but then remembered how she was HUGE, and my only hope of help. 


"Well, uhm you know anything i can take to fix this, maybe?" aren't i the joker.

Chapter End Notes:



You know i am in a struggle now, idunno if this is technicly body exploration or not, and if i should add it to the catagories? Meh i will just keep it like this.

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