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Author's Chapter Notes:

Welp, it has come down to this, the ending.




Me and Reese just stared at one another for a little while, till she decided to move back to the couch. "So how did this even happen?" she asked. "Well i do not really know, i was orriginaly a bit taller then this, but then i shrank again."


"So you do not know how you shrunk bassicly." said Reese, which i responded with a yes to. "Well you do not know how you shrunk, and you are probably gonna shrink more, so what am i soppose to do again?" asked Reese. "Well uhm, i dunno i haven't really gotten that far."


At that point Reece just yawned and simply said she was tired, which i coudn't blame her, i mean i was trying to get her attention all day. "Ok" i said "But what about my problem? What are we going to do about this?" i ased Reece with an irratated expression on my face. "Well, perhaps all of this will just go away." said Reece. "Ya but what if it doesn''t work?" My anger starting to build. "Well i guess you just stay that tiny forever."


At that point all of my anger that i had built up inside of me finally let out.


"What do you mean i stay like this! I have been under your ass, crushed by your damn feet, and nearly suficated by your efing boobs! Just so i can hear you say this bull crap, about me staying this size!" 


I hated myself the moment i let it out, cause once i did she looked a little bit mad. "Just because you somehow shrunk doesn't mean you get to throw a fit out on me little Jake!", that last remark hit me hard, i mean why did she have to bring that in. "I do not have the time to argue with you with you, i''m to tire anyways." 


Haveing said that she closed me in her hand and started to walk to her bed.   "I am going to put you on the night stand ok. If you need me just shout." I nodded at her, still afraid to talk. 


She then lied down in her bed and began to sleep.


When i was about ready to get some shut eye as well Reece began to snore. "You have got to be iding me." i say to myself. I get up and start maing my way to the edge of the night stand. Once i reached there i looked over at Reece sleeping. 


The night stand was not to far from the bed, defflintly in jumping range for me so i didnt really worry to much. 


After a deep breath i began running, and then jumped to the bed which i completed. The mattres comforted my fall greatly, since i had not felt anything from when i hit.


I walked up to Reeces face, with a plan in mind to get her to stop snorring. Once i reached there I kicked the back of her neck, getting me a reaction. Her hand shot up and smacked me. 


Her hand backed away under her covers, with me stucked to it. Right when her hand stopped i managed to free myslef from it, and began to walk out of the covers.


About half way through my journey Reece rolled pinning me between her ass. Unlike last time however i am a bit smaller, so the impact hurt, causing me to puke a bit. Though it also felt a bit weirder as well, everyone bit of it just went around my shrunken form, like water.


With all of the pain gone, and me getting use to being under her, i somehow managed to sleep.




The next day i got woken up by a scream, and then a good punch to my head. "Ow, what the hell was that for Reece?!" i asked. "I dunno why were you under me while i was sleeping?". "What are yo-", i stopped in midsentence relizing i had grown back to my orriginal size.


"Reece, im-im big again!" i said. "Wait so that wasn't a dream, you really were shrunk?" said Reece. 


After that i got up from Reece's bed, and began to walk to the itchen with Reece behind me. "So, uhm whats for breakfast?" i asked. "Oh well i guess i can see if we have any eggs left."said Reece walking backwards to the fridge, looking at me in a bit of shock still. "Hay watch out!" i say before she tripped over our recycle bin. "Ow that hurt." said Reece. "Wait whats this bottle doing here?"

Chapter End Notes:



Well, that is it no more for this story, though i might mae some edits every now and then on all of my goofs.

Also incase nobody caught on, when Jake puked, he got rid of the stuff in his body, And ya i guess if that doesn't help how he got big again well, make your own thing i dunno.

Now i gotta think of somethin else to write. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

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