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Author's Chapter Notes:

Do not think that i will be posting daily, i just did it today since i have a weird schedule this week.



"Where am i? Oh yeah i shrunk". After me realizing again that i had shrunk, I decided that i was hungry and went to get something to eat. "Man how long have i been sleeping? Eh who cares it was a good nap.". 


When i went made my way to the bit of cereal that i had took with me to my new home, i relized that it looked different some how. "Wait. no-no it can't be!". As much as i love to disagree with myself, I was right the cereal had gotten bigger, or rather i have gotten smaller.


"Crap, if i am still shrinking, then i am gonna have to get Reece to notice me. But how....". I decided that i was just gonna have to make my plan on my track over to her. I picked of a piece of the cereal, and began my journey to her.


When i got out of my cabinet, and around the counter, Reece was in my field of vision, and if she was not big before, she sure as hell is now.


I started going to her in a run seeing how i didn't want to waste anytime incase she wanted to get up.

Once i reached her i had to stop for about 8 seconds to catch my breath till i decided that i had to put the plan i had in motion. Well to be honest it really wasn't that much of a plan, it was just to kick her foot, and hope she  looks down at me. A+ plan, good job me!


After a little self pep-talk, and preparing, i mustered up all the energy i had into one swift, good, clean kick to her right foot. "Huh?", i heared Reece say, meaning that i had gotten a reaction from her. This idiotic plan might work after all! 


Sadly the reaction i got from her wasn't the one i wanted at all. Her foot raised up making my sky just her big blue socked foot. I was to afraid to move leading me to get pined under her foot.


"Stupid bugs." was all i heard her say after a ew seconds being under her socked foot. I mean what did i expect? That some girl whos whole life is a screen to look down at what irritated her foot just to make sure that it wasn't her roomy who mysterously got shrunk!


after some time passed with me under her foot, she decided to get up and walk to the kitchen, freeing me from my humid, but oddly soft prison. I did not have any broken bones, but that didn't mean i was not stiff from the impact. I started to army crawl my way to the under side of the table that was infront of the couch, since that was the safest place i could think of.

I barley made 3 inches before she started coming back. My body once again frozed in shock of just hearing, and feeling the tremours of her just walking to the couch.


Her left foot fell next to me, followed by her right foot (which as now becoming my least favorite) which got me stuck in beteen a gap of her toes. Reece sat back down and plugged put in ear buds in her ears, but unlike the last time she decided to use the table as a foot rest. When she swung her feet up on the table my body was launched forward onto her lap, which cushioned my fall greatly.


I looked up at Reece to get a greater scale of just how small i had become. I had to strain my neck just to look up at her face, which was blocked by her two breast. having remind myself of my size i started to try shouting her name, and to look down. All my shouts were useless since my voice was so small, and she was listening to whatever was coming out of her earbuds. 


With my failed attempt to shout at her, it left me with something i did not want to do. I had to climb her...

Chapter End Notes:

Again i will not be posting daily, Though i still do hope you had happy readings.

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