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Story Notes:

This is a sequel to my story, The Visitor, commissioned by a reader who would like to remain anonymous. It's an homage to The Brave Little Tailor featuring a female hero. Expect lots of body exploration/climbing, a harrowing vore scene, and a Gullivera scene with the giantess tied down. It's twice the length pf the first story but I think it turned out really good. Enjoy.

The Visitor Returns

It had been a mere week since the village of Lesser Albion faced possible destruction. A colossal giantess, at least two hundred and fifty feet tall, had descended a magical beanstalk and brought terror to the town. It hardly seemed real, like something out of a storybook. Thankfully, the titan had possessed a somewhat merciful demeanor and was merely there to study the village, not annihilate it. Even so, her presence had wreaked havoc on the sleepy hamlet – crushing roads, damaging houses, and leaving footprints as deep as sinkholes.


Now the monster was gone, and the townsfolk were faced with a dilemma – what to do about the beanstalk. A team of foresters had been hacking away at it for days with their axes. But the stalk was larger and thicker than any tree they’d ever seen and as wide around as a tower. Progress was agonizingly slow.


Genevieve stood beside the beanstalk observing the foresters’ work. Officially, she worked as a seamstress, following a long line of local tailors. But in her spare time, she volunteered with the town guard. Genevieve was quite unlike her compatriots. Her official grey uniform hugged a figure with more curves than the average watchman. Beneath her small feathered cap, lovely red-gold tresses flowed freely. Dark grey tights covered her slender legs and leather hunting boots completed her ensemble.


The villagers found it rather scandalous that a woman had been allowed to join the guard. But the watch was a volunteer police force and, theoretically, anyone could join. While sewing and mending clothes paid the bills, Genevieve’s heart wasn’t truly in it. A bit of a tomboy, she enjoyed nothing more than fighting, mastering weapons, and performing feats of athleticism. She had always been a misfit in Lesser Albion. But this time the people said she had gone too far. For Genevieve was protesting the beanstalk being chopped down.


“We can’t destroy it, I tell you!” she cried. “The giantess took Wynston! He’s up there somewhere too!”


Indeed, the giant woman had kidnapped their shire-reeve, Wynston of the Ward, leader of the guard. Several villagers had witnessed her snatch him up and imprison him in the depths of her enormous bosom before departing. The town had lost its chief defender. As for Genevieve, she had lost a mentor, the only one who truly believed in her abilities as a watchman.


“Wynston’s probably dead by now,” said one of the foresters. “Likely she took the lad as a snack for her journey.”


“I don’t believe that,” Genevieve declared. “She could have gobbled us all up if she so desired. But she spared us. The giantess is not without reason or mercy. I believe Wynston still lives.”


“If he were here, he’d vote to destroy the damn beanstalk,” another man insisted. “It’s worth the life of one reeve if it saves the village.”


Genevieve was about to debate this point when the shadow above them suddenly deepened. The beanstalk began to quiver. The townsfolk looked up in horror and noticed movement high in the sky. Something was coming down the stalk. Something very big.


“She’s back!” a villager shrieked. “Run for your lives!”


The people turned and fled at once – all save for Genevieve. This was the chance she had waited for. She was determined to confront the giantess and force her to account for her actions. She would demand Wynston’s release. After all, the titan had seemed reasonable on her previous visit…mostly.


A short distance from the stalk, Genevieve stood her ground. Above her, the vast creature’s form grew closer and closer. The girl’s breath caught in her throat at the sight, not only for the giant’s staggering size but for her striking appearance as well. The astronomical woman (known as Bora, if she recalled correctly) possessed a figure that put her own to shame. Had they been the same height, Bora’s ample curves would still have dwarfed those of the redhead. At her actual height however, the lofty lady had breasts the size of hills, an arse bigger than most houses, hips that nearly filled the horizon, and shapely legs as tall as a castle. The brown-haired giant was dressed as she had been days earlier, wearing nothing but a loincloth and leather chest wrappings, her body’s considerable assets on display.


When the titanic being was nearly upon her, Genevieve called out at the top of her lungs.


“Halt in the name of the Ward!”


Bora had not heard her though and lowered herself from the beanstalk with a resounding crash. The earth shook most horribly causing Genevieve to stumble and fall into the tall grass. As the girl tried to sit up, she saw the giant woman’s massive foot rising overhead. A shadow eclipsed her, and a ceiling of wrinkled pink flesh filled the sky. Genevieve screamed, certain that she was about to be squashed like an insect. But the foot sailed on, landing with another huge thud behind her. She breathed a sigh of relief and sank back into the grass.


The ground rumbled a few more times as Bora approached the village. She placed her hands on her knees and leaned down to coo at the miniature inhabitants.


“Hullo again, you beautiful tiny people!” a voice boomed high above. “I’m baaaaack! I just couldn’t stay away from this adorable, teensy little world of yours! It’s like my own private Toyland! Hee hee!”


Genevieve watched helplessly as the giant woman stepped over the town wall. She could hear screams and shouting and horrible crashing noises. With as much anger as panic, the watchwoman took off after her, running through the front gate.


As she feared, the village was in shambles, with new destruction piled upon the damage Bora had caused before. The outer walls of houses had been scraped and torn apart and some had outright collapsed. Genevieve scanned the road and was thankful that there were no bloodstains or squashed remains of villagers. Destructive as she might be, Bora at least had the courtesy not to step on anyone—yet.


The giantess had traversed the length of Lesser Albion in seconds and was now in the village square. It was a market day and the square was filled with countless food stands, carts, and wagons from which farmers and shopkeepers were selling their wares. Or had been until they began fleeing from the market in abject horror. Bora chuckled at the tiny, ant-like people scurrying away from her feet. Catching up at last, Genevieve could hear a surge of wind as the giant bent down and smelled the delicious foodstuffs.


“Mmm…yummy,” Bora purred.


The titanic woman took a seat on the largest building nearby, the local inn. Bora’s humongous backside filled the rooftop entirely. The structure creaked and groaned but for now it held together. Bora leaned down and began to snatch wagons and food stands from the street, bringing their heaps of fruit, vegetables, and meats up to her mouth. Overhead could be heard the crunching of powerful teeth, followed by a horrible gulping sound.


The watchwoman had had just about enough of this. Genevieve was prepared to give this mountain-sized thief a piece of her mind.


“Stop that at once!” she bellowed. “That doesn’t belong to you!”


Still, the giantess did not hear her. She was either ignoring the high, squeaky voice below or the crunching of her meal was drowning it out. There had to be some way of getting her attention. The girl cautiously approached one of Bora’s immense bare feet. It was a truly intimidating appendage for the huge round toes were larger than Genevieve was. The scale of this creature was unfathomable. Gathering her courage, the young lady gave the bulbous big toe a swift kick.


“Oi! Big girl!” the redhead shouted. “I’m talking to you!”


Again, there was no response. Genevieve decided to take desperate measures. If she couldn’t be heard or felt down there, she would have to get to higher ground. She craned her neck back and looked up at Bora’s towering form.


“Well…it’s worth a try,” she said to herself. “I’ve always been a strong climber.”


Carefully, she clambered up onto Bora’s second toe (which was at least slightly smaller than its monstrous neighbor). She crawled her way over the shiny nail and the bent joint of the digit. A sudden twitch of a massive muscle caused the woman to lose her balance. She tumbled into the gap between the first two toes and landed on the road with a thump.


She had just stood up to try again when Bora flexed her foot unconsciously, scrunching her toes together. The redhead found herself trapped between two large pink boulders which were squeezing her body like a vice. She gasped for air and tried to squirm free, but the mighty digits were simply too strong. The mere toes of the giantess seemed to be powerful enough to destroy her. She feared she would be crushed, but the lethal grip finally released. The toes mercifully slid back to their previous position and Genevieve took a much-needed gulp of air. With haste, she scrambled back onto the second toe and out of that deadly niche.


“Almost turned into toe jam,” she muttered. “Not the most auspicious start.”


The girl climbed uneasily up the slope of the giant woman’s instep. The skin was quite thick and leathery. It was little wonder that the titan couldn’t feel a minuscule being crawling on her. Genevieve’s fluttery touch would probably barely register. Slowly, the watchwoman rose to a standing position, trying to keep her balance on the uneven terrain of this literal foot-hill.


Genevieve reached for her belt and unhooked a small grappling hook. Standing precariously on the tilting surface, she swung the line in a circle a few times to build up momentum. Then she let it fly. It was an impressive toss and the hook caught on the thick skin of a gigantic knee high above. Genevieve tugged on the line to make sure it was secure. Satisfied, she braced her feet against Bora’s leg and began to carefully walk her way up the tower-like shin.


At one point, her boot slipped, and she found herself dangling freely halfway up the vast leg. Her expedition had barely begun and already it was a good thirty feet to the ground. She tried not to look down. With a bit of effort, she climbed the rest of the way and crested the knee, clambering onto the giantess’s lap.


“Whew,” she huffed, catching her breath. “I suppose you could say I’ve just passed the first leg of my journey. Heh. Thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.”


The young lady now found herself standing on a wide and expansive thigh. The meaty mass stretched off into the distance, creating the effect of a vast plateau. To her right, Genevieve saw a deep valley with an equally massive island (Bora’s other thigh) on the opposite side. She took a cautious step back. Above her, the giantess was still preoccupied with stuffing her face. Genevieve detached and retrieved her grapple and pressed on.


She walked along the soft, spongy surface of the thigh until she drew near to the immense leather loincloth. This was stretched across Bora’s pelvis like a wide tarp and extended down onto the rooftop below. A rope with a thickness as wide as Genevieve’s body held the garment in place and leather pouches the size of small cottages hung from this makeshift belt.


“Okay, moving on,” the girl said nervously, eyeing the vast rumpled loincloth. “Definitely don’t want to see what’s under that!”


The watchwoman swung her grappling line a few more times and tossed it with all her strength. It ricocheted off Bora’s stomach and tumbled back down beside her. After a couple attempts, she finally managed to hurl it high enough to catch on the lower portion of the leather chest wrappings. Once again, Genevieve inverted her position and began to walk slowly up a wall of flesh.


She was now climbing over the wide smooth plane of the giant’s belly. As she passed the navel, she marveled at the size of this alcove. It was nearly large enough for her to crawl inside. The girl could hear the rumblings of Bora’s inner plumbing as it prepared to digest the food tumbling into it. Genevieve gulped fearfully at these ominous noises. Now and then, a particularly powerful gurgle caused a slight vibration under her boots.


“Thank God she doesn’t have a taste for humans,” Genevieve thought. “Half the population of Lesser Albion could fit in this thing.”


The next challenge was a sizeable one indeed for she was now directly below the giant woman’s mountainous bosom. It projected out majestically from her body like an outstretched cliff. Genevieve’s tiny form was shaded from the sun’s rays under those monumental mammaries.


“Good lord,” the young woman whispered. “I’ll bet you’re popular with all the boys back home, lady.”


The girl took hold of the underside of Bora’s leather brassiere and dangled precariously. She unhooked the grapnel with one hand, latched it back on her belt, and rewound the rope. With legs kicking in midair, Genevieve attempted to climb the swell of the hill-like breast above her. This required being nearly upside down for a moment until she rounded the curve and began to clamber up the outer surface.


Grabbing fistfuls of leather, Genevieve worked her way up the slope. She soon reached the top of the garment and was confronted by a wide plane of skin. The girl scrambled onto this.  Bora’s ample charms extended out far enough to form a shelf, which Genevieve now rested upon. She laid atop the cyclopean breast, panting in exhaustion. Below her, the ground gently rose and fell with her host’s breathing. It was almost relaxing, like being on a ship at sea. The redhead idly glanced to the side and let out a gasp of shock.


Beside her was a yawning chasm of cleavage. The leather wrappings were evidently quite tight and had pushed the monolithic breasts together to create a long, deep depression. The effect was like sitting on the edge of a cavernous pink ravine. It was more than large enough to swallow Genevieve whole.


A disquieting thought occurred to her. Carefully, she crawled towards the edge of the capacious canyon and peered inside.


“Um…Wynston?” she called. “Are you in there?”


Silence followed. Although this was the reeve’s last known location, hopefully the giantess hadn’t kept him in there all week. Still, there was a chance that Bora used this as his hiding spot and had placed him in there again. Genevieve leaned closer, trying to see the bottom.


The young lady was still staring into the abyss when she realized she was beginning to slide. The “floor” of her resting place sloped downward towards the gap and Genevieve fought to maintain her balance. Unfortunately, gravity had begun to do its work and she continued to slip uncontrollably. With a high-pitched yelp, the redhead tumbled headfirst into the chasm.


Genevieve plummeted down through a narrow crevasse of flesh, screaming all the way. She bumped against the soft, pliant walls as she fell, bouncing back and forth. After a hair-raising few seconds, she landed with a plop on a hammock of leather. The girl sat up and tried to get her bearings in the dim light. She could feel the fleshy barriers on either side gently pushing against her as the giantess breathed in. They slid apart again with each exhalation. Of Wynston, there was no sign.


Genevieve blushed in embarrassment. She couldn’t believe that she had fallen into the giant woman’s lady parts! Bora must surely have felt that. One could hardly ignore a little squirmy thing sliding down one’s décolletage. At any moment, Genevieve expected a pair of huge fingers to reach in and retrieve her. She braced herself…but nothing happened.


“You’re kidding me,” she muttered. “You didn’t even feel that? Am I that insignificant to you?!”


Well, now there was no alternative but to climb back out. She looked up and saw the opening of the tunnel high overhead. She had known the giantess was busty, but this was ridiculous. The top of her cleavage was easily twenty feet above. The girl sighed wearily. She stood up on the leather canopy and braced her hands and feet against the huge squishy walls. Pushing against them, she began to slowly wriggle her way up the tight passageway.


Unexpectedly, Bora shifted position, likely bending down to grab another wagon from the road. Genevieve felt the walls closing in on her as the colossal breasts began to squeeze together. Her world contracted, and she found herself half squished between immeasurable mounds of flesh. The girl’s vision was filled with pale pink and it was becoming a struggle to breathe. As the walls continued to press inward, Genevieve felt as if her ribs would crack. Any tighter and her body would simply explode like a grape.


Just as it seemed she would be reduced to a red smear, the crushing pressure finally abated. The planetary orbs slid apart slightly, and Genevieve was once more tumbling down between them. She landed in a heap upon the familiar floor of leather, all her progress undone. The young lady simply laid there, rubbing her sides in pain and taking great gulps of air. It was stuffy and smelled of sweat but it was air just the same.


However, she couldn’t allow herself more than a few moments. Genevieve was uncertain if she could survive another collision like that. Jumping to her feet, she braced against the walls a second time and began to clamber upward, much more swiftly than before.


“I am not going to die in here,” she said. “Squashed by giant bosoms is not how I go, damn it!”


At last, she reached the top of the tunnel and pulled herself up with a powerful heave. Genevieve’s head and shoulders emerged from Bora’s cleavage with an audible pop. She hoisted a leg and climbed the rest of the way out. The girl checked herself for injuries. She seemed to be intact. She had, however, lost her official watchman’s hat in those deadly depths.


“Keep it,” she muttered to her hostess. Genevieve had really liked that hat but there was no way she was going in after it.


She was finally in the home stretch. Genevieve stood up uneasily on the curvy surface and backed up for a running start. She began to scramble across the giant’s upper chest. The redhead grabbed the long collarbone and pulled herself up. A short climb later, she had managed to reach a shoulder.


Against her better judgment, Genevieve stole a glance at the view. She was well over a hundred feet in the air. She would have been even higher if Bora hadn’t been sitting down. The girl could see the entirety of Lesser Albion and its little rooftops. Birds wheeled through the air beside her. Genevieve’s hair and clothing were whipped by the wind. Her head swam, and she took hold of a nearby strand of thick brown hair to steady herself.


She was about to call out to the giantess when she saw something that made her blood freeze. Some distance away, Bora’s hand held a pastry stand loaded with numerous cakes, pies, eclairs, and other desserts. But inside the walls of the little hut, Genevieve could also see the baker! The man was terrified, and he clung to the front counter of the stand as it was tilted back and forth. The giant woman’s mouth was open wide, and the pastry stand was headed straight for it.


 Did Bora not see him? Or worse, did she not care?


Before Genevieve could shout a warning, Bora leaned forward slightly. The girl’s foot slipped on the smooth platform of the shoulder. Falling into open air, she tightened her grasp on the lock of hair and held on for dear life. Genevieve swung wildly on the silky brown vine, dangling back and forth in front of the giantess. She peered up in dread just in time to see a mountain of pastries tumbling into Bora’s jaws. With a primal shriek, the baker plunged in with it, vanishing through the gates of those huge red lips. The giant closed her mouth and sighed in contentment.


“Mmmmm….” Bora rumbled. The tiny pies and cakes were surely melting in her mouth like candy. A moment later, she tilted back her head and swallowed the entire mouthful in one gulp.


“No,” Genevieve breathed in horror. “Oh God, no!”


Furiously, she climbed hand over hand up the lock of hair. In seconds, she was passing alongside Bora’s cliff-like facial features. Genevieve shifted her weight and caused the strand to swing inwards until it collided with the vast face. She finally released the hair and instead grabbed onto the tip of the giant woman’s nose.


The young lady clung to it desperately, wrapping her arms and legs around the outer edges. Thankfully, Bora had a slightly upturned nose, which made it easier for Genevieve to balance atop it. She sat up as much as she dared and screamed at the giantess.


 “What have you done, you monster?!”


Bora opened her eyes and crossed them awkwardly, trying to focus on the tiny figure on her nose.


“Hullo, little one,” the titan boomed. “So, you finally made it to the top. I wondered how long it would take you.”


Genevieve blinked in confusion. “You wondered how—you mean you knew I was there the whole time?”


 “Oh, yes,” Bora told her.


  “Even when I fell in your, um, I mean when I was down between your—”


“Yep, especially then. You tickle most wonderfully,” said Bora. Genevieve was blushing again. “Did you really think I couldn’t feel you climbing me? You’re teensy, kiddo, but you’re not weightless.”


The watchwoman was still a bit shocked, but she had a duty to perform.


“In the name of the Town Ward of Lesser Albion and the greater county of Lesser Albionshire, I hereby place you under arrest!”


Bora chuckled, nearly tossing the girl off her face. “And how will you do that, my itty-bitty watch-lady?”


Genevieve paused. She hadn’t quite worked this part out yet.


“Never mind that now!” she insisted. “Don’t you realize what you’ve done? You’ve swallowed the town baker!”


Now it was Bora’s turn to be shocked. She looked down at the pastry stand still grasped in her fingers.


“I have?” the giantess asked. “Oh dear. I didn’t even feel him go down. You little folk are so tiny! Well, if I’ve gulped him down whole, that’s good, right? Means he’s probably still alive in there!”


Bora looked down at her midsection with fascination. She gave her bare belly a few pats. Even from her high perch, Genevieve could hear the giant’s stomach gurgle in protest as its contents churned about.


“Hullo in there, little baker!” Bora called. “Can you hear me? I hope you’re enjoying the accommodations! Only the best at Bora’s Bed & Breakfast. Of course, I imagine you weren’t expecting to be the breakfast.”


“This isn’t funny!” Genevieve growled. She leaned forward on the nose and stared angrily into a huge blue eye larger than her head. “Cough him up this instant! If you let him out now, I’ll only have you on theft and destruction of property, not murder.”


“That does seem preferable,” said the giantess, trying not to laugh. “I didn’t eat him on purpose though, so that’s manslaughter at best.”


She reached up and plucked Genevieve off her nose. The redhead gasped as she found herself pinched in the grip of a meaty thumb and forefinger.


“Better put you someplace safe, little lady,” Bora said. “Don’t want you to fall to your death while I’m heaving my guts out. Let’s see…”


Bora looked down at her chest with an impish grin.


“Oh, no you don’t!” said Genevieve. “I’m not going back in there!”


“Aww, you’re no fun!” the giantess whined.


Bora set Genevieve on her shoulder and tied a few strands of her hair around the girl’s waist.


“That oughta hold ya,” the titan said. “Now, hang on tight. Here goes.”


She opened her mouth and began to stick two fingers into her throat. Genevieve suddenly panicked.


“Wait, not here!” she cried. “You’ve done enough damage already. I won’t have you vomiting all over the village square! Go outside the town limits, then cough him up!”


“Make up your mind, will ya?” Bora complained.


The giantess stood up, causing the inn to make a terrible creaking noise as her weight was lifted. The sudden movement sent Genevieve tumbling onto her rump and she did her best not to slip off the back of the shoulder. As the titan walked through the village, her miniature passenger grabbed hold of the lifeline of hair and held fast. Genevieve could hear the resounding thuds of Bora’s footsteps below, as well as the sounds of further destruction.


In moments, Bora reached the edge of town and hopped playfully over the wall. She landed with a massive tremor in the bordering field. A few more lengthy strides took her a safe distance from Lesser Albion. She knelt in the grass and once again lifted a hand towards her mouth.


“Ugh, this is going to be so vile,” Bora muttered.


The next several minutes were filled with thunderous coughs and a hideous retching noise as Bora thrust her fingers down her throat. The clamorous sound echoed through the hills of Lesser Albionshire and Genevieve covered her ears in pain. Bora kept at it for a while, but nothing was coming up.


“This--*hack-hack-wheeze* doesn’t seem to be working,” the giantess finally said.


“But it has to!” insisted Genevieve. “You can’t just leave him in there! He’ll die!”


“You know, there might be another way to get him out,” Bora mused.


“What? How?”


The giant woman smiled, and a mischievous gleam appeared in her eye. “I could send someone else in to fetch him.”


Bora looked straight at Genevieve pointedly. The redhead gasped in horror.


“What?! No! You are not swallowing me too! That’s insane!”


“You said it yourself, he’ll die otherwise,” said the titan. “Isn’t it your civic duty as a watchwoman to aid an endangered citizen? You have your wee grappling hook. I can lower you down my throat and pull the two of you out again. Come on, the clock is ticking. He can’t last much longer in there.”


As if to drive home the point, Bora’s stomach began to gurgle loudly again. Genevieve’s heart sank. The giant was right. It was her duty.


“Okay…I’ll do it,” the girl said softly, her expression resigned. “Let’s just get this over with.”


“Excellent!” said the giantess. “I love this idea! A tiny, little rescue mission in my tummy!”


Genevieve detached herself from Bora’s hair and wrapped the grappling line around her waist. She tied a strong knot in the rope and pulled it taut. She hoped it would be enough. The giantess offered a hand and the young woman stepped off the shoulder into her upturned palm. Bora took hold of the hooked end of the rope with two fingers and lifted the hand holding Genevieve towards her face.


The girl was now directly in front of a mammoth pair of dark red lips. Each was nearly as thick as her body and the unsettling smile they formed stretched a good distance to either side. Genevieve’s heart was pounding a mile a minute.


“Once you find him,” said Bora, “tug three times on the rope. That’ll be the signal.”


“Wait a minute,” Genevieve said. “After you’ve…s-swallowed me…what guarantee do I have that you’ll let me out again?”


Bora shrugged. “None, I suppose. You’ll just have to trust me. Oh, by the way…what’s your name, little lady? You’re about to get to know me rather intimately so I thought I should ask.”


“Genevieve,” the girl said.


“I’m Blunderbora,” the giantess replied. “Nice to eat you. Oops, I mean meet you!”


“Not funny,” said Genevieve with a frown.


“Oh, come on! It’s a little funny. Anyway, let’s get this party started.”


The lips suddenly parted with a wet smack and the giant’s mouth opened wide. The top half of those jaws rose far above Genevieve’s head. The watchwoman stared with dread into the cavernous mouth. She could see a writhing, living floor of bright pink framed by two lines of shiny white teeth as tall as her thigh. The sharper canine incisors thrust upward from the twin rows like stalagmites. Two similar rows of teeth hung poised threateningly overhead. A long, thin pillar of saliva extended from floor to ceiling. Genevieve’s eyes traced the path of the carpet-like tongue into the distance and saw the dark, foreboding chasm of a gigantic throat and the fleshy, dangling uvula above it. She could feel herself trembling.


She was trying to gather her courage when Bora spoke.


“Too slow, pipsqueak! Time’s a’wasting!”


Bora opened her mouth and tossed Genevieve in like a piece of popcorn. The girl landed with a wet splat on the enormous tongue and skidded along its surface. She finally came to rest somewhere near the back of the mouth. The air around her was oppressively humid and she could hear and feel the powerful breeze of the giant’s breath sweeping past her. The watchwoman was soaked in spittle. Genevieve pushed herself up on her hands and knees. She tried not to look at the huge teeth surrounding her or think about how easily they could chew her to bits. The view of the dark gorge before her wasn’t particularly comforting either.


“You weady, li’l Genny?” Bora asked, slurring slightly with her mouth full. The sound of her voice was almost deafening, and Genevieve was tossed about roughly on the vast tongue as it formed the words.


“Ahhhhh! Don’t talk!” the girl cried.


“Oops,” said Bora. “Sowwy about dat.”


Genevieve bounced about the cave-like mouth once again, banging her head on the ceiling and almost crashing into a molar.


“Just do it already!” the redhead commanded. “Swallow me, you big bimbo!”


Bora closed her lips, plunging the girl into darkness. Her tongue began to rise, and Genevieve was lifted towards the roof of the mouth. She started sliding downward as her floor went vertical. It was too dark to see, but she felt herself tumble haphazardly over the precipice of the giant gullet.


Genevieve screamed. In a single, casual gulp, Bora swallowed her whole.


Slick, powerful muscles grasped the redhead on all sides, dragging her downward. Genevieve couldn’t stop shrieking. After a few terrifying moments, she was pushed through a tight gateway and began to fall. She plummeted into a lake of thick, viscous soup. All the foods that Bora had consumed at the market surrounded Genevieve, though many had been dissolved into mush. A few undigested fruits and vegetables floated around her. The girl kept her head above the surface and gasped for air. It was foul smelling and sickening, but it had to suffice.


A deep, echoing groan filled her ears, followed by smaller growls and sloshing noises. She dog paddled about and tried to get her bearings. The capacious belly lurched, sending her tumbling forward in a wave of foodstuff. Genevieve smacked into the wrinkled lining of the cavern and tried not to be sucked under.


“Mr. Baker!” she called desperately. She was embarrassed to realize she didn’t remember the man’s name. “Are you in here? Can you hear me, sir?”


There was no answer. How long had it been? Was the poor devil already digested? Had he been pulled under the swampy waters and drowned? Genevieve began to panic.


Then at last, she heard a faint cry. The girl frantically swam in the direction of the sound and collided with another body in the dark. She grabbed hold of him tight. His clothes were in tatters and his skin felt hot to the touch.


“Wh-who’s there?” a strained voice asked. “Is s-someone else in here?”


“It’s Genevieve, sir! From the watch?”


“Genevieve?” the baker repeated, confused. “Oh, yes. Th-the pretty police lady. She’s eaten you too? I’m so sorry, child. To cut you down in the prime of youth—”


“It’s going to be okay, sir,” Genevieve said. “I’m here to rescue you!”


The woman reached for the grapple line, ready to give it a strong tug. But it was no longer around her waist! In blind terror, she began feeling for it in the darkness.


“My rope! I don’t understand!” cried the watchwoman. “The giantess was gentle! She was helping me!”


Genevieve and the baker clung to each other as the stomach suddenly lurched and waves of slurry tossed them about. Their organic prison groaned and burbled horribly all around them.


“She l-lied to you,” the baker said when the upheaval ceased. “Probably wanted to trick you into entering her mouth willingly. It’s all a g-game to her.”


 “No!” Genevieve shouted. “I won’t believe that! This has to be a mistake!”


Several loud, echoing thumps resounded from beyond the wall of the stomach. A powerful vibration passed through the chamber, rattling the two tiny prisoners. Genevieve shivered. It was the sound of the giantess patting her belly. The baker was right. Bora had trapped her in there and now the girl was simply a part of her lunch! Just one more miniature morsel added to the lot.


“I hope we give you indigestion, you colossal bitch!” Genevieve screamed, fighting back tears. She was going to die. She’d failed the people of the town. She’d failed the poor baker. She’d failed Wynston and she’d never see him again. There was no hope.


Or was there? The massive organ lurched once again, more violently than before. The redhead could feel the “water level” beginning to rise, carrying her and the baker upward. A few more aggressive spasms sent them hurtling up the tunnel of Bora’s esophagus, pushed forward by a fountain of food slush. Before Genevieve knew what was happening, she was hurtling into a blinding light and falling through open air. The girl and the baker landed less than gracefully in the grass along with an ocean of bile.


Genevieve spat the disgusting substance out of her mouth and peered up in confusion. The sky was filled by the enormous contours of Bora’s face. A curtain of dangling dark hair surrounded the humans on either side.


“Oh, good,” the giantess said with a smile. “You’re alive. I thought I’d lost you in there! Imagine my surprise when I pulled the rope out and there was no one on it! I gave my tummy a few taps to try and signal you, but I couldn’t feel anything. Guess you’re just too tiny.”


“Wh-where am I?” the baker sputtered. “Is this Heaven? Saints preserve me, is God…a woman?”


 “Ha ha, he thinks I’m a god,” Bora giggled. “That’s adorable.”


Genevieve sat up and composed herself, looking at the giant woman accusingly. “I…I thought you couldn’t make yourself throw up.”


“Oh, I could have done that any time,” said Bora. “It was just more fun to gulp you down whole like a pill!”


The young woman was enraged. “Fun? Fun?! I thought I was going to die in there! Look at the poor baker, he’s half dead already! We have to get him to the healer!”


“All right, all right, don’t get your tights in a bunch, kid! Eww, this is nasty!” Bora said. She reached down gingerly and plucked the startled baker out of the pool of vomit, wrinkling her nose in disgust.


 “So, where’s this healer live?”


 “Number 7 Crabapple Lane,” Genevieve said. “But you can’t just—”


“Crabapple! Got it!” Bora exclaimed, suddenly standing up to her full towering height. Genevieve gasped as the giant loomed above her like a mountain. With heavy thuds, Bora started for the village.


“I’ll have him there in two shakes!” she called over her shoulder. “Well, unless I’ve stepped on all the street signs…”


While the titan was gone, Genevieve retrieved her grapnel and did her best to dry off her soaking clothes and hair. She was shaking from a combination of cold and rage. The giantess could have saved the baker herself but chose to swallow Genevieve too? What kind of sick person eats people alive and spits them back out? Well, a less sick one than the kind that would just eat people, full stop. But that was beside the point!


A short while later, the sky darkened, and the ground rumbled with Bora’s approach. Her huge bare feet stopped a few inches from where Genevieve sat, a bit too close for comfort. The girl took her eyes off the wiggling, intimidating toes and tried to look up at Bora’s face. But her view was obscured by the swell of the monumental bosom above.


“Mission accomplished!” the giant woman said. “No one would answer the door, so I had to tear the roof off. Incidentally, your town doctor screams like a little girl. But the baker is getting healed up good as we speak.”


“This is all just a game to you, isn’t it?” Genevieve asked angrily.


“What was that?” said Bora. “Can’t hear you all the way down there, cutie.” She crouched down with terrifying speed and scooped the girl into her hand.


“You could have killed us, but you still treat this like some flippant little joke!” Genevieve bellowed from the giant’s palm.


 “Aww, lighten up, short stuff!” Bora chuckled. “I got you out of there, didn’t I?”


“You may be gentler than the giants in the stories,” said the redhead, “but you’re still a menace! And you’re still under arrest!!!”


 “Oh, not this again.”


“For destruction and theft of property,” Genevieve began, “kidnapping, cannibalism, and attempted murder of a citizen and a member of the watch—I am taking you down!”


To Bora’s stunned surprise, the tiny woman scurried onto her arm and clambered awkwardly back up to a shoulder. She buried the hook of her grapnel in the fleshy floor. Genevieve then disappeared behind the trunk of the giant neck, inching her way carefully around to emerge on the other shoulder.


Bora watched her with fascination, wondering just what she was doing. She felt ticklish tiny feet run over her collarbone as the girl returned to the first shoulder, dragging the grapple line. Genevieve looped it around the hook and tied a knot. The rope now circled Bora’s throat like a necklace.


Without warning, Genevieve jumped from the shoulder and into a freefall, dragging the unwinding rope behind her. She shifted her weight in mid-air and started to swing around Bora’s enormous body in a spiral. Vast body parts flashed through her vision—a massive arm, the smooth plane of a bare back, another arm, the exterior of a belly she now knew all too well. Genevieve continued to spin, swooping past a wide curving hip and the gigantic hill-like buttocks beneath the loincloth. Next came the long turrets of Bora’s legs as the girl plummeted further down, witnessing the reverse of her earlier climb.


The rope pulled taut around the startled giantess, pinning her arms to her sides and tangling about her. Genevieve swung around her ankles, trussing these up as well. At last, the redhead touched down on terra firma, released the rope, and hurried away. Bora wobbled back and forth, trying to keep her balance but it was no use. Her foot slipped, and the mountainous woman fell over backward.


The earth shook with an apocalyptic crash, louder and more violent than the giant’s footfalls had been. Flocks of birds took off in panic, trees tumbled to the ground, and in the nearby village, a few already damaged structures completely collapsed. Genevieve had put a good distance between her and the tumbling titan, but the shuddering impact sent her falling as well. Finally, it was over, and Bora lay sprawled on her back, her gargantuan form stretching off across the fields. Genevieve had felled the giantess!


She could hardly believe that worked. That jump could have been suicide but she hadn’t seen any other options. Swelling with pride, the girl marched back over to Bora. She hoisted herself up onto an ankle and tied the end of the grappling line in a knot, completing the giant’s bonds. She began to march triumphantly along the top of Bora’s leg. It was a much easier journey this time.


Genevieve walked the full length of Bora’s leg, but the giantess didn’t stir. Perhaps she had been knocked unconscious (or worse) by the fall. The girl still had a fair distance to go before she could check a pulse or determine if the titan was breathing. Genevieve had reached Bora’s thigh and was about to continue when she heard noises coming from the pouch on the giant’s belt.


“Help! What just happened?” a muffled voice called. “Get me out of here!”


With some effort, the girl managed to unbutton the pouch and lift the heavy leather flap. Her eyes went wide as they met the gaze of a very confused shire-reeve.


“Wynston!” she exclaimed. The leader of the guard crawled shakily out of the pouch. Genevieve took his hand and helped him stand up. Unable to control herself, she threw her arms around him and hugged him tight.


“I knew you were still alive!” the redhead cried. “No one would believe me but—wait a minute. Were you in there this whole time?”


“I was indeed,” said Wynston of the Ward when she finally released her grip. “Bora placed me in there on the journey from the Cloudlands. It was soft and dark, and the steady swivel of her hips was quite relaxing so I’m afraid I dozed off.”


“My God, you could have been crushed when she fell!” Genevieve gasped. “I’m so sorry, Wynston! If I’d only known you were in there—”


Blinking in the sunlight, Wynston finally got a look at his surroundings. He saw the vast landscape of the giantess’s body extending into the distance and noticed the long twisting rope tangled around it.


“Good lord, Genevieve, did you do this?” he asked. “You brought her down and trussed her up like a hog-tied farm animal?”


The young woman smiled proudly. “I did, sir! And that’s not the half of it! You wouldn’t believe what I’ve been through today.”


A look of concern crossed Wynston’s face. “Is she dead? Did the fall kill her?”


“I’m not sure,” Genevieve admitted. Why did he seem so worried?


“Come with me,” Wynston beckoned. “We’d better check.”


The two guardsmen made their way across the giant woman’s expansive belly. With a shiver, Genevieve tried to suppress the memories of her experiences within that region. She picked up her pace to catch up with Wynston, who was hurrying frantically over Bora’s abdomen. Up ahead of them, they could see the twin hills of the gigantic looming bosom. They were rising and falling in a steady rhythm. The giant still lived.


Wynston clambered up to the peak of her right breast and peered ahead, shielding his eyes from the sun. Genevieve was climbing up after him when she felt the colossal chest rumbling beneath her. Bora was groaning.


“Ohhhhh, my head,” the giant woman moaned. She tried to sit up, but a sudden sharp pain and the constricting grappling line prevented this. Bora managed to lift her head slightly and stared at the tiny human atop her bosom.


“Hullo, Wynston. How did you get out?” she said. Bora noticed Genevieve pulling herself up beside him. “Oh. I see.”


"And just when were you going to tell me that Wynston was in your pocket?” the watchwoman bellowed.


 “You didn’t ask,” said the giantess.


“Are you hurt, Bora?” Wynston called out to her. He was cupping his hands to his mouth and shouting to make himself heard. “How bad is it? How many fingers am I holding up?”


“Wynston, you’re an inch and a half tall,” the giantess chided. “I can barely see you, let alone your fingers.”


Is she hurt?!!” Genevieve repeated incredulously. “Why do you care?! This monster has been terrorizing and destroying the village! She ate up everything in the marketplace and swallowed a man whole! Then she bloody swallowed me too, so she could play rescue mission! She’s a menace, Wynston! She had to be stopped!”


“Is this true, Bora?” the reeve asked. The giant averted her eyes. “What have I been telling you all this time?”


“Humans aren’t toys,” Bora muttered sheepishly.


“Exactly! You should be ashamed of yourself. I specifically asked you not to go into the village.”


Genevieve had been looking back and forth at the pair of them during this exchange. She felt like she was going crazy.


“What is going on?!” she shrieked. “Are you two friends or something?! Wynston, she kidnapped you!”


“No, she didn’t. I agreed to go with her,” he explained. “Bora and I got to know each other this past week as she gave me a tour of the Cloudlands. She’s not a bad person at heart. Just rather careless and fond of mischief. I’ve been trying to make her understand that we’re not her playthings.”


“Well, she clearly wasn’t listening! Job well done, Wynston! I’ll just tell all the villagers that lost their homes what a sweet gal she is! I’ll tell the man she nearly digested alive that she’s ‘not a bad person’,” Genevieve yelled. She threw her hands up in animated gestures as she paced around the enormous breast.


The giantess cleared her throat nervously. “Look, uh…maybe I did get a bit carried away.”


“You think?!!” said Genevieve.


“Okay, I made a big damn mess and almost killed people,” Bora admitted. “I’m really sorry.”


 “Oh, that makes everything fine then!” the redhead shot back sarcastically.


Bora started to smirk despite herself. “Heh. You’ve got spunk, kiddo. I like you. You’re an inch tall and you somehow took me down anyway. I ain’t even mad, that was impressive. Check the pouch on the other side of my belt. There’s some Cloudlands coins in there. Enough gold to pay for repairs to the town and then some!”


Genevieve eyed her suspiciously but Wynston had already slid down the breast and was making his way towards Bora’s waist. Sure enough, he was soon dragging a gold coin the size of a table out of the pouch. His muscles strained with the effort.


 “Here, let me help ya with that,” Bora said. She lifted her arms and snapped the grappling line with ease. The giantess sat up and reached into the pouch, scooping out Wynston and a full handful of giant currency.


“Um…Bora,” Wynston said, pointing at her chest. She looked down and found Genevieve clinging desperately to her brassiere. The girl’s perch had gone suddenly vertical. Bora giggled, sending a tremor through her bust that nearly shook the watchwoman loose. The giantess reached over with her other hand and caught the tiny lady in her palm.


“Whoops. Humans aren’t toys,” said Bora. “I’ll get it eventually, I swear!”


Bora walked back to the town and set the humans and the mountain of gold just outside the wall. They craned back their necks and stared in awe as she stood up.


“Well, it’s been fun,” she said. “But I should head home before I do any more damage. See ya around, little cuties! You’re both welcome in the Cloudlands any day!”


With that, the towering woman turned and lumbered her way to the beanstalk, whistling a cheery tune.


“Astonishing work, Genevieve,” Wynston said to his friend. “You survived the digestive tract of a giantess and defeated her one-on-one! They’ll be singing your legend for ages!”


Genevieve sat down wearily on a huge coin. “I’ll be expecting a raise in pay after this, sir. A big one. And a very long holiday.”


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