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4 Inch Man

Chapter 1
The alarm blared in my ear. Time to get up. For work. I shuffled towards my dresser and pulled out some clothes for the day. I worked a job at a Denny's Diner. After slipping into my pants and shirt, I headed off towards the bus stop. The clock on my phone read 7:30. The bus wouldn't be here for another half hour. I was pretty early. I plopped down on the nearby bench. A notification buzzed on my phone, a text message from an unknown number. I opened my phone to view it. It appeared to be an adbot. "Attention iPhone user! You have won $50,000! Click here to claim your prize, or here to ignore." This likely being a scam, I clicked on the second link. But then, it opened Safari and a video played. There was a mysterious figure wearing a cloak, who spoke with a voice modifier. "You've passed our first test, whoever may be watching this. You qualify for 3 days with the 4IM, which you will be rewarded with a cash prize of 2 million dollars. Should you choose to accept, you will spend three whole days with one of our clients, before being allowed to return. I'm afraid I can disclose no further information. If you are interested, type "4IM-89" to the number below." A number spelled out in yellow characters appeared below him. I quickly took a screenshot of the photo. Then, the man said, "This video will self delete in about three seconds." I looked out down the street and suddenly, the phone said, "Server not found." I thought about the job offer. On one hand, it was clearly a shady business practice, and I didn't know what kind of work I was going into. It could have been something like babysitting or maybe tutoring. But why would I get 2 million dollars for it? And on the other hand, I would be getting two million out of it. That's when I decided on doing so. Why not? What's the worst that could happen? So I opened messages, and typed in the number that the man described, and sent the message. There was an immediate reply: "Congratulations! You have signed up for 4IM internment camp! We'll reply when we need you to come in. Have a nice day!" Alright. So maybe I would have some relax time before my first day on the job. The time read 7:55. The bus would be here any minute now. Suddenly, a buzz on my phone. It was the anonymous number. "Go to 21st and Heath Street as soon as possible. Look for a black sedan. Go Alone." I looked at the message, then at the time, and was shocked. I was gonna miss the bus! Then, another message was sent. "Do not flake on us. You have already agreed that you would do it, and do it you must. Go now." Ok. These people were not fucking around. They wanted me to move. So I got up off the bench and set a course on maps for the named intersection. I started out of the neighborhood and that's when I saw a man in a black suit. He was wearing dark shaded sunglasses, but i could tell he was looking at me. He looked away when I looked at him, but I could tell he was spying on me. I ran out of the neighborhood towards the Streets of Brentwood. I looked to the left and saw a red sunbeam car. Every turn I made, it followed me, always staying at a slow crawl so they wouldn't loose me. Maybe I shouldn't have signed up for this. I could have just been at Denny's and it could just be another day. Yet here we are. Finally, I reached 21st and Heath Street. I walked over towards a nearby bench. There was another text from the 4IM. "Look for a red 1932 Sunbeam. The driver will take you here." I turned around towards the red car. I jogged over to it and the door popped open. I slipped in the passenger seat and saw who was in the driver's seat. It was a woman of about twenty-five. She was blonde, had red lipstick, and was wearing a black blazer with a white undershirt. "You the new kid?" She asked.
"Hoped so." She turned around towards me. "What's your name, kid?"
"Aidan. Aidan Littel."
"Little. Huh. Fitting, considering the line of work you'll be in for a while." She started down the road.
What the hell did she mean by that? How would the word Little have to do with whatever I was doing? Suddenly, she swerved off the road and into an open garage. The door closed behind us and we were in darkness. We continued to drive through some underground tunnel. Finally, we slowed down and came to a stop. A light came on and I saw we were in what looked like the garage in a house. Before stepping out of the car, I said, "I didn't catch your name, by the way." The woman turned around towards me. "The name's Veronica. Don't wear it out."
"Veronica. Okay." I stepped out of the car and so did she. She led me into the entrance of a basement. It was less like a basement and more like a huge laboratory. We came to an airtight door. Veronica pulled out a keycard and slid it into a scanner. The door opened with a buzz. She pulled out her walkie talkie and said, "Anisah, get in here. The new kid's here." The metal door reopened and another woman walked in. This one was more around my age. She was black, had a rather "stocky" frame. Not fat, but stocky. She had her black hair in two large buns on each side. She was wearing a camoflauge coat with a white undershirt and blue jeans. "You can take care of him from here, so my work here is done." She left the room and Anisah grabbed me by the arm. She led me to a weird glass dome. She typed in a code and it lifted up. "So what do I do?" I asked her.
"Nothing." She shoved me inside and rapidly slammed another button. The glass dome dropped down and trapped me inside. Anisah left the room and the lights went off. Suddenly, there was a brief flash of white light and I saw nothing.
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