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Chapter 2

Marieta watched the spooky scientist through the glass door. He
reminded her of Dr. Frankenstein. But what Herr Hoffmann was perfecting
in that room was far more unthinkable than what the mad doctor did on the
screen in the previous century.

The German wasn't a very sociable man even during their Saturday evening
dinners. In fact, he rarely spoke unless spoken to. Marieta didn't mind.
She preferred it that way. That was a quality that very few men had.

During his long workdays he was unbearably arrogant and rude to most of
her employees. The few times he spoke to them. That was fine too. She
hadn't brought him here to mingle with her staff. He was there to fulfill
her utmost fantasy, what she had accepted as totally impossible until six
years ago, when she had read that article. The entire scientific world had
taunted him, but she had sensed, or hoped, that it could one day come true.

It had taken her years to finally bring him here, and it had cost a
fortune only to buy all the equipment he had requested. And now... it was
finally paying off.

A new shipload of human lab rats arrived that afternoon. The handcuffed
men lay restless in their uncomfortable beds in cold and damp cells in the
basement. They had been told that they were supposed to perform in a kinky
sex movie in this remote castle. What they were luckily unaware of was
that Marieta had bought all five of them from the infamous prison that had
been their home for the last couple of years.

They were all sex offenders, serving hard time, with small or no chances
at all of seeing the outside world for the next ten years or more. Now
matter how the experiments resulted this was their final destination.
These worthless creatures had all been medically examined. Herr Hoffmann
required healthy lab rats. Marieta found it amusing that from now on these
men were nothing but helpless prey to female predators.

Hoffman injected the fluid into the mulatto man's right arm and stepped
back. After about three minutes the prisoner started shivering, then, a
minute after that he simply collapsed. Hoffmann was pleased to see that
everything was going according to schedule so far.

The slow process was barely visible to the human eye. But after ten
minutes the handcuffs that once held the man so tight were loosening their
grip around his wrists. Three more minutes later he could have slipped his
hands out of them, had he only been conscious. Normal so far. But it
wasn't until the later stages he needed to worry.

Hoffmann studied what appeared to be the inner circle. Four Brazilian
women in their late thirties to mid forties, wearing expensive clothing and
jewelry, beholding the shrinking process with unimpressed faces. They had
already watched this part too many times.

Alberto woke up with a throbbing headache and a nauseating feeling in
his gut. He was lying face down on a cold surface, blindfolded. It took
several minutes for him to realize that his hands were tied behind his back
with some elastic piece of string that also ran around his waist in four or
five layers. He did the best he could to break free, but to no avail.

"Stupid cunts, let me loose or I'll kill you all," he yelled furiously.
The way his voice sounded shocked him. It was as if he was all alone in a
huge hangar or something. He sounded so... tiny. What had they done to
him? Or... what were they going to do? Suddenly the idea of him, a
convicted sex criminal, being sent to a remote mansion with an all-female
staff, didn't seem to be such a good idea anymore. He had expected to
perform in a porn movie, to get as much pussy as he could possibly chew. A
day or two of violent fucking, and then back to the slammer.

What happened next almost caused his heart to stop beating. He heard
female laughter from way above him. It seemed as if it was amplified at
least a houndred times. When he calmed himself down enough to think, he
prayed that he'd been given some hallucinogenic drug. The other
alternative was so horrible... it simply wasn't possible.

Then a huge force scoped him up. My goodness! This can't be for real,
he thought as he traveled upwards, surrounded by human flesh, enormous
amounts of it. He screamed like an insane. Then he fainted.

When he slowly returned to reality half an hour later, he knew that it
was neither a nightmare, nor the effect of some strange drug. He knew,
before he even dared to open his eyes, that he had been shrunken. His
imbecile mind understood that he was now a tiny, doll-sized man, resting on
an enormous woman's soft flesh. The female scent of sweat and arousal made
him dizzy.

A gigantic finger pushed him forwards across the smooth belly very
slowly. The noises from beneath the skin and flesh sounded like roaring
thunder or boiling water multiplied at least twenty times. He noticed that
the smell of wet pussy got stronger and stronger.

All of a sudden the soft bed of human flesh turned into a thick forest
of pubic hair. It was a painful experience to go headfirst through that
rough wilderness. Alberto was scared half do death, unable to accept his
destiny, but his body responded to the brutal massage of her hairy pussy
against his lips and his growing cock. The wonderful smell of a woman in
heat erased the last remains of rational thinking in his feeble head.

By the time he reached the warm and slippery labia he was rubbing his
crotch against hers as if trying to fuck that cruel, playful giantess under
him. He didn't get very far. She cupped her fist around his body, as if
he was nothing but a baby bird with broken wings, making sure his small
penis didn't get any further stimulation. Only his head and feet remained
free. She gently removed the blindfold that covered most of his face with
the other hand.

Alberto stared at a coal black woman's smiling face. She held him very
close to her mouth. When she kissed his head with her thick purple lips he
passed out for the second time.

Rosa couldn't resist kissing her little captive. When she did, he
fainted like a little girl. She sighed. This wasn't as fun as she had
anticipated. At least not yet. She loved to watch his fear. That really
made her pussy juices flow. But she would have preferred a violently
screaming and fighting victim, doing anything to escape her.

She held the four-inch long, unconscious man before the lens of the
digital video camera. This was the first shoot of a series of
"commercials" that only a few selected, very rich ladies from all over the
world that were sharing their fantasy and obsession, would be shown as
"appetizers". Marieta smiled behind the camera. Rosa had waited so long
for this.

When the man woke up he was blinded by the light from the video camera,
his legs and torso buried in a soft, slippery rose of giantess flesh.
Marieta recorded from a very close distance, to capture the shrunken man's
every scream and prayer. He was getting real good at performing, now that
he seemed to understand that he was nothing more than a living tool for
them to use.

Rosa pushed him deeper into her swollen cunt with a finger on each of
his shoulders. She had never been this horny in her entire life. She had
played this game hundreds of times before, but only with different kinds of
live fish. This was what she had been fantasizing about every single time,
a tiny man, a living doll, dying a wonderfully cruel death inside her
delicious pussy, while giving her the ride of a lifetime. She knew that
the final part would have to wait, because the "commercial" Marieta was
recording for heir future customers required some more action.

His entire body was totally stiff by fear. Perfect. He was like a
small penis. But knowing her little "penis" was a living man gave her
greater pleasure than any huge piece of cock could ever do. She began
fucking herself with him, making sure he was able to breathe most of the
time. She pushed him in, squeezed him gently for a while with her inner
muscles, released and let him slip out of her, then she pushed him inside
again. This continued for a period of about ten minutes, then Marieta
seemed satisfied with her live footage.

Rosa got up from the bed with the exhausted prisoner in her fist. She
turned her huge black ass to the camera and spread the cheeks with her free
hand. When the man was knee-deep into her tight, smelly anus, he tried to
pull out with hysterical jerks, but Rosa just smiled and pushed him further
in. When he was in waist-deep she removed her hand. Marieta zoomed in to
capture his thrusting upper body wiggling back and forth between those
perfect black ass cheeks. Rosa had to squeeze him hard enough to keep him
inside her asshole, but not hard enough to kill him. At least not yet.
When she rammed him further in and felt his wildly kicking feet inside her,
she had a long, sweet orgasm. Now only his ugly head remained outside of
her body.

Marieta told her to dance her way around the room, slowly, slowly, and
followed close behind, filming every movement and expression on his upside
down, back-turned face that stared right into the lens.

Rosa assumed a sexy position on the bed, standing like a randy dog
waiting to be fucked. Her sex juices made the slippery little man hard to
hold on to. She began to masturbate with a feverish passion. Soon, she
thought. Very soon... The shrunken man's hopeless struggle gave her
several awesome orgasms. He certainly did a good job down there, she had
to give him credit for that. For once in his life he was giving a real
woman some pleasure.

Marieta asked her to lie on the side with one leg raised in the air.
But in order to get a real good shot at both Rosa's beautiful cunt and the
doomed man's face at the same time, she had to squeeze him out of her
asshole and turn him around so that he was watching her sopping wet pussy
when she moved in for the kill.

He didn't want to be inserted into that tight cave once more, but there
was little he could do about it. Rosa pushed him in with a joyful smile on
her wet lips. Marieta sat down beside the bed and made a few necessary
adjustments on the video camera.

"OK, Rosa. Time for the curtain to fall!" Rosa held her upraised leg
with her left hand and started playing with her pussy with the right one.
Marieta focused the picture on the mature woman's horny face. Rosa began
speaking in broken English:

"You are accused of several sex offences against women and girls all
over the country. I find you guilty of all charges and hereby sentence you
to death. I shall execute you myself right here and right now!"

Marieta zoomed in on the rapist's tormented face as Rosa began to hug
the life out of his body. He screamed in pain when the shoulders and the
first couple of ribs cracked. She pushed his body in a little further,
until only his head remained outside of her shining black hole.

She felt such a power rush when she tightened her rim around his neck
and began to strangle him. Marieta watched his bleeding face in triumph.
This was even better than she had dreamed of. His death struggle was
really satisfying to her.

And he didn't let them down during the Grande Finale. He screamed his
heart out for another long minute while Rosa rubbed her stiff clitoris and
slowly increased the pressure. The intensity of the trapped man's struggle
sent her into a state of constant orgasm. She squeezed the rim tighter
around his neck and silenced his screams.

Rosa screamed in ecstasy when he died. After all these years... She
lay on the bed soaked in sweat, taking deep breaths while she fondled her
big breasts. And this was only the beginning, she thought.

Rosa squatted over the toilet bowl and started pissing. She made sure
Marieta had a good angle. Then she let the little carcass slide out of her
relaxed anus and land with an impressive splash in the gold-colored water.
Marieta got a close-up shot and then flushed the toilet, ridding the world
of his ugly remains.

"Tomorrow, Rosa, I'm going to give you two smaller ones to play with. I
want you to swallow them both alive for me." The women kissed each other
and started dressing for dinner.
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