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Chapter 4

Rajeeva closed the door behind her and admired the luxurious suite. So,
finally she was here.

Leaving her family's grand Bombay mansion usually meant disappointment,
no matter where she went, in India or abroad. She was used to the best and
she rarely got what she deserved. But this time would be different she

With a racing heart, she bent over to inspect the "snacks" the
management had provided her with on the table next to the bed. The fortune
she had spent for a weekend at this "recreational resort" would soon prove
to be well spent money.

She wet her lips and removed the towel covering the glass jar. And
there they were. Three of them. Frozen by fear. Naked. And tiny.
Around two inches high all three of them. By the time she reached out to
grab the jar, her entire body trembled by excitement. She placed her
little human mice, one by one, on the giant bed's soft black leather cover
and began to undress.

As she let her clothes drop to the floor she smiled cruelly at the sight
of the helpless white, or rather, pink little bodies running around high
above the ground, trying to escape their destiny. She knew they would die
if they tried to jump off the bed and so did they.

She admired her perfect body in the full figure mirror across the room.
Her raven-black hair almost reached down to her round and ripe ass. Years
of tennis playing and high-jumping had shaped this perfect body. Her long
athletic legs ended in a thick pubic bush that hid a pair of swollen dark
purple pussy lips, yet untouched by man.

The scent of her hungry sex hung heavy in the air as she climbed the
bed. She had only played this game with pet mice before.

"Mmmjjjaaaauuu," she whispered and let her shining white teeth show.
The three little "mice" froze beneath the giant dark brown beauty. Her
huge breasts dangled before them, like titanic pendulums, hypnotizing her
little prey. The intense pleasure when her nipples brushed against the
soft animal skin made them grow even harder and bigger. A trickle of
cunt-juice ran down her left thigh.

Suddenly she lowered her head towards the tiny trio and sucked one of
them in between her lips. She made sure the other two was watching every
movement. The screaming and squirming body inside her mouth sent her over
the edge, into an ecstatic, blood-boiling lust-quake of an orgasm. And she
hadn't even touched her own pussy yet. This was what she had been
fantasizing about since she hit puberty.

She rolled him around for a while, using her tongue to play with him, to
turn him over every time he seemed to regain control over his pathetic
little body. He almost drowned in her warm saliva, but managed to catch a
breath of air once or twice a minute.

After some 7 or 8 joyful minutes she opened her pretty mouth wide open
in front of the two witnesses, displaying the soaked and scared man for a
few seconds. They made eye contact and one of the men on the bed screamed
something in Portuguese. The man in her mouth replied.

Oh, the wonderful terror in his voice. Then he tried to climb out. She
closed her lips around him and smiled. And swallowed. The two human
insects stared at her with disbelief and horror.

Her body trembled by another savage orgasm as her victim traveled down
her throat. This was about a hundred times better than live gold fish.
Oh, what a powerful, struggling little creature!

When he reached her stomach she cried out loud. It felt like she was
being tickled from the inside, both in the tummy and from behind her stiff
clitoris. Every movement of his tormented little body made her come. His
entire death struggle was nothing but a gigantic, never-ending orgasm for

She opened her mouth to show them that their friend wasn't there
anymore. Oh, how she loved... the sense... of total... control... and
power... the pleasure... the pain...

Miguel desperately tried to jump out of harm's way when the giantess'
mouth opened and closed in, but to no use. She sucked him in, like some
piece of candy, and almost drowned him in a sea of spit. He screamed his
lungs out and tried to break out of the deadly hold. This huge
monster-woman turned him over and struck him down repeatedly with her giant
tongue. He cried and pleaded in vain. Every now and then, she let him
breathe for a few seconds, just to keep him alive. She continued playing
with him for what seemed like an eternity. She even sucked on him like he
was some stiff little dick. She rolled him over again and opened her
mouth. He could see his buddies standing on the black leather cover below
him. They screamed at each other, trying to keep the spirit alive. Then
she closed her lips and the moment later he was tumbling down, down... He
was completely engulfed by some narrow tunnel of flesh and muscles. He
knew, of course, that he was going head-first down her throat, but the
feeling of her superior, powerful body ingesting his worthless meat, was
overwhelming, dizzying... Suddenly, the tight grip let go and he fell.
For a split second, he was set free. Then, he hit a pool of burning
digestive acids. He tried to jump out of it, but there was of course
nowhere to go. He tried to breathe, but the stench almost made him throw
up. It only took a mere five or six seconds for the acid to work its way
through his skin, into his flesh... Then... he really started to scream.
The next two minutes, his tiny body slowly dissolved, as he kept jumping
around in lethal pain, screaming, punching and kicking at the inside of the
Indian giantess' belly. No man before him had died a more painful death.
And no man had died a more poetic death. The last few seconds before he
lost his consciousness and drifted away, he had a final orgasm. His tiny
penis had already dissolved, and become a part of his killer's flesh, but
somehow the rest of his body responded to the ultimate sacrifice and he
ejaculated his way into eternity...

Rajeeva jumped her prey and struck them down with her massive breasts.
Before they could even consider getting up again, she lowered her big,
tasty ass and captured them beneath her brown flesh, one right along the
crack of her ass, she thought she could feel his throbbing head against her
asshole but wasn't sure. The other one got stuck in the soft and dripping
wet masses of her hairy cunt. She kept climaxing. Continuously. Wildly.

The creep in her stomach was still struggling bravely. She thanked him
quietly and began grinding her cunt and ass against her other two
playthings. Carefully. She didn't want to break them yet, so she rode
them gently and slowly as the lustful tickling inside her belly slowly
faded. Wow, he had lasted at least 2 minutes, maybe 3. This was going to
be a delightful weekend, she thought as she dug her sharp fingernails into
the pussy-soaked one and threw him into her mouth.

She knew she wouldn't want to taste the one stuck beneath her ass, so
she might as well let him come to some real use. She positioned her
mouth-captive with her tongue and spread her lips slightly. In front of
the mirror, she made sure he was watching the show before she started

Between her thumb and forefinger a wildly flopping tiny man tried to
avoid being shoved up the Indian giantess' anus. She moved him closer,
made him smell and kiss her foul-tasting hole.

She moved her attention to the man inside her mouth. Yes, he paid
attention. He was surely watching everything. She even felt his cock
harden against her soft tongue when she pushed his friend's head through
her backdoor. To her great amusement she noticed that he too had an
impressive erection. In his earlier life he had been hung like a donkey,
but now the size of his cock was nothing but a minor problem. She shoved
him deeper inside her ass until he was in hip-deep. Then his big penis
prevented him from going any further. She could of course ram him in and
break his manhood in the process, but she wanted him to be in one piece, so
she pulled him out a bit and used her thumb to press his erection against
his hairy stomach, then she shoved him so deep that only his feet was
sticking out of her tight rim.

The man in her mouth spasmed and began humping her tongue. Moments
later he ejaculated. He had just watched his friend disappear into this
cruel giantess, but could simply not help himself.

Then it was lights out for him too. She swallowed him whole and sent
him kicking and jerking down her throat. What a thrill!!! And she could
feel every movement, every tense limb of the one buried in her ass. Her
narrow, muscular meat-walls closing in on him, like an anaconda,
strangling, choking her victim to death, slooowly, no mercy shown.

When the other one hit her acid-dungeon, she began rubbing her pussy.
At first gently, but soon in wild, rapid circles around the clit. Knowing
he suffered beyond any human understanding turned her on even more. That
he was jumping around inside of her, just to avoid the burning acid-hell
for a split second, while she was masturbating and enjoying herself, with
another man teasing her sensitive spot in the rear, her magic spot, with no
more than a minute or so left to live.

She finger-fucked herself as she slowly began squashing the man inside
her asshole. He really was no match for this well-trained vixen. She
could feel the bones in his body breaking like tiny sticks under her
overwhelming pressure. Her love-juices flooded and soaked the leather
cover under her sweaty body. For a while, about 10 or 15 seconds, right
before the ass-victim began breaking, the two twitching bodies seemed to
fight a duel, as to decide which one was pleasing her the most.

Rajeeva screamed and panted, now stabbing two fingers into her delicious
cunt, fast and furious. The man in her stomach still had a lot of juice
left in him. She served herself another series of mind-blowing orgasms
during his death-struggle.

Afterwards, Rajeeva was combing her hair in front of a window
overlooking the park. She had had enough sex for a while. Maybe she could
go fishing, or socialize with the other guests, or play some tennis. After
she had dressed, she phoned her mother and told her that everything was
alright, that she had been shopping and meeting a lot of interesting
people. Well, that wasn't entirely a lie.
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