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Chapter 5

The three Thai ladies entered the dining room.

Dham, the petite, fragile-looking leader at first sight appeared to be
the quiet, shy type. Her big almond-shaped eyes could lure any man into
any kind of romance or act of lust that she wanted. It was her cruel,
superior and slightly perverse smile that set her apart from most other
Asian women. She was 38 years old and had honestly never looked any
better. A shoulder-long Page framed her beautiful and timeless face.

Like her two followers she wore nothing but her birth-suit. It was
pretty hot anyway and they were about to have some fun, so why bother with
uncomfortable clothes? Her heavy and mature breasts seemed to be a couple
of sizes too big for her small body, but they were all natural and all
hers. As she spread her gorgeous ass on the leather seat, she revealed a
perfect and neatly shaved pussy with dark-colored thick lips.

Along with her came the only two women she knew that were prepared to
walk over corpses in order to have some great, innovative sex. Her own
daughter, Sa-Phan, a 20-year old vixen with long black hair, almost one
head taller than her mother and just as strikingly beautiful. She had a
tasty ass, as big as her mother's but a little bit more solid. Her breasts
were a lot smaller but very cute and firm.

She had inherited her mother's menacing smile. Many young men had been
taunted and turned down by those red lips. Usually after having served her
other pair of irresistible lips. Her favorite hobby was letting her dates,
mostly rich and spoilt mama's boys her own age, give her some real good
head job while she smoked a cigar, and then kicking them out for being
lousy pussy-lickers.

Her pretty little cunt was in the same condition as her mother's, bald,
shaved only a few hours ago. She loved the feeling of the smooth leather
seat against her naked ass-flesh and moist pussy.

The third madam, Wan-Luk, a 35-year old predator with one true passion
in this life: to humiliate the opposite sex, the more public the better.
Once she had slapped the face of a male employee and ordered him down on
his knees. Then, in front of a group of giggling female secretaries, she
had pulled up her short skirt and revealed a naked crotch and ordered him
to start eating her. As he sucked and licked her delicious cunt and drank
her sweet nectar, she had scorned and ridiculed him, and finally pissed all
over his face when she came in wild spurts.

Wan-Luk was a little bit chubby, but each and every pound on her body
was in exactly the right place. She had even bigger tits than Dham. Most
men found her incredibly sexy and wouldn't mind kneeling and give her a
nice lick-job, golden shower or not. A thick black bush covered her finest

The lunch buffet in front of them had cost millions of baht but that
didn't bother them. They could afford it. Dham peaked into the large
soup-bowl. As ordered, there were 15 tiny men in various sizes, from less
than one, to a bit over two inches high, almost knee-deep in olive oil.
They seemed frightened out of their minds.

Dham and the other two ladies were all wet by excitement right now. He
daughter began stroking her own stiff nipples as she watched their shrunken
victims, knowing that five of them were all hers, to use however she
desired. She grinded her juicy cunt hard against the cool leather and
trembled. She wanted one right now, straight up her burning pussy, but
tried to act unimpressed. "Want a snack, my dear child?" her mother asked.
"No thanks. Maybe later." "Better give you all the tiny ones. You'll
squash all the others with your tight little pussy!" They all laughed.
Sa-Phan replied: "I bet at least half of them could live quite comfortably
inside your huge cunt!" More laughter. Dham kissed her lovely daughter on
the forehead and promised: "I'll show you what this old cunt can do to one
of them little insects. Just wait and see!"

They had played similar games with various aquarium fish before, but the
mere thought of actually inserting a living human being and then slowly
"play" the living daylight out of his body.

Dham, as usual, took charge. She bravely picked one of the
less-than-an-inch-tall men up and held him in her cupped hand. He was all
slippery from the olive oil. He crawled around in horror on the
light-brown skin of her palm. Three pair of curious eyes looked down on
him. Since they were all naked, he had a strong feeling some deadly game
was about to start. The moment later, he found himself smothered against
an enormous breast. The erect nipple was about half as long as he was
tall. His panicked fear mixed with some strange kind of... lust. Musky
female odor filled his nostrils. He reached out his tongue and began
licking her titanic nipple. She tasted salty and sexy.

The giantess trio began laughing and speaking in some foreign language,
maybe chinese. He was suddenly taken for a quick ride downwards... and
landed on a black leather seat between a huge pair of female thighs, in
front of a gigantic pussy reeking of female joy. The entire seat was
drenched with her delicious juices.

A log-like finger pushed him forwards, against her lovely purple and red
and brown flesh-cave. He sensed the other giantess' hot breath on his
back. An enormous tongue pushed him into the inviting vagina.

Darkness surrounded him as he was being forced deeper into the slippery
and soft tunnel by the tip of a monster-tongue. He drank mouthful of her
tasty juices and inhaled her lovely aroma. Even though it became clear to
him that he had reached the final destination, he understood the poetic
beauty of ending his violent life inside the same precious orifice that had
once given birth to him: a cunt.

The soft, rubbery and slippery walls started to close in on him. When
she flexed her love-muscles he could barely breathe. When she relaxed,
then so did he. Then her pulsating flesh silenced his horrified scream.
He was nothing more than a tiny living doll, being savagely violated by a
rich Asian brat. She kept playing with him like this for several minutes,
before reaching the ultimate climax. Then she crushed his body, killing
him as easily as she would a mosquito. She kept pinching her painfully
hard nipples and rubbing her even more sensitive clit until she passed out
and fell off the seat.

Dham caught her fainting daughter before she hit the floor. She lay
beside her and stroke her long hair and massaged her firm legs.

A couple of minutes later the squashed remains of a shrunken man slipped
out of her baby's shaved womanhood.

Sa-Phan and her mother curiously watched Wan-Luk picking up a human
doll, about two inches tall, and then a thin, sharp needle. As she held
him firmly with her left hand she began scratching his exposed and naked
body with the needle. The three women laughed sadistically at his
blood-chilling screams.

This viscous game continued for about two minutes. By then, the mother
and daughter had begun playing with their own breasts, both amused and
aroused, watching the wicked onslaught.

Wan-Luk smiled at the tormented little man and inspected his bleeding,
more or less skin-free backside. "This will do" she whispered and
brusquely stuffed him into her hairy and drooling wet pussy. The intense,
shocking pain when his open wounds touched her freely flowing juices and
her contracting pussy sent him into a screaming- and jerking-frenzy that
had a very sweet, orgasmic effect on the playful and cruel kitten.

He made her cum for almost a minute nonstop, before her overwhelming and
merciless pressure finally killed him.

Dham grabbed a creature that appeared to be around an inch and a half.
She did the extremely bloody tattoo-job on him as well, even more thorough
than wan-Luk had done on her little victim. Dham peeled most of the skin
off his trembling little body and landed him on his feet in a round brandy

Her hypnotized audience seemed awe-struck as she squatted before them
and held the glass below her hair-less pussy.

The semi-conscious man, just barely being able to remain on his feet,
managed to keep his balance as the glass containing him got trapped beneath
a giant, shaved pussy.

Even in his tormented state, the sight of the Asian lady's superior
cunt, and the wonderful smell of it, gave him an involuntary but bestial
erection. He knew what she was about to do, and he knew that he deserved
just that.

The moment the monstrous ray of golden death left her shining purple
labia, he welcomed it with an open mouth.

Dham had to squat in a rather uncomfortable fashion to be able to watch
her own show. When she finally released her golden shower and saw how it
hit him straight in the face and pushed him over, made him take her piss in
his mouth the brief moment before the incredible pain of salt water in open
wounds hit him, and scream and flop around as if he had been set on fire.

The blood mixing with her urine gave his death-struggle a rather poetic
frame. Like a living painting in yellow and pink.

Wan-Luk and Sa-Phan masturbated ferociously, both eager to time their
orgasms with his painful death.

The glass was almost half full of her golden liquid, making his efforts
to jump out of it every time he landed in it hysterically funny to watch.

If one didn't know better, he might as well had been tickled instead of
burnt half to death... if one didn't hear him scream... If one didn't
watch his agonized face when he finally couldn't fight anymore. when he
just lay there, twitching and crying, waiting for the mercy of death.

The last thing he saw was two feverishly masturbating Asian beauties,
getting their rocks off while watching him suffer and finally die, in a
pool of piss.

The three naked women raised their glasses of pink champagne in the air
and saluted themselves.
In each glass lay two shrunken men, swimming around aimlessly in the cold drink, waiting.

The End.


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