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Chapter 3

Catalina wiped the sweat from her forehead and sighed. She had just
finished the third floor, and was about to hit the showers when her
superior Ms Marieta had asked to see her in the rest room.
Catalina hoped it wasn't that evil German that had found some piece of dirt in a corner
and complained to the management. That man was simply unbearable. She
wouldn't hesitate to murder him if she knew she could get away with it.
Everybody hated him. Everybody. Even Ms Marieta, Catalina had noticed
once when she had caught her boss staring at the ugly old man.

She knocked twice on the door and was asked to enter the room. Ms
Marieta was sitting lazily in one of the leather coaches with the short
skirt revealing most of her long and slender thighs. She looked horny and
sinister. Catalina feared the worst.

"Sit down, Cata!" The cleaning woman did as she was told. She loosened
up as her superior got up and walked over to the mini-bar, filled a glass
with Vodka, lime juice and ice cubes, then handed her the cold drink.

"You've always been one of my most loyal and trusted employees, Cata.
Now, I am going to tell you something that will seem so fantastic and
outrageous, you will probably not believe it. First, have a big sip of
that drink of yours!"

About 40 minutes later, Catalina finished her second drink and rose on
shaky legs. She felt an almost painful excitement as she followed her boss
out of the room and down the stairs. The shower would have to wait. They
reached the studio, where a tall, naked woman with light skin and Indian
features adjusted her video camera. She had small, pointy breasts and a
very thick bush of pubic hair that reached all the way up the slit between
her firmly ass-cheeks, Catalina noticed when the other woman bent over to
pick something up from the floor.

"We were thinking of calling this movie `The Human Thong'. How do you
like that, Cata," Marieta inquired.

"Oh, well... that seems very... fitting."

"Well, I hope he's going to fit you, dear!" Catalina started giggling.
She couldn't help herself. Soon, the other two women joined her in unison,
sisterly giggling-party. They understood the "virgin's" mixed up emotions.
The first time was always wonderful to watch, not to mention to catch on

Catalina slipped out of her white panties, opened her cleaning-robe and
exposed a perfectly mature 42-year old body with shining black skin. Her
large, close to huge, majestic breasts swayed beautifully from left to
right to left as she squatted naked over the little prey. She sobered up
as soon as she saw the ridiculous small creature in the wooden bowl. My
goodness, she thought. It IS the crazy German! She inspected the naked
body that was tied to its hands and feet with a thin leather string. The
Indian-looking lady took a couple of close-ups of Catalina teasing and
taunting her little plaything. Then she gave her new star directions.

"Fasten that leather-string around your waist, but keep the robe on, but
I want to see more of that lovely black flesh, woman!"

Catalina did as she was told, and loved every second of it. She bent
forwards and sighed before the camera, rubbed her fingertip-sized nipples
even harder and bigger. She tied the soft string around her full waist and
sat down on the leather sofa as the camera got closer. She spread her legs
and gave the camerawoman full view of her hairless cunt. Like most
Brazilian women, she shaved her sex on a fairly regular basis, usually
twice a week, due to the heat.

"Action!" the Indian, named Sanneeta, shouted. Catalina wiped the sweat
from her forehead and pretended to clean the corner of the immaculate room.
She hissed and knelt beside the sofa. Her hands grabbed something and she

"Dirt! Dirt all over! Pink, white, yellow, black and brown. I'm sick
and tired of all this dirt! But I'm going to teach you not to bother me

Close-up. Catalina in the bed with wide-open and moist cunt, securing
the little man's tied hands to the string around her waist, just above her
ass. Then the same procedure with his feet. The intense struggle when he
tried to break free tickled her lightly all the way from her asshole to her
erect clitoris.
She knew perfectly well that she had tied him in a very uncomfortable and
painful position, with his feet scraping against the string around her waist,
just under her navel, and his face buried deep between her ass-cheeks.
With a small adjustment she placed his ugly face against her anus.
She had total control of his breathing and movements.
She had total control of his worthless life.

Sanneeta caught everything on tape. Every choked scream and twitching
movement. She adored her new movie star. What a natural!

Catalina felt funny exposing her ass to the lens in this awkward
position, but she knew it was a great angle for the audience. She let the
ugly cretin work his head out of harms way between her elastic, smothering
ass-cheeks for a breath of air, but only for a short moment. She then
opened them with her hands and seemed to suck him back into her lethal
chokehold. When she wrapped her sweaty black flesh around his fighting
body and let out a long, onion-stinking fart in his face, just as Sanneeta
had told her to, she felt the first wave of a long bestial orgasm that
started somewhere deep within her belly and spread through her loins and
limbs until she shook uncontrollably and almost crushed her little pet to
death as she sat down clumsily on the sofa with her hands feverishly
massaging the huge breasts. Her freely flowing sex juices shimmered like
oil on her thighs. Marieta and Sanneeta had to shake and slap her out of
her frenzy and drag her to her feet.

The next scene featured two more "actors" that Catalina, now naked
except for her living thong, "accidentally" found in a laundry basket
filled with the cleaning-staff's filthy underwear. She lectured them about
what might happen to a couple of mice that plays around in the superior
Pussy-Cat's dirty clothing, and rubbed their faces against the dirty spots
at the rear of the panties and made them lick the stained cotton material.
Sanneeta got some excellent footage.
Still with the doomed scientist tucked in between her buttocks, she played
a while with the smaller of her new playmates, a hysterically screaming,
four-inch tall excuse of a man.
She made him grab her left nipple, rose to her feet and started wiggling
her bosom. He tried to hang on by squeezing harder and harder as he was
thrown up and down, from left to right... until his tired hands had to let
go. And he fell to the floor... A split second before his body hit the
floor, Catalina caught him softly with her right foot, just like a skilled
football-player would have. She tossed him up in the air, high above her
head, and let him land gently on her left thigh, inches from her other
victim's tied up feet.

The two shrunken men watched in horror as the black giantess opened a
bottle of olive oil and poured it over them. They lost their balance in
the wooden bowl she had put them in and tumbled around like drunken idiots
as they tried to regain balance with greasy feet against the greasy wood.
The huge woman laughed and lowered her face. Even though she whispered the
words, they heard her loud and clear:

"You have been sentenced to die, both of you. But... being the kind
and loving woman that I am, I'm only going to kill one of you. And I let
you decide which one it's going to be. The first one to climb into my
mouth will be spared. The other one is going to die a very painful death.
Very painful."

It only took them half a second to start fighting each other. Catalina
parted her thick, purple lips and let them smell her lunch. As the taller
guy used his superior strength and longer arms to punish his opponent,
after all he was almost five inches tall, Catalina lowered her pretty mouth
to invite both men in. She enjoyed the show of the two little guys
fighting to crawl into her mouth to be saved.
The funny thing was that each time they tried to throw that big punch to end
the fight, they lost balance and usually ended up being kicked by their opponent,
who himself fell over. Then, after a ten minute long grudge-fight, the taller one
threw himself headfirst into her mouth, trying to crawl over her lower teeth, out
of death's way.

The feeling of a tiny greasy body struggling between her soft lips and
another one struggling to catch a breath of air with his face pressing
against her asshole was the most ecstatic feeling she had ever sensed. The
sudden orgasm almost made her bite into the small body between her teeth.
Instead she sucked him in with a slurping sound. A thick trail of saliva
ran down her chin, traveled down her neck and mixed with the shining sweat
between the giantess' breasts.
She played with his helpless naked body in her mouth, tossed him around
with her soft pink tongue and almost drowned him with her warm bubbly spit.
She felt the scientist was making progress in his fight for fresh air down
there, so she simply spread her ass-cheeks once more, told him, from the
corner of her mouth, to start licking her anus or she would kill him
instantly, and embedded him in filth and sweat again. Seconds later she
sensed his tongue working on her tight rim. The same evil tongue that had
driven most of the staff half crazy with its never-ending complaints of all
kinds, was now cleaning her asshole. Poetic justice, she thought.

Ricardo held his breath as he was sucked into the huge woman's mouth.
He plunged into masses of soft flesh, warm saliva and two lines of huge
teeth. She turned him over and around constantly with the tip of her
tongue. He had never in his life felt this helpless and scared. And he
was the lucky one! What was she going to do with him? Suck on him like he
was some piece of food? Or a little cock?

When she opened her mouth to speak, he almost passed out. The volume of
her voice stunned him, almost made his head explode. And then, for a brief
moment, he saw the void of death, the inside of her throat, and he
understood what she was about to do.

She playfully sucked him deeper into her mouth, until she could feel his
desperate hands on the slippery walls inside, just above the abyss. She
hesitated for a second. What if he didn't slide down easily as he should?
If he got stuck halfway and choked her? But she remembered Ms Marieta's
stories of all the other human goldfish that had been swallowed the last
couple of days by the female staff. Some of them even larger than this
one. She smiled to the camera and opened her mouth to show the future
audience how to swallow a live one. She released her tight grip to give
him a false sense of security.
He relaxed after about five seconds, probably thinking his nightmare was over.
Then she did it.
A quick, merciless sucking motion, and his greasy body slid down her throat.
She swallowed three more times and felt his desperate body sliding down. Oooh,
what a wonderful sensation!! She had another violent orgasm when he passed
her large, majestic breasts on the inside. She could feel his every
movement inside. At first she was afraid that the shock had killed him
immediately or at least made him pass out, since there was nothing by the
time he finally reached her round stomach. She sighed in disappointment
and was about to let the other women know the bitter truth, when suddenly
there was a twitch from within.

As a young girl, she and her friends had often visited the pet store to
buy gold fish whenever they had some money. Swallowing live ones was an
exciting hobby while masturbating together. Those twitching little bodies
being burnt to death by the girl's stomach acids sure made them come Big
Time. Over and over again. It was cruel, but it sure felt good! She
reckoned at least sixty or seventy of those lovely golden creatures had
passed through her belly over the years.

But this was different. This one really fought! Catalina's knees
started shaking. She knew the man was in great pain, and that the only
thing to hope for for him, was a sudden death. But she was more concerned
with her own well being, and the movie being recorded, with her as the
star. The scientists tongue kept licking her asshole. It tickled so
gooood, she came again, and again.

The squirming body seemed electrified as it jerked around in the futile
struggle to avoid being burnt alive. Catalina feverishly spoke into the
camera: "My God!

He's flopping around inside of me! Like a fucking gold fish, only here
to give me an orgasm, nothing more, ooooh, worthless, dead meat, and the
tongue in my ass, so gentle, so fucking goooood, my asshole, lick it, lick
it gooood, or I'll kill you, worthless creep, lick my asshole good, oh, the
fighting, so wonderful, so brave, so strong, so... You die, YOU DIE! Good
fight, so helpless, so sweeeet... YES! YES! THERE! Aaaaaaaaaaah...
make me come once more before you die, you WORTHLESS PIG!"

She brushed her live thong aside and began finger-fucking herself.
Sanneeta knelt before her and zoomed in on the beautiful shaved pussy. She
turned the video camera off for a few seconds and kissed the swollen sex in
front of her. Then she lay down on the floor, between Catalina's feet and
started playing with her own pussy as she held the camera steady with the
other hand. Steady as a rock. Marieta was impressed. And horny as hell.
Who would think that this middle-aged woman had this much passion in her?

Catalina watched the pretty woman on the floor, and spread her legs even
wider. She fucked herself silly with two fingers and kept ranting like a

"Yes, that's it! One more for mummy! You still got some juice in you,
give me one more, just one moooore! AAAAAAA! YEEEESSSS!!" she caressed
her own sweaty stomach as she stabbed repeatedly, faster and faster into
her smelly cunt, not noticing the desperate scientist trapped beneath one
of her soft ass-cheeks. His wiggling legs could be seen if you looked
closer, but everybody' s attention was concentrated to a point a few inches
to the left. As the last remains of life left the tortured body inside of
the horny masturbator's belly, she stole a final orgasm from his last
twitch and sighed in relief. Then she sensed the live thong moving around,
completely breathless. She giggled and rolled off of him.

"Lookie-lookie, what have we got here? A living doll! Oh my! If my
pussy wasn't so damned sore, I'd fuck you to death right here and right
now. But you'll have to settle for the second best." She smeared him with
her freely flowing saliva and assumed the doggy position. The video camera
zooming in on her dark, tight cave. The moment later, the helpless
scientist's shrunken body appeared, shining with spit, steering headfirst
towards the lethal and smelly rim. His insect-like screams almost made her
laugh out loud. As if somebody would come to his rescue. He was
desperate, and surely knew that if he entered the giant asshole in front of
him, he wouldn't get out of there alive. The moment she relaxed her
muscle, and began pushing his small head into the dark hole, he made his
attempt at breaking free. And for a second, he had managed to pull out his
head and almost, almost... But Catalina simply changed her grip and, to
punish him, applied more pressure. He screamed like a little girl. The
giant women laughed in unison. Cata relaxed her anus again and pushed his
upper body inside. Her rim closed and tightened its lethal grip, pinning
his weak arms against his body at the waist.

The video camera registered his panicked struggle. It looked very
erotic indeed, Marieta thought with a lusty smile on her face. Catalina
closed her right hand around his legs and began fucking herself with him,
slowly, gently... Even though he was buried deep inside her asshole, she
could hear him screaming. And his wildly jerking head hit her magic spot
repeatedly. She had him right where she wanted him. She squeezed him a
little bit harder with her ass and sensed the power, the pleasure of his
dying body giving her the highest pleasure, the ultimate orgasm coming
closer, closer...
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