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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hi guys, thank you so much to the people who left a review. It motivated me to keep going so I really appreciate it. Again, I'd really like feedback for this. This is the first time I've written anything remotely like this and this chapter ended up way longer than I planned it to be so I'm not sure if it's any good. Hope you enjoy anyway.

I guess I knew on some level that there was nowhere to run, but I as she unhooked the nylon from the door and started untying the knot, I instinctively began scrambling as hard as I could in a feeble attempt to escape. It was like trying to get out of an enormous hammock with sides that were 100ft tall, and my struggles only served to sway the nylon back and forth and continuously knock me off balance, which elicited a giggle from my now enormous aunt.


‘Did you enjoy yourself in there, Johnny? I hope you got some rest, because today is going to be a big day for you!’ She finished undoing the knot above me and looked down, adding, ‘Well, I guess everything is going to be big for you from now on.’


I wasn’t able to even think of a retort as I soon discovered that I had far more pressing matters to deal with. I paused my struggling for as I saw her hand approaching. Maybe it was because it was such a surreal moment, but it appeared to move in slow motion. It reminded me of one those claw machines you find in an arcade, only far more effective. Her fingers were straightened but touching each other at the tips as they made their way down, showing off her long and elegant fingers with perfectly manicured red fingernails. It was only as they opened up a few feet away in order to grab me that I was reminded to at least try and fight them off. As her fingers wrapped around me and held me in a grip that so tight that I could never hope to escape from them, I found it hard to believe that this was hand of my aunt Beth. It was so huge that it felt impossible that it could belong to a human. I was slowly lifted out of the nylon and I couldn’t do anything but pray that she wouldn’t be too rough on me. ‘Huh’, I thought, ‘I guess it’s not like those claw machines after all’. She had won her prize first time around.


She drew me up to her face, but I didn’t have any time to look at her. She just gave me a big exaggerated kiss. Her lips enveloped my whole face and left a thin layer of her saliva on everything above my chest. My stomach churned as I was quickly lowered to waist height. She started walking with me in her hand and left the room. I tried to figure out where we were going but I found myself mainly focusing on not throwing up. The motion sickness induced by the swaying of her arms as she walked was akin to being on a rollercoaster. It was so depressing to me that such a simple act to her was having such a massive effect on me. Would I ever get used to this? I hoped I wouldn’t have to.


Our short journey ended and Beth sat down. Evidently, we were in the sitting room and she had taken a seat on the couch, then set me on the coffee table in front of her. I fell down on my ass. As I picked myself up and stood to my feet, I finally got a chance to look at her properly. As much as I hated to admit it, she was magnificent, though it’s not like she hadn’t always been beautiful. She was slim and athletic with long brown hair that framed her heart-shaped face, making her look like she was in her mid-thirties, rather than 42 as she really was. At 5’10, she was always tall, though not in a way that could be considered life-threatening, as she was now, to me at least. That wasn’t it though. There was something beyond her physical appearance that I had never seen before. A look in her eyes that simultaneously drew me in and struck tremendous fear into me. As she raised her chin and looked down on me as if I were some sort of frightened mouse, it dawned on me. It was a look a look of triumph, far beyond the predatory one I had grown used to over the years. After all, why would she look at me like that anymore? She had caught me and now she could finally play. I just stood there, dumbfounded. She looked positively regal. Part of me wanted to bow down right now and worship her with everything I had. The same part, it turns out, that had been standing to attention this entire time, without my prior knowledge. This clearly amused her as she reached over with her giant index finger and flicked my erect penis with her fingernail.


‘We’ll get to that later, but good to see you’re excited. That will come in handy. First, I believe we should have a little chat. I’m sure you have lots of questions.’


I struggled to find my voice. I had so many questions, but went first to the most pressing issue.


‘Turn me back to normal size!’


She tilted her head back and laughed, which made me furious. How could she be so cold?


‘Oh sweetie, don’t you see? You are normal size. I’ve fixed things for you. Now you can live the life you’ve dreamed of living since you were a little boy. But that wasn’t really a question now, was it?’


I tried to think, but I was so shocked by what she just said I couldn’t keep my composure.


‘H…How? I…I thought you…you loved me. I mean, why would you –‘


She raised her hand. ‘I think we’ll start with those first. The how is pretty straightforward. Simply put, I’m a witch.’ I just shook my head. I guess anything was possible at this point. ‘After you finished in the garden, we drank iced tea, remember? Well there was something very special in your glass. Something I’ve been waiting to use on you for a long time.’


She extended her finger and gently rubbed he top of my head. If she was trying to hide her excitement she wasn’t doing a very good job. ‘Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Of course I do. Can’t you see that? Look at you, you’re finally getting your dream. You get to be tiny! You get to live your fantasy! Granted, I guess it’s really my fantasy, but we can both see from your little…thing there that you’re enjoying this at least a little.’


She wasn’t wrong. My dick was rock hard. As scared as I was, I couldn’t deny being extremely turned on. I felt so ashamed of myself.


‘Now as for the why. You see John, I never cared much for men, as you well know. They’re weak creatures that think with only their dicks. I mean look at you, for God’s sake. You’re 2 inches tall, standing in front of someone who holds complete power over you. I could end you right now, but yet somehow you’re still excited.  Honestly John, it’s pathetic. But that’s okay, you’re a man. You’re a simple creature. You can’t control it. I mean, if I hadn’t stepped in all those years ago, who knows? Maybe you’d get your pleasure from forcing yourself on women. Treating them like dirt, like some fuck toy for your own amusement.’ She leaned in closer, staring intently, her mouth a few feet (from my perspective) from my face. ‘I. Changed. That. You were such a sweet kid when I met you, I couldn’t have you going down that path. So I took control. Moulded you. Shaped you. Turned you into the kind of man that could actually be of some use. Someone who would serve. Not only that, but someone who would want to serve, to please his queen.’


All colour drained from my face. She couldn’t be serious, could she? I summoned all the courage I could possibly muster and shouted up at her, trying to make myself look like I wasn’t so afraid.


‘That’s not fair! I have a life! A job, friends –‘


She cut me off. ‘I’m glad you brought that up actually. You see John, I’m a gracious queen, and I require loyalty. So I’m giving you a choice. The shrinking isn’t permanent. By my estimation, it will wear off in about an hour and you should return to normal size. That is, if you really want to.’


No way. I couldn’t believe it. Everything can go back to normal! My relationship with aunt Beth might be a little…strained…but I didn’t care. Soon this fantasy-turned-nightmare will be over!


That didn’t make sense though. Why go to all that effort, put in years of work, just for one day? What did she mean by choice? She couldn’t really think that I would choose to stay like this. She still had that triumphant look in her eyes though. This wasn’t over, I could feel it. She wasn’t finished yet.


‘There is only one way to make this a more…permanent solution. To complete my little spell, to truly make you mine, I need something from you.’


My brief moment of hope quickly started to dissipate, but my penis was getting harder.


‘I want you to come. I want to taste it. I want you to relinquish all control and give yourself to me, willingly.’


I was sweating. I couldn’t even speak. All my concentration was devoted to keeping myself from orgasm. My dick felt like it was about to burst, and she knew it.


‘Now of course I could just reach out and make you come myself, I doubt it would take very long by the looks of it. But where’s the fun in that? I want to know, John. I want to know that you’ve chosen to offer yourself to me. That would make your queen very happy John I promise you that, and a good queen rewards loyalty.’


I was in a daze. This was evil. Not only did she want me to serve her for the rest of my life, she wanted me to do it because I wanted to. I just prayed I had the willpower to hold her off until whatever potion she gave me wore off.


‘You’ll come to enjoy it, I promise. Once you're mine, the possibilities will be endless. I'll have complete control over your size. I'll be able to make you bigger or smaller at will. What's more, you'll pretty much be invincible. I could step on you all day, I could sit on you. I could swallow you. I could even introduce you to parts of me you'd never thought you'd see, if you know what I mean.’ I knew what she meant and the thought terrified me. Not my penis though. That was more excited than ever. ‘Don't you want that John? Don't you want to explore your auntie Beth? I know you do. No matter how much you try to resist, you want me. I made sure of that. Here, why don't I give you a taste of what's to come.'


I stayed frozen to the spot as she leaned back into the couch and raised her feet, the ball of her foot resting on the edge of the table and her toes pointed towards me. I was hypnotized. She beckoned me with one finger as she wiggled her toes.


'Come closer. I want you to be able to smell them.' She spoke with a sultriness in her voice that I had never heard before. I started to approach without even realizing. Had she that much control over me already? 


'Remember what I told you that night? I said I'd take care of you. And I will. You might not believe it right now but I really do love you. You'll have nothing to fear when you're with me, just as long as you do what I say.'


I walked as if I was in a trance. I could smell the familiar scent of her feet, this time stronger than ever, and I felt like we were the only 2 people in the world. I reached out with some trepidation and slowly touched her foot. It felt like I was running my fingers over a priceless work of art. I could make out every wrinkle in her toe print. She reflexively wiggled and I jumped back slightly. She giggled again. It must have looked funny to her, such a tiny movement causing me to retract like that. She bent her toe, drawing my gaze with it so that I was now looking down at her red-painted nail. I ran my hand across it. It felt so smooth and I could see myself reflected in it. I began to feel my will give in, my urge to resist dwindling more and more. Would it really be that bad to live like this? No. I had to resist.


As if on cue, I heard her voice. It was so soft, barely above a whisper, yet at the same time so powerful. 


'I can make your life better than you ever dreamed, John. I can give you meaning, purpose. But there's only one way to get it. You know what you have to do. Touch yourself. Go on, don't be shy. Auntie Beth's here.'


I looked down at my throbbing penis. I thought that if I touched it once that would surely be it. I had to restrain myself. I had to fight it.


She shook her head and tutted.


'You're not going to get an opportunity like this again. So don't waste it. You can go back to your old life, to your boring friends, your pointless job and you can continue to live a lie for the rest of your life. Or, you can stay with me. The one person who truly understands you, who not only understands your desires, but created them. Shares them. I know you want this. I know because I made you. I may not have given birth to you, I may not have raised you, but ever since we watched that movie all those years ago, I've owned you. You know it. I know it. Just give in. Come to me. Come.'


That sent me over the edge. Any semblance of self-respect I had went out the window with that instruction. I took my cock in my hand. Beth quickly removed her feet and excitedly leaned over. She brought her face so close that I could feel her breath wash over me as she whispered to me, urging me to continue. 


'There you go. That's a good boy. Your whole life has built to this moment. So savour it. Take it all in.'


She opened her mouth and I watched as her tongue came out to greet me. It stopped at my feet, like a carpet she'd rolled out for me. I couldn't take it anymore. I felt every muscle in body clench. There was no going back now. I came on her tongue harder than I had ever come before. It felt like it was never going to end and I screamed in pleasure as my body released every bit of tension from the previous day – maybe my entire life – all at once. I fell to the ground, shaking all over. I had never experienced pleasure like that. I didn’t want it to stop.


I slowly started coming to my senses and realized with horror what I had just done. I looked up at Beth, who tilted her head back and swallowed my load like it was nothing. She returned to gaze at me, grinning ear to ear.


'Good boy.'


What had I done? I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. I felt empty. My whole life, gone. And I had done it to myself.


'Now, let's not waste any more time. This has been a very long time coming, so we'd better start getting you acquainted with your new life.'


I started to feel queasy and my vision went blurry. I knew this feeling. She was shrinking me again.


'Welcome home.'


I blacked out.



Chapter End Notes:

Hopefully you enjoyed that, though I may have gotten carried away. Again, please keep reviews coming because they really help. All criticisms and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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