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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is a largely shrink free chapter. There's some towards the end but it's more about trying to show Beth's powers of manipulation. Hope you like it and as usual please leave a review!


For the first few seconds as I regained consciousness I experienced relative bliss. I had not fully woken up yet and my eyes were still bleary so for a few precious moments I felt as if I was waking up in my own bed in my apartment, about to start another normal day in my normal life.


That sense of peace was short-lived though, as memories of the previous day and particularly everything that had happened immediately before blacking out came flooding back to me. I didn’t want it to be real. I held my eyes shut, hoping to cling on to normality for just a little bit longer, but came around to the idea that it would be better to just get it over with. Bite the bullet. Where was I now, I wondered. Wherever it was it couldn’t be too bad. It was actually quite comfortable, very comfortable in fact. The fabric felt smooth, nothing like the scratchy, sweaty nylon I found myself in earlier. It smelt quite nice too, quite fresh. I gritted my teeth and begrudgingly opened my eyes, preparing for the worst.


Well I wasn’t expecting that. I was  in a bed. A normal sized one. I looked up and saw a ceiling, and it wasn’t miles above me! Maybe 8 feet or so? I didn’t matter, I was back to normal! I looked out of the window to my side, out into Beth’s front yard. I almost pinched myself. Was this real? Had this whole ordeal just been a dream? Of course, it must have been. Beth isn’t a witch, and there is no way it’s possible to shrink another human being! Maybe, this was my subconscious helping me to get over my giantess fetish. I was shown the horror of what would happen if it were to come true. Maybe this was the fresh start I needed, a clean break.


‘Morning tiny, sleep well?’


I jolted upright and turned to the foot of the bed, where the voice had come from. Aunt Beth? She’d been here the entire time, watching me sleep?


‘What are you doing, Beth? How long have you been here?’


Wait. Did she just say ‘Morning, tiny’? My heart dropped.


‘Just a few minutes. I was actually coming to wake you up, but you were already starting to stir so I said I’d wait. Do something nice for you before, you know…’, She held her hand out and slowly lowered it towards the floor, whistling as she did. Glad to see that she was in a good mood I guess, but that only confused me even more. How could she be talking to me like this was nothing? Just a little while ago, she had literally taken my life away from me, now she was describing what she was going to do to me like it was some game. I felt like I didn’t know this woman at all anymore. Once again, I found myself struggling to speak.


‘S…so it…really happened? I’m…’


‘Mine? Yes. Are you excited to get going? I know I am!’


‘Please. Last night was a mistake. I didn’t mean to –‘


‘Oh my God. Last night was a mistake, really? Ugh, typical guy. See, and you wonder why I shrunk you. Now come on, get up. I want to start training you as soon as possible. Follow me into my room, I want to show you some things.’


I stayed in the bed, unable to move. I really didn’t want to know what was coming.


Beth looked at me with her head cocked, one eyebrow raised. ‘Seriously? I don’t know if you remember, but I control you now. You’re mine and you HAVE TO obey me.’ She raised her voice and shouted at me like she would a dog. ‘NOW GET UP RIGHT NOW AND COME WITH ME TO MY ROOM!’


I jumped out of bed and meekly followed her. I hung my head and kept my arms by my sides, completely humiliated. The fact that I was still naked didn’t help, either. Beth, on the other hand, was wearing a silk dressing gown which showed off her curves very nicely. She really was beautiful and she knew it. I watched her ass sway as she walked ahead of me and couldn’t help but feel that she might have been exaggerating her movements slightly, just for me. She turned her head and looked down at my slowly stiffening penis and let out a snort of laughter. ‘So predictable.’ My face went beet red. ‘Come on, focus up, there’ll be plenty of time for that later’, she slapped my dick with her hand like she was shooing it away from her. Then she suddenly stopped walking, turned around and grabbed it, slowly stroking as she whispered in my ear, ‘As long as you’re good of course’. She released me as quickly as she had grabbed me, turned back and walked into her bedroom. I followed her in like her lapdog and shut the door behind me.




Her room was large if not a little underwhelming, having already seen it on a much more expansive scale from within the confines of her nylon. Straight away, I looked over to her bathroom door, where she had initially imprisoned me. She had a few scarves and a jacket hanging there, and it gave me pause. I remembered when I had been sitting in her stocking how I found it difficult to even look down to the ground, being so high up that I worried the fall might kill me. But now, it looked so innocuous. So normal. I was hard to believe that any person could have found that to be threatening. I tore my eyes away and glanced at the rest of the room. Her king-sized bed was facing the window on the opposite wall, giving her a view of her expansive backyard, the one I had cleaned up for her before this whole ordeal started. Just below the window was her desk, made out of what looked to be mahogany, with a rigid looking chair facing her open laptop. To the right of the desk was a closed door which must have been her closet. Beth walked into the center of the room with both arms raised and outstretched like she was on an episode of MTV Cribs, then turned to me with a smile. ‘Well, here we are. Get used to this place, Johnny. You’ll be seeing it a lot from now on. Now, close the curtains for me’, she ordered. This time I didn’t need to be told twice. I walked past her and quickly pulled them together. As I turned back to face her, she opened her gown and let it fall to the floor. She was now wearing nothing but a black pair of lace panties. Her expression had changed too.  While I had managed to catch a glimpse of the old, playful Beth when I woke up a few minutes ago, I was now looking at the new, queen-like Beth who began to approach me like a cat stalking up to a trapped mouse. My eyes fell to her large, D-cup breasts, swaying slightly as she closed the gap between us. ‘They’re nice aren’t they?’ She gently shook her shoulders from side to side, showing off how perky her tits still were. ‘See? Not bad for 42, huh? You want to touch them?’ She took my left hand and placed it on her right breast, cupping it. I could only watch as she moved my hand in a circular motion, biting her lip and moaning slightly. ‘The next few minutes here is lesson 1. This is just to give you a little...perspective.’ She released my hand, causing my arm to fall down by my side. She told me to stand next to her desk and close my eyes. I complied and listened to her walking near her bed, opening a drawer, removing something or things and shutting it again. She returned and set down whatever she had taken from her bedside table on the desk. ‘Okay, open.’ I looked down at a series of dildos and vibrators of varying sizes and styles and one set of what looked to be anal beads. I swallowed hard. ‘Like what you see? Go on, examine them. Hold them in your hand, see how they make you feel.’ I picked one up at random, a transparent blue dildo, maybe 7 inches in length. Apart from the colour, it was quite realistic. It had a bulbous head and thick shaft with veins running along it. I set it down, not quite sure what to do with it, then looked at Beth, who extended her hand towards the desk, gesturing for me to pick up another one. This time I picked the anal beads. They were also transparent, this time colourless. There were 7 of them in total of varying sizes held together by a long piece of string. Again, not sure what to do, I just held it in my hand for a little while and looked at it until returning it to its place on the desk. This process repeated until I had gone through every toy under the watchful eye of aunt Beth. ‘Very good, John. Did you like that?’ I nodded, not knowing the appropriate response. ‘We’re going to do that again, very soon. Only next time, you’ll be teeny tiny’, she said, as she brought her thumb and index finger together in front her squinting eye. ‘We’ll see how you handle it then’, She winked, then turned and clicked her fingers. ‘Okay, follow me.’


She led me into her walk-in closet, which was bigger than my whole bedroom. I knew she liked to shop, but I found it hard to believe that anyone could ever need so many clothes. She pointed to her shoe rack, which carried on for the length of the closet. ‘This, John, is my shoe collection. And you are going to be kept quite busy here!’ She didn’t need to elaborate, I knew what she meant. Unfortunately, so did my dick, which started to perk up upon hearing the news. ‘Hehe, I can see you’re quite excited to get started! Here, pick one up.’ I knelt down and picked up one of her black, open-toed high heels. ‘Good choice, little Johnny! I love these ones. My ex-husband bought them for me when we first met, so they’ve seen quite a lot of use!’ This time I looked in far more detail, understanding the significance of my task. I noticed the slight scuffs and scratches around the edges of the soles. I saw where some of the stitching had come loose and where the leather straps had become slightly worn. Finally, I looked at the toe prints on the sole. After years of use, I could clearly see where Beth’s feet were placed every time she wore them. I drew it closer to my face, trying to get an idea of what it might look like later on at a smaller size and could get a very faint whiff of her feet on top of the stronger scent of leather. My dick was at full mast now. ‘For the record, that’s the most comfortable place for you.’ She reached out her finger and traced along a line just underneath her toe prints. ‘Not as much pressure there, makes it easier on you.’ My God, Had she done this before? ‘Okay, that’s enough. Put it down and pick up that pair of white sneakers.’ I complied, holding them at waist height, trying to subtly hide my erection. It didn’t help that I could smell her scent coming off them, even at that distance from my nose. They had clearly been used quite frequently, probably over many years as well. Beth took the sneakers from me with one hand. ‘You don’t need to hide anything from me, John. I’m actually glad this is turning you on. It’ll make it much easier for you to settle into your new life.’ She reached out suddenly and grabbed my cock with her other hand, leaving the closet with me in tow.


Back in the bedroom, she stopped again in the middle of the room and faced me, her hand still holding on to my penis. ‘Almost there, Johnny. Just a few more things to show you.’ She released her grip on me and took a few steps back, allowing me to appreciate the full length of her body. She hooked her left thumb into the front of her panties and pulled them out slightly. With her right hand, she reached in quite deeply and fumbled around for a little bit, finally pulling out a little figure, slightly less than 2 inches, by my estimation.


‘Oh my God’, I said. ‘Is that another –‘


‘Relax, it’s just a figurine. A little lego man. See?’ She tossed it to me. It actually was a lego man. Just a little plastic figurine. I sighed in relief. ‘You didn’t even know it was there, did you? Quite well hidden, wouldn’t you say? If only he could wiggle around in there’. She raised an eyebrow and I gulped hard. Half in fear, half lust. ‘Here, give it back to me.’ I walked over and placed it in her hand. ‘Now, stand next to me.’ I did as she said. She bent down and placed the plastic man standing up, just in front of my feet. ‘Look at it, Johnny. All the way down there. Right at your feet, barely tall enough to reach your ankle’. I knew where this was going. She cupped her hands to her mouth and mocked shouting down at him. ‘Hellooooo, little guy!’. Turning her attention back to me, she continued. ‘Now, imagine that’s a real, living being. So small, so defenceless. I mean look around you. Think of how long it would take this little guy to reach the bedroom door. How long would it take him to get downstairs? On the tiny chance that he could find a way out of this house, how long do you think he would last, hmm? How many birds, foxes, even rats would consider him prey? Then, even if he managed to avoid them, he’d spend his entire existence living in complete and utter fear, wouldn’t he? What kind of life is that?’ Still looking down at the tiny, insignificant lego man at my feet, I couldn’t help but agree. He was so tiny. What could something that size ever do? I knew the point Beth was trying to make and I wanted so bad to counter it, but she was right. Despite the fact that I would very soon be in the position of that figurine, I couldn’t even begin to think of a reason why someone that size could be taken seriously as a person. Indestructible or not, it would be completely dependent on others for its wellbeing. As if reading my mind, Beth leaned over and whispered in my ear. ‘This world wasn’t built for him. It’s just too big. He needs a protector. He needs someone to shield him from the horrors facing him at his size. But most importantly, in return, he needs to earn his keep.’ She reached out with her foot and grabbed the plastic figurine between her big and second toe. ‘Like it or not John, in a few minutes you will be this small, maybe even smaller. And you will need me.’ She scrunched her toes, then lifted her foot up and collected the tiny figure in her hand. She held it to her face before casually tossing it aside. ‘You’d better not piss me off.’


She left me standing there, jaw wide open and went back to her bedside table, opening it one more time. ‘One last surprise before we begin. Think of it as a warning.’ She removed 2 items, holding them behind her back and closing the drawer with her leg. ‘Hold out your hands’. She pulled a bottle of lubricant from behind her back and placed it in my left hand, then with her other hand placed one more toy in my right. It was a butt plug, but something was different about it. Something was inside it.


Something moving.


I almost dropped it out of fright but Beth grabbed me. ‘Easy, John. Calm down. Just have a look.’ I was shaking. I slowly held it up to my face. Inside was…a man.


Oh my God.


A man with a long greying beard with hair down to his waist. He shielded his eyes, obviously not used to the sudden influx of light. He slowly started to remove his hands from his face and I looked at him in his dark, sunken eyes. He started banging the walls of his clear plastic prison and appeared to be screaming at me. ‘Don’t mind him. You’re the only other person apart from me who’s seen him in 5 years.’ I knew immediately who it was.


‘Is that…’


‘My ex-husband? Yes.’


‘But…you got a divorce.’


‘Yes we did. I called him a few weeks after it was finalised. Told him I’d like to see him. You should have seen him we he came over, so eager.’ She leaned in to her husband, pressing her nose against the plastic and declaring loudly, ‘He actually thought we were going to fuck!’ She tossed her head back and laughed heartily before regaining her composure. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll hardly ever see him. I barely use him as it is. This is just to show you, little boy, that you might be indestructible, but you’re by no means unbreakable.’


She took a step back and removed her panties, standing naked in front of me. I knew what was about to happen and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She took the butt plug and the lube from my hand and, opening the bottle, applied a generous amount of it on top of her husband’s prison. He started to flail wildly, knowing where he was going. She coated the butt plug with the lube, then spat violently on top of it, just to add insult to injury. She turned around and bent over, looking back at John. ‘Remember this, Johnny. I can make your life extremely good, or I can make it worse than you ever imagined.’ With that, she inserted the butt plug into her rectum, her tiny ex-husband still flailing and pounding on its walls until he was completely swallowed up by it. ‘Now John, your turn.’


She stood up straight and turned around again, then put back on her panties. She walked into her closet, leaving me still trembling in the bedroom, returning a few minutes later dressed in a pink lycra top and yoga pants, her hair tied in a ponytail. ‘Now stay still John. You’ve been through this twice before already so it should be getting easier on you.’ She looked at me intently and I could feel my insides tense up and my body felt like it was falling through the ground. I was temporarily blinded but I found that I didn’t pass out this time. I opened my eyes to see Beth’s enormous toes right in front of me, wiggling in anticipation. I was even smaller this time, barely an inch tall at most.


‘Holy shit’, I thought. ‘I’m smaller than the lego man’.


I looked up at Beth, her smile beaming down at me. ‘You ready little Johnny? The day’s dragging on and I need to go for a run.’ She bent over and I cowered as 2 mammoth fingers grabbed me, lifting me up. She sat on her bed and pulled her sneakers towards her, then dropped me into the left one. I had thought the smell was strong before, but at this size and up this close it was a hundred times stronger. And she hadn’t even put her foot in yet. Her toes appeared at the mouth of the sneaker and I noticed she was barefoot. This was going to be even more intense than I imagined. I heard her voice again, this time with booming intensity. ‘Remember what I said, try to get in the space under my toes. That’s where you’ll be most comfortable.’ I got off my ass and ran as fast as I could to the toe section. I just about reached it as I heard the sound of her foot being inserted behind me. I dived to the ground and managed to lie down just as her foot popped in completely, sealing me in darkness. By my estimation, I was under her second and third toes but I couldn’t be sure. I felt the temperature increase almost instantly. How hot was it going to get in here, I wondered. My stomach churned as the shoe lifted off the ground, then once again as it landed. Then again and again in quick succession. She was just stepping up and down on me, likely testing how I felt. I heard her say something, but I couldn’t make it out. The only thing I caught was at the end when she declared, ‘Okay ready? Let’s go!’. We took off. This was going to be a hell of a ride.



Chapter End Notes:

See, there was a bit of shrinking towards the end. That will probably be the last of non-gts stuff but who knows? I didn't plan to include a chapter like this until this morning so if you hated it, please let me know and I won't let it happen again!

Thanks for reading anyway and hope you liked it

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