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Author's Chapter Notes:

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Beth closed her eyes and tried to suppress a moan of pleasure as she inserted the butt plug into her ass. How long had it been since she’d used it? 3, 4 months? Christ, maybe even 6. It was a bit big for her liking and she much preferred the beads. The appeal of having her ex-husband in her anus had long since lost its appeal too. She had broken him within the first few months and got bored with him once he stopped reacting the way she wanted him to. Seeing how he behaved when he saw Johnny though, that gave her some pleasure. Probably more pleasure than he had ever given her when they were married. She shivered ever so slightly when he was fully inside her. She wanted so much to turn around right now and look at John’s face. No doubt he was enraptured by what he saw. A delicious mix of terror and arousal. She resisted the urge, choosing instead to remain as calm as possible. She needed to have an air of authority about her and didn’t want to seem overly eager. She collected herself and said the words which would mark the end of his first lesson. ‘Now John, your turn.’


She turned around, put on her panties and walked past him into her closet, leaving the door open so she could keep an eye on him. He wasn’t even moving. He was just standing there, probably processing what he’d just witnessed. She’d never do to John what she’d just done to her ex, but she couldn’t let him know that. Her ex was never going to worship her like John would. John was her little pet project. She’d instilled a willingness to serve deep within him. So deep that he didn’t even know how far it went yet. He was terrified by her, of course. More than that though, he was terrified of how much he wanted this. He knew – on some level at least – that his whole, meaningless existence was just a lead up to this moment. For him, this was where life truly began. He just needed a little motivation to accept it. He had to be afraid, he had to be petrified of the consequences of disobedience. The transition from person to pet would be so much easier this way. This whole lesson – the dildos, the shoes, the lego man – was for his benefit. He needed to see with his own eyes how people view little things, how helpless tinies really are in a world that’s built for humans. The sooner he realized that, the sooner he would be hers. Her ex was a different story, so entitled. Always trying to plead with her, trying to escape, trying to convince her that he didn’t deserve what she was doing to him. It was sickening. She had to shut him up, put him in his place. She reached down and patted her ass. Surely by now, he knew where that place was. She smiled to herself and started to get dressed.


She put on her top and yoga pants then tied up her hair. She reached for a pair of ankle socks on the way out but stopped herself for a moment. No, she thought. Better to go right in at the deep end. Give him what he wants, before he knows he wants it.


She re-entered the bedroom and stood in front of John, exactly where she’d left him. She felt herself tingling with anticipation. ‘Now stay still John. You’ve been through this twice before already so it should be getting easier on you.’ She looked him in the eyes and focused on how small she wanted him to be. She figured an inch tall would at least give him some breathing room while he was tucked away in her shoe. She watched as he clenched his body, then disappear before her eyes. She looked down to find him right in front of her feet. Hopefully he hadn’t passed out again, she didn’t want to delay her run more than she already had. At least he was moving, that was a good sign. She watched as he stood up and she couldn’t stop herself from smiling as he took in the sight before him. ‘He’s just so cute!’ she thought. She wiggled her toes, knowing what was about to happen and barely able to contain her excitement.


‘You ready little Johnny? The day’s dragging on and I need to go for a run.’ She reached down and grabbed him, savouring the sensation that the little thing between her fingers was her own nephew. She sat down on her bed and dragged her sneakers over. She debated giving him a little kiss before putting him in but decided against it. There’d be plenty of time for that when he’s trained. She dropped him into the shoe, right where the arch of her foot would go. That wouldn’t do, she wanted him underneath her toes, where she could feel him properly. She put the ball of her foot just above the heel of her sneaker and dipped her toes in. ‘Remember what I said, try to get in the space under my toes. That’s where you’ll be most comfortable.’ That got him moving. He immediately picked himself up and started running inside towards the front of the sneaker. She gave him a few seconds then popped her whole foot in, cutting him off from the outside world. She stood up and raised her foot to knee height. Time to give him a little taste of what’s to come. She brought her foot down, putting all her weight on him. She felt him wiggle just a little bit and laughed to herself. ‘Hehe, trying to give me a foot rub already? That’s a good little boy!’ She stepped on him twice more, relishing the fact that she was now his whole world. ‘In fact, why don’t give them some few kisses too? Show them how much you appreciate them?’ She didn’t feel anything. Looks like she’d have to teach him another lesson when they got home.  ‘Okay ready? Let’s go!’ She walked out of her room with her 2 tiny passengers. Something told her this would be a longer run than usual.




I didn’t know how long I’d been inside her shoe, I just knew that I wanted it to be over. I had never experienced anything like this. Every step she took crushed me under her full weight, making me feel like I was about to burst, only to have my stomach churn as I lurched upwards, then smashed once again under the impossible weight of my aunt. I’d learned to time my breaths so that I’d inhale as she took her weight off because I’d have my lungs emptied as soon as she stepped down, whether I wanted to or not. I was amazed that I managed to keep this rhythm going for so long but focusing on my breathing seemed like the only way to keep myself sane in the face of all the other attacks on my senses.


If I’m being completely honest, when Beth dropped me into her shoe for the first time, I was seriously turned on. Seeing her toes on display right in front of me knowing that any second she would be inserting her foot was something I never thought I’d get to see. It was a personal fantasy of mine to be worn in the shoe of a giant woman and here it was, actually about to happen. I had seen it described in the stories I’d read and acted out in videos I’d watched online. Each time I felt so envious of the tiny guy, getting to live out my dream. I hated to admit it, but it was one of the most magnificent sights I had ever seen. The reality of it is so much different, though.


The heat had hit me straight away, as soon as her foot came in on top of me. From there, it only got hotter and hotter until I felt like I was going to pass out. The sweat, which had started off as just a little moisture on her toes, was now constantly dripping down onto my face and body, completely covering me and making its way into my eyes and mouth. My arms were trapped under the weight of her foot so I couldn’t even lift them up to protect myself. I tried to keep them closed but with every step my eyes bulged outwards and my lungs emptied with such force that I couldn’t simply breathe through my nose. I felt slimy all over and considered the possibility that I would never be clean again. It seemed like I had received such a colossal amount of Beth’s foot that its stench would forever be embedded into my skin, no matter how hard I tried to scrub myself clean. Still though, the idea of it – what was actually happening – lingered in my mind. It was chaos, all around me. I was being bombarded from every direction. Being crushed 2-3 times per second, inhaling the foulest odour I had ever smelt, being trapped and coated in slimy foot sweat, with no possible means of escape. All this directly under the foot of my aunt. My aunt who was just going out for a run. I was so inconsequential to her that whether or not I was under her made no difference to her experience, whereas everything in my immediate vicinity – all the hell I was going through – was caused by her and her alone. I was literally touching her, we couldn’t be more close to each other yet our experiences at that very moment were so wildly different that it made my head spin and my dick rock hard. Maybe she would see someone she knew and exchange greetings. Maybe she would stop for a coffee on the way home. Whatever the case, no one would know that she had 2 adult men tucked away on her body, hidden completely from view. As terrible as I was feeling at that moment and as much as I prayed it would end, it was unbelievably sexy.


After what felt like an eternity, her footfalls became less explosive and allowed me some extra time to breathe. The heartbeat in her toes started to slow and I knew that she had reduced her pace. Hopefully this was nearly at an end. She continued walking and while I appreciated the fact that I could slow my own breathing to match her pace, it did nothing for the heat or smell. I was still trapped inside her shoe, after all. She stopped all of a sudden and I heard jingling. She took another few steps and then there was a loud bang. She must be home. I begged to be let out sooner rather than later but didn’t want to get my hopes up. That’s the thing about being so tiny. Not only do you have no say, but until the time comes you have literally no idea when you are going to be let out. It could be 5 seconds from now or another hour and you have no way of knowing until it happens.


Mercifully, it seemed like only a few minutes before I felt the pressure all around me release. I couldn’t wait to feel the fresh air on my face, cooling down my aching body, but as she pulled her foot out I noticed that I was moving too. Shit. I’m stuck to her foot. She planted her bare foot down and I could hear her calling my name. She mustn’t have been able to feel me. The weight increased for a few seconds before I felt myself lurch upwards again and heard booming laughter coming from above. ‘Oh there you are, Johnny!’ Thank God. ‘Here, let me help you out!’ I couldn’t see what was happening because I was stuck facing her toes but I felt something hard against my ribs. Suddenly, I shot into the air and fell to the floor, hitting the ground like a dead weight. I landed on my side and as my eyes adjusted to the light I could make out Beth’s mammoth toes approaching me and grinding me into the carpet. She said something, but the sounds of her big toe over me and the grinding of the floor beneath, I couldn’t make it out. Why was she doing this? I was so weak already, I just wanted to rest. Why was she still tormenting me?




Beth arrived home from her run and went to get herself something to drink. An hour wasn’t bad, but she started to feel sorry for John down there so she didn’t want to go out for too long. Not for his first time, anyway. She finished her glass of water, grabbed an empty mason jar and went upstairs. Once in her bedroom, she reached behind into her panties and carefully removed the butt plug. She placed it back inside the drawer of her bedside table without so much as a glance at the broken man within, shutting it quickly before turning her attention to her nephew. She sat down on the bed and, leaving the jar on the floor, took off her shoes. She was eager to see how John had coped underneath her. She removed her foot and called for him to come out, but he didn’t arrive. Maybe he had passed out? She decided to have a look. Leaning forward, she peered inside into the toe section, but couldn’t see him at all. That’s weird, she thought. What could have happened? Then it dawned on her. With a smile, she lifted her leg and placed her left foot on her right knee, sole facing upwards. There he was, glued face down to her toes, barely able to move. She threw her head back and laughed. ‘Oh there you are, Johnny! Here, let me help you out!’ She placed her right index finger next to him and her left hand laid facing up next to her foot, trying to gently flick him onto her palm. He was so light, though, that she overshot and he fell straight onto the floor. Poor guy. He looked so exhausted. She reached out with her big toe and tried to comfort him, gently rubbing him with it. ‘I’m sorry, little Johnny. Auntie Beth doesn’t know her own strength.’


She removed her foot and reached down to pick him up. He was conscious, but barely. He gazed up at her like a lost puppy. She should let him be for the moment, she’ll have a lifetime to play with him, after all. ‘Okay John, you look like you need some rest. Would you like that?’ He nodded weakly. ‘No problem, little one. Come here.’ She lifted him to her face to give him a kiss but instantly recoiled. ‘Oh my God, you stink!’ She wrinkled her nose at him, squinting at his puny body. ‘Jesus Christ John, you need to get cleaned up!’ He nodded again, this time with much more enthusiasm. ‘But not yet. First, I have to have a shower and you, little boy, haven’t earned the privilege of accompanying me yet.’ She reached for the mason jar on the ground and pulled it up to show him. ‘You wait in here and get some rest. After my shower I have some errands to run so just stay here and recuperate.’ She opened it up and dropped him in, then walked over to her laundry hamper. Removing an old sock, she gave it a quick sniff. It was smelly, but not nearly as bad as John was right now. She shoved the old sock in there with him, giving him a quick wink as she did. ‘Here’s a little blanket too, just in case you get cold’. She closed the jar and kissed its side, leaving him on her bedside table while she went for her shower. While she was in there, she thought of what she might do with him later. There were so many possibilities. She controlled his size. She could make him as big or as small as she wanted, and she would make good use of that. Her hand crept down between her legs as she thought of all the ways that she could use a tiny man. He would soon get to know her whole body, every nook and cranny. He might even end up knowing it better than she did. He only had one priority now, after all, and that was to obey his aunt Beth. She closed her eyes and started rubbing her clit, thinking back to earlier in the morning when she showed him all of her sex toys. She moaned loudly as she pictured him the same size as them, knowing what was coming as she explained how she was going to use him. She thought of him even tinier than he was now, tied to head of her dildo, unable to escape as she brought him closer and closer to her gigantic pussy. She shoved two fingers inside of herself as she thought of how overwhelming it would be for him, and how amazing it would be for her. Her mind raced through various scenarios, all of which involved him giving his entire being for the sole purpose of her pleasure. It didn’t take long for her to climax. She screamed as her knees almost buckled and she planted the hand that wasn’t touching herself onto the glass door of the shower in front of her. She stood there in bliss for a minute with her head down, panting hard. That was amazing, she thought to herself. Now she couldn’t wait for the real thing.


She dried herself off and got dressed then came back into the bedroom to apply a little bit of makeup. She sat at her desk with her back to the jar John was trapped in, deciding to ignore him this time. She loved him, but she had to make him know that he was her property and as such she could do what she pleased with him. If she couldn’t make time for him, then that was too bad. He’d just had to deal with it, he had no choice. That way, he’d come to crave her attention and relish any opportunity to please her, offering her his very best at all times in the hopes of the faintest of praise from his queen.


Finishing her makeup, she looked through her phone for a few seconds then stood up. The lifted her handbag onto her shoulder and left the room, switching the light off behind her.



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