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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the same chapter from the perspective of the 2 giantesses. I hope it works well together but I suppose that's up to you guys to decide. There's also 2 more characters introduced in this chapter. They probably won't be featured for the rest of the story but I'm planning another story around one of them. Hope you like it!

Beth approached the black-painted door and rang the doorbell. It was a rather large suburban house on a fairly quiet street. The sun was starting to go down but it was still a warm summer evening. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the cool breeze hitting her face. She felt so relaxed. Opening her eyes, she looked down at her feet and giggled. She scrunched her toes as she thought about the tiny boy in her boot. She doubted he was as relaxed as she was, going by the tickling she felt as she made contact with  him. Who knows, maybe he was enjoying himself? She remembered how she had glanced down at him from time to time as he painted her nails. The poor thing was so engrossed in his work that he didn’t even notice her. He took his time, adding a few brushstrokes here and there, hopping off her right big toe to look at the left one again so he could match the design. She really was impressed with how seriously he took his work, though mostly she just found it funny. It was funny how much work he had put into something so inconsequential. It was funny how sad he looked when she ignored his efforts. Most of all, it was funny how big his smile got when she finally thanked him. He was breaking, she knew it. Maybe not completely just yet, but soon. He was bound to have a little bit of fight left in him but she knew how to deal with it. She’d have to punish him, but to do that he’d need to do something which warranted punishment. And she knew exactly how to make that come about. She scrunched her toes for a final time, biting her lip as he thrashed around again, before the door finally opened, revealing a tall red-haired woman standing in the doorway. Beth held up the bottle of wine she was holding and kissed Michelle on the cheek.


‘Hey sis! Fancy a drink?’


‘I’d love one.’ she answered with a smile. ‘Come in.’


They kissed each other on the cheek before Beth entered the house and closed the door behind her. Michelle stopped in the hall, giving Beth a curious glance.


‘So, is he…you know…’ Beth smirked and tapped her right foot twice on the floor. ‘And what size?’ Beth squinted one eye and held her fingers half an inch apart. Michelle’s shocked expression only lasted for a second before they both burst into laughter. ‘Oh God Beth, I can’t wait to see him!’ She turned and started walking towards the kitchen, proudly announcing, ‘But first, let me introduce you to my little friend!’


‘Who, Stinky?’


‘No, he’s in the living room pouring us drinks. This is the one I’d like you to meet.’ They stopped at the counter and looked down at the 6-inch man lying spread eagle on a rectangular piece of cardboard, each limb held down by a piece of Sellotape. He looked about the same age as John, maybe a little older. He was struggling to break free from his bonds but stopped as soon as Michelle started drumming her fingernails a few inches away from him. The look of terror on his face sent a shiver down both of their spines, it was so intoxicating feeling how much he feared them. Beth leaned in closer, her chin resting on the counter just in front of him.


‘How long have you had him?’


‘Since this morning. He’s not mine though, he’s Christine’s. I only have him until tomorrow.’ Michelle stared down at the little man on the counter and spoke in a matter-of-fact voice – ‘Apparently Christine wasn’t too impressed with her daughter’s choice in boyfriend so she decided to take matters into her own hands.’ She too leaned in, her face next to Beth’s. ‘If he ever wants to be big again, he’s going to have to prove himself worthy of being with her daughter.’


‘Oh yeah? Knowing Christine, I don’t think that’s gonna be easy. What’s his name?’


‘I don’t know. I don’t care. I’ve just been calling him runt or tiny.’


The little man finally spoke up. ‘My name is –‘


He was quickly silenced by Michelle’s fingertip covering most of his face. ‘Whatever I say it is, runt.’ She slowly removed her finger and brought it down towards his crotch, rubbing it gently. ‘Christine told me that her daughter wished he’d last longer in bed.’ The little man opened his mouth to protest but was silenced with a wag of Michelle’s finger. She returned her finger to his crotch. ‘So I’m going to help him work through his little…shortcomings while he have a drink. Is that okay with you Beth?’


‘Of course it is! I’m always happy to watch a little man learn his place!’


‘Good. Shall we?’ Michelle grabbed the little man by his now rock-hard penis and lifted him into the air, eliciting a high-pitched scream from the tiny. With a smirk, she turned and led the way into the living area, the tiny bound man swaying as she walked.


They entered the living room to see a naked man no more than 2 and a half feet tall waiting next to the coffee table. With a flick of her wrist, Michelle threw the 6-inch man onto the glass table. The piece of cardboard he was tied to slid for a bit before coming to rest between the glasses. The women stood over the larger man who immediately dropped to his knees, placed a kiss on both of Michelle’s bare feet before moving on to Beth’s boots and returning to Michelle.


‘Good boy. That will be all for the moment.’ With a glance, she shrunk the man down to an inch tall, picked him up and dropped him down the back of her panties. They sat down on the couch, Michelle grinding her ass slightly as she took her seat. They chinked glasses and began to drink.


‘So, how’s your little pet adjusting to his new life?’


Beth smiled broadly. ‘He’s starting to come around. Still resisting a little bit but it won’t be too much longer.’


‘Has he tried to escape yet?’


‘He hasn’t had the chance yet, but something tells me he might make an attempt if he sees an opportunity. I mean, my feet are pretty tired, maybe I’ll need to take my shoes off soon.’


Michelle snickered. ‘So do you think he might try to get help from his dear old stepmother?’


‘Maybe. I mean, if he does, he’ll have to deal with the consequences…but we’ll see.’


‘We will. But first,’ Michelle turned her attention to the little man on the table, ‘let me take care of this little one here. We wouldn’t want Johnny getting suspicious now, would we?’ She licked her thumb and index finger then brought them down to the little man, gripping his penis and slowly stroking it. The man closed his eyes, appearing to enjoy it. ‘Now focus up runt, you don’t want to come too early.’ She turned her attention aback to Beth, continuing to pleasure the man. ‘So how’s your ex-husband? Still a pain in the ass?’


Beth laughed out loud. ‘You bet! Although I wouldn’t call him a pain, more of a tickle.’


‘Best place for him if you ask me.’




The clinked glasses and took a sip of wine. They continued chatting about their lives for another few minutes before their attention was drawn to the little man on the table, who began to breathe much heavier and moan louder and louder. ‘Careful, tiny. I warned you, don’t come too soon.’


‘Please Miss, I’m trying not to…not to…to….aaahhh!’ He came all over Michelle’s fingers, who looked quite pleased with herself.


‘Looks like Christine was right, that’s not nearly long enough to please a woman. At least another 15 minutes would be the bare minimum you pathetic little worm.’ She carried on stroking, making the man scream for mercy as she turned back to Beth and shrugged her shoulders. ‘Men.’


‘Unbelievable. Want some more wine?’


‘Love some.’


They continued talking for the next 15 minutes, all the while the little bound man was screaming in pain. He would only get any relief when Michelle had to change hands before the agony would start all over again. She wasn’t even concentrating on him as Beth filled her in on the last few days.


‘Honestly Michelle, you should have seen him. He was so cute straddling my toes, making sure that each nail was painted to perfection. He’ll be the perfect little servant, I know it!’


 ‘You know Beth, I’ve got to hand it to you. When you told me what you’d started all those years ago I felt a pang of regret. He was such a sweet little boy when I met him, but once I knew where he’d end up spending his life, I decided to keep my distance. To do what I could to make his normal life as unappealing as possible. I think I did my bit to help you, but with the work you’ve put in and the length of time you’ve waited for this, you deserve the best, most obedient little slave in the world. I’m proud of you.’


‘Aw thanks sis! You wanna see him now?’


‘Yeah, I think this little shit has had enough. Have you had enough, little guy? Or do you want me to keep going?’ She quickened the pace of her stroking, making the man scream louder than ever. ‘Okay fine.’ She withdrew her finger and thumb, wiping them on his face and body. He looked completely defeated, barely even conscious. Reaching into the handbag next to her, Michelle withdrew a glasses case and opened it up. She removed the tape from the man and gripped him by his now red-raw penis. She lifted up his limp body and deposited him inside, shutting it and dropping it back into her bag. Beth shook her head with a smile on her face.


‘So cruel.’


Michelle shrugged her shoulders before pointing at Beth’s boot. ‘Come on, get them off. I want to see my stepson.’


‘Okay, but remember, no talk of shrunken guys. He has to think he can trust you.’


‘No problem.’


With that, Beth removed her boots and kicked them to the floor.


‘Oh, nice nails Beth! Where did you get them done?’ Michelle said with a smirk.


Oh, I know a guy. He does great work, but it takes him a while to do it.’


‘Well, you’ll have to introduce us some time!’


Oh I don’t know about that, he’s got a lot on his plate at the moment.’


They continued to chat about more mundane topics to keep themselves occupied as John made his way over to his stepmom’s foot. After about 20 minutes, Michelle felt a tickly on her little toe and she tried her best to look serious as she looked down.


‘Stupid bug, get out of here!’ She flicked her foot, sending the tiny man tumbling along the carpet. She and Beth exchanged smiles as he gradually made his way back. She felt him climbing this time, making it on to her second toe and eventually her big toenail. She glanced down to see him hitting her nail and waving up at her. She moved her toe up and down and tried to hide her laughter as he struggled to maintain his balance. Leaning in, she did her best to appear confused. ‘Wait a minute, what is that?’ She brought her hand down and pinched her little stepson in between her thumb and forefinger, lifting him up close to her face. She had to raise her hand to her face to cover up the smile that was creeping across her face before settling herself once again. She tried her best to sound surprised, whispering, ‘Oh my God. John? Is that you?’


The tiny man started waving as hard as he could and appeared to be saying something. She brought him to her ear and heard him squeaking very faintly.


‘Yes, it’s me! Help me please!! It’s Beth, she –’


She brought him back in front of her face, her lips turning into a sinister smile, baring her white teeth. ‘What are you doing out of Beth’s boot? Were you trying to escape?’


He stopped flailing immediately and stared up at his gigantic stepmother.


‘I think it’s time we had a little chat.’


Chapter End Notes:

Well I hope you liked it, I wanted to try my best to capture the hopefulness of being saved and the realisation that it wasn't close to over yet. I'll cover more in the next chapter anyway. I have another story planned with the 6-inch guy and the character of Christine but I'm going to finish this story first. As always, reviews are more than welcome!

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